Friday, April 28, 2017

Memoire Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring

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One of the most important jewelry purchases one could ever make would have to be a purchase of a diamond engagement ring. That's why the wedding rings designed by Mémoire are impeccably crafted and the end result is a ring that is flawless in its beauty, an eternally valued treasure that captures the bloom of love on its most special day.

The Diamond Bouquets 18K White Gold Engagement Ring is no exception. This stunning ring has two rows of pave set diamonds on each side of a breathtaking diamond solitaire. The four prong solitaire diamond is invisibly set in 18K white gold with brilliant cut diamonds which creates the look of a 1.50 ct solitaire. This clever and intricate setting showcases this solitaire diamond with lustrous splendor and permanence. The Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring has a total diamond weight of 0.75 and is also available in platinum and in yellow gold.

Mémoire Jewelers have been creating jewelry pieces that exceed industry standards through their consistent attention to details, an aspect of their unrivaled craftsmanship and skill. All pieces in Mémoire’s classic collections, including their signature classic and wedding band designs, are made with a feature that highlights this excellence and it is the extruded mountings. While not very common in jewelry production due to the complexity of its method, extruded mountings are considered to be the finest mountings with an extremely high level of purity that ensures a uniformity and consistency between the stone and its setting. For the lasting beauty of their designs as well as their superior standards, Mémoire Jewelers is the perfect choice when considering your engagement ring purchase. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Body language secrets

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When a man gives a woman a Mémoire ring, obviously he's serious. The ring is a testament to commitment, that the relationship is heading to a richer and longer experience. But long before this day happens, if you're just starting out on a date, how do you know if he likes you? There are body language cues that you can read. If he leans toward you on more than one occasion, he likes you. If he smiles often and in an extended fashion (the joke's long been over), he likes you. Conversely, if he looks down more often than normal, he's shy and he likes you. Another cue is when he subconsciously fondles with his hair, sleeve, collar, or jewelry, he's nervous because he likes you. Now tell him you like him, too. 
Mémoire is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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