Friday, November 20, 2015

Dinner Party Cheat

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For many of us, there are fewer things that are more fun than a dinner part with friends and family. It can be a potluck, it can be catered, have a private chef do the work, but nothing beats doing everything yourself. The greater you invest, the greater the rewards. The feeling that someone loves and enjoy your food and are enjoying it with you is a rush worth chasing. And here is a good cheat how to consistently impress. An Oxford University research show that it is likely that the positive or negative values one attributes to cutlery gets 'transferred' to the judgment of food. This is what they call 'sensation transference'. Take advantage of this human quirk and invest in cutlery and serving pieces that are elegantly styled and durable for long-term use. One good place to start looking is the Beatriz Ball Collection. They make magical pieces that can also make your dinner party magical. 
See the Beatriz Ball Collection for yourself at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Garden party with Beatriz Ball Collection

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Hosting a garden lunch or dinner is an effective way to impress guests without being blatant. Showcasing that you have a spacious garden is a subtle trick of telling guests that you have an above-average property without offending their middle class senses, or signaling to valued clients that you're a "winnable" partner in business. But having a garden event is more than just putting the tables and chairs out in the open. It involves great planning, such as, covers for possible weather shifts, the right audio system to ensure the sound is audible without annoying the neighborhood, and attention to details down to the dinnerware. For outdoor entertainment, Beatriz Ball Collection offers a wide array of themed sets that fit a garden ambiance, including: Organic Pearl, Ocean, Forest, Croc, and Catena.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Small talk idea

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Small talk is an art form that's greatly overlooked by hosts when inviting special guests. It's the ice breaker to a tense situation or an informal way to earn admiration. Small talk also keeps the party's dynamics going, lest dead air kills everybody's mood. Unfortunately, we can only talk so much about the weather and religion or politics is a no-no over dinner. Talking about your travels may put off some guests. One way to create small talk is to position interesting items in your party area. For example, a Beatriz Ball metalware bowl placed on the table can elicit a question from a guest who's into collecting things or interior design. From the bowl, the talk can spin into other things, such as, arts, passions, or home design.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gifts that Keep on Giving

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What other gesture would allow you to make people know that you find the important and care for them than gift giving? Not so many others, I’d like to presume. But when set on giving a gift to a friend, relative or loved one, we sometimes find it so hard to choose which suits their style or what gift with functionality that would keep on giving. Well, if you can’t choose between style and functionality. The Beatriz Ball Collection offers you both – beautifully made fine handcrafted metalware that are highly stylish and highly functional (talk about heirloom quality). The Beatriz Ball Collection features many kinds of pieces such as bowls, frames, cutting boards, pitchers, platters and even ornaments. Pieces come in many creative designs and are handcrafted by artisan hands. Design inspirations vary from the traditional, the cute, the modern and the avant garde – there will always be pieces to suit one’s style and needs at the same time. 
For your Beatriz Ball Collection, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fine Metalware, Made by Hand

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When in the mood to scout for fine metalware, one can stop looking further from the Beatriz Ball Collection. The Beatriz Ball Collection has the perfect pieces to accent any room. It is perfect for your den, your dining area and as a gift. A Beatriz Ball piece can make any mundane activity or a formal function a little better. The collection’s pieces range from bowls and crosses to pitchers, platters and trays. They are beautifully shaped and wonderfully textured as they are poured by hand by skillful artisans. It is hard not to find a favorite in each of the design collections. There are pieces that mimic nature’s beauty like the leaf designed ones from the garden collection and forest collections. There are also pieces that come in rustic and western designs. 
To see what the buzz about the Beatriz Ball Collection all about, please visit us at Schiffman’s at Downtown, Greensboro.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Life’s a Beach

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Bring the beach into your dining room. The Beatriz Ball Collection Ocean collection features irresistible metal dinnerware that takes the natural forms of sea elements. Renowned for its quality metal craftsmanship of dining sets, Beatriz Ball Collection gives you a wide array of beach-inspired items. The Ocean Oyster Bowl reflects a gleaming functional ornament that mimics the oyster’s contour. The Ocean Turtle Bowl features the graceful concave of a turtle shell. It’s available in three sizes that add depth when they’re lumped together. The Ocean Starfish Bowl is playful; the smooth, unblemished surface is impressive. The Ocean Crab Rectangular Platter features two crustacean figurines that double as handles. You have more sea-inspired items to choose from including: a triton fish, coral, shell, salmon, harriet and seahorse.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Platter of gift ideas

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Want a unique gift idea for your man? How about give him a tableware? Yes, you can and he’ll be impressed by both the item and your ingenuity. The Beatriz Ball Collection has a complete line of gift ideas just for men. Take the Ocean Triton Fish Platter and Ocean Crab Plate. Both are handcrafted and uniquely created, they can pass for an art piece that he may even display in his study. He can use these items for finger foods or beer snacks when he invites his friends over. Better yet, the Beatriz Ball Collection pieces are a sure magnet for conversation, given their novel design and craftsmanship. Watch his eyes get excited telling his friends the story behind the platter. Yes, your man will be talking proudly about the platter, your platter gift.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fit for Today’s Lifestyle

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Beatriz Ball is synonymous to eye-catching alternative metal designs. The collection sports pieces that do not compromise beauty for quality and vice versa. Beatriz Ball is perfect for today’s casual lifestyle as pieces are both easy-to-care-for and safe. Beatriz Ball is not just safe, it is FDA safe – pieces are made up of easy-care 93% aluminum alloy. This allows greater flexibility as pieces can go from the fridge, in the oven, and on the table – functional and never lacking in style. Beatriz Ball pieces are made entirely by hand using the ancient art of sand casting. In reality, each piece goes through more than 12 sets of expert hands. Each of these embodies the creativity of the designers and the skillful touch of the craftsmen – all of these just to give you beautiful pieces you can enjoy daily. 
To avail of easy-to-care-for and safe pieces to spruce up your home, visit Schiffman’s in Downtown, Greensboro. 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Luxurious and practical wedding gift

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Thinking of a wedding gift? Why not combine aesthetics with functionality. Beatriz Ball is both elegant and useful as food servers, table accents, centerpieces and simply dining room decors. You can choose from its wide array of metalware sets or opt for solitaire items that are equally stunning. The masters of serving trays handcrafted with details and novel shapes, Beatriz Ball also offers pitchers, bowls, and platters that can be mistaken as décor pieces. The Ocean Triton Fish Platter is elegant on its own or with finger foods. The Crab Dip Bowl is likewise a stunning work of art, yet it’s an indispensable item for serving first course. The Soho Organic Bowl can be decorated with interior accents, or you can use it for what it is: to serve salad. Same with the Latur Pitcher; it looks like it’s forged in Roman antiquity, while keeping its modern practical use.
Beatriz Ball Collection at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A Secret Garden

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There’s something warm about entertaining guests in your garden. It’s a lifestyle of simplicity fused with sophistication if you’re into Beatriz Ball Collection. Its Garden collection of metal ware platters and bowls is a feast to the eye for their intricate design and great functionality. The Garden Cabbage Bowl is perfect for serving salad in the lush surrounding of your backyard, while you and your guests enjoy a sunny morning. Serve some nuts with the Garden Zebra Leaf Platter; it complements the greenery surrounding. Feel the coziness of fall with Garden Autumn Leaf server while sipping white wine with your partner. How about putting a smile on your guests’ faces when they see you toss salad with the Garden Lily Frog servers and presenting dips on the Garden Triple Leaf Dip. It’s no secret the Beatriz Ball Collection exudes elegance.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Girls’ Bonding with Beatriz

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After a long, tiring and stressful week, we are all very excited for the weekends because aside from the 10-12 hour sleep reward, we also have the chance to get together for a Saturday night party or for a fun chit-chat with our closest friends. While the guys play their favorite sports outdoors or through videogames, girls just want to be with girlfriends, and as long as it is with Beatriz, girls’ weekends will always be perfect. Whether you want to party all night or just want to have a fun chit-chat, Beatriz Ball Collection is always a perfect company. Now with its Pearl olanissimo chip and dip from the classic Pearl Collection, Beatriz Ball takes the chip and dip category into a whole new level with its graceful curves, rippling pearls and gleaming finish. Made of an FDA safe, easy-care 93% aluminum alloy, rest assured that while it’s durable, it is also affordable!
More of your Beatriz Ball Collection at Schiffman’s in Downtown-Greensboro.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Inspiration from the past

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Antiquity has a lot to offer when you think of a theme for your dining display. It has charm, nostalgia and character. It’s the ambiance that the Beatriz Ball Collection Antik collection captures with its line of bowls, platters, trays and servers based on the world of antiquity and using metal as the medium. The rustic flavor is evident in the deliberate uneven surface and non-symmetrical lines that flow across the rims and bases of the Beatriz Ball Collection Antik items. The fine metal works add to the aged appeal of this collection; they blend in style with other ornaments such as crystals, textiles and ceramics. In many ways, the Beatriz Ball Collection Antik is order in disorder, which impersonates early craftsmanship and rubs it on with an art deco touch. You can feel the solid hands of the artist molding these fine metal works.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life in black and white

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If you think black and white photography is a thing of the past, you are missing a technique to add melancholy and nostalgia to your photo displays. Black and white reduces photographs in its barest elements without the distraction of clashing colors; thus, they are perfect to add drama to the memories captured by your camera. Here’s a technique: pick the best photographs of your life’s milestones—wedding, first baby, graduation, etc.—and turn them into black and white using any photography software. Then place them in a Beatriz Ball sterling picture frame. The result is a stunning collection of frames that tell a dramatic story. The Beatriz Ball elegant silver gleam highlights the black and white tones of the photos, as these, in turn, highlight the actions in the photos: a child’s smile, your partner’s face or the family’s laughter, among others.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Secret garden

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I bought a wide range of Beatriz Ball Garden set recently and put them alongside each other on a porch table in my little garden of bougainvilleas and roses. Looking at them in that quiet corner, I was thrown back to my childhood when I used to imagine our backyard teeming with bushes as a secret garden. It had benches where I’d sit and read a book in my peace, autumn leaves browning under my feet. Perhaps it’s the stillness yet flowing motion of the Beatriz Ball piece, such as the Olivia long leaf or the curved garden leaf that set my memories in motion. The finesse of the metal sculpture seems frozen in time, like the leaf server and cabbage bowl have been there in my porch since childhood waiting for my return. I thought I’ve never left; that child in the secret garden enjoying her imagined world is there all along inside me. Call it the Beatriz effect. I call it introspection, and I like it.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Appetizing metal ware

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The Beatriz Ball cutting board line adds chutzpah to an appetizing prelude to a cocktail night or an everyday family afternoon garden gathering. Renowned for its handmade dinnerware metal sandcasting, the Beatriz Ball Collection lends it world-class craftsmanship and design to create a collectible cutting board set. The Blind Mouse Spreader is fanciful to cut cheese or spread butter with. Sold individually, it is tempting to collect a few items for different spreads.  The spreader fits into the Wood Soho Square Cracker cutting board. The biscuits, olives or other appetizers snugly fit in the sanded wood tray with trench and the spreader is ready to deliver the spread. Meantime, a Soho Cracker Tray is perfect to hold a separate cheese as you enjoy the filling starters before the main course.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Irony of metal

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Metal craft is an irony of art, pun intended. To be philosophical about it, it is bending a strong element (the metal) to your will (your desired artistic outcome), treating something strong like a soft material that you can easily carve into your art. Imagine what goes into the Beatriz Ball Croc salad servers. It is at once a metal art and sturdy dinnerware that will last for a lifetime. The croc pattern is impressively detailed, creating a mental trick on the metal's surface to lure you to imagine it is a croc's hide. The same tease is applied in both the salad spoon and fork's handle.The artists behind this Beatriz Ball work make sure you can feel the hide by looking at it, and you can feel fine metal once you touch it. Talk about irony.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fairies in Wood

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The foundry in Mexico has produced one of the best in metal wares that are both art masterpieces and utilitarian table set items. It has given discerning collectors and hosts who demand the best in dinnerware: the Beatriz Ball, including its forest-themed pieces. They are rustic as they exude class. Literally an irony of metal that imitates wood patterns. The Beatriz Ball Forest line complements a garden breakfast or an outdoor lunch, even an afternoon tea break at the park. The forest bowl is alluringly natural despite the Beatriz signature of quality metal and its plate and spreader pair conveys chameleon-like characteristics, disappearing in a wooded background if not for their Beatriz luminosity. Collect the Beatriz Ball forest items now, including trays, frames and ladles. 
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Metal that flows like water

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It is called the jewelry for the table. The Catena collection by Beatriz Ball is undoubtedly is. The Catena bowl reflects the Beatriz Ball’s trademark of age-old sand casting and polishing that uses premium alloy of molten aluminum. The Catena, as with many Beatriz items, goes through as many as twelve different hands to cast, mold and polish the item to create a depth of character and that inner glow. The result is nothing short of a jewelry piece that sits on your dinner set. The gleam of the Catena bowl seems to come from within the metal and the surface is seamless and the metal flows like water. The Catena collection by Beatriz Ball also includes salad servers and bowls in medium and mini specifications.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beatriz Ball moment

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When my elderly parents celebrated their silver anniversary, I thought hard of what to give them. After all, they seem to have almost everything; and there is little material in this world that people in their seventies will still crave for. They are into a more philosophical phase, looking for validation of their life that not even the most luxurious brand can provide an answer. Then I remembered the Beatriz Ball bowl that I have grown up with seeing in our kitchen since I was a kid. It is their wedding gift, that classy metalware that I confused for an art piece when I was in first grade. I looked for it—it had been stored in the attic for posterity, I was told—and I thought it would be nice to wrap it again and offer it as my golden anniversary wedding gift to my parents. When my parents opened “my” gift, there was silence in the eyes of my father. Then a tear came down. “I remember our first kiss,” he looked at mom, and kissed her. I call it a Beatriz Ball moment. It’s something that will always be a part of us even if we put it in the attic for posterity and forget about it for a long time.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Molten attraction

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The folds that run the rim of a Beatriz Ball Antik bowl betray the skilled hands of an artisan behind the signature. Easily one of the most prized metalware brands, Beatriz Ball exhibits one of its best metal renditions in the Antik collection. The collection of trays, bowls, ladles, spreaders, and salad servers seems to be caught in their molten aluminum state. Noticeably, the hand sculptured lines flow smoothly in the inner molds of a Beatriz Ball Antik piece. The curves are unpredictable, yet they exude a tinge of homemade charm.  A sense of rawness and antiquity lends character to the Antik line. The Beatriz Ball Antik pieces are always an excellent addition to any dining host’s must-have collection.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Bowl to last a marriage

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A bowl is all it takes to impress the newlywed. Never mind if the couple will use it or not, much less need it, a Beatriz Ball metalware bowl will impress them. Handmade by the same team of highly skilled artisans that made Beatriz Ball a renowned brand, its metalware bowl exhibits a delicate yet sturdy expression that will confuse the couple if  your gift is an art piece or a functional item. You can choose from a wide array of these bowls, such as Antik, Catena, Croc, and Forest. You can also compliment the bowl with other Beatriz Ball items, from trays to wine coasters and napkin boxes. Years for now it is expected that your Beatriz Ball bowl gift  is still displayed in the couple’s kitchen cabinet, perhaps their most precious item in there. That is, if they're still married.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

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