Friday, November 20, 2015

Go Prehistoric with Boardman Silversmiths

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About 65 million years ago, the earth saw the extinction of a dominant and diverse group of animals called the dinosaurs. It's a sad thing that we cannot see these magnificent creatures firsthand. But because of advancements in science. We have reconstructed how they may have looked then. And through advancements in the art and craft of bronze work, you can own a collection of your favorite prehistoric animals. Boardman Silversmiths' Prehistoric Bronze Figurine Collection includes prehistoric animals such as the long-haired mammoth and the tantalizing macrauchenia. Favorites such as the T-Rex and the saber-toothed tiger or smilodon are also available. This collection is perfect in your study. Just imagine lining them up on top of your history collection shelf. 
See the collection at Schiffman's, an authorized dealer for Boardman Silversmiths. You can find Schiffman's in Winston-Salem. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Boardman Silversmiths craftsmanship

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The gleaming and smooth finish of a Boardman Silversmiths piece reflects the precision manufacturing process and professional skills that go into each of the silverware. Considered a work of art, each piece starts at blanking presses that make precision cuts of geometric shapes from .925 sterling silver sheets and lead-free pewter. Boardman Silversmiths' pewter is one of the heaviest lead-free material used in the industry. In the hands of a craftsman, the cuts are shaped into exact shapes and curves by leveraging up to 900 pounds per square inch. Specially designed "sectional chucks" allow the craftsman to create a range of shapes. The curved pieces are then soldered on hollow fittings and are hand polished with pumice for a satin or bright finish. Boardman Silversmiths dedication to this strict process makes the signature of the most admired brands in silverware today. 
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prehistoric luxury

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Boardman Silversmiths has a product line beyond silverware that can add elegance to your dining set. The Boardman Silversmiths sterling and lead-free pewter prehistoric figurines are designed to provide accents to your dining set or as cabinet décors in your kitchen. They can also be used to dress up a side table in your bedroom or living room. These handmade little art works used aged bronze molds that give them a rustic, Old World charm. More significantly, this product line has been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum in 1962, giving it an added value for serious collectors. They can be small talk magnet over dinner with special guests or simply an elegant highlight addition to your interior. However you display them, the Boardman Silversmiths figurines will last for a long time, as any Boardman item is meant to be.
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Touch of Heritage

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When one looks for beautiful handcrafted, solid un-weighted sterling and lead-free pewter pieces, one can never go wrong with browsing among Boardman Silversmiths pieces. Boardman Silversmiths boasts of its long tradition of crafting pieces that can be counted as American Heritage since 1796. In truth, if one wants to avail of historical pieces, Boardman Silversmiths specializes in their reproduction. These reproductions can help you enjoy a little time travel in our American past. If traditional pieces interest you, you can try and go more “Presidential” about it. Boardman Silversmiths offers traditional sterling julep cups with The Great Seal of United States of America and Acting President’s Initials touch marked on the bottom. Past President Julep Cups are also available – Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Bush and Clinton. 
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Heritage of Excellence

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Boardman Silversmiths has been known to be a tip top producer of handcrafted, solid un-weighted sterling, and lead-free pewter pieces. Boardman Silversmiths has been operating on a rich heritage that started since 1796. Today, Boardman Silversmiths continues to be successful in upholding the heritage of quality. Designs range from antique to figurative and contemporary pieces. Some are beautifully functional like the Pewter and Sterling Collections and some just plainly beautiful that serve as decors like the Prehistoric Bronze Figurine Collection. Thanks to the master craftsmen who breathe life into beautiful designs, Boardman Silversmiths produce pieces enough to be considered as works of art that any person can be proud of showcasing in his or her home.
For your Boardman Silversmiths pieces to beautify and to impress, visit us at Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Last Piece to the Truly Rich Puzzle

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You own stocks in numerous blue chip companies. You have stakes in a number of tech startups that promise to reap billions of dollars in five years. You own a super yacht, whose luxurious interior is only matched by your super car. You have a sprawling 10-bedroom mansion in swanky Beverly Hills. And when you need to head east, an 8-bedroom house in Palm Springs is waiting for your private jet. You’re truly rich and you have everything. So what else is missing? Nothing except you forgot to own your personal Boardman Silversmiths antique collection. It’s a must for the super rich. The movies tell us so, as did the kings and queens who would host dinners for their fellow kings and queens using luxurious silver and pewter. Why don’t you take the copter and buy Boardman Silversmiths now in Connecticut.
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tips for dining interior

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The dining area is just as important as the living room, especially if you have guests coming for dinner. The key to an impressive dining interior is to see the room as not just for eating, but for an overall pleasurable experience of good conversation and a hearty meal. Here are some pointers. Create a theme. Do you want the cold, glossy feel of tiles or the warm earth feel of wood? The walls will set the tone of your theme, while the tiles should complement the theme. Don’t mix themes; this will dilute the overall effect. Then think of accents. These can be your dining table, the cabinet or dining rugs. Likewise, choose a fine silverware like Boardman Silversmiths to add elegance. Silver works well with wood, ceramics or just about any theme.
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful Homes, Peachier Lives

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Every home deserves pieces to bump the mood up; especially pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional; pieces that will last for a long, long time. You know that your home does too and you are entitled to enjoy such things in life. One brand that enables you to is Boardman Silversmiths – their artisans have been crafting America’s heritage since 1796. Boardman Silversmiths has been making homes beautiful and lives peachier for a few centuries with their handcrafted tableware like coffee & tea sets, punch bowls, ladles, salt & pepper shakers, and pitchers among other products. Each piece came to be through the superb skill of a master craftsman rendering every piece as a work of art that you and your family can enjoy. 
Find out what Boardman Silversmiths offers and visit Schiffman’s in Friendly Center.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Now serving tea in a grand way

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Next time you invite friends over a cup of tea surprise them with an elegant treatment. Serve the tea (or coffee) in Boardman Silversmiths Antique Coffee and Tea Service. Make your friends feel like masters and dons in a bygone colonial era in some faraway Far Eastern land. The set exhibits the brand’s heritage of sterling silver craftsmanship, notably the unblemished and durability of a Boardman Silversmiths piece. The serving tray is gleaming in pride, mirroring the unmistakable luxury of the brand. The tea pot lends genuine classical air; you won’t find a line that goes straight to its destination. No, the lines have to twist, turn and loop into curls to create an intricate work of art more than a utilitarian ware. A sterling silver candleholder tops off this collection, a blast of elegance that will likely elicit a second serving of tea from your friends.
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Don’t forget the table setters

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When preparing an elegant fine dining set, don’t forget the table setters. A Boardman Silversmiths set of solid handcrafted sterling or pewter table setters gleams in sophistication.  The Soup Tureens is like a prized trophy, a massive centerpiece for your server table. The Paul Revere Punch Bowl collection with ladles and punch cups is unblemished in style, simple yet classic. Even more impressive is the Jefferson Cup Style Punch Bowl, handcrafted to fuse elegance with functionality. Not to be outdone are the Entertaining Trays in three sizes—large, medium and small—to fit your serving function. Boardman Silversmiths even put glamour in the lowly toothpick holder. At first glance they appear like precious jewelry if not for their function. With a Boardman Silversmiths, dining is set at the highest elegance.
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ice Age in Bronze

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Who isn’t familiar with Manny, Sid and Diego? If you haven’t watched the animated movies “Ice Age”, you have never been to this planet. Come on, even cavemen watched it (including sequels!). Aside from it is really funny and a family movie, “Ice Age” is a movie which sets, where it derived its title, during ice age. Of course, what the world had during that time, like the main characters of the movie, are prehistoric animals. Everybody is a fan, including Boardman Silversmiths, Inc. Boardman’s Miniature Prehistoric Bronze Figurine Collection features hand-crafted bronze figurines of prehistoric animals. These figurines include mammals, reptiles and aquatic animals we never got the chance of meeting. Animals of the land before time like mammoths, dinosaurs, crocs and rhinos now you can find at Boardman Silversmiths, Inc.!
Get one for yourself! Visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Boardman Silversmiths.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrate pewter perfection

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Pour out the cocktails with a Boardman Silversmiths Classic Shaker. If you’re impressed with its fluid slender lines, you’d be glad to know that we’re celebrating, not the shaker, but a whole line of Boardman Silversmiths graceful trophies and victory cups that have been awarded to major sporting events. The tall symmetrical Sr. and Jr. Championship Trophies is pewter perfection. Unblemished and seamless, these trophies are handmade to live up to its expectation as the top prize. Similarly, the CEO Tour Trophy is singularly confident, classic and literally award-winning. The gleaming solid base and body is worth the space in any boardroom. The Jockey Gold Cup is graceful in its narrowing bottom. It’s a proud piece of pewter that knows it will be at the centerstage of attention. These winning works by Boardman Silversmiths are just but a clue to its commitment to metalwork perfection, one that can go into your personal bar with that shaker you’re holding.
Explore Boardman Silversmiths’ other lines at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shake that booty

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The cocktail shaker. The singular item in your bar that creates all things possible. Turn it loose, mix the alcohol, shake, then pour. Watch the guests lose inhibitions and dance to the mood of the night. Yes, that’s cocktail done as bartenders do it. But you can up the ante and do it in style. Do it with a Boardman Silversmiths Classic Shaker. You can’t ignore the slender lines of sterling silver, the smooth, unblemished surface of the shaker. Long before the alcohol is shook, poured and shared, the shaker itself creates a sensual feel to the air at once. It’s a selfish item that attracts guys’ and gals’ attention. The bartender is just a background and the army of bottles and glass stems the stage on which our Boardman Silversmiths shaker shakes its curves.
Explore Boardman Silversmiths’ other lines at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deal closed

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I am a hedge fund manager, and I have this little silly trick that has helped me convince some of my wealthy neighbors to invest in me. I will invite them to my house over a tea or coffee. My house is quite pricey and I let them see my wealth: the pool, the furniture, the car. But this is nothing new to them. After all, they’re all rich, even richer than I at times. In hedge investment, I will tell them as they enjoy a cup of tea in my garden, the devil is in the details. It’s not only a matter of targeting the best promising companies; more effectively, it is better to target the supply chain of these companies. Similarly, I’ll tell them, investing doesn’t stop at buying a big house. Even the small things count. Then I’ll point to the cup their holding and tea pot on my set: a Boardman Silversmiths. You can even invest in these “little” things as cups and saucers, pointing out that Boardman Silversmiths can be a collectible, an heirloom, that creates value over time. That’s the real skill of a hedge fund manager, I’ll tell them, the ability to see value in the tiniest details.  Deal closed.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Served on silver platter

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Afternoon tea and coffee breaks will never be the same again with a Boardman Silversmiths Coffee and Tea Service set. Known for its masterfully crafted sterling silver and lead-free pewter, Boardman Silversmiths extends its fine metal collection to spruce up your morning and afternoon breaks. The set is elegant as a collectible display, as it is reliable for everyday use. Inspired by American and English silver collections, the Boardman coffee and tea set is reminiscent of the colonial times when prestige was served in style. The coffee pot has the slender grace of a princess’ dress, while the tea pot exudes a queen’s dominant presence. Around them are the royal entourage: the sugar bowl is all prim and proper; and the oval tray is the reliable court servant.
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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

True champion

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Boardman Silversmiths artists are masters in spinning, hand-buffing, finishing and all things about silversmith. They have dedicated years in perfecting their craft and created some of the memorable silver and pewter collectible editions. You have probably seen many of these creations, although you might have missed the work for the event because Boardman is a veteran creator of trophies and award pieces for big sports. Bruce Lietzke for the Legends of Golf, Allen Doyle for the Schwab Cup and Arnold Palmer for the President's Cup are some of the golf legends who have received a Boardman trophy. Boardman has also created trophies for the Indy Racing League and American Hockey League. If it is true you are defined by the company you keep, Boardman is a true champion.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don’t forget the shaker

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Fine dining brings to mind elegant plates, chargers, servers and cutlery. Throw in accents and candlesticks and some home décor to complete the picture. While we’re at it, why not make sure the salt and pepper shakers live up to the expectation. In such case, Boardman Silversmiths salt and pepper shaker made from sterling silver and pewter is a must. They are guaranteed of the Boardman Silversmiths sterling silver quality and lead-free pewter of 92% pure tin with 7% pure antimony and 1% copper for long-lasting shine and durability. The shakers come in a range of designs, from basic linear lines that project a contemporary, modern lifestyle to elaborate etchings and detailed patterns reminiscent of antiquity. Likewise, the Boardman Silversmiths shakers come in short, tall and somewhere in between sizes for the right fit to your fine dining set.
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Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Keepsake for life

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It is a cup with a heritage. The Julep Cup collection by Boardman Silversmiths is inspired by the same cup that dates back around 1777 in Midwestern luxury. Its elegant, streamlined design and subtle ridges of the rim are hallmarks of a time of wealth and graciousness among Kentucky’s genteel class. The Julep Cup collection is simple in utilitarian function, but classy in style. You can be sure behind this cup is Boardman Silversmiths’ mastery of hand crafting, molding and polishing lead-free pewter that result in a flawless gleam to last a lifetime. The Julep cup can be inscribed with initials and a short message, making it an ideal gift item, an award trophy or a simple personal keepsake.
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feel like an emperor

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Feel like an emperor on your afternoon break with a Boardman Silversmiths coffee and tea sterling silver sets. Or drink wine to a royal delight while feasting on a nuts or grapes with the finest sterling silver goblets and bowls. The Boardman Silversmiths antique collection of silverware is pure elegance that fits a prince of the house. Made from sturdy .925 sterling, the antique collection is designed to maintain its luster for the longest time with proper care. One look at the detailed crafting and the smooth curves of the sterling set that tells you this Boardman Silversmiths is worth your investment. The set also includes sugar bowls, cream servers, tea pots and coffee pots that make up an impressive silverware collection to impress your guests.
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Prehistoric beauty

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Boardman Silversmiths’ sterling and lead-free pewter art comes to life in the signature’s line of prehistoric figurines. The handcrafted dinosaurs are made using aged bronze molds originally used in the 1930s. Collectors from around the world fall for the Boardman Silversmiths dinosaurs’ notable past, its line being once a celebrated addition to the Smithsonian Museum in 1962. A line of the Boardman Silversmiths dinosaurs was also introduced after the release of the movie, Jurassic Park, making the prehistoric figurines an enviable collectible. The dinosaurs are rustic and raw, which significantly represent the history of their bronze molds; as each item packs in, too, the solid sterling and pewter beauty of Boardman Silversmiths.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Heirloom for the next generation babies

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Craftsmanship is a function of tradition. It takes years, decades, even centuries to perfect a craft. Where some established metalware brands have been around since the nineteenth century, one stands out: it has been manufacturing sterling and pewters since the eighteenth century. Boardman Silversmiths enjoys centuries of mastering the art of sterling and pewter handcrafting and this is evident in its baby cup collection. Deceivingly simple, the baby cup collection exhibits seamless curves and lines and carries flawless metal designs that only a master artist can create. The cups are designed to last forever. It is an inspiring heirloom to the next generation and the generations after. The baby cup line is also available in sets of sterling items.
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