Friday, February 17, 2017

Michael Aram Gotham Collection

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The Michael Aram brand is known for creating beautiful gifts and home decor in a variety of styles. The artist, Michael Aram, is American born and studied fine art before he embarked on a inspiring trip to India. While visiting the beautiful country of India, he learned the age old art of metalworking. His shop in New Delhi provided him with the chance to learn and grow as an artisan. His pieces are all handmade and unique, making them wonderful gifts for any occasion.

The Gotham Collection includes a variety of pieces that go well in any style of home. The kitchen items like the 5-piece flatware set, bottle opener and cocktail shaker make wonderful conversation starters at a party. The collection also includes many items to make a desk or work space look fresh and modern. The pencil cup and letter rack are both functional and formal, adding a look of elegance to any office. The Gotham collection also includes beautiful place settings, wine glasses and serving bowls and utensils. The recipient of these gifts will be pleased with the way each piece coordinates within the collection, but is also able to stand alone as a decorative item that brings character to the home. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Michael Aram's Ginkgo Butterfly Collection

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Michael Aram is an American-born metal artist who returned to New Delhi to learn more about the ancient metal-working techniques of India. He set a shop there and continues to design unusual but contemporary designs for the home. One of his collections, the Butterfly Ginkgo, combines the beauty of live butterflies with the ginkgo biloba or butterfly tree. He uses the colors of the butterfly to decorate his dinner plates, bowls, mugs and salad plates. His plates are decorated in blues, oranges and yellows. The butterflies sit on the silver branches of the ginkgo biloba trees on their white porcelain. His serving bowls, centerpieces, canisters and other household products are done in bronze, acid-etched to a beautiful finish. On each of his metal pieces, the leaves of the biloba trees form delicate butterflies. Each of the Butterfly Gingko Collection is hand-made in the shop by Michael's expert craftsman. This means each piece in an individual artistic piece, maintaining this collection's high artistic value.

Some of the more unusual pieces include picture frames, lamps, trinket dishes, side tables and a very unusual candle snuffer. Several types of candle holders are offered with the collection to accent your dining arrangement. The Butterfly Ginkgo collection combines plants and animals in a pattern that extends the natural beauty of both. It also uses bronze, one of the metals with a long history of use in the home. Bronze will last many years and look just like new even with heavy use. This Aram collection is designed for the person who wants a home with artistic creations that will always stand out. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Interior design extends to elements that come into the house

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Buying a new house doesn’t stop at the type of house that fits your lifestyle and the interior design that matches your taste. A family will simply have a different set of criteria for a new house than a bachelor. Same with the priority of a man and a woman when choosing the best design for their new home. However, apart from the physical house structure and interior, you should also think of the elements that will be part of the interior. One of these is your kitchenware and dinnerware.  They will have impact on your interior. So if you want an elegant set to complement your sleek home interior, you can choose an equally sleek dinnerware collection like a Michael Aram. The result is a perfect unison between the house and its interior elements.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Friday, April 08, 2016

No more bland kitchen corner

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You want a better interior? Why not start with the little details in the kitchen.  Michael Aram offers a wide selection of kitchen accessories, they are so trivial but cute that they lend elegance to the most bland nook in this part of the house. You got this detailed crafted Black Orchid Coffee Pots and Spoon made from stainless steel and nickelplate that showcases a crawling vine as handle. Or, how about this Botanical Leaf Teapot that, you guess it, features winding leaf wrapped around the spout for a greenery effect. It is made from silver plate. You also have a Gooseberry  Tea Strainer shaped like a natural foliage and made from 24k gold plate and blackened stainless steel. Michael Aram has more of these trivial things to give life to your kitchen corner.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Knobs and pulls

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Think of Michael Aram and immediately metal dinnerware and serving items come to mind. That’s because the signature is one of the few luxury metal ware brands renowned to adorn elegant dining rooms. But Michael Aram also has other stylish metal ware items aside from the dining items: knobs and pulls. The knobs and pulls feature detailed craftsmanship. They showcase varied themes, from geometric lines to flora and fauna. Although knobs and pulls are the last items you’ll probably notice in the dining room, they do complement an elegant interior. The Michael Aram knobs featuring a twig or pebble, for example, lend to the interior an elegant eco-friendly ambiance, while insects-inspired pulls add a playful atmosphere. Think of Michael Aram knobs and pulls as the last element to complete your stylish interior.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mix and match your dinnerware

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Michael Aram collections add a twist to typical fine dining collections, which are often replete with fine porcelain and ceramics. The brand's signature nickel plate, stainless steel, and metal craft pieces provide an accent, a break from the usual suspects in luxury dinnerware. Likewise, they lend to your set a modern feel, while  keeping an elegance to it. You can complement your existing fine china set with Michael Aram's candlestick holders or food servers. The fruit plates and bowls are also a good match to ceramic plates to give your dinnerware set deeper texture. Likewise, you can add context to your event's theme, for instance, the Atelier is great as a centerpiece or buffet table highlight, while the Gourd and Vine theme is ideal for garden weddings.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Molten Frost

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Searching for the perfect dinnerware to match your newly laid out garden? The Michael Aram Molten Frost lends to your open-air zen corner a rustic matte feel, a nice contrast to the natural greenery around you. It's industrial art meeting environment-friendly lifestyle, a fusion of contrast and compatibility. The items are handcrafted and feature an etched surface that also hides future scratches. They are made from high polished stainless steel designed to last for generations. The rich texture of the plates, bowls, platters, and serving sets, among others, adds character to the overall garden ambiance. Molten Frost is crafted using traditional techniques, with each piece an individual artwork. Aside from the dinnerware pieces, the collections also includes a mini clock, picture frame, and double cooler.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Join the Michael Aram Conversation

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Aram in Hindi means “gently, with peace, love and care”. This is so appropriate of Michael Aram – an American born artist who primarily works in metal and he is especially great at it. While visiting India, Michael Aram discovered rich metalworking traditions. This experience inspired him turn his creativity towards craft based design. Michael Aram creations range from furniture to tableware and all are beautifully handcrafted. Handcrafted pieces offer a conversation between the user, the artist and the craftsman. It also makes the connection between old world techniques and contemporary sensibilities that mass produced pieces couldn’t do. Michael Aram pieces are not just great for your own use; they are also great as gifts. They are available for every occasion and are sure to be appreciated by any person. 
To avail of Michael Aram pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Michael Aram: Functional Art

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Michael Aram pieces aren’t just accents. They just jump right out at you. One can unerringly say that they are pieces of art that just happen to be highly functional and durable as well. That’s just the way Michael Aram pieces look – just stunning. These beautiful handmade pieces are available in both galleries and specialty shops internationally. Michael Aram pieces come in forms and with different inspirations. This is a testament to the versatility of the company, the artist and the artisans behind the products. Designs have a wide range of inspiration. Some are modernized traditions and some are just in their own unprecedented category of beauty. Each piece is handmade; connecting the artist, to the artisan and to the end-user. 
To see more of Michael Aram pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Unique Just Like You

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Michael Aram has been bridging the gap between the artist and the artisan. Michael Aram designs reflect humanity in a sense by using the directness of the handmade process. Each Michael Aram piece is handmade and each example is never exactly like the other. Each piece is made using age old traditional techniques inspired by the designer’s travel to India where he worked with native craftsmen. Michael Aram pieces range from Dinnerware to Christmas pieces. Each collection surely has a piece that fits perfectly well with your home. The use of the handmade process also creates a connection from the designer, to the craftsmen and to the wearer. The process makes Michael Aram pieces originality as it sits gracefully between fine and decorative art. 
To avail of your Michael Aram pieces, visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Put accents to your dining set

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An impressive dinnerware set doesn’t only mean using porcelain or fine ceramic. You can also use stainless steel, nickel plate and metal craft to add accents or contrast to the overall dining theme. Michael Aram offers a wide array of these materials for the dining table, ranging from candlestick holders to food servers, and fruit plates to pitchers and bowls. You have a full range of Michael Aram thematic collections at your fingertips. Mix and match them or collect them all for an inspired set. The Atelier can be a centrepiece or a buffet table accent, while the Fig Leaf collection lends a refreshing garden feel to an otherwise dark room at night. Same with the Gourd and Vine theme, which gives an almost fairy air to your dining experience.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Luck of the Irish

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A clover is a universally accepted symbol of good luck with its origin ages old. In the early days of Ireland, the Druids believed that they could see evil spirits coming when they carried a shamrock, or three-leaf clover, giving them a chance to get away in time! They thought four-leaf clovers offered magical protection, and warded off bad luck. Even Michael Aram, an American-born artist known for his tableware and furniture both sold in galleries and specialty stores worldwide, find the clover an intriguing tiny plant with its promise of fortune and luck. But to him, they are more delightful to behold when in bunches – hence, the Michael Aram Clover Collection. Michael Aram's interpretation captures the lucky spirit of the clover in a fantastical and playful motif.
See the extraordinary objects created by Michael Aram at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Aram: Gently, with Peace, with Love and Care

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Aram, in Hindi, means “gently, with peace, with love and care”. This definition fits what Michael Aram is – as a brand and as an artist. Michael Aram is American born. He studied fine arts and lived as an artist in New York in the late 1980s. But when he visited India, he was enchanted with the rich metalworking traditions. These traditions, he felt, were largely untapped and undiscovered. This was his inspiration to start working with these skilled craftsmen. Aram, then, set up a home and workshop in New Delhi to house his creative pursuits. To this day, Aram brings out the humanity from his pieces as they are created using handmade processes. Each piece goes lovingly through age old traditional techniques. These pieces range from tableware to furniture. Aram’s designs are diverse and these only show his versatility as an artist. 
To grab a glimpse of Michael Aram pieces, visit us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Modern holiday dining

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Lend your Christmas dinner with a modern yet elegant twist. The Molten Collection by Michael Aram features the simple but graceful style of contemporary art. Its features the smooth, uniform lines of stainless steel nickel plated for extra durability. The Molten bread knife has a stylish and steady grip similar to the Molten cake server. Likewise, the Molten cheese knife set has an unspoiled artistic air to it. It adds glamor to nibbling cheese. Meantime, the Molten Bowl Orange features a surprising accent without intruding to the overall steel feel of the collection. It has the same elegantly hand-crafted touch of the Molten cake stand that exudes a soulful flair to its plain yet faultless surface. To add a final touch to your glamorous holiday dinner, light up the candles on the Molten Candlesticks. They are at once a centerpiece and a backdrop.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Perfectly Personal

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A Michael Aram creation is extremely unique that all creations are assured to be all original and personal. A gift for some special person is indeed perfect by giving a Michael Aram creation. Once immersed in India as an artist trying to understand the craftsmanship and the traditional techniques attributed to his every creation, Michael Aram has its every creation imbued with soulful quality and energy which embodies the delicate character of the artist as simply astounding and extraordinary. Michael Aram has steadfastly managed to create itself as a diversified company that sells and handles collections on a variance. The broad diversity embodies the versatility as an artist who can work comfortably on gallery shows that can cater large audiences. A Michael Aram creation is exclusively for one whose taste varies through age and glamor!
Michael Caram creations are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Traditionaly Elegant Accessories

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One of the modern designers fixated on interior accessories and kitchenware is making waves across the landscape of the elite. Its peculiar yet pragmatic outlay can stands out among the traditional home accessories. The distribution of hues and shades offer an enticing atmosphere of flirting ambiance conducive for relaxation and peaceful respite. Modern yet vestiges of classical designs reminiscent of pre-medieval decor and designs are often the hallmarks of a Michael Aram Collection. The touch of elegance and the air of dominant classical craftsmanship are the driving attraction among clients of discriminate inclinations. The Michael Aram Collections range from simple wall decor, furniture and dinnerware. It offers a wide array of choices giving clients the best alternative options in dealing with home decor and accessories. 
Michael Aram Collections are available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jack and the Beanstalk

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A little fancy to your dinnerware can go a long way to expressing an impressive table set that guests will ogle over. The Michael Aram Gourd and Vine dinnerware set, a thematic collection of climbing and weaving vines and luscious gourds, is a Jack-and-the-Beanstalk take on adding spice to your dining ambiance. Bright copperplate and stainless steel of vines holding the dish bowls or as handles to trays and pitchers; candlesticks that shoot up from a vine, these are some of the curious creativity that Michael Aram has produced for this line. The whole set can give your dining theatre a fantasy feel, one that evokes happiness and child-like animated discussions. The Gourd and Vine collection includes candy dish, cheese board and knife, beverage pots, pitchers, mini pots with spoon and salt and pepper shakers.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Fanciful dining

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Michael Aram let loose of his imaginations in the Flights of Fancy collection. Playing around oxidized metal, gold plates and nickel plates and using his trademark in fine metal workmanship, Michael Aram creates a whole array of fanciful mix of dinnerware and ornaments that tease the eyes. The Acorn Ornament is revered in black and gold, and it’s a flexible accent to any dining set. It is transformed even into a salt and pepper couple for the table. Not to be outdone, the Claw Tongs is an elegant but useful item. Likewise, the Golden Corn Dishes add more color to this collection. You can serve finger foods, side dishes or appetizers on these nickelplated corn-inspired dishes. For bigger servings there is the Golden Corn Platter and the Golden Corn Salt and Pepper partners to match the theme. Not for the dining table but for added tease, Michael Aram adds the Hare Bank item to this collection, a nickelplated rabbit that gives any piggybank a run for their coins.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fruity ideas

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Make them a centrepiece, an accent, even a utilitarian bowl for desserts or side dishes. The Michael Aram Fruit creations are anything but ordinary; they span a whole range of artistry from metal crafting to sculpting and to plating. The high-level metalwork is evident. The fruits, mainly apples and pears, assume their natural curves and their leaves hang over them in a real-life poise that is undisturbed by any wind. The fruit sculptures are in oxidized bronze and nickel plate and can be gold plated. You can use the Apple Honey Pot with Spoon as a salad dish or the Apple Ornament as an added charm to your dinner table. The Apple Plate, meantime, is perfect for serving candies, finger food or appetizers. Their uses are endless and limited only by your imagination.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bamboo in metal

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Michael Aram may all about metal, but the signature has an interesting line of bamboo-inspired items.  Using nickel plate, stainless steel , galls, soy wax, white marble and, yes, a dash of bamboo materials, the Michael Aram bamboo line is interesting as the items are functional.  Serve bread with style with the Bamboo Bread Board and Knife. Use the Bamboo Cake Knife to serve pastries with taste. Accent your table with the Bamboo Candle and use the Bamboo Cocktail Napkin Holder as an added décor and practical item on your dinner table. As a main piece, the Bamboo Leaf Deep Platter Large is perfect to server finger foods as appetizer while the guests wait for the main action. The whole Michael Aram bamboo line is yet another showcase of the artist’s ingenuity when it comes to metal crafts and home décor.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

No Lemon

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It is yet another elegant addition to your kitchen and dining set: The Lemonwood collection by Michael Aram, the signature known for fine metal ware and mixed materials for serving and cocktails, dinnerware, home accents and gifts. The collection includes a wide array of utilitarian items, such as cutting board, cheese set, dessert plates and cocktail napkin holder. Also included is a candle holder, neatly designed, gold and nickel plated, oxidized and crafted with soy wax and glass to add glamour to your dinner. A Lemonwood diffuser also adds a nice touch to the set, available in glass or stainless steel. Perhaps as a counter balance to the gleaming fine stainless steel, the gold plated dish set is perfect for serving finger foods or side dishes as you while away time with small talk.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vine in motion

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Renowned for its artistic and functionally sturdy metal craft, Michael Aram takes its workmanship even higher with its Vine collection. The signature line tension and solid form of the metal ware are evident in the theme, but they are made more impressive with the unpredictable twisting of the design to capture a natural flora movement. The cake server, in nickel plate and stainless steel, is rendered with an intricately twisting vine as handle. The same detailed work is seen in the Vine Trivet, where the leaves appear to “fly in the wind.” How a utilitarian piece as trivets is transformed into a high form of sculpted work, only a Michael Aram can accomplish. The trivet is available in large and small versions.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poor cake

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The cake was supposed to be the grand finale of my birthday bash with friends. I am proud of my pastry progress, from a novice cake maker to a somewhat pastry chef by now. The fondant was flawless, without cracks or tangles. I created a fantasy theme with fairies that were intricately sculpted to depict myself and my friends. Excited to show them my masterpiece on my day, I made one big mistake: I served it on a Michael Aram. My friends, of course, did talk about the cake. For five minutes. The rest of the night, they were marveling at the elegance of the cake stand’s black granite and nickelplate. I showed them my other Michael Aram cake serving items—the Bamboo and New Molten line—and my cake didn’t get a grain of a chance to get my friends’ attention. 
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Decorating dinner

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Creating an inspired and impressive dinning set goes beyond serving classy dinnerware and cocktail servers. Michael Aram has a complete line of decorative to add more glam to the dinner or cocktail night. Renowned for its rich handcrafted metal crafts with Indian influences that are evident in its tableware collection, Michael Aram also offers décor items such as vases, candleholders, display bowls, and photo frames. Accents for the holidays are also available, not the least nature-inspired sculptures. The black feather nickelplate is glamorous, a perfect highlight to a classy dinner. Likewise, the fan coral is intricately impressive, a sure magnet to your guests’ curious eyes. There is also a tortoise shell-inspired sculpture and a dandelion piece both made from oxidized bronze. The decorative showcases the versatility of a Michael Aram workmanship.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sublte pieces of art

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Michael Aram’s signature metal dinnerware and serving and cocktail items have graced not a few fine dining and cocktail parties without failing to impress guests. Its Indian-inspired design origin puts a Michael Aram among the most coveted fine dinnerware collectibles in the world. But there is another Michael Aram line that demands collecting. Its knobs and pulls carry the Michael Aram brand of humanity and detail handcrafted artistry into your bedroom. Subtle but meticulously crafted, the knobs and pulls are presented in varied themes as faun, flora, and geometric lines. The twig, pebble, and undulating leaf work seamlessly in any nature-inspired interior design. So do the fish, animals, and insects pieces. Michael Aram knobs and pulls are designed to be low-key, but they are expected to be discovered by someone with an eye for art.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Michael Aram’s Leafy Inspiration

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The Ginkgo tree thrives in almost every frenetic and polluted major city in the world, showing a remarkable capacity for survival. The enduring, ancient tree is a symbol of health, wellness, endurance and calm. For Michael Aram, it is also the story of us – ordinary people living ordinary lives, withstanding adversities, sometimes bending but never breaking. This is the inspiration behind Michael Aram’s new dinnerware collection. “(The Ginkgo) imparts a sense of calm to me,” says the famous designer. “And somehow I know that, like the ginkgo, I have the strength to persevere, no matter what life has in store."The Ginkgo collection includes beautiful silver-plated glass pieces and nickel items, hammered and bent to achieve a look of natural coarseness on the surface and sporting a Ginkgo leaf here and there for central pieces. The India-based, American metalware manufacturer creates the whole collection by hand, thanks to the many Michael Aram seasoned and talented artisans.
Check out the Ginkgo collection by Michael Aram at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

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