Friday, December 16, 2016

Beautiful Precious Sapphire Heart Pendant by JB Star

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This sapphire heart pendant necklace is simply elegant no matter what outfit you wear. It has round cut diamonds around the outside the pendant is a gorgeous heart shape sapphire that is simply radiant.The sapphire itself is 7.66 carat while the diamonds are 2.40 carats total weight. On top of the heart pendant is a beautiful round diamond that adds to the dynamic way the pendant connects to the gorgeous chain.

The chain itself has open eyelets with tiny round diamonds every couple of eyelets. It sparkles not only from the pendant but also from the chain itself in a very delicate manner. It is perfect to be paired up with a variety of different outfits from dressing up a pair of jeans and sweater to wearing it with your favorite black party dress or even a button down blouse. This gorgeous piece is done by the one and only JB star jeweler Rafael.

Rafael is the leader behind this wonderful organization designing brilliant jewelry for women of all ages and appeal. JB star itself has been around for over 60 years and was once a leader in the diamond industry in Israel. Today the jeweler’s home is in New York and it is also where the best in the business work to make sure that the necklaces and other jewels brought are of the finest quality on the market today. You will not go wrong with this gorgeous sapphire heart shaped pendant surrounded by elegant round diamonds, it is a one of the kind jewelry piece. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

JB Star Platinum Diamond Bracelet

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Since 1979, JB Star has been one of the leading jewelers in New York. Over the years, they have strived to create breathtaking designs that are made with the highest quality. Every JB Star jewelry creation is made using platinum, 18kt yellow gold, or rose gold. All the diamonds that are used in JB Star's creations are high-quality ones and pass rigorous inspections.

With the finest artisans, every piece of jewelry is carefully crafted and inspected by hand. They finish off the process with the lasted finishing technology. This ensures that every piece is perfect before it makes it way to you.

The JB Star Platinum Diamond Bracelet is no exception to their high standards. This platinum bracelet is made out of the finest platinum material. It is set with 18 flawlessly matched square emerald cut diamonds. Every square diamond is surrounded by little round diamonds in a micro-pave setting. This beautifully crafted bracelet is sure to light up every room. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

JB Star Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

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Show the love of your life that she is the only woman for you by slipping the Micro Pave Diamond ring from J.B. Star onto her finger. The platinum diamond ring features an exquisite 2.31 ct square emerald diamond inside a pave halo that features a pave shank. The dramatic setting gives the stone the glory that its stature deserves, blazing forth from the ring every time she wears it.

Around the band of the ring, and around the pave halo, run round cut diamonds (0.91 ct total weight) that give the ring an additional dose of glamour and beauty, letting the piece shine in all directions. In contrast with the substantial halo, the band traces a delicate ring around her finger, allowing the natural shape of her hand to stand out as well. Only choose this ring for the most special woman in your life, as its beauty will stand the test of time as poetically as your love does. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

White vs. colored

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Should you go for a colored gemstone ring or the classic white diamond ring? It depends on the occasion and your preference. Weddings are usually traditional, so a classic like a white diamond is an ideal fit. However, if you have a strong personality or artistic style, wearing a colored gemstone can spice up the event. On the other hand, attending glamorous, vibrant parties (think Ibiza) may be kinder to colored gemstones, where being trendy and flair is often preferred over elegance and the classics. Again, it doesn’t mean going traditional in these events puts you out of place. It all boils down on how you handle being different, which is a virtue that can make you stand out for the better. If you’re looking for colored rings, JB Star has a rainbow of choices from green, blue, purple to pink, red, and yellow.
JB Star is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, March 18, 2016

How to mix and match colors in jewelry

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Colored diamond rings like JB Star are trendy and luxurious, but they require a good understanding of color combination to ensure the gems complement, not contradict, your dress. From rubies to emeralds, citrines to amethysts, these stones can add flair and bravado to an otherwise ordinarily looking wardrobe. But first, you need to understand the basics of color matching and it starts with the color wheel. The most basic coordination is matching primary and secondary colors; they are as a fit as bread and butter or bacon and egg. For example, red complements violet and orange, so wearing a citrine ring with a red dress works well. Another combination is to mix both primary colors. For example, a blue sapphire ring matches a yellow dress or vice-versa.
Check the color wheel to find more pleasing color combinations. JB Star is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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