Friday, January 15, 2016

Colorful bracelet

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At first glance the bracelets seem to drown in a chaotic mix of colors. But it isn’t. The Judith Ripka Essentials exhibits what it calls “the pop of color,” different colored gems coming together to create one stunning style. It may look overwhelmingly bold or brazen, but only because if you wear it wrongly. This Judith Ripka Essentials bracelet is ideal for plain dresses in neutral hues such as black, white, or beige. The sterling silver provides an elegant backdrop to the gems. Because it’s both playful and classic, the bracelet can be worn on elegant nights or casual day. To complement it, you can add a pair of earrings in pink or purple color. Wear this Judith Ripka Essentials in confidence and watch people steal a quick glance at your getup.
Judith Ripka Essentials is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Time for Judith Ripka Essentials

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Judith Ripka Essentials has a timepiece to match your fine jewelry. The Judith Ripka Steel Chronograph Textured Watch with Diamonique features an etched mother-of-pearl dial, inset subdials, and finished hour markers. The main feature, however, is the bezel’s Diamonique simulated diamonds. Likewise, a sapphire crystal provides an elegant and strong case cover, while a practical stopwatch function helps you to monitor time while you exercise The watch also used ionic plating for the gleaming luster finish of its 14k gold. Other notable features include: Swiss movement, 3ATM water resistance; stainless steel deployment clasp; and up to 8” bracelet. The watch comes in silver-tone, chocolate-tone, gold-tone, rose-tone, and black-tone. You can wear the watch on special occasions or as part of your everyday corporate getup to exude power and sophistication. 
Judith Ripka Essentials is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, May 08, 2015

How to pair Judith Ripka Essentials jewelry

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Judith Ripka Essentials is known for its line of fine elegant sterling silver and colorful gemstones that combining its rings, bracelets, and necklaces can overwhelm your style if you're not subtle about fashion. The key is to keep a consistent contrast and balance. Here's one good combination, let's say you're wearing a white dress. You can create a subtle contract by wearing a Judith Ripka Trellis Black Onyx ring. It has 14k yellow gold accent that highlights the blackness. The ring is solid and robust, so your necklace should provide a counterweight balance. The Estate Canary Crystal & Sterling Silver features a simple thin loop around the neck, a good contrast and complement to the ring. You can also wear La Petite Green Quartz, a three-stone bangle bracelet. The green lends to your overall outfit the subtle and playful color to break the white and black neutrality.
Judith Ripka Essentials is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One of Life’s Greatest Luxuries

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When a woman wears Judith Rikpa Essentials jewelry, she is bound to feel that she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries. This has always been the aim of it all for Judith Ripka. This has been what all the wonderful designs and the expert execution is all about. By putting a modern twist to the classic, Judith Ripka has created an entire jewelry ensemble that remains relevant and future forward. In the span of 20 years, Judith Ripka has created designs that have a narrative. Each Judith Ripka piece has been created to complement other Judith Ripka pieces. Pieces have been intended to be worn with other pieces. With constant design features, Judith Ripka had created a jewelry line that would fit any woman’s personality – truly, pieces that can make any woman feel wearing something luxurious when worn. 
You can find Judith Rikpa Essentials pieces at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Pieces Speak

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Judith Ripka achieves an unlikely mix of individualism and timeless styling in her jewelries – classic elegance, with modern twists, versatile and wearable. These are exactly what women want in their jewelry; and this is what Judith Ripka, the company and the designer of the same name, knows and delivers. Judith Ripka is a company that doesn’t compromise on looks, quality, and service while keeping designs fun and never boring. Judith Ripka has been consistent at improvement and evolution; and her pieces speak for themselves. Just take a look at Judith Ripka’s Estate inspired jewelry and you will find a hard time looking away. One of them is the Wide Estate Cuff – skillfully made out of Sterling Silver with White Sapphires. This piece has the casual elegance for everyday luxury and the classic high-end look at the same time making it wearable in more formal occasions. 
To shop for Judith Ripka pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Downtown, Greensboro. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Downtown Chic, Uptown Sophistication

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It is a healthy notion that when you get your special someone jewelry, you get pieces that she can wear with almost anything she likes. Judith Ripka Essentials just does that. Judith Ripka designs and pieces are versatile that can be worn from blue jeans to black tie and from the day through the evening. Judith Ripka designs are committed to foster individualism with timeless style. The designs have always maintained a balance mix of classic allure and modern sensibility. There is no wonder why Judith Ripka collections have been favorites by fashion forward and style savvy A-list celebrities who know how to mix and match the uptown sophistication with the downtown chic.
To browse through Judith Ripka jewelry, come and visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Saving tips while keeping stylish lifestyle

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You can be stylish while saving on dollars. Here are a few tips. Grow your veggies and herbs in your garden. It’s a Jamie Oliver-kind of healthy living that gives you savings on the side. Make home cures for simple ailments from headaches and colds to toothache and yeast infection. A combination of herbs and spices often works wonders while exuding a eco-friendly lifestyle. Check used but stylish interior decors in the numerous websites that offer quality design ideas. Remember Shabby Chic? You can make your own brand combining distressed materials to make charming decorations. Collect coupons when doing the groceries. It’s the “in" thing, thanks to reality TV shows.  You’ll be surprised how much you can save in a year. Saving up is easy; now you can buy a Judith Ripka piece as a reward to being a practical but stylish woman.
Judith Ripka Essentials is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Estate Jewelry Defined

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If you love jewelry and fashion but find today's design trends don't inspire your senses, it's time to look at estate jewelry. Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously owned, not that it is jewelry that comes from someone’s estate, although generally most estate jewelry does, in fact, come from someone’s estate. Going vintage (or estate, if I may) can give you a lot of great deals since it is a fantastic way to acquire pieces with the lost art of "Old World" craftsmanship; and it is also a wonderful way to acquire platinum-set jewelry. Sometimes we don't notice signs of lead solder repairs, or diamonds that look like snowballs or appearing like gravel, and we end up paying a lot for something that has already lost its value. If you’re somebody who also worries with buying estate jewelry, but would pretty much like to still enjoy the beauty and elegance it would have brought to the wearer, Judith Ripka Essentials is for you. Judith Ripka Essentials creates timeless, classic jewelry with a special, modern twist, which includes an estate-inspired collection.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Classic Elegance, Modern Twist

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“When a woman is wearing my jewelry, I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries” – these are the words of Judith Ripka, the award-winning designer. A lot of times, it takes a woman to know what a woman wants; and Judith Ripka never fails to impress. 
One distinctive trait for Judith Ripka’s designs is that they celebrate both the designer’s love for individualism and her passion for timeless styles. All of her pieces exhibit a classic appeal with a touch of modern sensibility. Her design goal is to strike a perfect balance between classic elegance and the fashion sense of today’s woman. 
It is already a Judith Ripka tradition to release two collections every year – one in 18k Gold and one in the Silver Collections. These releases are followed by fashion-forward mavens and A-list celebrities. To see Judith Ripka pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Judith Ripka Desire

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It’s hard not to notice a Judith Ripka Essentials. Its full range of jewelry pieces exudes a flawless elegance that entices the eye and whets your desire. A Judith Ripka is known for its detailed hearts, custom-cut stones, and texture that is at once rich and intricate. Its unblemished sterling silver is matched only by a Judith Ripka gleaming celebron gold and its 360 degree design detail. With years of experience mastering the fine art of jewelry craft, Judith Ripka has perfected a jewelry line that is not only a perfect fit for a woman, but also can cross over to outfitting her jeans in silver or gold.  Wear a Judith Ripka and transform your style into ten elegance notches higher. Any one is easily and helplessly caught in a Judith Ripka desire.
Judith Ripka Essentials is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Yellow Heart of Judith

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Red, white and pink roses are, if not all, most of the time the most common shade of rose whenever anniversary, engagement, wedding are held—even so on Valentine’s Day. Despite this fact, the people we love gladly accept what we give them because we are special to them. We don’t want them feel ordinary. But the more common something is, the more ordinary and the less special it becomes. So we have to think of something new; something different; something special. Judith Ripka Essentials is a home of the most unique, the most special and the most exquisite jewelry collections. Today, Judith Ripka offers a unique and special gift for the woman we love—the Judith Ripka Canary Crystal and Sterling Silver Heart Ring with Diamonds. Not red, not white and not pink. Just yellow and gold!
See for yourself. Visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center—authorized dealer for Judith Ripka Essentials.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Queen of the Night

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The radiance of the morning sun is quite a spectacular phenomenon to witness. It promises hope each day while it nurtures the life of one that already has. But as mighty as it could be, it has to take its rest and while it dozes off, the moon has to take in charge; for while the sun is the king of the day, the moon is the reigning queen of the night. A promise of unequaled beauty and everlasting love, there’s nothing else to behold; nothing could be more panoramic; only Luna. Judith Ripka Essentials has once again proven its worth to be among the top jewelry brands by introducing its latest 18k Couture Collection—Luna. A luxurious combination of yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires and canary, Luna is inspired by the golden glow exuded by the moon interpreted by generous embellishments of diamonds and precious gemstones.
Come and see Luna at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Judith Ripka Essentials.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ageless with Sweet Ambrosia

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It was brought to the gods in Olympus by doves, transcending from the heavens and bestowing it the divinity of only the divine, conferring ageless immortality upon whomever consumes it. The food and drink of the gods; Ambrosia. Judith Ripka Essentials wants Ambrosia bestowed upon us, so through her magnificent skills as a designer, Ambrosia is for us to consume, not by drinking or eating it, but by wearing it. Ambrosia is a jewelry collection full of rich colored gemstones and rare diamonds perfectly blending the exceptional beauty of sterling silver or gold accents striking the distinctive balance of uptown sophistication and downtown chic. This is the ultimate look for the modern women who are definitely elegant, ageless and beautiful.
Get a hold of the ageless beauty of Ambrosia by Judith Ripka. Visit us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem today. We are an authorized dealer for Judith Ripka Essentials.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sought After Jewelry

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One of the most after sought after jewelry collections in the international world of fashion is a Judith Ripka creation. A Judith Ripka creation with its grandest designs reflects the elegance and distinct fashionable jewel presentation that will captivate the interest of prospected buyers. Fashionable jewelries that would complement different outfits and styles. Judith Ripka Essentials are one of the most after sought fashion accessories of celebrities all over the world. It features an 18 karat gold embossed by diamonds, gemstones, pearls and also an 18 karat sterling silver. It offers a variety of perspective that fashion enthusiasts would not only love it but would crave for it. 
Jewelries are carefully crafted to create pieces for life's greatest luxuries.  A domineering and demanding design will infatuate one's desires to own a typical Judith Ripka creation. The company offers a lot of collections that may suit one's choice in a daily wear. Judith Ripka Essentials jewelry creations are suited perfectly for your personality at your own discretion.
Judith Ripka Essentials do claim guarantee customer's utmost satisfaction. Judith Ripka Essentials are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Monday, September 02, 2013

From East to West Monaco

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Creating jewelry of understated elegance for women of impeccable taste all over the world, the Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. has its vision realized through the finest diamonds, colored precious gemstones, pearls and other unique stones sourced from all corners of the world combining luxury and casual elegance in the making of its fine jewelry. One of the colored precious gemstones used by Judith Ripka is the Blue Quartz, a lab-grown, synthetic quartz containing the same molecular structure as genuine quartz. This stone is featured in Judith Ripka’s very own Monaco Blue Quartz and Sapphire Ring—blue quartz ring in an 18k yellow gold “East/West” setting with blue sapphire surround and partway-set shanks, accented by round brilliant cut diamonds approximately having 0.34 total carats of diamonds.  This ring is part of Judith Ripka’s magnificent Monaco Collection.
For more of your Monaco collection pieces, visit us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Judith Ripka.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Modern Twist in Jewelry

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Winning the prestigious award in "De Beers Award for Diamond Design" magnified the exemplary talent and skill of Judith Ripka, the founder of the Judith Ripka Essentials. The company believed on the appreciation of style, design and uncompromising quality to satisfy the clientele. Often times, Judith would work side-by-side with clients just to create a jewelry project suited to the desires and ambitions of the client. Although quite busy on familial obligations, she would find time to help others understand that fashion is about style and the general look. With Judith Ripka Essentials, every jewelry classic creation sparkles with unmatched brilliance, and modern twist of versatility. A Judith Ripka jewelry is truly created according to the client's understanding on fashion and exquisite style. That's why, a Judith Ripka creation today does not only cover jewelry creations but other products that contributes to man's comfort and style. The company uses only the finest materials because customer satisfaction is their priority.
Judith Ripka Essentials can be seen at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Black Onyx Essentials

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Combining luxury and casual elegance, the award-winning jewelry designer, Judith Ripka from being the little girl who played with her mom’s jewelry box has become the owner of a multi-million dollar business The Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. with corporate headquarters in New York City and store locations in luxury markets across the country. Believing that a woman deserves to be wrapped in luxury, Judith Ripka and her company pride itself using only the finest diamonds, colored precious gemstones and other unique stones in the making of their precious jewels.
Sourced by Judith herself, black onyx is a genuine stone and is a variety of the agate family. It is usually dyed to enhance color and occasionally irradiated to alter color. Its origins are in India and South America. This unique stone is embedded in Judith Ripka’s very own Black Onyx and Diamond Berge Cushion Ring—a breathtaking ring of ribbed sterling silver with 18k yellow gold ribbed details at side, embellished with 6 diamonds and topped with square black onyx stone with 18k yellow gold trim.
Want this black onyx piece? Schiffman’s will be happy to give what you asked for. Visit us at Schiffman’s Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Judith Ripka.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Truffle Craze

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Truffles, relatively the most expensive food in the world, are round warty, and irregular in shape and vary from the size of a walnut to that of a man’s fist. People love truffles. What’s so peculiar about this ultimate foodie’s treat is that it isn’t a food for the taste bud, rather, a perfume for the hungry but discerning nose.  Truffles are irresistible because their aroma is composed of chemicals that mimic mammalian reproductive pheromones. Eating, even sniffing, a truffle is a bit like being drugged.  
Since truffles are very highly prized by people, Judith Ripka Essentials created a bracelet that surely resembles this craze, this time, one does not need a pig to readily search them out. Treat your wrist to the impeccable sophistication of Judith Ripka’s Sterling & 14K Clad 7-1/4" Truffle Bead Bracelet – this 14K gold-clad sterling silver truffle bead bracelet is deliciously chic. Textured oval links join stations of openwork beads, which glisten with accents of round, bezel-set Diamonique simulated diamonds, to create the upscale yet always-appropriate look. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Essence of Being a Woman

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There are so many roles a woman plays in her life. In prehistoric cultures, way back in gatherer-hunter societies, women used to be the gatherers of plant foods and small animal foods. In more civilized history, women in the middle class were involved in domestic tasks such as childcare while poorer women of the working class were compelled due to their economic necessity to seek employment outside their homes but unfortunately, employment available to them were lower in pay than those available to men. In some countries, women were considered as the inferior gender of the society thus not allowing them to have access to education and to participate in the political aspect of the society. But after so many years of waiting and enduring the discriminating treatment of the public, women had evolved dramatically while the world underwent to economic and political changes. In recent decades, movements advocate equality of opportunity for both sexes and equal rights regardless of gender. Through the economic changes and the efforts of feminist movements, women in most societies have access to higher education and careers beyond the traditional homemaker.
Today, women compete head to head with men when it comes to political, economic and academic fields. Whatever she may be, a lawyer, scientist, physicist, president or a simple mother, every woman plays an integral role in every society around the world. Without her, the very core of our human nature would not be complete, the human evolution and civilization would have had become a fiction. And to celebrate their existence, Judith Ripka has a way to express her gratitude to all women of the world. 
Judith Ripka started her act of gratitude since 1977. For more than 30 years, Judith has been steadfast in combining classic designs and timeless styles with her modern interpretations in the jewelry industry. Born and raised in USA, she started accessorizing her clothing with whatever she found in her mom’s jewelry box. . Her mother had a strong sense of fashion and made her own classic couture clothing, but Judith was fascinated by her mom’s collection of antique jewelry. Since designing was part of her DNA, she knew in her heart and soul that she would be a jewelry designer. In 1977, Judith Ripka launched her first 18k gold collection and In 1982, she was honored with the prestigious DeBeers Award for  Outstanding Jewelry Design and the White House has informed her that the First Lady’s commemorative pin is slated to be permanently displayed in the future Clinton Library. In 2000, she launched her silver collection. Both her 18k gold and silver collections were widely accepted by jewelry fond wearers and collectors.
Judith Ripka and her company live by the mission that they should create jewelry of understated elegance for women of impeccable taste worldwide that is appropriate for all the roles that a woman plays in her life. Because of that, her jewelry should match with her wardrobe and suit any occasion. Judith strives to provide every woman the pieces that would represent her strength, wisdom and confidence; things that are essential to the female specie of the human race.
Like every designer, Judith Ripka also has her own jewelry signature elements. A Judith Ripka made jewelry is known to have a 360 degree design detail, exquisite pieces that are finished inside and out. With heart details, gallery backs and diamonds on pulse points, Judith Ripka uses special custom cut stones and rich texturing that define the collection and lobster claws that are worn in front. The company prides itself on using only the finest diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and unique one-of-a-kind stones. Judith’s attention to detail and unique vision truly make her line a must-have for women around the world. Her designs have gained a celebrity following, with many A-list savvy celebrities donning Judith’s collections on the red carpet such as Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Williams, Naomi Watts and Jessica Simpson.
While Judith is very inspired by women in creating her own masterpieces, she also inspires both men and women through her advocacies. Judith Ripka is devoted to inspiring others through her craft and has created commemorative pieces of jewelry for Autism Speaks, the United States Holocaust Museum, the Mother’s Voices AIDS Organization and the Long Island Philharmonic. Her most recent charity partnership with Dress for Success Worldwide has not only raised significant funds for the organization, but also generated tremendous awareness among the public.
Designing jewelry is like being a woman. It is not an easy task. It requires time, expertise and effort to do the job well. But unlike jewelry designing, being a woman is not about getting money in return for all the good things you’ve done. Being a woman simply needs having a compassionate heart. And Judith Ripka has best of both worlds; the expertise of a jewelry designer and the heart of a woman.
Know the essence of being a woman by getting your own Judith Ripka made jewelry at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Judith Ripka Essentials.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bunny Beauty

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Rabbits, aside from being so cute and cuddly, are popularly known because of their legendary ability to reproduce fast and furiously. They are traditionally associated with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Rabbits also love to chew, and their teeth never stop growing hence, symbolically, chewing implies repetition, contemplation, and breaking concepts down into component parts – ergo, rabbits imply simplicity and understanding. Of course, along with the eggs comes the Easter image of a chocolate-hiding bunny, thereby representing a renewed life. 
So if you’re one of those bunny-loving people who can’t get enough of rabbits and the symbols they represent, you can definitely add to your collection Judith Ripka’s Sterling Pink Epoxy Enamel Bunny Charm. Watch as the sterling silver bunny prances on your bracelet with its approximately 1/10 carat Total Diamonique simulated diamond weight. Hop to its rope-textured bail that measures approximately 1/2"L x 1"W. 
What are you waiting for? Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inspired by Couture

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Couture, originally, has a very specific meaning in France, that is, dressmaking, sewing, or needlework and is also used as a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit. But the term now is often used loosely to refer to high-fashion custom-fitted clothing, whether it is produced in Paris or in other fashion capitals of the world. The style is best characterized by the creation of highly exclusive, tailor made clothing that is generally made from very high quality, expensive fabric that is sewn to an extremely high degree of quality and attention to detail. 
With this high-end inspiration, Judith Ripka Essentials creates a collection that boasts the attainable luxury you crave. Most recognized for her distinctive 18k matte gold and unique interpretation of rich colored gemstones and rare diamonds, Judith Ripka strikes a unique balance of uptown sophistication and downtown chic. Step up your style with statement pieces and timeless looks that feature her signature textures and impeccable details with Judith Ripka’s Inspired by Couture collection. 
Come see the collection at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

All New (and Old) Spring Beauties

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The Fall 2013 collections is now history with the transition from chilly to warmer temps. Everyone is now ready to embrace a hot new hue, and start thinking about getting prepped for Spring – not just for clothes but jewelries too! Although the Spring trend is leaning more and more to basic, like black and white, you can never go wrong with pairing it with a little bit of color. The best part about blacks and neutrals is that they provide a blank canvas, and the sky is the limit with how you can mix and match and express your own personal style through your accessories.  But with that in mind, finding the right accessory is a little bit tricky – but finding the right jewelry designer is a cinch. 
Judith Ripka, a New York-based designer started designing 18k gold over 30 years ago and launched her silver collection in 2000. She has amassed a great deal of versatile collections focused and designed to sell multiple pieces outfitting black tie to blue jean and everything in between. She is best known for her sterling silver with full cut I/J-SI2 diamonds or white sapphires, semi-precious gemstones, and many pieces accented with 18k celadon gold, sterling silver with full cut, special 18k celadon gold alloy complimenting all skin tones, a 360-degree design detail (pieces finished inside and out), heart details with gallery backs and diamonds on pulse points, and special custom cut stones with rich texturing and lobster claws. Today, she creates timeless, classic jewelry with a special, modern twist perfect for the Spring fashionista in you, and of course for you in any other season.  
What is Spring without new beginnings and with it, new designs?  As with few designers out there, Judith Ripka has innovative and original ideas to keep her competitors on their toes and her avid customers blissful and exultant. Judith Ripka starts the season by expanding her watch category even more. She has always been a provider of the finest and deluxe watches that are not just time-pieces, but pieces of excellent jewelries. All her watches feature warranties and long life batteries, water-resistance, durability and stainless steel. She has a new Pearlized Silicone and Stainless Steel Chronograph that has pearlized strap giving a great new lustrous look and twist (in three colors including emerald green, silver, and white) on her much-loved silicone watch. Judith Ripka also started elevating further the brilliance and look of her 100-facet round Diamonique. Although before, the stones already sparkled like no other simulated diamond out there, she still aimed for more sparkle and more brilliance, not in a single piece of jewelry but rather in a collection. The most notable piece is the classic diamond stud (J268391), which the brand offers in either a 2-carat size or 5-carat size.  The offering has also expanded beyond silver and is now available in 14K clad, both gold-tone and rose. 
There may be a lot new to Judith Ripka’s collection but Spring is not just about new things, Spring is alos about trend and fashion. Leather or the look of leather is not one you would miss in the Spring Collection of 2013, and also not one you wouldn’t see in one of Judith Ripka’s collection of amazing blings. One of Judith Ripka’s staple is the Braided Necklace with Heart Charm and as Spring heralds on, the brand will be debuting a new version of this style in 14K gold-tone and rose-tone. Spring is not Spring without the blooming beautiful flowers everywhere. The Smithsonian Sterling Diamonique and Gemstone Flower Ring and Earring allows the wearer to wear the beauty of Spring with simple floral silhouette that speaks to Spring in a sweet, soft shade of pink.  Not too candy pink and not to pale, it’s just perfect. 
They say that in order to move forward, one must not forget the past. The old keep us grounded and so does Spring and these pieces from Judith Ripka: Fontaine Purple Single Heart Charm Bracelet, the Tennis Bracelet, and the Sterling or 14K Clad Braided Double Row Bracelet. Raise your own focused fashion through the Fontaine Purple Single Heart Charm Bracelet, having an opulent link pendant that gives some sort of warm vibe to everyday negativities. With the tennis bracelet, playing has never been more beautiful. The bracelet contains a lot of silver with stones that are so bring they bring along an amount of sparkle. The two bracelets embody both the elegance and edge of New York City. But the last one combines classic, sophisticated sterling with the braided look of leather. It strikes the perfect balance between uptown’s fashion flair and downtown’s street chic, the old and the new. 
If you wish to see more of the old and the new, come see Judith Ripka Essentials at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

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