Hearts on Fire Lorelei Diamond Bracelet

The Lorelei Diamond Bracelet from Hearts on Fire is a beautiful addition to any woman's jewelry collection. This piece was designed to easily coordinate with other pieces of jewelry or be worn alone as a standout piece. It can be worn for special occasion, but is also casual enough to wear everyday. The diamonds for the bracelet were carefully selected for their perfect color and cut for a bracelet that is visual stunning.

Hearts on Fire is a brand known for their diamonds as they're all carefully selected from the world's best. Only the most perfect diamonds are chosen for their jewelry. In 1996 Hearts on Fire was the first jewelry brand to introduce a branded diamond, leading to their worldwide fame as a provider of luxury diamond pieces. They guarantee perfection with each diamond and the cut of the diamonds makes for the most sparkle for pieces for all occasions. Hearts on Fire creates everything from stunning engagement rings and wedding sets to beautiful earrings and bracelets.

The Hearts on Fire Lorelei Diamond Bracelet has an approximate total carat weight of 0.30. The bracelet is made of 18K white gold with a clasp that is easy to open and close. The Lorelei Diamond Bracelet has diamonds arranged in a unique pattern that makes it perfect for those who enjoy jewelry that stands out from the rest. The diamonds vary in size, but each one is cut perfectly for the maximum amount of sparkle when worn.


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