Charles Krypell Skye Turquoise Ring

Since 1976, Charles Krypell has been pioneering designs in the industry of jewelry fashion. His particular style is rooted in his early background and passion in sculpting and carving. Krypell's modern day collections are vastly reflective of his growth as an artist, and they also embody both strength and brilliance in design and craft.

Krypell's Skye Turquoise collection is a statement of boldness and elegance. The Skye Turquoise Ring, a piece that can be worn to accent or accompany any outfit, is the cherry on the top. The sterling silver setting is carved with an intricate pattern that is the stark contrast of the classic checkerboard cut of the turquoise. The turquoise itself is a beautiful piece of mineral, derived only from the finest sources. It is coated and protected by a clear quartz overlay to help the ring maintain its overall integrity. The thick, rounded band completes the look. The ring even features a hidden ornate design on the inside of the band, a mark of true craftsmanship and dedication to making a truly unique product.

The Skye Turquoise look can be completed by matching the ring with the bracelet, necklace, or earring from the same collection. Wear one or wear them all, the entire collection is truly a masterpiece from a master jeweler. The Sky Turquoise ring also comes in a lighter blue color and a range of sizes to perfectly fit any wearer.


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