Life in black and white

If you think black and white photography is a thing of the past, you are missing a technique to add melancholy and nostalgia to your photo displays. Black and white reduces photographs in its barest elements without the distraction of clashing colors; thus, they are perfect to add drama to the memories captured by your camera. Here’s a technique: pick the best photographs of your life’s milestones—wedding, first baby, graduation, etc.—and turn them into black and white using any photography software. Then place them in a Beatriz Ball sterling picture frame. The result is a stunning collection of frames that tell a dramatic story. The Beatriz Ball elegant silver gleam highlights the black and white tones of the photos, as these, in turn, highlight the actions in the photos: a child’s smile, your partner’s face or the family’s laughter, among others.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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