John Hardy Dot Link Necklace with Diamonds

John Hardy is an icon in the jewelry business, producing unique pieces that feature texture and perspective as key features of the design. The John Hardy Dot Link Necklace with Diamonds is a piece that embodies these classic characteristics. The necklace features three interlinked chains that dissolve into the sides consisting of graduated chains that grow smaller as they move towards the back of the neck. The necklace measures 3mm wide and features 18K yellow gold and pave diamonds. It has a lobster clasp for extra security.

John Hardy was founded in 1975 in markets itself as a “sustainable” luxury jewelry brand. It considers itself to be a green company with the ultimate goal of becoming one of the few carbon neutral jewelry makers in the business. The company plants bamboo on Bali and on the nearby island of Penida. It insists on sustainable measures in all of its advertising, business travel, and electricity consumption. It uses 100% recycled silver in its designs.

This commitment to the future carries over into its design style. These pieces are ahead of the trend and offer the wearer the ability to be a trend setter, instead of a trend follower. The Dot collection is curated with matching earrings, and a matching ring, both of which feature the element of perspective in their designs. John Hardy offers the wearer something unique that is not found in any other collection. 


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