John Hardy Bamboo Cuff

John Hardy Bamboo CuffEstablished by it's namesake in 1975, John Hardy is a company dedicated to the production of hand-crafted jewelry inspired by the beauty of Bali. Each piece strives to unite modern design with timeless luxury, while also honoring and invoking the tropical serenity of island life's culture and scenery.

The Blackened Silver Bamboo Cuff is no exception. It's genuine sterling silver base is crafted into the shape of intertwining bamboo rods and leaves. This is an instantly recognizable island motif that calls back to Bali's beautiful bamboo forests, and is a part of John Hardy's Bamboo Collection launch. Silver bamboo shoots crisscross in an intricately woven pattern framed by a bamboo base along the cuff's outer edges. The silver shoots are interspersed with delicate silver leaves. Finely detailed knots and whorls are etched into the bamboo shoots that these leaves spring from.

The detailing on this cuff is respectfully offset with a black rhodium plating, which lends to a distinguished and rustic look. Resistant to both scratching and corrosion, rhodium is beautiful and tough: this ensures that each cuff successfully aligns with John Hardy's vision of unique jewelry pieces that truly stand the test of time. Measuring at 48mm wide, it is unequivocally a statement piece. Small, medium, and large sizes are available, making this cuff widely accessible. Its curved design and intricate detailing are sure to compliment and flatter many different styles.


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