Friday, September 15, 2017

Marco Bicego 18K Gold and Diamond Collar Necklace

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Beauty, style, and elegance are very crucial for those whose career entail some aspects of publicity. Models, television hosts, news anchors, and politicians are particularly affected by this need. A range of items, clothing, and jewelry may help in fulfilling this need.

Marco Bicego, the designer of this necklace, is an Italian company that was founded to manufacture women jewelry. It is famed for using Old World Italian craftsmanship such as hand-twisted coils and hand-engraving to manufacture stylish jewelry and other decorative items. All its products are 100% handcrafted and possess simple, artesian, and unique qualities.


• Brand: Marco Bicego
• Material Composition: Yellow Gold
• Style: Collar
• Metal Purity: 18K
• Main Stone Shape: Round
• Length: 16.5 inches
• Three-strand necklace
• Brilliant cut diamonds
• Distinctive and luxurious
• Country of Manufacture: Italy
• Diamond weight: 0.09 carat
• Total Weight: 18 carats

Prospective owners of this necklace stand to derive the following, and indeed, so much more benefits from it:

• Prestige: Owing to the fact that this necklace is made of very precious materials such as Gold and Diamond, its possession bestows a sense of prestige and personal pride to the users.

• Durability: Gold and Diamond, the chief constituent components of this necklace, are very resilient to the elements of wear and tear. As such, this necklace ordinarily lasts longer and may hence be relied on in the long run.

• Great Aesthetics: It does feature a shiny golden appearance. It, therefore, exudes great aesthetics and is thus a worthy wear especially for those occasions that require some kind of resplendence.

• Zero Maintenance: Diamond, that is a key constituent component of the necklace, is very tough. It is resistant to scratches and breakages. This means you won’t incur any repair and maintenance costs at all!

This necklace is a ‘must have’ for any woman who would want to leverage the benefits of class, style, and elegance. Its Gold and Diamond composition is particularly very irresistible. Considering that time is of the essence, why not make a purchase right away?  Stop in at Schiffman's today and we'll help you with your next Marco Bicego purchase.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Three Station Diamond Bracelet

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Marco Bicego has done it again with this bracelet made from 18K gold and filled with diamonds. There are three diamonds on the bracelet. It is 6.75 inches, the perfect diameter for an elegant piece on the wrist.

Bracelets should be statement pieces and elicit conversation. This Marco Bicego design is the real deal.

This bracelet would go well paired with the Luce Gold and Diamond Small Hoop Earrings by Marco Bicego. These hoops are also made of 18K gold and have a diamond in the center of the hoop. Finish the look off with a piece from the Masai necklace Marco Bicego line that also encompasses the yellow gold and diamond theme.

Marco Bicego pieces have been featured in popular magazines like "Elle Decor" and "Harper's Bazaar". The line is known for top quality gold and diamond jewelry. Celebrities who attend the Oscars often choose jewelry from this line because the items stand out and make an elegant statement.

The brand was founded in 1958 and passed down to Marco Bicego from his father. The tradition to hand twist the coils of gold and hand engraving in the gold lives on through this new generation of craftsmanship. The jewelry is a uniquely Italian experience.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Marco Bicego Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings

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Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond Medium Drop Earrings are classic and stylish, making a great addition to any woman's jewelry collection. These earrings are made with 18K yellow gold in a French wire style. Each earring also has a diamond accent in the center for a total diamond weight of 0.23 carats. These earrings are shaped to give a classic and luxurious look that can easily dress up any outfit. They look great on their own but can also coordinate with the Cairo gold necklace or bracelet from the same collection.

Marco Bicego is a brand that creates jewelry pieces that are classic and timeless. They combine contemporary designs with inspiration from old world pieces. The brand was handed down to Marco from his father and he has continued the traditional of jewelry design and grown the company into a global name. Designs are based on multi-color gemstones, hand twisted coil and hand engraved 18K gold. These methods of creating jewelry make for beautiful texture and a look like nothing else on the market. Gemstones are carefully selected from the most beautiful that can be found in the world to ensure that every piece is beautiful and unique.

The Yellow Gold and Diamond Medium Drop Earrings from the Marco Bicego Cairo collection have a length of 2.24". This is the ideal size for a dramatic look for an evening on the town, without being so large and heavy that they're not comfortable to wear. The earrings are the perfect gift for those who appreciate fine, timeless pieces of jewelry.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Marco Bicego Mixed Stone Bracelet, Murano Collection

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Spectacular in its sophisticated design and opulent gems, the Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Mixed Stone Bracelet is a statement of understated nobility. Six richly colored, irregular faceted semi-precious stones - amethyst, blue topaz, iolite and tourmalines - channel the sumptuous waters of the Venetian Sea, while the painstakingly handcrafted yellow gold adds a magnificent refinement to the piece. There is an exquisite delicateness and a resolute symmetry in the bracelet's composition, making it the epitome of the contemporary aesthetic.

Part of Bicego's Murano collection, this piece is designed to go with everything from a classic white T-shirt and jeans to breathtaking evening gown. Bicego has said that his jewelry is meant to be worn every day, not saved for special occasions, although this bracelet could elevate any outfit into a gala worthy ensemble. With its modern architecture, bracelet can be worn alone but can also be layered with other jewelry, especially other gorgeous items from the Murano collection. The collection includes other pieces featuring multicolored stones, as well as pieces that focus on elegant gold links and diamonds.

Indeed, part of the charm of Bicego's jewelry is its versatility, along with Old World Italian craftsmanship. The stunning gemstones are sourced from around the world but transformed into art in his Vicenza, Italy atelier. The gold components showcase an inimitable, hand-engraved Bulino technique.

Bicego's proud heritage as part of a family of goldsmiths shines through this thoughtful and splendid bracelet.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Marco Bicego Amethyst Stackable Ring

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Marco Bicego, an Italian jewelry designer has been creating high quality pieces inspired in part by his Venetian origin. Bicego is a firm believer in creating quality Italian jewelry that will last for years, and his amethyst stackable ring is no different.

As part of the Delicati collection this ring features a rich purple Jaipur rose cut cushion amethyst. Though the stone is fairly small it still looks very beautiful, and would be perfect for someone who does not want to bother with overly large stones. The 18K yellow gold band is thin in order to allow for easy stacking with the other stackable rings in the collection. It can also be worn by itself to display its simple elegance. Another feature of the ring is the hand engraving on the band, which is done by Italian artisans. This ring was inspired by the sunsets in India and the long history of stone-cutting that exists in Jaipur.

Also in the Delicati collection are Jaipur amethyst necklaces in circle or rectangular cuts. This ring is also available with a topaz, citrine or garnet stone. 

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Chalcedony Bracelet

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Since the launch of his exquisite jewelry line in the year 2000, Marco Bicego has redefined what is meant by the term everyday luxury. He comes from a line of Old World Italian artisan goldsmiths who have decades of experience creating pieces of art that every woman will enjoy. The company remains a small family-owned business that is headquartered in the charming town of Trissino, Vicenza in northern Italy.

The Macro Bicego 18K yellow gold and chalcedony bracelet lives up to the company reputation of simple elegance. The brilliance of the yellow gold sets off the semitransparent waxy luster of the grayish-blue chalcedony teardrops. Chalcedony is a type of quartz that is extremely fine grained and its use goes all the way back to Bronze Age Greece. This piece is timeless, yet playful. It is hand engraved, with each stone carefully handpicked for color and uniformity. This piece is elegant enough but simple enough to wear every day. This is an essential piece that every woman should have in her collection. You can’t go wrong with an old world classic like this piece. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Marco Bicego Lunaria Three Strand Bracelet

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This delicate, hand-crafted white gold and diamond bracelet is a perfect complement to virtually any high class jewelry collection. Each individual white gold piece is hammered by hand in Italy and is designed to resemble the shape of the Lunaria flower, which is known as the annual honesty flower. It grows near Italy, and inspired not only this bracelet, but other pieces in the Lunaria collection. In addition to the carefully crafted white gold pieces, there are a few pieces that are studded with dazzling diamonds. This hand-engraved bracelet consists of two carats of diamonds, in addition to the stunning 18 karat white gold.

The designer of this beautiful bracelet, Marco Bicego, has a long history of crafting jewelry from the best materials. Founded in 1958 by Marco's father, the brand carefully combines beautiful gemstones, pure gold, and hand-twisted coils to create the most beautiful jewelry on the market. Every aspect of each piece of jewelry is done at the company's headquarters in Italy. Marco Bicego uses modern trends in jewelry, coupled with old-fashion hand crafting styles, to make fashionable, high quality jewelry for their clients. They craft jewelry of all varieties, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Currently, they have 14 collections, all of which are inspired by the Italian culture and landscape. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Masai Collection by Marco Bicego

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Marco Bicego is a renowned designer of luxury Italian jewelry. One of his popular collections is the Masai Collection, which features the latest in luxury as inspired by the African Masai tribe’s adornments.

The Masai (also spelled Maasi), settled in East Africa in the mid-1800s, bringing with them a unique and beautiful style of intricate jewelry that they have become known around the world for. The Masai/Maasi use different colors to represent several different meanings for the men and women who wear adornments, as well as raw materials such as clay, ivory, bone, and shells in their beautiful body jewelry.

What makes the Masai Collection unique is that each piece is inspired by the African tribe and is crafted with 18k gold, hand-coiled strands. The wearer can expect each piece to adapt to the curves of their body, which allows each piece of jewelry to be worn alone for a simple look, or stacked for a tailored variety.

The Masai Collection by Marco Bicego embraces the styles of the Masai in his groundbreaking new luxury line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Made from high quality materials such as different types of Gold, gemstones, and even diamonds, you will be hard pressed to match the unique design and quality of this fine jewelry collection. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Exquisite Marco Bicego Lunaria Three Strand Necklace

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Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is modeled after the flower itself, which is known for its beautiful petals that are very thin and lightweight. They are incredibly delicate and when represented by jewelry, it's amazing just how true to form it is. The Lunaria collection is perfect for those who love nature or those looking for something different from others out there. 
The Lunaria collection offers earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Some are very small and delicate while others have petal after intricately formed petal. This collection is full of elegant statement pieces sure to gather attention and admiration from those around you. Each piece is made of beautiful hand engraved gold, and some pieces have gorgeous gemstones such as Aquamarine and light wood opal. 
One of the most noteable pieces is the three strand necklace with diamonds and emeralds. It is a great showcase piece that will compliment most attire. No matter which piece you choose, you can be sure you'll love it for many years to come. 
Having a piece from the Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is an investment that is well worth it. 

Marco Bicego Exquisite Lunaria Necklace

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Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is modeled after the flower itself, which is known for its beautiful petals that are very thin and lightweight. They are delicate and when they are represented in jewelry form it is amazing just how true to form it is to the flowers. It is a perfect collection for nature lovers or just those who are looking for a collection that is different from others out there.

The Lunaria collection showcases earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  This collection is one that will have everyone in awe of their elegance. They are definite statement pieces that will be admired by many. Each piece is exquisetly made of beautiful hand engraved gold. Some pieces also incorporate gemstones such as Aquamarine and light wood opal. Some of the Lunaria pieces are very small and delicate while others showcase petal after intricately formed petal.

One of the most noteable Lunaria pieces is the three strand necklace with diamonds and emeralds. It is perfect to wear as an accent to a black dress. No matter which piece you choose, you can will love it for many years to come. 

Having a piece of the Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is an investment that will be well worth it.

Friday, July 08, 2016

How to start a jewelry collection

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A good way to start collecting jewelry is to focus on one category, then work your way up to include other categories. For example, if you want to start a Marco Bicego collection, why not focus on its rings first, something that you can wear in casual or formal occasions. Marco Bicego has a wide range of ring styles culled from its travel-inspired themes. The Massai Two Row Ring in Yellow and White Gold is simple but artistic. The gap between the two metals provides a tease. On the other hand, the Jaipur Link Gold and Diamond Five Row Ring is bold and opulent. The diamonds ensure this ring is one of Marco Bicego’s more exclusive pieces. If you want to put color to your ring, there’s the Lunaria Gold and Red Jasper Cocktail Ring. The name itself suggests this ring is exclusive to formal evenings, but, go ahead, it can match a sleek corporate attire.
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Travel with jewelry

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If you like Marco Bicego, you’re in good company. Not only because it’s worn by Hollywood stars like Kate Winslet, but also by powerful women like Hillary Clinton. Its appeal across a wide market segments reflects Marco Bicego’s strength: the jewelry pieces can be worn in formal or casual occasions. That’s great flexibility and value knowing your jewelry won’t be sitting unworn in a jewelry box for a long time. You can pair it with a cocktail dress or a plain tee to exude that unique rugged sophisticate appeal that Marco Bicego is known for. Using Old World Italian jewelry-making techniques, each item is hand-crafted that no two pieces are exactly alike. “I find inspiration in nature and the architecture around me, particularly during my travels,” Marco Bicego, the founder, said in a Forbes interview. “A majority of my collections are inspired by the countries and cities I’ve visited, including Africa, Cairo, Jaipur, and Murano, to name a few.” 
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and Winston-Salem.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Everyday Marco Bicego

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Arguably, Marco Bicego’s greatest contribution to fine jewelry is the idea that you can wear a luxury piece even on casual days. Before, luxury jewelry is reserved for formal evenings, special occasions, or glamorous nights. Then came Marco Bicego and his urbane, chic line of culture-inspired necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. Each piece reflects individual uniqueness—no two Marco Bicego pieces are exactly alike because each one is handcrafted, reflecting the passion and artistry of the craftsman. You can wear a Marco Bicego every day, such as, at work, over lunch out with friends, or simply chilling out with the family on weekends. The colorful bright gemstones and textured metals add depth and character to your style, whether it is an ordinary or special day.
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, September 18, 2015

What's your favorite Marco Bicego?

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Marco Bicego once admitted that his jewelry lines are not for the budget conscious. They are expensive, he said, precisely because they are designed with passion and created by hand. You don't see exactly identical Marco Bicego pieces, which means owning one gives you a pride of exclusivity. One of our favorite Marco Bicego collections is Jaipur, named after the ancient Indian city of rajahs. The collection is inspired by the city's love for colorful gemstones. The connection is most evident in the Jaipur necklace, a series of colored gem drops along a fine gold string. Ironically, the simplicity of this style makes the necklace even more magnificent, giving you a sense of the past when Indian royalties had worn these gems with pride and opulence. The gems include  amethyst, peridot, lemon citrine, blue topaz, and green tourmaline.
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, May 15, 2015


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Did you ever notice what makes Italian designs eye-catching and drool-enticing? Whether it's a mink trench coat or a ubiquitous item as an office swivel chair, Italian design approaches styles with minimalism. It's even more apparent when Italian design is put beside, say, French or Spanish styles; the former's streamlined lines and propensity for a single, solid seamless piece are highlighted. In jewelry, this is evident in Marco Bicego, the Italian signature known for eccentric culturally-oriented jewelry pieces. The fine jewelry signature features elegant lines with little distraction and most pieces are forged as a solid singular piece with minimal accent of gemstones. Even when Marco Bicego sprinkles varied colors in its collection, such as Jaipur and Milano, the result is still an impressive take on minimalist art.
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Marco Bicego: A Style of His Own

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The skillful manipulation of gold to fit the creative imaginings of one man has brought the world many jewelry pieces to enjoy. That one man is Marco Bicego. His style is his own. By bringing traditional Italian jewelry making techniques and his personal passion for beautiful designs, Marco Bicego has etched his name amongst jewelry design greats. Marco Bicego is all about culture and spirit – all about creating something new without severing himself from his past. It merely adds on to the beauty that is already present in the world. He takes inspirations from places and their culture like India, Africa and Morocco among others. He takes these lands’ beauty and culture and mirrors their glory using jewelry. 
To see more of what Marco Bicego pieces offer, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marco Bicego: Made for You

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The Marco Bicego name and brand has been well-known through the luxury market for modern jewelry exuding classic charm. The success of it all lies in the blend of both simplicity and intricacy that can be found in Marco Bicego pieces. Thanks to traditional Italian artisanal techniques, the creative imagination of Marco Bicego has been brought to life. The best thing about it is that they can slide right into place –on your body. And yes, Marco Bicego creates pieces that complement the contours of the female body. It’s all part of the design philosophy – the curves, the accents, the colors, and the textures. They are all made to work with you, the wearer, in mind. Just because of the shear artistry in every piece, it’s definitely hard to find a Marco Bicego piece that you will not like. 
Browse through Marco Bicego collections at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro and see what you like best. 

Friday, September 05, 2014

Modern, Unique, Artesian, Italian

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Marco Bicego has been known in the luxury world to be a design genius that fuses Old World Italian traditional techniques and aesthetics to his own modern sensibility. Marco Bicego thinks of good design as simple and high quality. And this is what his company produces. All of Marco Bicego pieces are handcrafted in Italy. Designs draw inspiration from Marco Bicego’s travels and his interests in architecture and history. It is through the finest execution of designs that Marco Bicego brings to us pieces that are modern, unique, and artesian. 
To see the product of the skillful manipulation of gold and other precious stones up close and personal, visit us at Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Indian flavor

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Imagine a tropical Indian sunset while enjoying a sumptuous spicy chicken and vegetables that explode in a wide range of flavors. From earthy to tangy, you’re presented with a rich culture that heralds back to pre-modern India. It’s the same theme that inspired Marco Bicego to create the Jaipur Jewelry Collection, featuring bracelets, necklaces, dangles, and rings in a wide range of impressions. The collection swims in colourful gemstones set in 18k yellow gold. The Jaipur bracelet is hand engraved using the traditional Bulino technique. The earrings are mounted on multicolored rose cut cushion stones. The rings, among others, feature a mounted blue topaz surrounded by 0.24ct. brilliant cut diamonds. The Jaipur necklace can be opulent with big stones or simply elegant with thin gold strings and spaced out gemstones.
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Made in Italy

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Looking for handmade jewelry from Italy that has artisanal quality and designed by a creative genius? It sure sounds like a tall order but it really isn’t. Look no further than Marco Bicego – a brand that has a creative genius as its creator that produces artisanal quality pieces that are all handmade from Italy. Marco Bicego makes “Made in Italy” its fundamental value. Since the brand’s establishment the twisted coil technique has been an icon. This technique brings out the Marco Bicego twist to the timeless elegance and glory of gold. Collections like Il Cairo puts Marco Bicego heads and shoulders above the rest. Il Cairo is a collection that has the perfect synthesis of classic and contemporary with rooted values and a dedication to modern technology. The skillful manipulation of gold to organic shapes has been a Marco Bicego trademark that is very apparent in this collection. 
To see more of Il Cairo and Marco Bicego, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marco Bicego’s Marrakech

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Your Moroccan trip would never be complete without that Harira and Couscous dinner under caidal tents, flying carpets, belly dancing, breathtaking views of valleys and desert landscapes, Moorish and Portuguese art – all intertwined by the dryness of the desert and the refreshing sea air. But in the northwest African nation of Morocco there exists a sensuous city – Marrakech. It is a pearl polished by history and its tradition of hospitality which, for centuries, has known how to welcome visitors. 
For those who have little time but wish to get a glimpse and taste of the captivating desert that is Marrakech, Marco Bicego is the ideal memento for you. With its most recent collection, Marco Bicego has carefully hand-hammered and twisted, and intertwined 18 carat coils creating sensual and uniquely modern jewelry that is uniquely Marrakech. 
To see the golden, cascading sculpture at its finest, visit Schiffman’s at Downtown Greensboro. 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Delicate feel of Marco Bicego

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It’s raining gemstones for Marco Bicego. The designer specializes in colored precious stones such as sapphires, topazes, and amethysts. The air of fluidity is undeniable. Each Marco Bicego piece reflects the designer’s cultural expression with biases for African, Arabian, and Indian influences with a touch of his Italian flair. Some of his impressive works include colorful necklaces that display a collection of gemstones in their various tones. The gemstones are tied together by gold elements, providing a subdued contrast to the glimmering precious stones. Another stylistically popular Marco Bicego pieces are his necklace beads and bracelets. Even in their bold renditions, these pieces still exude the delicate touch of the artist, each stone touching another stone or the metal as gentle as a leaf falling and touching ground. 
Marco Bicego is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Paradise of Pearl

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Real beauty comes not in grandeur and splendor; it emanates on the things that beyond anyone’s eyes can see and glows within not because these things make one beautiful, but because one makes these things beautiful. Beauty is a simple thing if understood the simple way. Simplicity is beauty—like the Paradise Collection of the master of Italian bulino craft, Marco Bicego. Possessing the delicate chains of the Paradise Collection, Marco Bicego Paradise Pearl & Mixed Gemstone Dangle Earrings are magnificent pieces of a pearl paradise dream. These earrings are made of 18 karat yellow gold and have dangling chains set with a pink tourmaline briolette, a green tourmaline briolette, engraved yellow gold beads, and ended with a freshwater pearl.
This paradise can be yours. Visit us at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Italian Expression

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The unique interplay of gems in a jewelry collection plus the personal expert handcrafting provides the basic expression of novelty subscribed in a Marco Bicego Jewelry Collection. The selection of the finest gems are carefully screened and polished for the ultimate perfection that would candidly expressed and convey the emotions imbued in each perfect gift. The Jaipur Collections of Marco Bicego are scattered globally to cater the thirst for innovative presentations that would eventually capture the taste of the elite and famous. The likes of Kyle Minogue, Rihanna and the vivacious Hilary Clinton flaunted Marco Bicego jewelry collections. These prominent personalities do agree that a Marco Bicego jewelry is indeed a jewelry for women of demanding taste and provocative assertion. This breaches the thin line of classical beauty and alternative art in jewelry arrangement. Truly, a Marco Bicego jewelry collection invokes a lot of passion on permissive attitude towards alternative and freeplay. For women personified as leaders and social icons, a Marco Bicego Jewelry is just too perfect for you!

Marco Bicego Jewelry Collections are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eccentric Blue Jaipur

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Inspired by the imperfections of Nature, Marco Bicego’s Jaipur Collection rooted from the ancient city of gem-cutters featuring amethyst, lemon citrine, peridot, yellow quartz, pink and green tourmaline, green amethyst, champagne quartz and blue topaz set in precious 18k gold. Possessing an exclusive Marco Bicego cut, the Jaipur Collection is a feast of the rarest and most unique gemstones on earth resulting in contemporary, organic and lovely imperfect designs.
Having all the Jaipur distinctions, the Marco Bicego 18k yellow gold blue topaz earrings are drop earrings stunningly beautiful in blue topaz set in hand chiseled 18k gold with a misshapen design adding eccentricity to the overall organic beauty of the jewelry. This piece is a pure statement of a Marco Bicego expertise and craftsmanship.
For more of Marco Bicego Jaipur Collection pieces, come at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Natural

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The awesome handiwork of a Marco Bicego creation invokes the remarkable fusion of ancient techniques in hand etching satin texture and modern technology. It accentuates nature's natural imperfections through the innovative use of modern technology. The painstaking efforts of the creators to cunningly moderate the uncharacterized imperfections are reflective of the attitude of the company's values on patience and credibility. The finished product would itself manifest the absolute commitment of the company to further explore the possibilities of creativity in envisioning creations beyond yonder.
Indeed, a Marco Bicego creation elevates the bar of creativity in the world of competitive jewelry industry. Every Marco Bicego creation is an avant-garde in tradition and rarity intended only for people of discriminating taste.
Marco Bicego Collections are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

JLo Wears a Goa

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Spent painstaking years perfecting his craft at his family’s atelier, the master of “bulino” Italian jeweler, Marco Bicego displays modern fashion sensibility by combing strong and modern lines in the Goa collection. The Goa collection is inspired by the ethereal white-shore lines of the Indian Ocean. It features a criss-cross of flattened strands in white, yellow and pink gold highlighted by hand-fitted diamonds comparable to the curves of a woman’s body. When we speak of curves, there is nothing lusher than JLo’s. The American Music Award winner and Grammy nominee wore a Marco Bicego Goa while judging American Idol. As vibrant as JLo herself, the 18ct White Gold Marco Bicego Goa 9 Strand Diamond Set Bracelet looked stunning in the glints 0.76ct weight diamonds.
Marco Bicego collections are available at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Imprint of Nature

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The centerpiece of every Marco Bicego creation is the extraordinary talent and skill of master craftsmen who exclusively hand-wove coil strands and hand-crafted satin finish which is possible through the fusion of technology and traditional master craftsmanship. Another facet of craftsmanship found only in a Marco Bicego creation is the "centuries-old techniques of hand etching satin texture onto the precious metal which will remain unalterable through time". Marco Bicego jewelries are themed in nature, which accentuates the perfection of the imperfection of it. It signifies the appreciation of the imperfection and thereby highlights the emphasis and importance of eccentricity. Every creation at Marco Bicego is unique yet it has the ability to continuously innovate through technology and traditional means by the spirit of cunning impetus to create contemporary interpretations in jewelry. Marco's Jewelry transcends superficial tendencies and timeless attitude. It's a commitment to adhere to the kimberly process certification scheme as demonstrated in their decisions. 
Marco Bicego Jewelry Collections can be seen at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Poppin’ Bicego Sapphires

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The Italian master of bulino-made jewelry, Marco Bicego, never ceases to inspire the world with his breathtaking Italian handcrafted pieces of luxury in his array of exquisite collections. A gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide, sapphire traces amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium which can give corundum blue, yellow, purple, orange, or a greenish color. Chromium impurities in corundum yield a pink or red tint, the latter being called a ruby. Since sapphires are commonly worn in jewelry, Marco Bicego uses this extraordinary stone to create an extraordinary collection. Unveiling one of his most phenomenal collections, the Siviglia Sapphire Collection features hand-textured gold confetti beads set with radiant sapphires. The popping of sapphires’ imperfect shapes and bright colors set the perfect mood for any event, creating a versatile look with its perfect gold setting.
Get that rockin’ hot look of the color poppin’ sapphires of Marco Bicego from Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer from  Marco Bicego.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Man in Mankind

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Uomo is the Italian word for man, or mankind, or humanity. The word "mankind" can be traced back to a specific use of this lost word "mann" from the Anglo-Saxon word "mann-cynn," meaning both a group of men and all humanity. But, the word “man” is rarely used these days to mean “all humanity” – it is almost never gender-neutral nowadays. So Italian “uomo” could most definitely mean “male” – a word we would use to mean the ones we call father, brother, and son. 
At Marco Bicego, the word Uomo personifies a whole new world of manhood. With Marco Bicego’s first collection of jewelry for men, the “Uomo Collection,” men will now have the opportunity to be perfectly in sync with the timeless allure and elegance of the eminent Marco Bicego women’s collection. The Uomo Collection is instinctive and inspired by the very voyages that guide man around the world time and time again. 
Come see Marco Bicego creations at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

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It’s Time for Africa!

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Extending to more than 30.2 million square kilometers and covering 6% of the Earth’s total surface, Africa is the second most populous and second largest continent. Boasting the world’s largest combination of density and of wild animal populations and diversity, the African territory is home to variety of jungle animals including snakes and primates and aquatic life which includes crocodiles and amphibians. African plains also pride having the largest population of carnivores including cheetahs, hyenas and lions and herbivores such as camels, elephants, buffalos and giraffes. Indisputably, Africa is the home of the wild and the cradle of biodiversity.
For all its immense area of savannas and safaris, Africa is a living paradise to the natives who inhabit the area. Africans so much love the very ground where they stand afoot as much as the Sun loves the golden dunes of the Sahara Dessert. Oh, Sahara, a world lost in time, a golden princess lying plainly under the Sun. Beyond space and time, it has stood through all the tests of the changing seasons. It has remained faithful to the scorching heat that made her alive through all time. Her soft and graceful dunes are the loveliness sure to take your breath away.
Marco Bicego has once lost to her loveliness and wanted to stay there forever. But with his Africa Collection, Marco will find his way back and make more wandering spirits lost to Sahara.
Marco Bicego’s Africa Collection is inspired by tribal jewelry and the soft dunes of Sahara, the Sahara Collection is an extravagant expression of golden boules of different sizes and finishes, all individually hand-engraved and textured. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are extremely light with spherical surfaces that have been brushed and textured by hand in Marco Bicego’s workshops in Trissino. Small thoughtful details include making the clasp within this collection an integral part of the jewel itself.
Born to a goldsmith father in Italy’s Veneto region, Bicego spent years perfecting his craft at his family’s atelier before launching his eponymous jewelry company in 2000. In just a few short years, Marco Bicego has established itself as a leader in the luxury accessories arena with distribution in more than 350 fine jewelry retailers including Schiffman’s. He is fond of combining urban and tribal motifs together bringing up the best of two different worlds in the playful harmony of textures and fine lines.
Dynamic and timeless as he is, Marco Bicego is known for the multi-ethnicity theme of his pieces, and it is outstandingly expressed in his Africa Collection.
Marco Bicego is a pure talent himself. He travels around the world to enliven his spirit for inspiration in places he finds fit for jewelry. When he comes back from a trip, certainly there’s a concept he wants to work with in Italy. Marrakech, Jaipur, Sunset, Paradise, Goa, Confetti and Africa, Murano, Siviglia and Paradise Pearl are among his numerous collections of pure splendor. Sapphire and diamonds are his favorite precious stones to use. 
As much as he is in his women’s collections, Marco takes pride in his first line of jewelry for men. His Uomo Collection is perfectly in sync with the timeless allure and elegance of the eminent Marco Bicego women’s collection. His first foray into luxury men’s fashion is a natural fit; instinctive and inspired by the very voyages that guide him around the world time and time again.
Skilled in every way in designing and crafting jewelry, Marco has the power enchant customers to his magnificent creations that for more than eleven years in the industry, Marco Bicego has some of the biggest celebrities of the century. Some top celebrities and public figure who are fond of Marco Bicego pieces are Kylie Minogue, who owns a bracelet and a pair of earrings from the Africa collection, Rihanna, who owns a "Jaipur" semi-precious stone drop earrings, Heather Hadley, who wore a wonderful 18k gold Marco Bicego Marrakech set at the Royal Variety Performance, London 2012 and Hilary Clinton who owns a beautiful necklace from the Paradise collection.
For all his pieces, Marco Bicego uses a special technique that is very rare in jewelry industry today. Bulino or the ancient Italian hand engraving technique is what Marco Bicego produces her jewels. Touched by the hand meticulously and thoroughly checked and polished to perfection. 18k gold and some precious stones are enough to make magic under the Bulino technique, taking the beauty of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings and rings into a whole new level of fine artistry. 
Today, Marco Bicego continues to flourish his fine jewelry around the globe. The company has shops in Tokyo, Puerto Rico, Italy, Dubai, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan as well as a flagship stores in Verona, Budapest, Crete and Mykonos. The North American company is headquartered San Francisco, California. 
For an authorized Marco Bicego dealer, Schiffman’s is highly recommended. Come visit us at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, June 21, 2013

All in a Glance

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A flurry of sparkly, colorful shreds of paper evokes a feeling of celebration to most of us. That is why it’s not hard to think that confetti over our heads paints such a joyous and vivid picture of whatever memorable event we are celebrating, even decades after. Not surprisingly, the word confetti came from the people who invented “love of life” itself – the Italians. Although, confetti as commonly used, is thrown over newlyweds to show that the guests wish to sprinkle the union with blessings, it is also a great way to signify the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the party. 
Marco Bicego, an Italian himself, definitely has confetti all over him – including his aptly named collection, the Confetti Gemme. The Confetti Gemme Collection includes a confetti of colors emanating from luminous semiprecious stones such as blue topaz, amethyst, rose tourmaline, lemon citrine, and peridot set in satin-finished yellow and white gold, for a youthful and very feminine collection – a beauty all in a glance.  
For a shower of color in your life, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

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Made in Italy by Marco Bicego

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Made in Italy is an expression that recalls the image of high-quality Italian products throughout the world. Made in Italy means the marriage of masterful design and artisan technique. It means superior quality. It is what makes Italy unique among all others.
Marco Bicego evokes just these values of tradition and the excellence of Made in Italy. Marco Bicego pieces illustrates the authenticity and beauty of contemporary luxury accessories while making use of natural raw materials, yellow gold and exclusive cut stones, and the exquisite craftsmanship produce in the Veneto-based company’s workshops. Indeed, Marco Bicego makes use of traditional artisanal Italian methods that allows those very techniques to become so refined, it offers us with something like a gift of human creativity when we hold or wear a Made in Italy Marco Bicego piece. 
For made-in-Italy pieces that live up to its name, visit Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem and ask for Marco Bicego pieces. 

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To Wear Paradise

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Depending on what would make you the happiest, paradise in any shape or form is something different for each and every person. Is it heaven for you? Is it a serene beach with white shores? A meadow with long grass blowing in the breeze? It can be a place in the mountains with a fresh mountain stream running past your house, or white snow-capped mountains, or running and gawking wild animals here and there, or a crystal blue lake where one can boat or fish, or an island where you can scuba dive, water ski, sun bathe, jet ski, swim and shop, or a home filled with love and family. Regardless, paradise, is what people view as their most tranquil place.
To those who have already been to Sardinia, life in Sardinia maybe the best a man can hope for: twenty-four thousand miles of forests, of countryside, of coasts surrounded by a miraculous sea – truly an epitome of what the good God may give us as paradise. Sardinia in fact is the Italian region with the largest coastal development, the sea is clear and practically preserved from every kind of pollution. You will be fascinated by the small coves that lie in wild corners of the crystalline seas, you will be astonished to see the wonders that nature, with patience over the centuries, has created in the spectacular caves that penetrate the heart of the island. Being a so ancient land, the erosion of wind and rain has made that Sardinia has no high mountains; nevertheless it is mostly mountainous, characterized by plateaus and group of hills. All in all, Sardinia is a charming paradise that have to discovered and talked about. This maybe is the reason why, of all the things one can think of as paradise, Marco Bicego, the famous Italian jeweler, decided that it is the beautiful Sardinia with its wonderful beaches, characterized by particular turquoise intense colors and very transparent water, should be called paradise. It is perhaps the belief that paradise is not simply given to us but something that we have to work on with pure love and passion, something that we have the responsibility to contribute to the its creation that Marco Bicego decided to create a perception of tranquil paradise in his jewelries -- because paradise does not happen without attention, awareness, concern, and lots of energy and love.
Marco Bicego's jewels are items of contemporary seduction: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and finger rings are fruit of old goldsmith techniques, the knowledge of craftsmen handed down from generation to generation. Since the launch of his eponymous jewelry line in 2000 Marco Bicego has redefined the phrase "everyday luxury" with sensuous, extraordinary beautiful jewelry. Marco Bicego began his artesian training under his father at the young age of 22. His creations are inspired by hand engraved beads and multi textured, unique stones. His designs encompass old world craftsmanship with the modern element of urban chic design. Marco Bicego earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are handmade by Italian jewelry artisans, providing a unique, luxurious experience for the jewelry buyer. Today, the Marco Bicego brand is found in over 1000 of the finest jewelers around the world. Bicego’s global representation includes, but is not limited to cities such as New York, London, St. Tropez, Tokyo, and Moscow, and is driven by elegant and modern flagship stores in Verona, Budapest, Crete and Mykonos. In North America, the Marco Bicego brand has established a commanding presence with a robust business in luxury department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and Neiman Marcus, as well as distribution at fine independent jewelers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Marco Bicego’s United States headquarters is based in San Francisco, California. The Marco Bicego success story will continue to be one of openness to the future with a respect for tradition that is invigorated with passion and imagination. Marco Bicego will continue to lead the fine jewelry industry with his unique positioning between precious jewelry and today’s luxury.
The intense colors of Sardinian beaches are the inspiration behind Paradise, a youthful and sensual collection combining drop-cut gems with hang-engraved gold. Created in 2005, Paradise was an instant success, and continues to dazzle even the newest Marco Bicego customer. Shimmering rose and white quartz compliment an infinitely delicate range of aqua blue and green semi-precious stones, in a feminine “mix” of golden chains and tiny hand-engraved gold beads. One of the items included in the collection is the Semi-Precious Stone and 18-Karat Gold Necklace which is a yellow gold/semi-precious stones necklace with multi semi-precious stones, 16” long with clasp closure. Marco Bicego Paradise pieces have always been the best in their class. Marco Bicego Paradise Necklace, 18" is no exception. It is an 18-karat yellow gold that uses mixed tourmalines, quartz, peridot, garnet, iolite, tanzanite, aquamarine and topaz with lobster clasp closure. 
Come see these items at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

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