Friday, September 08, 2017

The Beautiful Kirk Kara Angelique Two-Tone Engagement Ring

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When someone asks another person to spend the rest of their life with them, it is a big deal and should be treated as such. This Kirk Kara Angelique two-tone engagement ring is the kind of piece that helps a couple show off their engagement and that helps a man show the woman he loves just how much she means to him. This handcrafted ring is designed in a way that is truly beautiful, and it is something that will capture the attention of all who lay eyes on it. Featuring an elegant design, this piece is something that shows the love that one person has for another. Available in platinum or gold, this two-tone ring features diamond accents that add to its perfect beauty. There are some rings that stand out as being luxurious, and this is one of them.
Kirk Kara is a brand that got its start in 1890. This brand got its start by a man who was inspired by highly detailed carvings and who used that inspiration to help him create jewelry pieces that were detailed and special. Kirk Kara is the kind of brand that focuses on perfection and that will not be satisfied unless they know that they are putting all that they have into every piece that they create. The jewelry items put out by the brand are top quality.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kirk Kara Charlotte Princess Engagement Ring

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This Charlotte engagement ring will make a bold statement with its gorgeous peek-a-boo diamonds and the beautiful gold band. It is elegant with the engravings so artfully put in it, and it will make any girl feel beautiful when she puts it on her finger. This is an engagement ring that everyone will notice when a girl steps into the room because of how the diamonds have been laid out, from the largest one in the center of the ring, to the smaller ones working their way down the sides. It is a ring worthy of a princess, as it does not get any more timeless and special than gold and diamonds.

Kirk Kara has been around since 1890, and the designers there care about the jewelry they are crafting, as they take the time to work on each piece and make sure it is just right. They won a Jeweler's Choice award in 2016 because of the excellent work that they do with jewelry. They put together gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands. Some of the rings they fashion are simple, and some are extravagant, but all are put together well as they are crafted by the artists who work for Kirk Kara. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Kirk Kara Charlotte Three Stone Engagement Ring

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Once again the Armenian cultural roots of the Kirk Kara jewelry artistry are seen in the beauty and elegance traditional in this line. This three stone and halo engagement ring, presented as a cornerstone of the Charlotte collection, features 1/4 ctw of diamonds as a backdrop for the optional center stone, here shown as a 1 carat round stone. Vibrant sentinels of deep blue sapphire flank and emphasize the elegance of the centerpiece. Offered in rich platinum or traditional gold with handcrafted milgrain edging, the band represents the signature work of Kirk Kara. Its design is the perfect blend of modern style and echoes of vintage deco memories.

Creating an aesthetic union with the three stone ring is the equally stunning wedding band in this collection. Boasting clean lines and accents, it is both bold and beautiful. A storied artisan, Kirk Kara here evokes a sense of daring in his understanding of the use of sharp color to add impact and expressiveness to the pieces of his Charlotte collection, producing the unparalleled beauty of rings like these.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Gentleman's Sapphire-Studded Wedding Band

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The celestial sparkle of blue sapphires is the crowning touch on this gentleman’s wedding band by Kirk Kara. Representative of the elegance of the Artin collection, this comfort fit ring is 7 mm wide. Available in either platinum or gold, it boasts the work of the master craftsmen of the Kirk Kara design team. Signature details of a smooth satin finish and milgrain edging set off the brilliant blue of the gemstones set in precise spacing around the band.

This ring evokes memories of classic 19th-century European designs made famous by Kirk Kara’s father and grandfather. With roots in Armenia and having suffered great personal loss through war and displacement, the family persevered through hardship, creating and refining the jewelry for which they are renowned.

In the tradition of the company, each piece is unique, designed to the customer’s preferences. The men’s wedding ring featured here is available in multiple band widths and can be created with or without the gemstones shown.

Regardless of the individual differences, the ring maintains the level of quality always guaranteed by Kirk Kara. A serial number engraved inside the ring can be registered with the manufacturer and serves as proof of authenticity. A piece by Kirk Kara is not just jewelry; it is a work of art to be treasured by generations. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Kirk Kara Lori Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

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The Kirk Kara Lori Diamond Engagement Ring Collection is named after the Lori, a beautiful province in Armenia with lush rolling hills and 10th century castles. This engagement ring collection was inspired by old world Armenian carvings, art, and patterns. The diamond rings were also designed with an Art Deco style, a style of design that represents luxury and faith in social and technological progress.

You have nine beautiful diamond engagement rings to choose from in this collection, so you can find one suitable for your love's taste. All are available in yellow gold, but you can get some of the designs in platinum also. Kirk Kara's Lori Diamond Engagement Ring Collection features 1/4 ctw to 1/5 ctw diamonds, 1 carat center stones either emerald cut or round, signature filigree, and milgrain edging. They are beautiful engagement rings brimming with natural luxury. 

Friday, July 01, 2016

Go trendy wedding this year

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Nature inspired themes are one of the trendy wedding and engagement ring styles this year. If you’re looking for one, Kirk Kara has the perfect collection for it: the Dahlia Collection. It features marquise leaves and floral details with intricate milgrain edges. The ring, accented by a diamond, evokes spring blooms and lend to your style a refreshing look. Another trend that’s making the engagement/wedding ring rounds today is art deco. Kirk Kara’s Charlotte Collection is inspired by this design featuring vivid hues and handcrafted milgrain edges. The contemporary vintage appeal exudes a bold, daring fashion style. Another trendy style to consider is the Kirk Kara Carmella Collection that features halo styles inspired by European architecture. One model mimics the sturdy patterns of the Eifel Tower, a fusion of modern and vintage styles. 
Kirk Kara is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Not all weddings are the same

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You’d think wedding rings have limited range in terms of style execution. They tend to look the same: a precious metal band with solitaire or multiple stones as accent. Yet Kirk Kara proves you can have more choice beyond the number of set stones. For example, the Angelique Collection is whimsical and lyrical. It exhibits flowing vines that suggest a fluid motion. On the other hand, Lori is richly detailed featuring traditional old world Armenian carvings and art. It fits a more lavish wedding. For a more vibrant and expressive appeal, Charlotte has colored gemstones to provide the accent. It fits the taste of contemporary couples who enjoy adding a little flair to an otherwise traditional wedding. If you’re still unsure what type of wedding you want, go check Kirk Kara collections for inspiration.
Kirk Kara is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem.


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