Friday, October 06, 2017

Petite Infinity Leverback Earrings

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The bold round shape of the Petite Infinity Leverback Earrings are an absolute dream, and can be paired with any occasion. Decadent and sparkly, the sapphires in the Petite Infinity earrings will capture every light in the room, giving every outfit that extra pizazz. The splash of colour is subtle yet beautiful, with dainty diamonds adorning the simple white gold frame. Utilising the clever leverback design means never worrying about losing a falling earring again. The clasp ensures the earrings are snug and secure without compromising on comfort.

Part of the Vibrant Affair range, the collection includes elegant necklaces – round to match the Infinity earrings, or petal-shaped for a dash of quirkiness – signet rings and bracelets. The collection has a range of identical items available with emerald, ruby or the haunting black diamond detail. Pair the earrings with a matching necklace or be bold and mix and match the designs to tailor your look, suit your every need and add that extra spark of glamour.
Phillips House – founded in only 2011 – has grown to heady heights and now counts the First Lady, Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Lopez as some of their treasured customers. Each design is carefully crafted by two women with a lifelong passion for design: Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, the innovators behind Phillips House. Designed by sophisticated women, for sophisticated women, the Petite Infinity Leverback Earrings are the treasure of the Vibrant Affair range, and a must-have for your collection.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Must-Have Show Stopper

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There are some rings out there on the market that are able to captivate the attention of everyone due to their magnificent structure, the Triangle Contrast Ring by Phillips House being one of them. This ring is one-of-a-kind. If you like to be the center of attention wherever you go, this jewelry piece will definitely help you achieve this. Due to its beauty and unique structure, it is a great conversation starter.

This piece is a yellow gold ring that showcases a meaningful-sized green triangle as its main feature. The sophisticated gemstones that structure this shape are show stopping. The band itself has a design that makes it stand out all on its own, too.

This stunning ring is one that you would want to wear to special events. If you are the type of individual who likes to look elegant any day out of the week, then you can certainly put this ring to good use, as well. It goes well with any color clothing and can complement your appearance.

The jewelry designer Phillips House has become well-known in the industry for providing luxurious and timeless jewelry pieces that can last you for many years to come, and they certainly didn’t disappoint with their Triangle Contrast Ring. This eye-catching piece is definitely a must-have!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Phillips House Signature Bracelet

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The Phillips House Signature Bracelet is a lovely piece that would be a wonderful addition to anyone's jewelry collection. This bracelet is part of the Signature collection which means that it can easily be worn with other pieces in the collection for a complete look for a special night out. The bracelet itself has an elegant look that is timeless and classic, a piece that can be passed down through the generations. The piece can easily coordinate with others from the Signature collection like the pendant necklace which also comes in yellow gold.

Phillips House is a jewelry brand that creates beautifully designed pieces in unique collections. The brand was created by Lisa Phillips Frankel & Danielle Frankel Nemiroff to provide their customers with luxurious and classic pieces for all occasions. They began by creating jewelry for friends and as requests kept coming in, the their small jewelry design business grew into a global name. Phillips House is a relatively new brand in jewelry, but they've already gained attention from celebrities and publications around the world.

This bracelet has a dual chain design with chains of gold. The main focal point of the piece is the beautiful diamonds in the center. The total carat weight of diamonds is 0.32. The bracelet from the Signature collection would make a great gift along with the matching Signature Ring and Signature Leverback earrings, which all have the same diamond design.

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Piece That Can Last You a Lifetime

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There are many jewelry designers around the globe that have introduced one-of-a-kind pieces that have been able to garner the attention of the public, such as Phillips House. This particular designer has always been able to stand out due to its creativity, uniqueness, and beautiful pieces; take the Blue Sapphire Revolution Necklace, as proof of this statement.

Revolutionary Design

Ever since this necklace (1.36 tcw) was introduced on the market, it has been able to captivate many women, and thus, it has rapidly become a bestseller for Phillips House. It is a revolutionary piece in design, concept, and style that doesn't fail to amaze no matter what season we are in.

Nicely Structured

The blue sapphire stones that surround the pendant are simply breathtaking, but not to the point of overshadowing your presence. Phillips House structured this design to compliment your appearance so that you can shine no matter what time of the day it is. If blue is not your color, this designer has other fabulous colors to choose from that can meet anyone's preferences.

A Piece That Can Last You a lifetime

The necklace itself is yellow gold. It is thin to help make the band the piece that stands out. Just like the pendant, the necklace itself is very well-crafted, which is not shocking, as Phillips House is well-known in the industry for providing pieces that can last a lifetime.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Phillips House Knocker Contrast Necklace

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Phillips House has created some unique pieces of jewelry, and this Knocker Contrast Necklace is no exception. This knocker contrast necklace (0.59tcw) is made of gold and diamond making it yellow gold diamond necklace. It is made from one of the fine metals in the world that means that it is of the best quality and has a very fashionable style. It is a very stunning necklace that everyone would love to own.

Phillips House has many other gorgeous necklaces, as well as other jewelry, so you can find many pieces that fit your style. The Hero DBTY Necklace (0.54tcw) is also yellow gold and diamond. This kind of a necklace leaves the heroic mark on the woman wearing it, leaving her feeling more empowered and more formidable. There is also the Hero Lariat Necklace (0.40tcw) that is also a yellow gold and diamond piece. Thirdly, we have the Hero Stud Earrings (0.36tcw).  Phillips House jewelry will start conversations and leave you feeling powerful.

Stop by Schiffman’s Jewelers today and see what fantastic creations we have to offer!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Philips House Ruby Revolution Necklace

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Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff may be new in the high-fashion jewelry design industry, but they have quickly made their mark. Their claim to fame came only a few years ago when they were asked to be the exclusive jewelry designer for the pieces worn by the First Lady on her historic visit with the Queen of England and Kate Middleton. First inspired by a passion for architectural design, Lisa decided to narrow her focus on jewelry design. Her daughter Danielle was a classic ballet dancer. Together they design pieces that are unique and will continue to change the direction of jewelry design. This mother-daughter team are setting the world on fire and have been featured in almost every major fashion magazine of note.

The Philips House Ruby Revolution Necklace features a ruby encrusted ring on a chain of yellow gold with a 1.46 tcw. This truly royal combination is part of the Revolution collection, which is revolutionizing fashion trends around the world. You too can be a part of this emergent trend that combines classic lines that will withstand the test of time when you own this piece. It is a must for those who want to stay on top of the trends and ahead or the curve. 

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Phillips House Small Binary Infinity Necklace

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The gorgeous Philips House Small Binary Infinity Necklace combines modern shapes with timeless gold and diamonds, creating a distinctive piece that you're sure to cherish for years to come. The modern infinity-style pendant of this necklace is made of white-gold setting with small diamonds as an overlay. The chain is a ball chain, which is made of fine yellow gold. The small binary infinity necklace is elegant enough to be worn with an evening gown but also simplistic enough to be worn with jeans.

Phillips House specializes in creating chic, modern designs while using classic elements. They offer an extensive selection of infinity necklaces including white gold and yellow gold, with pendants in a wide variety of sizes. Their designs have been featured in Women's Wear Daily, and were the exclusive jewelry designer behind the jewelry worn by Michelle Obama during her famous meeting with Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace. Phillips House designs jewelry that makes a luxurious statement without being ostentatious. The talented designers behind Phillips House are Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, who began designing for private clients in Miami Beach in 2007 and have since been featured in top retailers across the country, including Saks Fifth Avenue. This beautiful binary infinity necklace is one of a long line of exquisitely crafted pieces from the "Affair" collection. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Phillips House Hero Necklace

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The Phillips House Hero Necklace embodies a bold presentation of fortitude. The octagonal shape represents the joining of eight different facets which makes up what a woman is. These facets are unique to the woman, some being family related, such as wife, mother, sister. Others may be career related, or perhaps personal victory or hurdle overcome. The wearer decides what these are, and jointed together, create her overall "hero."

These pieces feature diamonds set in yellow gold suspended on a 14k yellow gold chain. The woman wearing it displays a powerful and heroic demeanor, while not giving up any of the femininity still inside of her. The perfect balance of elegance and strength in one artful necklace.

The Hero collection features other similar designs in varied sizes. Choose sizes of petite, mini, small, and large, and find the perfect piece to embrace and empower your individual hero. They layered collection adds depth to the piece, providing more dazzling diamonds for an even bolder presentation. All of these beautiful pieces give the wearer flexibility to wear it dressed up or casually. Each piece fits effortlessly into nearly every outfit and ensemble.

Wearing a piece of the Hero collection is a confident declaration of who a woman is. Its design pleases the many varied tastes of women around the world while still fulfilling an elegant and glamorous purpose. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Wearing Yellow Gold Properly

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Yellow gold is one of the classiest and timeless jewelry materials that is at once versatile and sophisticated. You can wear it on casual days, just as you can in formal evenings. But keep in mind some simple tips on how to wear yellow gold to maximize your style impact. Yellow gold like Phillips House Affair bracelets looks better in light neutral colors like white, grey and the brown family of hues. You can also match it with a black dress, but this is too bold and unless you can carry this loud style (for example, you’re a rock star), it’s better to stick to light neutral. Yellow gold also goes well with colored gemstones, particularly turquoise and green sapphires. It mimics the play of sunset and the blue-green sea. Likewise, yellow gold mixes well with sterling silver, so go ahead and pair the two in liberal ways.
Phillips House is available at at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Jewelry for summer look

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Who says luxury jewelry is only for the formal evening? This summer you can wear your luxury jewelry even if you’re heading for the outdoors. With a little tweak here and there, your platinum ring or yellow gold necklace can complement a bright, sunny day. Take Phillips House’s diamond-accented yellow gold bracelet. The yellow gold matches a sunny disposition; hence, the summer appeal, while the diamond sparkles like gleaming waves in the distance. You now have a beach ambiance that you can wear to match your white beach dress and seaweed grass-inspired flip flops and handbag. The Phillips House colored blue green gemstones also indicate the color depth of the sea when one goes on island hopping. It’s a perfect accent to your beach wear.
Phillips House is available at Friendly Center.


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