Friday, August 25, 2017

Penny Preville Leaf Pendant

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The Penny Preville Leaf Pendant is the definition of sophistication and style. Penny Preville is a jewelry designer for the stars with the likes of Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore all adorning and collecting her unique creations.

The Leaf pendant is gorgeous and comes in Yellow or White 18K gold with a beautiful curved leaf covered in 1.59 carats of white diamonds hanging on a 22 inch long chain that is also decorated at intervals with round diamonds. The leaf pendant would be great for a formal or informal outing, the design is made to be versatile for both. When paired with Penny Preville leaf pendant earrings it would give the wearer a sense of completion.

Penny Preville received her first inspirations from her grandmother’s jewelry box, and has since been an award winning jeweler that defines feminity, luxury and an eye for integrate design. She has said that her goal is to make jewelry, that makes a woman look and feel fabulous, that is exactly what the Leaf pendant does. It makes a person feel beautiful, fabulous, and complete. The Leaf Pendant like other pieces by Penny Preville incorporates elements such as millegrain and hand engraving to give the wearer a special touch of personalization.

Come on in and see the fabulous and feminine Leaf Pendant by Penny Preville, or browse her other creations.

The Annieglass Water Sculpture Bowl

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As a homeowner, you know that home decor is what personalizes your space and makes a house into your home. Your decor reflects your personal style, whether it be rustic, modern, casual or formal. One statement piece of decor can set the tone for the whole room.

If you're looking for a piece of decor that will bring a feeling of natural elegance to a room, consider the Annieglass Water Sculpture Bowl. This handmade piece is created from Ultramarine glass and inspired by the look of crashing waves. It utilizes a unique slumping process developed by the artist over three decades ago. Simulating the perpetual motion of the sea, it is a stunning statement piece for those who appreciate the art and nature of glass sculpting. And with a finished size of 28" x 20" x 8 1/2", it is a substantial piece of art for any room.

Annie Morhauser's story began 30 years ago when she saw glass being hand blown on a beach under a full moon. Since then, she has been in love with the beauty of glass. After graduating from California College of the Arts, she began to develop her own version of working with glass, called "slumping", which marked the beginning of Annieglass. She has revolutionized the industry of glass sculpture with her innovative designs for dinnerware and decor, which is now sold at luxury retailers and boutiques across the United States.

For decor that's more than just a decoration, but a genuine work of art, the Annieglass Water Sculpture Bowl is an excellent choice. Add a not-so-subtle touch of elegance to a room with this eye-catching piece and see the difference a true work of art can make in your home.

Glimpse of the Heritage Black Watch

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Watch lovers and fanatics alike have enjoyed nothing but quality from the Heritage Black Bay family. For decades, the Tudor Watch brand has delivered ideal model watches. The launch of the Black Bay model MT 5813 perhaps has heightened the scene across the watch making industry. Designed by the best in-house team with an aim of maintaining brand specification and achieving utmost customer satisfaction.
Externally the Heritage Black Bay watch has a 41mm case with steel bracelet that is quite light on the hand. The aquatic inspired watch face has three multifunctional dials inspired by the past generation Heritage chronograph. The date display is precisely placed at the Sothern tip on the watch to enhance a fast watch glance at the current date. Additional feature aid includes unit per hour time engraved on the outer edge of the watch’s shell. Its glass enclosure has a hollow flow stream that sparkles when making a glance at the timepiece. Impressively the hand strap has a denim option for female customers while the male counterparts enjoy a steel strap. The design patterns similarly follow previous model versions. An extra option is a brown leather strap to widen the choice.
Internally it has an enhanced seventy hours power reserve to boost reliability. Mechanisms that drive the watch are tried and tested to meet traditional watch designs. This ensures delivery of quality and a better timepiece life span. This is surely a model to consider on individual watch bucket list

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Herend Sitting Pug Figurine

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Do you have a passion for dogs? Do you like to fill your home with decorations and perhaps animal figurines? Have you always thought that pugs were the most adorable breed of dog ever? Most people know someone that has a pug or especially likes that breed of dog. Why not purchase one of the most finely made pug figurines for either yourself or that pug lover you know?

The Herend Sitting Pug figurine is a nice addition to that figurine shelf. Herend did not slack on any of the detail when making this particular piece. The pug is realistic looking and cute! The colors used give this piece a very unique artistic value. The Herend Sitting Pug figurine is yet another fine piece crafted by the experts at Herend.

These days Herend is the biggest porcelain manufacturing company in all of Europe, but it wasn't always that way. The company started as a small pottery company in a small Hungarian village called Herend. After some years of producing pottery they became famous for selling their merchandise to members of the royal family. Through the years they have expanded their porcelain line to include not only dishes but figurines as well.Herend now produces a large line of dishes, figurines and many other porcelain items. They have as an option just about any type of dog and any type of animal figurine that you may desire. All of the Herend products are made with exquisite detail and produced to royal standards.

The Bold Roberto Coin Black Jade Earrings

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The Roberto Coin Black Jade Earrings have a beautiful and bold appearance to them. When someone is looking for jewelry that will show off their tastes in regard to fashion and style, they will find that these earrings will help them let the world know just what they like. Made of 18K gold, these are high quality and crafted in a careful way. The gold fits well with the agate and diamond accents. There are pieces out there that help to draw attention to an individual and let the world know what it is that they love when it comes to color and fashion, and these earrings are that kind of jewelry option.
Roberto Coin is a brand that was created in 1996 and that has put out many great jewelry pieces in the time that they have been around. This brand was named for its founder, someone who loves the world of art and hopes to share some of its beauty in the brand's pieces. Roberto Coin creates pieces that are timeless and that are crafted in a way that helps them to appear nearly perfect. The brand has been experimenting for a long time and they have put out pieces that are different from those that are put out by other brands.

Lagos Caviar Spark Diamond Bracelet

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If you are in search of the perfect romantic gift to mark a special occasion, you need look no further than the Lagos Caviar Spark diamond bracelet! This beautiful bracelet must be experienced to be believed. Its unique design is sure to make this a favorite piece in any woman’s jewelry collection. It features Caviar beading of sterling silver that showcases a beautiful middle band of the highest quality diamond links totaling .19 carat. It also features a box clasp that is a Lagos signature. The bracelet itself measures 7.5 inches in length.

Pieces such as this are the achievement of a jewelry designer’s personal vision and talent. Steven Lagos has been warming women’s hearts with his artistry since he first began his company in 1977. His strong conviction that jewelry should be very personal and reflect the best traits in the woman wearing it has never wavered. Each piece is crafted with the Lagos woman in mind: a sensual, always elegant woman of unquestioned integrity. For inspiration, Steven Lagos has always drawn on his many travels to far-flung, exotic locations in Europe and Asia, the sense memories of which have stayed with him always.

The Lagos Caviar Spark bracelet is just one stunning example of life breathed into his vision and memories. The special woman in your life will surely appreciate its beauty and warm, romantic charm.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Stylish Michele Deco Madison Two-Tone Diamond Dial Watch

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This Michele Deco Madison Two-Tone Diamond Dial Watch is something that will enhance any outfit and help to show fashionable tastes when out and about. This sleek watch is two toned and beautiful. The Michele Deco Madison Two-Tone Diamond Dial Watch features gold plated indexes, and the Roman numerals that are used on the design add to its sophistication. This watch is made with a beautiful mix of silver, gold, and diamonds. Those who wear this watch will find that it helps them to feel confident and stylish. It can be worn with a variety of outfits, adding elegance to each one. Those who are seeking a great gift for someone special will find that this elegant watch is something that will be cherished.

Michele is a brand dedicated to creating pieces that are special and that will show off personal style. The brand is one that consistently creates pieces that are classy and modern. They appreciate femininity. Michele creates each watch with great care and they will last for a long time. Stop by Schiffman’s jewelers today and see which Michele watch is right for you!

Must-Have Show Stopper

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There are some rings out there on the market that are able to captivate the attention of everyone due to their magnificent structure, the Triangle Contrast Ring by Phillips House being one of them. This ring is one-of-a-kind. If you like to be the center of attention wherever you go, this jewelry piece will definitely help you achieve this. Due to its beauty and unique structure, it is a great conversation starter.

This piece is a yellow gold ring that showcases a meaningful-sized green triangle as its main feature. The sophisticated gemstones that structure this shape are show stopping. The band itself has a design that makes it stand out all on its own, too.

This stunning ring is one that you would want to wear to special events. If you are the type of individual who likes to look elegant any day out of the week, then you can certainly put this ring to good use, as well. It goes well with any color clothing and can complement your appearance.

The jewelry designer Phillips House has become well-known in the industry for providing luxurious and timeless jewelry pieces that can last you for many years to come, and they certainly didn’t disappoint with their Triangle Contrast Ring. This eye-catching piece is definitely a must-have!

Grainger McKoy Curvy Bracelet

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The Grainger McKoy Curvy bracelet makes a bold statement, but is delicately reminiscent of feathers. This sterling silver cuff bracelet makes a statement of elegant simplicity. Created by Grainger McKoy, sculpture artist by nature, this piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art that celebrates the uniqueness of the person while wearing it. Grainger’s sculpture is the inspiration for his jewelry creations that are celebrated in gallery exhibitions that are exclusive.

McKoy features birds and birds in flight in his sculptural creations. All of his jewelry creations begin as a sculpture and each one represents some feature of a bird. The Curvy Bracelet would pair beautifully with other feather pieces such as his beautiful wide feather earrings and feather necklace in sterling silver.

Grainger McKoy is a true artist and his pieces stand out in their detail and delicacy. They draw attention to the finer details and make the woman feel as if she is flying. Even the Curvy Bracelet with its bold lines and heavier feel still capture the essence of a bird in flight as it draws the eye to wander and follow each of its curved lines. You can experience Grainger McKoy’s works first hand in gallery exhibitions throughout the Southeastern United States. Owning this piece of jewelry is owning a piece of art by a world class artist. This piece and other pieces by McKoy send the ultimate message about how special the receiver makes you feel. It is a piece for the serious collector.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Charles Krypell Precious Pastel Earrings

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Capturing the joyful spirit of renowned designer Charles Krypell, these brilliant diamond earrings from his Precious Pastel Collection are every woman's dream to possess.

Dropping from a diamond-fronted lever back fastener, the 0.70 Carat Round Brilliant Cut G-color and VS-1 clarity Diamond in each earring is surrounded by small sparkling stones in a white gold setting. Three Fancy Yellow Diamonds, set in yellow gold, accent the Brilliant Cut stone top and bottom. Typical of a Charles Krypell design, they are aesthetically pleasing from all angles and crafted to capture the spirit of the woman who wears them.

The Two-Toned Earrings are typical of Charles Krypell's distinctive jewelry designs. The New York designer has been captivating the jewelry world since 1976 when he forsook sculpture to launch his first collection of jewelry in sterling silver. This was the metal that captured his imagination as lending itself well to his three dimensional form approach to creating the unconventional pieces that became the foundation of his later collections which add platinum and gold to the media he chooses to design in.

The Precious Pastels Collection features natural red, blue and pink diamonds in addition to the yellow and white ones in these earrings. Like them, however, the stones are set in platinum and 18-karat gold. As with all the Krypell collections, the pieces are designed through the sculptor's eye for dimension. Personally signed Certificates of Authenticity come with every piece of Charles Krypell jewelry.

Breathtaking William Yeoward Azzura Pineapple

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This William Yeoward Azzura Pineapple Centerpiece is something that will capture the attention of everyone who lays eyes on it and that will change the whole appearance of a room. This centerpiece is something that is bold and that will be noticed. It is something with a beautiful look to it that will surprise guests and stir up many conversations. Made of clear crystal that is overlaid with sky blue crystal color, this piece is something that has a special appearance to it. This piece is perfect for anyone who loves pineapple and who is looking for a fresh piece to add to their home. This piece uses a mix of special cuts in order to create a design that is different from anything else out there. Those who see this fully handmade piece will be impressed with the beauty that it offers.
William Yeoward Crystal was founded in 1995, and since that time the brand has put out many beautiful pieces that are worthy of attention. The brand is dedicated to putting out pieces that each contain their own beauty and that draw attention from all who see them. The brand has crafted many pieces that are not only beautiful but that are also functional. Each piece that is crafted by William Yeoward Crystal is something that is made in a creative way and has something special to offer to the world.

Wellendorff Pure Delight Bracelet

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This Wellendorff pure delight bracelet is made with a modernized classic design. Its gold is twisted in an elegant way, and just by looking at it everyone will see that it is a classy item. It is made well, and it looks like it. The bracelet not only looks beautiful, but it is also made carefully to be comfortable and soft. It is an elegant and delicate piece with its 18-karat gold. It is formal in every way, and it goes well with any formal outfit that one would put on, as it is not too showy, but stands out just enough.

Wellendorff has been a brand to look up to for many years. When it first started off, Ernst Alexander Wellendorff made it into something that even the richest people would be envious of. He created jewelry that impressed everyone, and even royalty came to wear the pieces he created. He made a name for the brand, and today it is still a brand that people admire. Wellendorff doesn't just make bracelets, but it also makes rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. The other pieces from this brand are as elegant as the bracelet, and they are made with gold, diamonds and more. Some of the rings are even bright and colorful, and each piece has a very classy and timeless look to it that is so signature of this brand.


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