Inspiration from the past

Antiquity has a lot to offer when you think of a theme for your dining display. It has charm, nostalgia and character. It’s the ambiance that the Beatriz Ball Collection Antik collection captures with its line of bowls, platters, trays and servers based on the world of antiquity and using metal as the medium. The rustic flavor is evident in the deliberate uneven surface and non-symmetrical lines that flow across the rims and bases of the Beatriz Ball Collection Antik items. The fine metal works add to the aged appeal of this collection; they blend in style with other ornaments such as crystals, textiles and ceramics. In many ways, the Beatriz Ball Collection Antik is order in disorder, which impersonates early craftsmanship and rubs it on with an art deco touch. You can feel the solid hands of the artist molding these fine metal works.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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