Friday, November 10, 2017

David Yurman Classic 43.5mm Mens Chronograph Watch

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The David Yurman Classic 43.5mm Men's Chronograph Watch is a stylish piece that can be worn with casual or formal clothing. This watch has a matte black band that is wide enough to be noticed without being so wide that it isn't comfortable for daily wear. The stainless steel case is 43.5mm. This watch has the hour, minute, and second hands for precise time. The Swiss automatic chronograph ETA movement makes for a functional and stylish timepiece.

The David Yurman brand is known for their exquisite timepieces and other jewelry. They use the best quality materials to create watches that are not only beautiful, but also able to keep accurate time. Most of the David Yurman watches are versatile and can be worn with casual clothing or with formal attire. The brand creates jewelry for men and women, along with beautiful engagement sets. The David Yurman brand also has gifts for men, women, children and for the home.

The matte alligator band on this beautiful watch from David Yurman has a stainless steel deployment clasp. The clasp is well designed and easy to operate while also being secure on the wrist. The watch has a date window that shows the date number. The watch is also equipped with a 30 second counter. This stylish chronograph watch has a classic look that will not go out of style. It is designed with elegance and durability as a watch that can be worn for any occasion and for many years without concern of lagging time.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Add Some Excitement With David Yurman

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The David Yurman Belmont Curb Link Drop Earrings with Black Onyx are a breath-taking pair of sterling silver and Cabochon Black Onyx studs. Measuring 22mm, these earrings will add a discreet touch of luxury to your everyday jewelry. The Black Onyx adds an air of refined mystery to a simple shape and the interesting link drop design brings the earrings firmly into the modern era. Truly timeless, this pair of earrings is suitable for any occasion.

A stylish statement when worn alone, these earrings also complement any of the pieces produced by David Yurman and his team of the world's best craftspeople. Try them with the matching double-curb link necklace from The Belmont Collection to carry on the interlinked theme for a classic and chic look. The Belmont Curb Link bracelet in white gold would also be a striking counterpoint to these earrings.

The David Yurman brand was launched in 1980 and has been producing quality jewelry ever since. David Yurman has been responsible for some of the most iconic jewelry of the last 37 years, such as the cable bracelet. By purchasing these earrings, you too can own a piece that embodies his simple, luxurious aesthetic. David Yurman is involved in every step of the creative process, from first sketch to finished piece, as would be expected for such an artisan. With pieces crafted from the finest metals, most beautiful gems and innovative materials, you are sure to love any piece from his collections.

Friday, September 22, 2017

David Yurman Men's Hex Bracelet

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Are you looking for a sleek, refined jewelry look? David Yurman delivers on that front through their Hex Collection, specifically designed for and to be used by men. David Yurman's Hex Collection blend the look of engineered rubber with sterling silver or yellow gold, which is achieved through using injection molding and extrusion technology. This is the same technology that is used to create high-tech, reliable watches. The Hex Collection is inspired by six-sided patterns in nature and the hexagon shape (six straight sides and angles).

One item in this collection is the David Yurman Hex bracelet in black made with 18 karats of yellow gold, and comes in sizes small, medium, and large. Most bracelets in the Hex Collection for men are made of sterling silver and come in a wide array of colors, such as grey, black, and blue, and that is what makes this single-color bracelet from the collection unique. This Hex Collection bracelet comes with a wide magnet clasp to ensure that the bracelet is secure on the wrist, and the bracelet itself is designed to have more flexibility, resistance to scraping or wearing away, and high strength. While sterling silver and gold are both precious metals, gold is more durable than sterling silver, is more scratch-resistant, and it does not tarnish over time.

Friday, April 21, 2017

David Yurman Women's Albion Timepiece

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Since the late 1950's, artist and designer, David Yurman, has been learning and specializing in the craftsmanship of jewelry design. Originally a young artist of the Beat Generation and counter-culture found on the West coast, Yurman found his talent in sculpting as an understudy to many acclaimed sculptors.

It wasn't until his chance meeting with another young, free-minded artist and his future-wife, Sybil, that Yurman would begin utilizing his talents with modern art sculptures for the delicate craft of jewelry. Today, the designer's name is synonymous with detailed, luxury accessories for both men and women.

The Albion 23mm Stainless Steel Quarts Timepiece Womens' Watch by David Yurman is a testament to his life's journey as an artist. The timepiece is part of the Albion Collection, which features the classic, signature cable style made popular by this distinguished jewelry designer.

The modern, sleek face of the watch rests comfortably on a stainless steel bracelet with a discreet fold-over clasp and classic chain design. The timepiece features Swiss quartz movement for dependable functionality and tastefully-cut diamond insets which frame the face of the watch.

An additional eight diamonds are situated in between stainless steel Roman numerals, adding delight and interest to this polished timepiece. The look and feel of the Albion Womens' Watch is both timeless and timely: from the glisten of the stainless steel to the pristine sparkle of diamonds, this timepiece is quintessential Yurman design. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

The David Yurman Revolution 43.5mm Chronograph Men's Watch

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For men looking to make a fashion statement that maintains the delicate balance between refined elegance and sporty, contemporary style, the David Yurman Revolution 43.5 mm Chronograph Men's Watch is an excellent option. Features include a Swiss, self-winding automatic chronograph Valjoux movement and three subdials.

This watch is available with a beautifully modern, chrome-toned stainless steel band or, for those who want to go even more sporty, in stainless steel with stylized black rubber. Its appearance is in some ways evocative of the dashboard one might to see in a high end sports car, its black and chrome face sporting subtle yet daring red accents.

The Revolution 43.5 mm Chronograph watch is in keeping with the sleek and modern - but never ostentatious - style that appears consistently across men's timepieces by famed designer David Yurman. Equally well known for modern, geometric women's jewelry, Yurman's aesthetic reveals the influence of encounters with fine artists and sculptors early in his career. Yurman went on to feature highly sculptural elements in his jewelry designs, an aesthetic he has taken even further with the creation of distinct timepieces that emphasize form, design and composition. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Wrap Yourself With David Yurman

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The David Yurman Cable Wrap Necklace with Amethyst and Diamonds is just one of the many pieces found in the Cable Wrap collection from sculptor-turned-jeweler, David Yurman. The collection also includes matching rings and bracelets, but for even more elegance the cable wrap necklace completes the ensemble.

The Cable Wrap Necklace comes with a sterling silver 10 mm chain that can also be adjusted to the desired length. It has a lobster clasp so it is easy to put on and take off. This necklace is also unique in that it does away with the usual prong setting for the stone. The amethyst center stone is elegantly wrapped by strands of cable and diamonds without taking anything away from the brilliance of the amethyst. The diamonds weigh approximately 0.28 carets, are in the pave setting, and add even more sparkle to an already-dazzling necklace. The necklace also comes in a blue topaz or black onyx setting.

David Yurman started out as a sculptor before turning jeweler. He incorporated his love of sculpting into jewelry as a gift for his soon-to-be wife and his business began. Now, with the David Yurman Cable Wrap Necklace, it is sure to be another piece that will be the talk of the town for its uniqueness. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

David Yurman Mens Meteorite Signet Ring

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On a sunny fall day in Manhattan in the early 40s, a boy named David Yurman was born and his purpose was to create art. As a teen he studied different welding techniques under artist Ernesto Gonzales, focusing on three dimensional forms from molten metal rods. Later he established his own sculpting studio in New York City, and met his co-creator and life partner Sybil. Yurman focused on modern sculpture and created a jewelry business based on all of his life experiences and learning history.

The jewelry business flourished, and Yurman became famous worldwide for his exquisite, modern pieces. His men's collection is known for its impeccable quality and modern design.

The Men's Meteorite Signet Ring encapsulates the strength of a man. It has a beautiful sturdy look. The ring itself is sterling silver with a meteorite inlay. The meteorite stone absolutely glistens, and the ring itself is very masculine and extremely well crafted. This modern piece is definitely different, and the man who wears this signet ring will surely get many complements and inquiries as the ring is simply stunning. Gibeon Meteorite is what Yurman uses in his Meteorite Collection and is over four billion years old! One can find rings, cuff links, bracelets and dog tags in this collection. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

David Yurman Iconic Cufflinks

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These days the casual look may be all around us, but for those who raise their sights just a little, nobody looks better than the well-groomed gentleman who knows how to coordinate his dress so that wherever he goes, people notice…and approve.

For a young man on his way up or for the more mature gentleman who has already arrived, the proper and fitting dress is almost mandatory. And double cuffs have always been preferable to single cuffs with buttons. While it’s true that it easier to button a single cuff, nothing finishes off the appearance of a gentleman’s suit than just a peek of the fuller, richer double cuff that recalls days of wealth and elegance.

Of course with double cuffs, the proper cufflinks are mandatory. There are, and always have been, a never ending list of cufflinks available to the public. Some styles are so extravagant that only a person with extremely bad taste and the intention of “dressing up” would be seen wearing them. There are cufflinks of every metal as well as of other materials, and of course, for those whose hubris dictates they display their names or initials on everything they own, there must be something personal on the cufflinks.

David Yurman's approach, however, began with the belief that a gentleman wants a cuff that is both attractive and stylish. That gentleman need look no further than the graphic cable cufflinks designed by David Yurman. These iconic links are not only tastefully designed, but of only the highest quality and workmanship.

These elegant as well as understated cufflinks inset with black onyx or even pave black diamonds place their wearer apart from the crowd. No matter what the event, formal or casual, a set of graphic cable cufflinks in sterling silver with pave black diamonds is always the right choice. And the David Yurman cufflinks are not only easy to slip into the buttonholes but are the same on the inside as on the outside, adding another attractive and desirable feature to one's dress. No matter how the wearer moves about, a part of his beautiful cufflink will always be on display.

And remember, David Yurman Graphic cable cufflinks are only a part of his collection. A collection that incorporates more exotic and unusual materials such as forged carbon, meteorite, and others. Be sure to go online to find a boutique near you and step into the world of David Yurman. Consider coordinating a matching graphic cable piece to your wardrobe too. 

Friday, September 09, 2016

Old British Isle

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Albion is the earliest known name of the island of Great Britain. Legends tell of different tales about Albion, and one account says that several Greek princesses were banished from their kingdom because of their plot to kill their husbands and sent adrift towards the sea. After three days of sailing aimlessly, the eldest princess named Albina was the first to reach an uninhabited island which she named after herself. Nowadays, the use of Albion to refer to Britain are largely confined to art and poetry. Perhaps the same artistic consideration was the inspiration to use such fabled name behind David Yurman’s Albion, his iconic cushion-cut gemstone collection. Take for instance the Albion watch, which was designed to achieve legendary-like feats as it seeks to redefine how timepieces should be made.
Checkout David Yurman Albion collections, available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, June 03, 2016

David’s got fans

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One of the marks of an established brand is that it has a fan base. It doesn’t have to be a throng of followers that can fill up a football stadium; rather, a fan base is any group of people who are devoted to a brand, whose mindset is beyond a regular consumer’s loyalty.  David Yurman, the jewelry designer, got a taste of his fan base, when he visited his Atlanta store last month, and two customers approached him. “Do you remember us?” they asked the designer. Yurman knows his cable bracelet is an icon, but he often doesn’t come face to face with his devoted followers beyond his family and friends. “I still have pictures with you from four years ago!” one of the customers exclaimed. “My wife only wears David Yurman,” the other one chimed in. The designer appeared flattered, even surprised that strangers would treat him like a long-lost friend.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, February 26, 2016

How to wear elegance

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Achieving a sophisticated style for a formal evening or cocktail event takes planning. Of course, the gown that you’re wearing will dictate the whole look, so make sure your dress is apt for the night. It can be an elegant evening gown or a glam cocktail dress. It can be classic long dress or a hugger that emphasize your curves. The color, too, matters. Formal events often require neutral colors, such as white, black, and dark hues. Bright colors can also be used but with great discretion as not to stand out in a crowd in an unflattering way. Likewise, your jewelry and accessories will dictate your style. A simple earring may not be enough to match your dress; hence, a more opulent style like a David Yurman pair of chandelier earrings is ideal.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Innovative Luxury

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It is said that innovation comes about because of the existence of a need. Human race has never been one to stay put if there’s a pressing need to go. We have always liked to grow, and we constantly seek to improve ourselves and become better – the main reason why we are where we are right now. David Yurman, known for its trinkets and body ornaments that make life more beautiful, happier and easier, continually offers its customers more options in terms of jewelries that are both fashion statements and works of art.  A great example would be its Forged Carbon Collection – geometrically grooved, it has carbon nanotubes that are compressed with resin under extreme heat and pressure creating a one-of-a kind charm that is both durable and luxurious.
Fix your need for an innovative luxury and visit Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Welder

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The famed cable bracelet introduced by David Yurman in the early eighties reflects his jewelry craftsmanship skills and sculpting knowledge. After all, David Yurman apprenticed for many years under modernist sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and also worked for the famous sculptor, Theodore Roszak. Likewise, he became a shop foreman for Hans Van de Bovenkamp, another popular sculpture artist. But look closely at the cable bracelet and you might see Yurman's other creative skill background: welding. It's this foundation in metalworks that established his foundation for tinkering with metal. He was 16 when he learned the sculptural processes and techniques in welding, under the Cuban Ernesto Gonzales. The same techniques are evident in Yurman's work to this day, the seamless brazing and soldering that creates geometric angles in a David Yurman collection.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Only Serious Challenger to David Yurman's Cable Bracelet

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You've known David Yurman for its iconic design, the Cable bracelet, a twisted helix accented by gemstones. It remains to this day its most beloved item, a special place that is, arguably, always under threat of being snatched by that other David Yurman's signature: the Albion. From rings to bracelets and necklaces, the Albion exhibits the grace of sterling silver and the opulence of colored gemstones, such as lavender amethyst and cabochon simulated turquoise. The collection also features pave diamonds to add elegance to an already luxurious piece. And now, the Albion presents its latest: the Albion watch. It's stainless steel with quartz movement and accented by tiny diamonds. The bracelet, of course, features the iconic coil. Looking at it, many agree that it isn't a watch, but a jewelry that tells time.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Monday, December 08, 2014

A David Yurman thing

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When you give someone a David Yurman bracelet, it’s more than just its glamour or stylish design. The David Yurman bracelet collection evokes its founders’ bohemian spirit. The iconic coiled style is reminiscent of Yurman’s wandering days in the sixties, a period of self-discovery and creative exploration. You’re invoking this spirit as you place that bracelet on her wrist. For you, she’s a world to discover, to explore, to be passionate about. She’s that universe on which you anchor your life, always looking forward to the next moment, or looking backward to find your history. She’s the journey, not the destination, and you gladly take that road to find the meanings in your life. It’s a profound thing for just a bracelet, but, hey, it’s a David Yurman thing.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Romantic past

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We often look forward to that day when we find love. But what if you need to look back to find it? That is, look for your romantic past in senior high or college days and try to reignite once more the passion you’ve taken for granted. It’s not all uncommon to have a successful (and fulfilling) relationship with an old flame. If Ted has succeeded hooking up with Mary, his old crush, so can you. Of course, Ted and Mary are fictional characters from There’s Something About Mary, but the film does tell a grain of truth: grab the chance to get into a relationship when you can because, one day, she’ll leave. While at it, show her how serious you are by giving her a David Yurman bracelet, maybe to remind her of that bohemian time when all that mattered was her.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The World of Yurman

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David Yurman is a brand that is known for its innovation in designs. The brand has been designing collections in sterling silver and gold and is well-known for creating mixed metal designs. The brand is also known for using non-traditional materials for their pieces like meteorites, carbon fiber and titanium. These are apparent in David Yurman’s men’s division. The David Yurman heritage is very unique in the world of luxury brands. As a family business, it is being ran as a lifelong project. The founders, David and Sybil, run the company along with their son Evan. The three-piece often collaborate in fusing jewelry and sculpture, design and engineering. This unique dynamic is instrumental in the success that the brand enjoys today. 
To get a better grasp of the World of Yurman and take a look at David Yurman pieces up close, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Forever Friendship

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Who says that only a couple should give each other a signature icon? Take friendship bracelets into the next level: give your friend a David Yurman. Friendship should also be cherished in the same magnitude—if not more—by showing your friend how valuable your relationship with a memorable gift. A David Yurman bracelet is iconic, a cherished brand in the jewelry industry; it’s the perfect symbol to show your friend the value of keeping true friends even as time passes by. In fact, take the introspection further by illustrating to her or him the coiling style of a David Yurman stands for a binding relationship, where two souls are created separately but woven together for a stronger bond. Sounds corny? Not for two people that cherish their friendship.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Knot for Love, Life and Art

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A knot could mean a lot of things for different people. It could mean eternal love and friendship, endless cycle of suffering or birth, death and rebirth, or it could be the all-encompassing interplay and interaction of the opposing forces in the world. Regardless of the terms “knotty problem,” “tying the knot,” and “to tie up loose ends,” a knot unapologetically evokes a natural tension and inherent connectivity between things. That is why, at David Yurman, founded by a well-known artist and artisan, features a collection that features the interlocking links of classic cable and pave diamonds in sterling silver, gold, and mixed metal designs – the Labyrinth Collection. With the use of the finest precious metals, rare gemstones, and unconventional materials, David, Sybil and Ewan Yurman offers the world an elegant representation of the family’s partnership and unity through love, life and art. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The David Yurman Passion

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Talk about passion in your art. David Yurman created the iconic cable bracelet with his love interest, Sybil Kleinrock. He was inspired by the free-spirited time of the sixties, living a beatnik carefree artistry, but deeply rooted in spirituality. It was a fusion of the material world and the metaphysical when David came up with the cable jewelry idea. Using his experience and skills gained from working under the tutelage of European artists, Jacques Lipshitz and Theodore Rozack, David mastered the art of subdued elegance and relentless passion for perfection to deliver us one of the jewelry industries long-standing styles. It would soon rock the curiosity of jewelers and consumers soon after the initial exhibits by David and Sybil of the cable prototypes. Today, David Yurman stands for creativity and elegance that is not construed by trends or stereotypes. It’s a come-as-you-are type of fashion, but with a style.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Beatnik Bracelet

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David Yurman is renowned for its iconic cable bracelet that made his name a jewelry signature around the world. It was the product of passion with his love partner, Sybil Kleinrock, who helped David create and exhibit the first cable prototype piece. Theirs was a life of free-spirited artistry and creativity during the beatnik sixties. David poured into his iconic bracelet the craftsmanship and sculpting skills he learned from acclaimed European artists, Jacques Lipshitz and Theodore Rozack. It can be said that he himself had gone through the fire from his youth to his hippie beginnings to creating one of the jewelry world’s recognizable luxury brands. Today, David Yurman is also known for its other elegant and creative collections from fragrances to eyewear.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Monday, December 02, 2013

The Evolving Impression

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The meteoric rise of David Yurman among the prestigious artists specializing in bracelet creations out of simple materials is indeed a story to tell. The meticulous and articulate arrangement of the designs makes the creations spectacular in form and attraction. The bohemian themed bracelet captured a market for people of evolving taste. The adaptability of the artist according to present demand makes the bracelet so special and unique. The famous, iconic "cable bracelet of David Yurman remains as one of the formidable pieces in demand today. Twist of fate molded the creations in a way so intriguing to the artist. From thence, its creations became products of demand among the bohemian lovers.
David Yurman Creations are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Bohemian Diversion

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A talent so enigmatic that it creates impact of influence among the kindred of his time and still continued to propagate the art that has envisioned the youth of today and tomorrow--such is the beauty of a David Yurman creation. A David Yurman creation is always expressed in the complexity of simplicity! A usual handcrafted piece of art in a cabled jewelry creation hallmarks the atypical trademark of David Yurman Collection. A talent cultured amidst stringent times and troubled generations yet it bloomed and progressed to become one of the world's diversified companies in men and women accessories. It has ingrained the culture of innovation through adaptation in times of ardent demand of luxury. It has evolved through age yet it can offer what is relevant and pertinent to the demand of the moment. A David Yurman Creation is always a moment of demand! 
David Yurman's Collections are available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spectacular Specs

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While cable is the ultimate trademark of his pieces, gemstones are indeed the melody that makes them enchanting, exciting and charming. From jewelry collections for women and men, to the timepieces and the fragrances that cater to both sexes, David Yurman offers vast choices of anything that will make anyone feel confident of himself or herself not only because they look and smell good but also because they feel good inside. It is not only jewelry that gemstones are good to pair with for even specs makes a perfect match to nail a hot and sizzling look while seeking protection from the scorching sun. David Yurman and the whole team incorporated colored gemstones such as tortoise, citrines, quartz, onyx and many others into sophisticated stylish sunglasses made with top quality materials providing 100% UVA/UVB sun protection. David Yurman sunglasses collection is indeed another outstanding craft of innovativeness and creativity combining necessity and luxury all in one. 
David Yurman Sunglasses are available at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Visit us at Schiffman’s, an authorized dealer for David Yurman.

Friday, September 06, 2013

The Taste of Brad

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Oozing with masculine fervor and brutal action moves, Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane struggles to survive the infection and search for a cure to a ravaging genetic disorder. The unfolding drama and suspense in the movie, depicted the adaptive skills and innovation of the character, which leads to the palliative solution to the infection. The persona of Brad Pitt in the movie is an analogous representation of David Yurman's Collections. Brad Pitt owns a lot of David Yurman creations. Through time, the David Yurman Company has brought upon itself the adaptive skills and creativity to remain competitive in the market today. Its multi-variant collections from jewelry to men's accessories proved the company's relentless pursuit for innovation.
One of the trademarks of a David Yurman's Jewelry collections is the bejeweled cable bracelet. This unique, creative presentation offers one of the character traits of the company, a discriminating taste for creativity.
David Yurman's Collections are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

What American Men Want

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Started with the basic of designs, he then proceeded with the sense of freedom to follow his instincts and finished with a self-imposed reality check—this is who Evan Yurman is as the designer of the “Revolution,” the sporty and sophisticated men’s timepiece collection from no other than David Yurman. Built for the ruggedness of a lifestyle of pursuits and inspired by American ingenuity, the “Revolution” displays the finest materials, textures and finishes matching its high technical aspects capturing the sensibility of the American man and his lifestyle, exactly what American men want. Revolutionary and adventurous, the “Revolution” is a celebration of motifs from auto making to aeronautics to undersea exploration, industries and activities which made America what it is today. The Revolution is more than the ordinary timepieces around. More than anything else, it represents the great respect for American culture and history and much more to the American men who revolutionized America and changed the whole world.
Try one of David Yurman Revolution timepieces and experience exactly what you want. Visit us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem today.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Bohemian impression

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The rise of David Yurman creations had been a product of its bohemian nature and its inherent artistic traits since the early 1960's. The David Yurman Company has learned to evolve and diversified itself to become a company that caters to the numerous needs of people with rare taste. The assortment of products, from their artistic jewelry array to their fragrance collections had been always a constant hit. It was a twist of fate when a personal handcrafted bracelet caught the attention of a friend and offered to buy it right away. This idea of making it available in the market triggered the concept of the company and its ambitions. The iconic trademark "cable bracelet" of David Yurman remains as one of the formidable pieces in demand today. 
David Yurman products are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Go for the Stars

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Making the darkest nights a pure bliss of glowing lights, the stars are a beauty to behold but with their boundless distance and infinite space, they are seemed so unreachable. But stop all the drama, because David Yurman and his jewelry line make you want to go for the stars.
Inspired with the fireworks illuminating the Parisian sky, David Yurman launches in pure sterling silver the Starburst Collection. A tribute to his wife Sybil, David Yurman wants to capture the moment, make time freeze, behold the beauty of bursting lights over the Eiffel Tower and offer it to his one and only love. Now out in the market, the sterling silver Starburst Collection is all yours to have!
With pleasure to accommodate your wishes, Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem has the perfect stars to grant and make them all come true! Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for David Yurman.

Monday, July 22, 2013

It’s Your Time, Dad!

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He is the first man we ever have in our life. We address him with different names and though we differ in languages, we address him with great respect and adoration. Wikipedia defines the word “father” as a male parent or individual progenitor of human offspring and the verb "to father" means to procreate or to sire a child from which also derives the gerund "fathering". As a child, while mom taught us how to clean ourselves, dad taught us how to play with dirt and play with mud at the front yard. He taught us the rougher things in life and how to deal with them with good logic. And for all the good things he has done, he never asked for anything in return. He would just sit in his chair and quietly read the newspaper. He would always be the first man in our life, nothing can change that. Since Father’s Day is fast approaching, we again celebrate the life of the man to whom we owe everything—our dearest father. And to thank the best dads in the world, David Yurman has something to share with all of us.
Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days. Father’s Day is right knocking at the door, so it’s time to buy him a gift and David Yurman offers an array of precious mementos our dads will surely love for the upcoming celebration. Timepieces, rings, tag necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and chains, you name it.
David Yurman's timepieces are absolute premiums. The Men’s Classic timepieces are all meticulously designed and crafted without compromise, timepieces that were born out of absolute precision. Timeless luxury of Swiss movement housed in fluid lines and flawless fit case. This classic timepiece moves minute into hours and seconds sweep elegantly to the pace of true Swiss precision. Each movement has been transformed with the modification of the custom designed David Yurman skeleton rotor. Meticulously hand-finished, the dial of each Classic timepiece has a mechanism to cast light and subtle shadow across a circular guilloche pattern, complimented by custom applied DY numerals. The dial’s finish and unique details transform the traditional timepiece into a modern American design classic. The timeless Classic also comes with in timeless custom designed deployant clasp. This stainless steel clasp, stippled with the David Yurman logo on the inside, and engraved with the same iconic monogram on the outside is finished with double pushers. It is made for the perfect fit; the deployant is complimented with the finest matte alligator strap.
While Classic timepieces are perfect gifts, rings are also a sure win. Gallant or simple, David Yurman’s rings are strikingly awesome and have a rightful place in daddy’s wardrobe. For cooler dads, they deserve a cooler gift. Tag necklaces are tags made with exotic stone tablets of different shades and griffin tags, each with the David Yurman logo. Bracelets are also on top of the gift list. David Yurman’s men’s bracelets are statement pieces which can be individual or made with contemporary mix of beads, chains and woven leather worn together. To die for cufflinks and studd sets also come in handy at David Yurman, designs which have distinguished end note and distinctive polish that will suit daddy in any way. With tag comes the chain. Chains are the cool factor of tag necklaces, charms and amulets, so be sure to give him one or in multiple layers.
Classic and timeless craftsmanship is not just what David Yurman is known for. More than any label, he wants the universality of his wondrous creations. He sees to it that every member of the society has something from his pieces, and each is as special as the other. Because Father’s Day is a special occasion, David Yurman makes sure that we give our dearest fathers not only these luxurious treats but as well as the love and gratitude that is coming from the bottom of our hearts.
Celebrating with all fathers in the world, Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem offers everything from David Yurman. From the bottom of our hearts, we from Schiffman’s greets you a Happy Father’s Day! Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for David Yurman.

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An Ode to Fathers

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Fathers are not perfect and so are our relationships with them – some we understand clearly at the time, others we may not appreciate until much later. Regardless, fatherhood must be celebrated, not just for it being a tough job, but because of its contribution to what we have all become. Father’s Day is as timely today as it was over 100 years ago, for it is a celebration of our fathers who worked hard and always provided for us, a remembrance of those who died for us, a cause, or our country. For many fathers though, the most rewarding part of being a father is feeling that your children love you, and the knowledge that each child is on a path to a successful future, no matter what age, coping well with the problems that life inevitably throws at us all.
And what better way to show this than through a David Yurman piece? Maybe a Thoroughbred Wrap Bracelet, Black Leather to show your love, and to reassure your dad that you’ve worked hard, reached a certain degree of success and that you’re proud of him and all he’s done for you. It’s not too sentimental, not too whimsical, but one that is felt through the heart of every dad. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

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The Striking Twist

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Most of us are contented of the usual ways of how things should be. The explanation is that we have set our minds to the usual manners on how we do things and these manners are accepted and tolerated by our system because they are known and what is known can be tolerated. We want the highway to be plain and stable, which makes the trip ordinary and boring. Twists and turns are needed, to experience new things, to be open and be bold. Going for the extreme is not necessary, just a little twist, and it makes all the difference. That’s what exactly David Yurman did, and we’re lucky because he continues to do it.
David Yurman was born on October 12, 1942. He is an American jewelry designer and privately owns the jewelry company named after him, David Yurman Inc. Growing up in Long Island, New York, his earlier steps as a designer and businessman started when he was selling little sculptures in his high school canteen. 
Jacques Lipshitz and Theodore Rozack were the two famous sculptors whom David apprenticed for twenty years. Sculpting served as David’s outlet and through this, he developed creativity and identified his own style as an artisan. He entered at New York University and after a year, David left college and hitchhiked across the country to California where he found sanctuary in the beatnik artist colony of Big Sur.
In the late 1960s, David returned from his bohemian sojourn in California to Greenwich Village where he began working with sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. It was in his studio that David met Sybil Kleinrock, a gifted painter who, like David, recently returned from the beatnik scene in California. The journey all started when Sybil caught the eye of the gallery owner, while wearing one of David’s pieces to an art opening, who asked if it was for sale. Although David couldn’t dream of recreating something so personal, Sybil saw an opportunity. In the early 1970s, they moved to the countryside and formed Putnam Art Works. Throughout the decade, David and Sybil exhibited their designs and paintings at craft fairs, and in 1979 they were married. By the mid-1980s, David Yurman had made a name for himself with his iconic cable bracelet. 
The cable bracelet is the renowned trademark design of David Yurman. A twisted helix bejeweled with gemstones on its both ends, the cable bracelet has taken the jewelry industry into a whole new level of overall beauty, design and craftsmanship. Driven by artistic inspiration and with Sybil’s painter’s understanding, David’s expertise in sculptural media and mastery in art merged into creating a masterpiece that no other designer has ever made before—a piece of art with a twist. 
“Cable shapes and forms everything on some level.” David says. That’s all you need to make a difference, not extravagant and exaggerated designs. Truly is, the cable is the unifying theme in David Yurman’s pieces.
And with a twist, the Cable Wrap Collection is one of the most outstanding David Yurman collections. In this collection, David places gemstones and fabulous diamonds generously embracing them with excellent strands of cable.
Sybil and David’s talents as artisans gave birth to numerous notable collections. Including the X Collection, Silver Ice (where he incorporated silver and pave diamonds) and the Buckle Collection. Each collection has identity of its own, all of equaled beauty. These collections demonstrate the brand’s signature designs, from twisted cable to sterling silver embroidered with precious gemstones to finest diamonds set in darkened silver. Darkened silver is truly a David Yurman signature design. Excitement and life are maximized with every intricate detail laid on the smooth darkened metal, a perfect location for sparkling pave diamonds. 
Without a doubt, a David Yurman design is iconic and multi-dimensional. And when it comes to dimensionality, the Starburst Collection captures the angles of the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. Each piece is a celebration of shapes and forms and 18k gold or sterling silver arranged with diamonds and suggest the liveliness of colors bursting from the lights of magnificent fireworks in all of Paris.
David Yurman, in his desire to expand the selection among his pieces, he and his son Evan, created the Classic Collection. Classic is a timepiece collection featuring a Chronograph, a Three-Hand and a Moon Phase—all three displaying the iconic signature cable design on the exterior part of the watch encasement.
David and David Yurman Inc. have one thing for all of us; we should not settle for less and ordinary. Like him and his company, everyone should aim for the best and to have the best, we have to go out of our comfort zones and have a calculated risk. In the end, we’ll get the difference in life we all have been looking for.
Get something different and extraordinary by visiting Schiffman’s, where David Yurman pieces come in handy! Experience the cable bracelet at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for David Yurman.

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The Renaissance of Beauty

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Renaissance is a French word that means "rebirth," and was considered to be the beginning of modern history. During the Renaissance, art was everywhere.  Paintings became more realistic and focused less often on religious topics. Artists advanced the Renaissance style of showing nature and depicting the feelings of people. And from this blessed and enlightened era that the artistry and inspiration of America’s preeminent jewelry designer came from. 
David Yurman was born with the design of a signature cable bracelet in sterling silver and gold adorned with colorful gemstones. The Renaissance bracelet, as he later named it to be, was David Yurman’s very first Cable piece. This was the world’s introduction to the twisted helix, which has now become an icon of jewelry design. That design became an instant icon and continues as a cornerstone of the brand today. In his Renaissance collection, David Yurman adorns his classic Cable with luscious colored gemstones, and as with the time and the collection, the possibilities are endless. 
Come see David Yurman pieces at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

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Yurman is Jewelry’s Finest

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Brands and names for fine jewelry have been increasing in the past two decades, there are companies which succeeded the competition in the market, still offers their products and continues to progress  but some jewelry lines have easily fallen because of the meager designs and or the use of substandard materials used in resulting in poor quality jewelry. But the security of having only the finest ones can be achieved by trusting only the time-tested age-old brand, and we are talking about David Yurman, the home of fine jewelry.

Founded in 1979, David Yurman is internationally recognized as America’s leading fine jewelry and timepiece brand. Artistic inspiration is the driving force behind the company’s success. David and Sybil Yurman are distinguished artists with respected careers in sculpture and painting. Sybil’s comprehension as a painter and keen sight for colors and her innate marketing ability perfectly complement David’s mastery and expertise of sculptural touches, resulting in jewelry that truly is the expressive form of their combined art. Their ability to fuse fashion, art and fine jewelry into signature design concepts revolutionized and redefined the jewelry industry.
One does not have to e famous or rich to own David Yurman. But David Yurman fine jewelry has been worn by some of the most famous people in the world. His beautiful collections of jewelry offer exceptional pieces for individuals who have a love and desire for fine jewelry and luxury.
David Yurman fine jewelry offers several collections of fine jewelry including selections such as rings, earrings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, pendants, enhancers and bridal jewelry. Additionally David Yurman fine jewelry also manufactures fine jewelry for men and women alike.
From his wide collections of exquisite cuff bracelets, David Yurman fine jewelry offers extremely unique and exotic pieces made from gems and precious metals such as linked albion bracelets, linked albion olive quartz, south sea pearl and peridot, yellow gold pieces faceted with brown, green and orange tourmalines, and cable bracelets with gemmed end caps and more. The Albion ring is a symphony of shape, form, cable, and texture. Also, David Yurman finds inspiration to some historical artists which had caused a revolution in the world of art and since Renaissance artists looked to the classics for inspiration, infusing their work with innovative techniques and a new aesthetic. David Yurman did the same with the development of the Renaissance bracelet, his first cable design, referencing ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Celtic forms.
Since cable is the unifying motif that runs through every David Yurman design, one of the signature pieces from David Yurman fine jewelry is the Cable Bracelets for women, which has been seen in fashion magazines for years. This exquisite piece never goes out of style and is basically enhanced with jeweled and gemmed end caps creating a unique look for each David Yurman Cable Bracelet. From the most basic cable bracelet to the most bejeweled of the cable bracelets from David Yurman fine jewelry range from approximately $500.00 up to $3000.00. Another marvel of David Yurman is 
David Yurman fine jewelry also makes beautiful pieces of jewelry for men including rings, money clips, key chains, timepieces, cuff links, stud sets, bracelets and necklaces. One of the favorite pieces for men is the David Yurman line of cuff links, which include unique creations such as Iolite and Blue Sapphire Cuff Links, Smokey Quartz and Sapphire Cuff Links, Pave Black Diamond Albion Cuff Links, Tiger Iron Cuff Links, Chevron Diamond Cuff Links to name a few. These unique cuff links are truly made for the man with discriminate taste for fine things.
The growth of David Yurman’s jewelry line is unstoppable that as of mid-2009 there are eighteen David Yurman boutiques across ten states, and four boutiques across three international cities. Their first international store was opened in Hong Kong's International Finance Center, with the brand's Asia headquarters nearby. David Yurman has built a reputation unshaken by any other companies in the jewelry industry.
Truly remarkable in its chosen craft, David Yurman is truly a high-end American jewelry company specializing in jewelry and timepieces for men, women and children. Yurman, best known for his signature cable bracelet, continues to launch classic and traditional jewelry along with fashion design collections, men’s jewelry and luxury timepieces. The brand remains committed to creating timeless designs that reflect relaxed American luxury – art designed to be worn and designs that become an inevitable part of one’s fashion.
Whether you're looking for a gorgeous cable bracelet or an elegant cuff links, you'll find just the perfect piece to complement your outfit in our superb collection of David Yurman inspired jewelry here at Schiffman’s! Touch and try this fine jewelry on and see how great you look at Schiffman’s Friendly Center! Exquisite collections and everything nice from David Yurman are available at Schiffman’s. Schiffman’s is a trusted and an authorized dealer for David Yurman.

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