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Mikimoto Splash Pendant

Kokichi Mikimoto is a well-known king of pearls. He is the founder of the Mikimoto collection over 30 years ago thus revolutioning the pearl industry. The world’s first designer to craft natural and cultured pearls. He is the gold standard of the world finest cultured pearls. It is the largest online section of jewellery. From necklaces, bracelests, earings and rings are found in this massive japans jeweler.

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Mikimoto Midnight Sky Necklace

The Midnight Sky necklace from Mikimoto features the brand's famous cultured pearls. This necklace has a length of 25". It is made of beautiful white gold with accents of pearls and gemstones. The pearls featured on this necklace are Baroque South Sea cultured pearls and are of the most beautiful color and quality.

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