Friday, October 20, 2017

Tissot Lady Heart Powermatic 80 watch

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Looking to get a combination of great functionality, class, quality and impeccable style? Have you searched and searched for a watch fitting to your needs but have come up empty in your quest? Well here is a watch that is both classy, great quality and also stylish. Made by Tissot, the Lady Heart Powermatic 80 watch is just the wrist watch for you!

This gorgeous watch comes in various alluring styles. From the leather strap embossed with a trade mark flower design, to the water resistant technology, this watch could be not only a dream come true but a dream you never had.

Tissot is known for their classy designs as well as their elegant and unique trademark touches, making this watch a must for anyone looking for elegance and style. Since 1853, this company has been known for their admirable workmanship as well as their great quality.

Whether you plan to purchase this watch for yourself, wife, mother, girlfriend or partner, the Tissot lady heart Powermatic 80 watch is guaranteed to give you the touch and look you desire and last long in the process. It can be dressed up or down. Wear it to work, parties, everyday... you name it. Stand out in style with the Tissot lady heart Powermatic 80 watch.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Must-Have Tissot

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Since 1853, the Swiss company Tissot has been manufacturing luxury watches that have often been referred to as the best of the best on the market. The latest Tissot watch quickly becoming a favorite is the Jungfraubahn Luxury Powermatic 80. The quality of this particular timepiece is superb in every aspect, making it a must-have among men who like to wear only the finest watches in the world.

This model, which is structured of stainless steel and comes in a collectible box, has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with two-side coating that is anti-reflective. It is water resistant, which comes in handy for those individuals who have constant contact with water. It has a butterfly clasp that has push buttons.

This luxury timepiece is perfect for any occasion. It is simple but yet very sophisticated. Tissot likes to manufacture pieces that are timeless, and this model is surely proof of this.

Tissot strives every day to make clients feel special with every design, and it has never failed in doing so. Tissot definitely knows how to please!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Tissot Bella Ora

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The Tissot Company has been a maker of fine jewelry watches since 1853. Founded by the father and son team of Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot, the same tradition of custom craftsmanship still continues in every piece that the company makes today. When you see the Tissot logo on the clockface, you know that the piece is a finely crafted precision piece and the Bella Ora is no exception.

This ladies watch features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, silver dial, and Switz quartz movement. It has a 316L stainless steel case and is water resistant up to 3 bar, which is 30 meters or 100 ft. The battery is a long-lasting Renata 317 and sets the industry standard. The clock face is oval, which sets it apart and makes it a unique piece for any collection. The clock face is numberless, giving the clock face a sleek, uncluttered look. Several different strap options are available so you can choose one to go with every occasion and every outfit. This elegant and sleek timepiece says that you care about the person that you are giving it to and they will know that you mean it for a lifetime. 

Friday, February 03, 2017

T- Touch Expert Solar Watch

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If you are looking for a wrist watch that features the latest technology in a stylish design, then look no further than Tissot T- Touch Expert Solar Watch. Crafted by a company with more than a century of innovation, this watch combines the best of accurate time keeping with the most advanced technology to keep you in the know and looking good on the go.

T- Touch Expert Solar Watch is a pioneering device, the first watch to offer a touch screen combined with solar powered engineering. The Swiss quartz movement all but guarantees accuracy and with the sun providing power, you can be confident that the T- Touch Expert Solar Watch will continue to offer reliable performance throughout the day.

Keeping accurate time is important, but this watch is much more than a means to know the hours, minutes, and seconds of the day. Touch different parts of the screen and you will find an altimeter, dual alarms, timer, and perpetual calendar. Touch another part of the screen and you will discover the present atmospheric pressure, perfect for forecasting changes in the weather. There is even a commute time estimator that reads your present position and destination then lets you know the approximate time of arrival. T- Touch Expert Solar Watch offers all of this in a waterproof case that protects your investment and provides peace of mind.

Ordinary watches keep track of time and require replacement batteries and sometimes manual winding, but the T- Touch Expert Solar Watch is much more. Precision quartz accuracy, multiple touch screen functionality, and solar powered technology make this Tissot watch a pioneer in its class and the perfect addition to an active lifestyle. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Watch of Perfection

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Testament to Tissot’s quality craftsmanship and precision engineering is the fact that the watch signature has been awarded to be the official timekeeper or major sports events. From the National Basketball Association, MotoGP, and Tour de France, Tissot has recorded the most accurate time, to guarantee athletes that their winning performance is preserved. Imagine a neck-to-neck race in cycling or the few remaining millisecond that can result in a win or loss for the athletes or teams. Although you do not need the same technical accuracy in your everyday watch, it gives you the bragging rights that what you are wearing is the standard for major sports. Similarly, wearing a Tissot makes you feel special, knowing that the brand is the preferred watch by sports superstars, from Tony Parker to Bradley Smith.
Tissot is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Victorinox-Swiss Army

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The NBA Playoff 2016 is on and so is fans’ support is boiling hot as ever with each one hoping his or her team makes it to the finals. So who are this year’s favorites? Without doubt—okay with a few now considering Stephen Curry is out—the Warriors are expected to sashay through the playoffs. The Cavaliers are second most favorited to beat the odds, while the Spurs are not far behind. Rounding off our top 4 is the Thunders, which is way behind the Spurs. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers may be this year’s dark horse if odds-betting goes awry. Who knows? Show fan support to your team by availing yourself of Tissot’s limited edition Quickster NBA Team Watch now available for grabs. The watch features the team logo, which is silk printed on the case back.  
Tissot is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Tissot's Ballin'

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It's basketball season. I'm not at big basketball fan but I do watch some games with my friends from time to time. We do it at homes or in bars. You might do too and it's highly likely that you have met a real fan. The one that gets up and shouts at the TV or hugs you in a real friendly  manly way when his team wins in the last seconds. You know, those guys. Well, if you have a friend like that and it's his birthday and you want to give him something special other than his favorite team's jersey, Swiss watchmaking company, Tissot, gives you more options than baggy jerseys and sweatpants. To commemorate the agreement between Tissot and the NBA - having Tissot as the precision timekeeper for all 29 NBA arenas - Tissot also struck partnerships with five NBA teams and created special edition team watches, including the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers
Check these pieces out over at Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

MotoGP's Lorenzo complains of tire change

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The Tissot-sponsored MotoGP is more than the powerful bike's engine or the racing skills of the rider. There's the grip factor that spells a win or lose for a MotoGP racer. Jorge Lorenzo highlighted this factor after having performed below par, taking him 14 rounds to claim a victory last season. He complained of the change in the rear tire, which Bridgestone switched to a stiffer, heat-resistant make. The Spaniard uses edge grip at full lean for his corner-run signature, and the change made it harder for him to take this style. He compared his predicament to tennis. "If a tennis player doesn't like a surface and suddenly he has to play three of four tournaments on it for sure he cannot perform at the same level." In extreme sports like MotoGP, a fraction of a change is critical.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Touch of function

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Tissot is a master of digital engineering when it comes to watches. From timer to compass and other chronograph functions, Tissot displays these features at 6 o'clock with an elegant layout. You have a line of colors and dial sizes to choose from that match your fashion or taste. Furthermore, Tissot has a sophisticated line of models that use tactile technology, the ability to control functions with a touch of the glass screen. The watchmaker calls it the T-Tissot, watches that you can set with finger taps. This feature is not just for style; they make an efficient way to measure time in tight spots as sporting events or outdoor adventures.  Imagine rock climbing while setting your chronograph. A simple tap of the screen is much practical than rotating or pressing buttons.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If You Haven’t Seen a T-Touch…

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There are only a relative few of the world’s watch brands that are being trusted to time the sporting events – especially those of tremendous significance such as races like MotoGP and NASCAR or the FIBA Basketball World Cup. This is because we can only trust brands that put accuracy into the limelight. One stand-out and a constant go-to brand for sporting events is the innovative Tissot. Tissot has been known for delivering quality, beautiful and sporty pieces. The company has also been constantly creating “firsts” in the luxury watch industry – the first pearl watch, stone watch, and plastic watches. So it is one of those brands whom professional sports organizations and fashion forward people trust. Currently, Tissot is offering watches with the innovative T-Touch technology that allows users to control several watch functions using touch sensitive sapphire crystals.
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Friday, October 03, 2014

Tissot: Innovators by Tradition

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Tissot has always been a brand that rests upon the drive of unending innovation. Its influence has not just stopped inside the doors of the company but it had made contributions in the world of sports. It has helped many sporting bodies develop more accurate systems of timing. Tissot pieces have also graced the wrists of Elvis, Nelson Mandela, Grace Kelly, Angelina Jolie, and other celebrities and dignitaries. It has been a choice made by connoisseurs, enthusiasts and casual fans alike. And there is no wondering why they did and continuously do; Tissot has always produced watches that had never compromised visual appeal to give way to high functionality.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

The World of Fencing

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Timing is everything and in the world of fencing you can’t point this out any further. A fencer readies his angle and sets his foot firmly on the ground. He focuses on his opponent, viewing him not just a part of his body, but his whole movement from head to toe. He measures his competitor’s angle and his the alignment of his arms and legs. Gracefully advancing to meet him, he computes all these angles and movements down to the tiny fraction of time. Peeking at a gap in his opponent’s move, he makes a thrust, stretching his arm and hands directly to a point of his enemy’s chest. Bullseye! A millisecond late and he’ll take a hit. This is the world of fencing. This is the world of Tissot, the official timekeeper of the Fencing World Championships. 
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Touch of Elegance and Toughness

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They’re tough but elegant. Luxurious but precision-engineered. Tissot watches are built to impress as they’re built to stand a tough environment. Its Touch Collection reflects the brand’s drive to perfect the combination of elegance and raw power. Imagine the T-Touch Expert on your wrist. Its bulk suits your finely tuned arm without overpowering it. The bold titanium casing blends well with a wide range of skin and muscle tones. It’s more than just a watch. The T-Touch Expert features an impressive 15 functions that you can activate with a touch. You have an altimeter, chronometer, compass, two alarms, thermometer, barometer and perpetual calendar, to name a few. Yet this watch maintains a simple design that exudes confidence without having to shout it out. The T-Touch Expert has other cousins that you’ll find just as impressive, if not more.
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Value of Innovation

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People and Organizations have always been attracted to reinvention. Large organizations are spending more and more on innovation than ever before. Individuals believe that change means reinvention. Each time a major shift happens in our lives — leaving a job or a relationship, moving, losing a loved one — we have to take control of who we will become or risk never reaching our full potential. After all, there is no shortage of sound advice on how to improve: come up with better ideas, look outside the box, sharpen the execution, etc. This is the same reason why Tissot, with its signature 'Innovators by Tradition', has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. The Tissot innovation leadership is enabled by the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. With a broader, more versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot also expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible.
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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Girl Power

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What do an acclaimed Indian actress, a sensational Taiwanese singer, and an American female Indy racer have in common? They are the lady ambassadors of Tissot, the luxury Swiss watch brand that is a global icon for glamor and precision engineering. Deepika Padukone is the star of the Indian film, “Om Shanti Om,” the worldwide blockbuster Bollywood film. She has a soft spot for diamonds, hence, she loves the Tissot Classic Prince Diamonds and the Generosi-T. Meantime, Taiwanese Barbie Xu rose to fame in Asia after a long singing career and covering for the “Meteor Garden” tv series. She is a perfect Tissot ambassador, embracing a delicate, sensual femininity alongside her mark of confidence. Showcasing the luxury watch’s precision timekeeping is American racer Danica Patrick, a veteran of Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR rallies. She demands no less than the accuracy and reliability of a Tissot to finish her race.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Tissot Retro Guy

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If you’re into retro fashion or you simply enjoy a creative twist to contemporary style, the Tissot pocket watch collection is for you. It’s like walking back in time with these intricately crafted and designed pocket watches. They are a dead ringer of a glorious era, when timepieces was a luxury item reserved for the elite. The Tissot Lepine Mechanical is impressive in its vintage look; its stunning open case reveals the elegance and complexity of the Swiss movement inside. A simpler version is the Tissot Specials with its fine lines and seamless gold casing. Tissot has more of these classic pocket watches designed to bait attention and admiration of friends and even strangers. Wear it with a gold or sterling silver chain and be the retro guy that you are. 
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dive in Time

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Life is full of challenges. It is inherent in human DNA to adapt changes in weather and environment and to endure calamities and other destructions which man has to live with. Whether rocketing the sky or in diving the ocean, man is a survivor in his own right. To any challenge which man has fought in which he has always been the victor, Tissot has been the gauge of time.
Today, humankind will not only conquer the challenges of time as he will also defy nature with the newest Tissot Sea-Touch—a high-tech diving watch with a sophisticated functionality only from Tissot. Enduring up to a 10 bar-dive (100m/330 ft.) while indicating the depth of the current dive and featuring a digital chronograph, thermometer, alarm, perpetual calendar date, diver’s logbook and compass—all activated by just a touch on the glass. With Tissot Sea-Touch, a dive is always a dive in time.
Tissot Sea-Touch is available at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Tissot.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Brand of Honor

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A Tissot watch is comparably described as one of the brilliant watches that reflect the true nature of man.  That nature of man is a life seeking actuation meant to satisfy his ego and security. The continuous search for that distinct signature of prestige, the one it could afford to flaunt just for the feel of security. Tissot is definitely a symbol status for the elite. Though, figuratively speaking in its monetary value, its too distracting to actually elevate the fact that value indeed equates luxury. Luxury can be expressed in variant modes found to be worthy and reliable to comprehend. It's that typical jargon of elegance that value can be appreciated at least on the level of a Tissot watch creation!
Comfort and style are the added values of a watch known as the brand of honor! Stop being a beholder of prestige, wear one today! Wear a Tissot watch! 
Tissot Watches are displayed in Schiffman's at Winston-Salem.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Tissot Dream

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Pure and white, the Tissot Rose Dream Gold is perfectly fabulous to make every woman’s dream come true. A luxurious timepiece for ladies, it is housed in 18k rose gold displaying a mother-of-pearl dial the center of which is embedded with 42 Top Wesselton diamonds which are held in place by two parallel golden rings. Near the dazzling diamonds ring, at the 3 o’clock position, there is a small date window. The hour, minute and seconds hands are also made of rose gold. The feminine case is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and created to resist water pressure up to 30 meters (circa 100 feet), and the whole beauty is held by a  perfect white, pearlised leather strap with a crocodile pattern.
Glistening with diamonds and gleaming in white, the Tissot Rose Dream Gold is an alluring piece crafted meticulously to acquire the dreamy essence of romance and femininity.
More of Tissot timepieces are offered at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Come and see for yourself. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Tissot.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elvis Presley's Romance with the Great

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During the turbulent years when the emerging pop culture was still in its infancy, people had been struggling to discover the true essence of their life. The famous hippie culture began invading the youth; it was a struggle to determine one's true identity in a pervading climate of confusion. Amidst the struggle for an identity, Elvis rose from among them and taught the world of confusion, what is life after all. It tries to give meaning to the reason of their existence in music, so distinct and subtle yet captivating to one's ears. The world has a cure for boredom and stagnancy, and Elvis was the cure! A Tissot watch is the daily companion of Elvis. It vivifies that optimistic spirit of change. A Tissot watch is symbol for optimism, its vibrant design and innovative features offers an exhilarating experience of satisfaction. It romances the wearer and affectionately caresses the soul. A Tissot Watch can truly make a romantic moment momentously memorable. No wonder even Elvis, never dared to depart from Tissot! 
Tissot Watches are on display at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tissot’s Lovely Lady

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A member of the Swatch  Group, the world’s largest watch producer and  distributor, Tissot has finally found its place to be ranked among the world’s leading timepiece brands pioneering craftsmanship and innovation with its signature “Innovators by Tradition” since its foundation in 1853. While it caters to men, Tissot also provides timeless timepieces for women who want to get out of the box and be different in a sophisticated way. Introducing the Tissot Lovely, ladies will absolutely throw away their usual un-Tissot timepieces to make way for this Tissot lady watch. This stunning piece conveys the very essence of class with its discrete yet absolutely gorgeous mini-size and feminine round case. The metal bracelet versions can be worn loosely as beautiful jewelry on the wrist with diamond options for that glamorous sparkle or with a stylish leather strap. 
Wrap your wrist with the Tissot Lovely today. Visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Tissot.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Pioneer of Excellence

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Tissot watches are formidably one of the leaders in watchmaking. The innovation it brings to every product in every era is a manifestation of its unique adaptation in creating itself highly competitive among the prestigious other brands in the market. Its leadership in the global arena is a phenomenon that is unqualified of since the company comes into existence. It has been a blessing to humanity with its massive contributions in timekeeping and accuracy. Keeping abreast with technology and global demand it has introduced a watch collection that utilizes human behavior and social attitude. The integration of the T-touch technology in their watches captivates the new generation and answers the present demand of the public. Owing it to its inherent character of innovation, satiation is out of the context in admiring a Tissot watch collection. For a Tissot watch, it's not only about constant innovation, it's about the passion of creativity with quality. 
Tissot collection of watches is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Premier among the Finest

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The Tissot Company are founded by father and son tandem, Charles  Felicien Tissot  and his son, Charles Emile Tissot. What makes them exemplary among the pioneer in watch making is their attitude and vision of foresight. The father and son tandem successfully introduce their first watches in 1853. They were the first watch company that mass-produced the famous pocket watches during their era. The Tissot son traveled to Russia and succeeded in selling their Savonnette pocket watches. The Russians loved the portability and handiness of the pocket watch. It became a standard status of sorts.  
In the late nineteenth twenty's to the thirty's, Tissot introduced the first anti-magnetic watch. It was an instant hit among the aristocrat. A remarkable feat worth remembering. Not contented with reinventing itself, the company created the first plastic watch in 1971. It accorded an affordability of watches yet with fine taste and quality. Perhaps innovation is an inherent character of the Tissot, they created the first granite Rock watch in 1985 and later introduced the first Pearl watch of the world. Eventually, the first watch made of wood was invented by the same company. This is perhaps the only watch company that garnered the first among the numerous first in innovation. 
Still based in Switzerland, Tissot merged with the Omega Company thereby making them a formidable company in making watches. With these merger, watches made after the merger where widely much sought by collectors around the world. Tissot is also a member of the "The Swatch Company". Distinct for its rapid innovation and creativity, Tissot was chosen as the official time keeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, fencing and ice hockey and was used for the Davis Cup in 1957. Gaining worldwide prominence, it became a key sponsor for the Formula One teams Lotus, Renault and Sauber.
Known for its innovation and quality, Tissot stopwatches are used in almost all sports related event. The modern world allowed Tissot Company to innovate further and establish itself as the formidable premier in almost all watch innovations. For now, Tissot is famous for its watch known with the T-Touch technology. Its sensitive sapphire glasses uses tactile command to perform watch functions with ease and fashion. They incorporate a lot of functions in the T-Touch technology such as the compass, barometer, altimeter and even thermometers. T- Touch watches were once featured in films by Angelina Jolie, in the movies "Lara Croft Tomb Raiders" and "Mr & Mrs Smith".
A lot of prominent, famous people have worn Tissot watches such as the celebrity Carmen Miranda, the iconic Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly and Nelson Mandela.
Famous for its rapid innovative trait while maintaining quality and accuracy, it has gained a foothold as the official timekeeper of almost all-famous Sports Body worldwide. It has emerged as the sole icon of time accuracy among sport bodies. To mention a few known Sports Bodies are FIBA (The International Basketball Federation), FIE (International Fencing Federation), MotoGP, NASCAR, Asian Games, AFL (Australian Foot League), CBA (Chinese Basketball Association), UCI International Cycling Union), and the Commonwealth Games.
Tissot watches are products of endless toil and effort by a father and son. It's a combination of pure harmony likened to a music which melodiously blend together to produce a creative work of art. The injection of family values is closely reflected on their enduring character of always moving forward for progress and change. In the Tissot Company, change is inevitable yet it can be used to progress without defeating the ideals and motto of the company throughout this years. The iconic casting of the Tissot as a world class genius of creative innovation remains as the leader of all watch companies worldwide.
It cannot be relinquished as the only watch company that has a pile of premiers of watches for the future. Being innovative incurs a lot of foresight and anticipation of the trend in fashion. The inventors of these watches are not overnight success sensation but rather products of dedication of work, enthusiasm and versatility in progress.
Adaptation to the changing times is always a hurdle for inventors. It takes a lot of patience, foresight and versatility to come up with a creation that fits the future. The Tissot Company has evolved through the years for their untiring effort to modify, to innovate for future applicability and relevance. It would never get tired of recycling their ideas to formulate better watches for the next generation. If one would be contending to choose from an array of modern watches to be worn and use in the next future, it has to be a Tissot watch collection!
Born in yesteryears, mastered and perfected through time-tempered progress; a watchmaker truly to be anticipated in the next millennia, without question and doubt. A Tissot creation is innovatively created, built for versatility! Come see their products at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Beat the Record with Tissot T-Race

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Before the 1970s, the topic of women in history was largely missing from general public consciousness. Long before that, Napoleon Bonaparte famously declared that women are nothing but “machines for producing children.” But times have changed. What have been impossible before have become possible now – like say, a woman who could win a race in the IndyCar Series. 
In 2005, Danica raced at the prestigious Indianapolis 500-mile race where she came a sensational fourth. That race went down in history as she became the first woman ever to lead a lap of the Indy 500 – beating her personal record in 2009 by reaching the third position. She has beaten many records over the years and will continue to strive in her new NASCAR challenge next season.
Like the athlete the watch honors, Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick 2012 limited edition watch by Tissot is not just a pretty face and will leave everyone speechless at its performance and style – the watch combines sophistication to robustness and precision, giving this timepiece a distinctive look and an incredible charm. Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tony in Touch with Tissot

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William Anthony "Tony" Parker, Jr. is one of the quickest players in the National Basketball Association nowadays. He plays the point guard position and has established himself as a potent scorer. He is often seen slashing to the basket for a layup or teardrop shot despite his relatively small size for a basketball player (6'2"). In fact, he has been named to five NBA All-Star game, two All-NBA Second Team, and an All-NBA Third Team. He was even the 2007 NBA Finals MVP and is currently playing for the San Antonio Spurs. As of this writing, Parker scored 37 points (15-27 FG, 1-1 3Pt, 6-6 FT) to go with four rebounds and six assists during Game 4’s win against the Grizzlies, pushing the Spurs to the Finals in a sweeping fashion. Although Parker’s field goal percentage dropped in the playoffs compared to his regular season mark, it did not stop him from dominating the court in Game 4, with a whopping 15-for-21 showcase. With the early sweep in the Western Conference Finals, Parker and the Spurs will have a chance for extended rest before taking on the Heat or the Pacers in the championship round. 
Tony Parker was born in Belgium, in 1982 with basketball in his genes as he was the son of a professional basketball player. He started making a name for himself at just 15 when he was talent-spotted and asked to attend the National Institute for Sports and Physical Education in Paris (INSEP). After playing in the French amateur leagues for two seasons, Parker turned professional and signed with Paris Basket Racing in 1999. In 2002, he joined the NBA and the team of the San Antonio Spurs. After initially playing backup to Antonio Daniels, Parker was made a starter and made 77 regular season appearances in his rookie season, averaging 9.2 points, 4.3 assists and 2.6 rebounds in 29.4 minutes per game. When he played against the Los Angeles Clippers on 30 November 2001, he became the third French player ever to play in an NBA game, after Tariq Abdul-Wahad and Jerome Moiso. Parker brought to the Spurs a greater tempo in their game, getting his teammates better looks at the basket whenever he was involved in transition offense. He could also hit open jump shots, and this created greater space for the big men on the team, Tim Duncan and David Robinson. By the end of the season, the rookie led San Antonio in assists and steals, and was named to the All-Rookie First Team for 2001–02, becoming the first foreign-born guard to earn the honor. Although the Spurs were eliminated during the playoffs, Parker's performances did not go unnoticed, even up to now. Today, Parker is one of the most respected point guards in the league, known as a player that can do it all. He can shoot, he can pass, he can run the break, he can command his team and he can score. Though smaller and slighter than the prototypical NBA player, Parker makes up for it with his fearless play and his speed and quickness. His first step is blazingly fast, which means defenders have to give him plenty of room, not wanting to get beaten to the hoop, which opens things up for his very accurate jump shot.
Tony Parker joined Tissot as an Ambassador in 2011. Just like Tony Parker, Tissot has continually surprised and delighted customers with its product innovation, from 1853 to the present day. A relentless pioneering spirit led the company from its foundation in the small Swiss Jura town of Le Locle, to a presence in 150 countries. From its first pocket watch with two time-zones in 1853 to its revolutionary touch-screen technology T-Touch watch, Tissot has presented a series of "firsts" in terms of technology, materials and design - even to the extent of creating watches made of rock, wood and pearl. Today Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world's largest watch producer and distributor. The company has always had its home in the Swiss watchmaking town of Le Locle in the Jura Mountains but now also has a presence in 160 countries. The Tissot innovation leadership is enabled by the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. With a broader, more versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot also expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible. In its revolutionary new global campaign, Tissot rewrites the rules of watch advertising. Using the claim "In touch with your time", a series of executions featuring brand ambassadors, including Tony Parker, present luxury as being accessible rather than exclusive – while Tony Parker looks forward to a long relationship with the great folks at Tissot. 
Come see Tissot’s timepieces at Schiffman’s at friendly Center. 

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Sail with Tissot Sailing Touch

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Life on the ocean wave has always been the life for most of us. And nothing really allows us to do that than sailing. There’s just something intrinsically calming about life on the water and if you like the thought of watching the sunset or seeing the first stars pinprick the night’s sky, then you’re probably going to enjoy your time afloat. While you’re at it, you are closer to nature than ever with dolphin pods playing alongside your yacht, colorful coral teeming with tropical fish and white sand islands literally packed full of birdlife ensure that you’re never far away from close encounters of the animal kind. 
But of course, you can only truly relax if you are at ease with things to come. So don’t forget your Tissot Sailing-Touch with you. The maritime theme navigates its way through the watch's entire design, from metal elements taking the lines of yachts to cleat-shaped pushers. A practical bi-material bracelet has a safety clip and even an extension so that it can be worn over wet-weather gear. There can’t be any finer ways to relax than sitting on the edge of a yacht with the sun on your back and the Tissot Sailing-Touch on your wrist.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

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Race with the T-Race

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Whether you’re just beginning to experience life or a long-time competitor, at some point in time we all have to race in this so called “track of life.” But some bring a long a little luck once in a while. With Tissot T-Race, you don’t have to be a runner to race through life, you will always be a winner on and off the circuit. Of course, that’s figuratively speaking. Literally though, the watch is designed to help any type of athlete train. A built-in chronograph can help track your best times, a tachymeter bezel can measure your speed and distance, and the water resistance will protect the watch's internal mechanisms while you are swimming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional cyclist, motorcyclist, or just simply love to ride along the street, a T-race watch will be your best pick! 
In other words it is a “sporty” man’s sports watch.  Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

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