Juliska Quotidien Dinnerware Collection

The pieces in Juliska's Quotidien dinnerware collection are simple in the best way. They are all white, and they are plain and elegant at the same time. Each dish has a smooth surface, and there is everything from mugs and bowls to a pretty sugar container in the collection. They aren't too distracting on the dinner table, but they hold their own. The pieces fit together well on a table and create a beautiful look for everyday occasions, or for when one is having company over. The plates are round and slightly raised, and there is a large platter to serve up food. The bowls come in multiple sizes to fit every need, and there is a tea cup and a large serving bowl to meet every need.

Juliska's makes many other collections of beautiful dishes, as well, and the company was founded by a couple in love. They wanted to create pieces that would draw people together and make them happy, and they have done that through this simple collection of dinnerware and others. They have put together many classy dishes, from these plain white ones to those that have a fish design, bright colors, and more. Everything they put together is put together with love, and they want to draw families around the dinner table together more often through the dishes they are putting out there. No matter what one's style is they will find the dinnerware that they want to put on their table when they look to this brand.


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