John Hardy Bamboo Ring with Grey Moonstone and Diamonds

When it comes to gift giving, there are the old classics like flowers and picture frames. If, however, you want to offer something singular and special, then the John Hardy Bamboo Ring with Grey Moonstone and Diamonds is a good way to go.

This is not just any ring. It is made with rare moonstone, and is crafted by a jewelry designer who sees his pieces as works of art. The materials, positioning, engravings, and shape are all specially chosen with meaning in mind. This makes it a one-of-a-kind piece for your one-of-a-kind love.

The work of this company has always been centered around spreading peace and awareness of the Earth's need for our help. In fact, with the purchase of this ring, the company promises to plant 20 bamboo seedlings to help invigorate the earth in an environmentally friendly way.

The best thing about this offering is that it is memorable. Every time your sweetheart looks down at her hand and sees the ring, she will be reminded of your love for her. The symbolism will help boost her, and that is definitely a gift worth investing in for such an important person in your life.


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