Gifts that Keep on Giving

What other gesture would allow you to make people know that you find the important and care for them than gift giving? Not so many others, I’d like to presume. But when set on giving a gift to a friend, relative or loved one, we sometimes find it so hard to choose which suits their style or what gift with functionality that would keep on giving. Well, if you can’t choose between style and functionality. The Beatriz Ball Collection offers you both – beautifully made fine handcrafted metalware that are highly stylish and highly functional (talk about heirloom quality). The Beatriz Ball Collection features many kinds of pieces such as bowls, frames, cutting boards, pitchers, platters and even ornaments. Pieces come in many creative designs and are handcrafted by artisan hands. Design inspirations vary from the traditional, the cute, the modern and the avant garde – there will always be pieces to suit one’s style and needs at the same time. 
For your Beatriz Ball Collection, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 


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