Dinner Party Cheat

For many of us, there are fewer things that are more fun than a dinner part with friends and family. It can be a potluck, it can be catered, have a private chef do the work, but nothing beats doing everything yourself. The greater you invest, the greater the rewards. The feeling that someone loves and enjoy your food and are enjoying it with you is a rush worth chasing. And here is a good cheat how to consistently impress. An Oxford University research show that it is likely that the positive or negative values one attributes to cutlery gets 'transferred' to the judgment of food. This is what they call 'sensation transference'. Take advantage of this human quirk and invest in cutlery and serving pieces that are elegantly styled and durable for long-term use. One good place to start looking is the Beatriz Ball Collection. They make magical pieces that can also make your dinner party magical. 
See the Beatriz Ball Collection for yourself at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 


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