Friday, September 29, 2017

Penny Preville Openwork Art Deco Ring

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When the world of fine jewelry envelopes a naturally talented, and highly skilled artist, a new door is opened.  Walk through this door and you shall find some of the most stunning, elegant, and sophisticated pieces to fit your style.  Fine jewelry designer Penny Preville has created the most luxurious pieces, including the dazzling Openwork Art Deco Ring.
This ring features 18k gold (available in white or yellow), and .80ct diamonds.  Its style and shape embodies refinement, but it still stands out as a truly unique piece of jewelry.  Its symmetry gives it a noble and sturdy feel, while inlay of diamonds keeps it feminine.  The wearer could be any woman desiring a bold statement without sacrificing a drop charisma.
The Openwork Art Deco Ring can easily be incorporated into a classic, clean look for everyday wear.  It displays a professional demeanor for any strong career woman.  For a night out, it will blend right in, lending itself to pure grace.  It will effortlessly transition from day to night, matching most any outfit.  
Penny Preville's Openwork Art Deco Ring can be combined with other pieces from her vast collection of intricately detailed jewelry.  This award-winning designer has kept a balanced look in all of her pieces, which is essential to be able to mix and match.  For those seeking to start their own collection, this particular ring provides such a wonderful presentation on the hand.  Conversation will flow freely when anyone asks what that gorgeous piece being worn is.  Pride and confidence will emanate from the wearer of this exquisite ring.

Lagos Beloved Heart Earrings

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The Lagos Beloved Heart Earrings are made of sterling silver and 18K gold. They have a 14K gold post backing. These earrings are beautiful and can add an element of style to any outfit. They can be worn day or night with casual or formal clothing. The earrings are designed with two interlocking hearts. The larger heart has a simple design with a unique twist at the bottom to add an element of interest. The smaller heart has yellow gold accents and is decorated with the beautiful beading that the Lagos brand is known for. 
Lagos is a jewelry brand that designs collections of jewelry that are both modern and timeless. These pieces can easily be passed down through the generations and they will never go out of style. The Lagos brand designs everything from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, to beautiful rings for everyday or special occasions. 
These heart earrings are part of the Beloved line from Lagos. This line also includes rings and necklaces. The pieces in the collection coordinate with each other, while also offering a timeless style when worn on their own. Each piece in the Beloved collection has the Lagos beading accents, a unique look that makes the pieces different from other jewelry. These Beloved heart earrings have an Omega clip and post that is not only stylish, but also easy to wear and comfortable for being worn all day. The earrings are 38mm x 28mm.

Annieglass Ultramarine Clam Sculpture

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This clam sculpture from Annieglass is a beautiful piece to display in any home. It would look wonderful as a table centerpiece, especially in a seaside home. The clam sculpture would also brighten up a mantel and add a bit of whimsy to any room in the house. It can be used to hold lightweight items for a customized look. The clam is made from ultramarine glass with beautifully sculpted raised sides. 
Annieglass is a company that creates handcrafted glassware for all occasions. They have everything from decorative items to serving and dinnerware pieces that look wonderful for parties and celebrations. Each piece from Annieglass is handmade, making them all unique. The company was founded by Annie Morhauser who discovered her love of glass blowing over 30 years ago. Since then, the company has been providing their customers with one-of-a kind glass artwork that is fun and functional. 
The Annieglass ultramarine clam sculpture comes in a lovely shade of blue. It is available in two different sizes. The larger sculpture is 16.5x21x14.75 inches and is limited edition with only 500 will be released. The smaller sculpture is 10x9x11 inches. This piece also has the option to add a personalized engraving, making it a perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift. The sculpture is handcrafted and no two are exactly identical. This piece will be appreciated by anyone who likes to fill their home with unique decor that stands out and adds an element of color to and space. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Quality Bracelet With Flare

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The Konstantino Sterling Silver And Gold Hinged Bracelet is quite the looker. It has a very unique design that emanates elegance yet also has an air of playfulness. The gemstone is the classic diamond which makes for a simple yet very effective graceful charm.
The designer of the Konstantino Sterling Silver And Gold Hinged Bracelet is a man of true talent. Living in Greece gave him the advantage to gain inspiration from its culture and scenery. It is no wonder the bracelet feels as graceful as it is with the touch of Greece in its beauty.
The design of this bracelet from Konstantino reminds one of an accessory one might wear at a formal event in Greece. The look and feel almost reminds you of the headbands worn in ancient greece; the two petals with the implemented diamonds and the gold flower-like pieces on either side may represent the petals the headbands adorned.
The cleverly integrated vine design that circles the Konstantino Sterling Silver And Gold Hinged Bracelet is also very Greece inspired as vines are abundant in Greece, adding to the overall Greek feel of the bracelet.
The quality is magnificent. It is clear that a great deal of care was taken to ensure the bracelet is shiny and lustrous. It's not hard to tell that each detail was carefully well thought out to make sure everything fit together with perfection.
This is one bracelet to strongly consider for any avid collector, or even perhaps an ideal gift for a loved one who you know will adore its Greek atmosphere.

The Hearts on Fire Atlantico Wave Cuff Bracelet

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This Atlantico wave cuff bracelet from Hearts on Fire is an elegant statement piece. There are diamonds that make their way around the bracelet in an elegant pattern. The bracelet itself is made from gold, and the beauty of the gold combined with the tiny diamonds makes this a classy piece. It is delicate and bold at the same time, and the design of the bracelet has a modern edge to it. It is a piece of jewelry that will be loved by women of all ages because of the precious materials used and how well it has been designed.

Hearts on Fire was first formed in the United States in the mid 1990s. It was formed because the founder wanted to put great diamonds out there for everyone to own, and it quickly became known for the great diamonds that could be found through it. A few years after it was formed it went global, and it has had a lot of success in that. Hearts on Fire produces many beautiful pieces of jewelry, from bracelets and necklaces to engagement rings. All of the pieces that come from this brand are made with high quality materials and have a beautiful design. They are carefully crafted, and they are timeless pieces that will make any girl who puts them on feel good about the way she looks.

David Yurman Men's Hex Bracelet

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Are you looking for a sleek, refined jewelry look? David Yurman delivers on that front through their Hex Collection, specifically designed for and to be used by men. David Yurman's Hex Collection blend the look of engineered rubber with sterling silver or yellow gold, which is achieved through using injection molding and extrusion technology. This is the same technology that is used to create high-tech, reliable watches. The Hex Collection is inspired by six-sided patterns in nature and the hexagon shape (six straight sides and angles).

One item in this collection is the David Yurman Hex bracelet in black made with 18 karats of yellow gold, and comes in sizes small, medium, and large. Most bracelets in the Hex Collection for men are made of sterling silver and come in a wide array of colors, such as grey, black, and blue, and that is what makes this single-color bracelet from the collection unique. This Hex Collection bracelet comes with a wide magnet clasp to ensure that the bracelet is secure on the wrist, and the bracelet itself is designed to have more flexibility, resistance to scraping or wearing away, and high strength. While sterling silver and gold are both precious metals, gold is more durable than sterling silver, is more scratch-resistant, and it does not tarnish over time.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Christopher Designs Crisscut Green Tourmaline Ring

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Are you searching for the perfect ring to add to your jewelry collection? Looking for something that is bold yet elegant? Hoping to find the perfect unique and beautiful gift for that special someone in your life? Look no further than the Crisscut Green Tourmaline Ring from Christopher Designs.
Christopher Designs, founded in 1981, focuses on offering 77 crisscross facets, making their diamonds more brilliant than any other on the market. With a variety of stunning pieces to choose from, Christopher designs offers the perfect jewelry for any style or taste.
The Green Tourmaline Ring in particular features a stunning green tourmaline surrounded by diamonds. The Green Tourmaline center weighs in at 6.65ct and the round diamonds weigh in around .97ct. These beautiful stones are set in a 18K white gold band. This ring is sure to make a statement even when paired with the simplest of attire.
Want to complete the look? Pair this ring with other beautiful Green Tourmaline pieces from the Christopher Designs Crisscut color jewelry line. Christopher designs offers a breathtaking set of matching Green Tourmaline earrings surrounded by diamonds, as well as a stunning Green Tourmaline pendant necklace.
This ring alone, or paired with the matching earrings and necklace, will make a great gift for that special someone. Take her breath away with these beautiful and unique pieces that offer a brilliance like none other.

The Mikimito Embrace Earrings

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Fashion has been one of the main things people keep up with no matter what century it is. Haircut styles change, and the clothes and accessories people wear get upgraded to modern looks. For those of you who are into luxury jewelry, the Mikimito Embrace White South Sea Earrings are a timeless piece that any woman can add to their looks. The pearls are medium sized and have this white glow that no other type of pearl have. Accompanying it are small diamonds that are arranged in a swirl pattern, providing an alluring touch to the pearl. The earrings are stylish and suitable in any personal or business situation.  Apart from earrings, the Mikimoto catalog has a wide array of rings, bracelets, necklaces.
The elegant piece was created by the founder Kokichi Mikimoto. He started to hand craft jewelry for woman and stumbled upon the the round look pearls. He made the world's first cultured pearl over twenty years ago and started his own black south sea pearl farm. He combines these precious pearls with diamonds and gold steel to develop his ideas. He makes it so that most of his work goes well with any other piece he makes. Ever since he learned how to cultivate and create his pearls, women from all around the world have been using his design in their everyday outfits. Mikimito passed away in 1954 and his work still inspires others until this day.

Marco Bicego 18K Gold and Diamond Collar Necklace

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Beauty, style, and elegance are very crucial for those whose career entail some aspects of publicity. Models, television hosts, news anchors, and politicians are particularly affected by this need. A range of items, clothing, and jewelry may help in fulfilling this need.

Marco Bicego, the designer of this necklace, is an Italian company that was founded to manufacture women jewelry. It is famed for using Old World Italian craftsmanship such as hand-twisted coils and hand-engraving to manufacture stylish jewelry and other decorative items. All its products are 100% handcrafted and possess simple, artesian, and unique qualities.


• Brand: Marco Bicego
• Material Composition: Yellow Gold
• Style: Collar
• Metal Purity: 18K
• Main Stone Shape: Round
• Length: 16.5 inches
• Three-strand necklace
• Brilliant cut diamonds
• Distinctive and luxurious
• Country of Manufacture: Italy
• Diamond weight: 0.09 carat
• Total Weight: 18 carats

Prospective owners of this necklace stand to derive the following, and indeed, so much more benefits from it:

• Prestige: Owing to the fact that this necklace is made of very precious materials such as Gold and Diamond, its possession bestows a sense of prestige and personal pride to the users.

• Durability: Gold and Diamond, the chief constituent components of this necklace, are very resilient to the elements of wear and tear. As such, this necklace ordinarily lasts longer and may hence be relied on in the long run.

• Great Aesthetics: It does feature a shiny golden appearance. It, therefore, exudes great aesthetics and is thus a worthy wear especially for those occasions that require some kind of resplendence.

• Zero Maintenance: Diamond, that is a key constituent component of the necklace, is very tough. It is resistant to scratches and breakages. This means you won’t incur any repair and maintenance costs at all!

This necklace is a ‘must have’ for any woman who would want to leverage the benefits of class, style, and elegance. Its Gold and Diamond composition is particularly very irresistible. Considering that time is of the essence, why not make a purchase right away?  Stop in at Schiffman's today and we'll help you with your next Marco Bicego purchase.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Memoire Diamond Bouquets Ring

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This beautiful, dazzling ring from the Mémoire Diamond Bouquets™ Collection conveys the exquisite, outstanding craftsmanship that creates the appearance of 3.5 ct diamonds from an invisible setting of 1.2 ct total.

The three diamond bouquets are set in extruded 18K white gold, further enhancing their light and brilliance. They epitomize the purity of gem selection for which, along with extruded metal bands and long-lasting strength, Mémoire jewelry is known and respected. They are, in fact, a wonderful example of the timeless designs created by the company.

Mémoire was the result of the 1986 expansion into the United States of the French jewelry company Orest. It's flagship category is the high end diamond rings for which it's original mandate was to raise the profile in the United States. Thirty years later, Mémoire is highly respected for its innovative designs, purity of materials and its use of 18K gold and platinum with unique extruded mountings. Mémoire became an independent subsidiary  of Hearts on Fire in 2004 and is now part of the Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, although still with the man who made it one of the most sought after brands in North America, J. Douglas McDowell, at the helm.

Mémoire's Diamond Bouquets™ Collection's diamonds are innovatively set to look three times larger than their actual combined weight. In the design, a center diamond is surrounded by nine invisibly set diamonds create the impact that an equivalent size solitaire diamond has. The 500 facets, designed to duplicate those of a single gem, sparkle with just the same elegant and timeless brilliance.

The Beautiful Kirk Kara Angelique Two-Tone Engagement Ring

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When someone asks another person to spend the rest of their life with them, it is a big deal and should be treated as such. This Kirk Kara Angelique two-tone engagement ring is the kind of piece that helps a couple show off their engagement and that helps a man show the woman he loves just how much she means to him. This handcrafted ring is designed in a way that is truly beautiful, and it is something that will capture the attention of all who lay eyes on it. Featuring an elegant design, this piece is something that shows the love that one person has for another. Available in platinum or gold, this two-tone ring features diamond accents that add to its perfect beauty. There are some rings that stand out as being luxurious, and this is one of them.
Kirk Kara is a brand that got its start in 1890. This brand got its start by a man who was inspired by highly detailed carvings and who used that inspiration to help him create jewelry pieces that were detailed and special. Kirk Kara is the kind of brand that focuses on perfection and that will not be satisfied unless they know that they are putting all that they have into every piece that they create. The jewelry items put out by the brand are top quality.

Athena Large Goblet

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The Athena Large Goblet makes a beautiful gift for any occasion. This goblet, from the William Yeoward brand, has a long stem that makes the goblet stand out among the other pieces on the dinner table. It is made of crystal and is handcrafted for a timeless design. The goblet is 11" tall and has a capacity of 14 oz. The crystal is clear and when filled with your favorite beverage it adds an element of style an elegance to the table. The Athena Large Goblet coordinates well with other pieces in the collection which includes champagne flutes, small goblets, and more.
The William Yeoward brand is known for their beautifully designed crystal. Each piece is carefully created for quality and beauty, to make the most of any celebration. The brand was founded in 1995 and has since been providing elegant and timeless pieces of crystal to customers who seek the best and most beautiful for their table.
This handmade goblet from the Athena collection is elegant and functional. This goblet, in a set of 4, 6, or 8, would make an excellent gift for a wedding, anniversary, other other event for anyone who enjoys entertaining. The goblet is beautifully crafted of quality crystal and is a piece that can be handed down through the generations. It is tall and has a lovely appearance on a formal dinner table. Guests will appreciate being served in the beautiful Athena Large Goblet from the William Yeoward collection.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring

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Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring is a product of Hearts On Fire of the United States of America. This Company is widely known for producing high quality-quality jewelry such as Lorelei engagement ring to the market.
Lorelei Engagement ring has a beautiful floral design and it is made of signature scalloped edges and is suitable for a full display on a special day. The accessory is recommended for a man that wants to appreciate his lover with a feminine jewelry. The Lorelei floral ring is a true promise that everyone will love it in an engagement event.
The floral engagement ring is made of sparkling and natural rough diamond. It is because of this mineral that Lorelei ring looks stunning among many other rings in the market. The diamond feature of this product makes it shine especially when there is a bright light. There is no doubt that Lorelei ring is a true beauty for a modern woman out there.
Features of Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring
  •  It is made of high-quality metal that comes in various colors such as Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum.
  • The diamond quality is very beautiful and long lasting.
  • Lorelei is made of Signature diamond quality
  • The bandwidth of this ring measures 1.5mm to 2.0 mm, the head width is 7.0mm and the head length is 8.0mm
  • Lorelei rings come from manufacturers in various sizes. There is no doubt that these rings are available for all people.
  • Made of a beautiful floral designLorelei Floral Engagement ring is the true definition of beauty.

Modern Chain Stud Earring by John Hardy

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The secret behind the beauty of Modern Chain Stud Earring by John Hardy is the elegance, craftsmanship, and creativity of the jewelry. John Hardy is one of the most recognized jewelry Companies in Hong Kong, Asia. The company has been delivering quality jewelry to the market for more than 40 years now. 
The Modern Chain Stud Earring is high-quality ear jewelry. This product is made of amazing sterling silver material and it measures 10.5 mm by 10.5 mm. The Stud Earring is available in many attractive colors.
The Modern Chain Stud earring represents the diamond filing mirror-image feature. The postback of the product ensures safety and comfort of the jewelry. Most of the John Hardy's products including the Stud Earring are a piece of wearable art for all people.
Modern Chain stud earring from John Hardy is beautiful and durable. Come visit us at Schiffman's Jewelers and let us show you the gorgeous John Hardy collections!

Omega Constellation Co-Axial Day-Date 38 mm Gold Watch

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Looking for a classy watch to gift your spouse or loved ones? Well, the Omega co-axial day-date 38 mm is a great choice for you. The Omega Constellation is a brand that is known to manufacture the best and contemporary designer watches, and the brand is known to be a part of Omega’s lineage. The features that are incorporated in the watch have various meanings that are related to the family too. Some of the great features used to design the watch include a constellation star at the six o’clock part with the great claw. Other features include the gold bracelets that have simple horizontal links that are designed to provide comfort.

The Omega Constellation co-axial watches are designed in the size of 38 mm with their case crafted in an extensive range of metals. Other features include the movement configurations and dials and diamonds too. The watch also comes in a dazzling design which is created using full cut diamonds in the form of Roman numerals on the bezels. The hour is marked with 11 full cut diamond on the dial. This type of model is powered by the Omega co- axial caliber 8500 or 8501 which is a great revolution in the watchmaking in Omega Company.

Omega is also not only known to produce men’s masterpieces, but they also manufacture ladies watches which features diamond cuts and gold bracelets. The company also designs other accessories such as bracelets among others. Visit Schiffman's Jewelers today and let us present to you the grand designs and artistry provided by Omega Watch.


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