Friday, May 26, 2017

Penny Preville Feather Pendant

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The Penny Preville Feather Pendant features 1.70 ct of diamonds and 18K gold in an intricate feather design. Feminine and flirty describes the signature style of Penny Preville. This pendant is modern and trendy. It is part of the Feather collection with a full complement of matching pieces. The attention to detail makes it look like a real feather from a distance with a delicate glimmer, until you realize that it is high fire diamonds.

Penny Preville was first inspired by the pieces in her grandmothers jewelry box. She later grew up to become an award-winning jewelry designer with a signature style all her own. Her style is defined by an eye for intricate detail, using old world techniques and transforming them into contemporary collectibles. Each of her collections is unique and centered on a theme. The Feathers collection is loved for its wearability and versatility.

The Feather pendant has a floaty and free feel like Friday night. To complete the look, you will also want the matching bracelet and feather ring. These pieces are available in both 18K gold and 18K green gold. This piece is perfect for spicing up that little black dress or would make a whimsical addition to a bridal gown. It is not unusual to see a Penny Preville piece being sported on the red carpet or on the cover of magazines. This unique ensemble will be certain to make all heads turn and make you feel like you are on the red carpet too.

Lagos Maya Statement Ring

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The Lagos Maya Statement ring features a stone available in a variety of colors. The ring is set off with a beautiful crystal and A framework of beading on the band. The beading on the ring itself is made of extremely shiny sterling silver. There is A versatility of color that makes A bold statement with any look you choose to wear it with.

The Lagos Maya Statement ring matches perfectly with the Maya teardrop earrings. The earrings feature the lapis stone and the same crystals and beading that the Maya statement ring features. The ring and earrings can also be accented with the Maya stacking bangle bracelet. The sterling silver slip on bracelet can be stacked with other bangle bracelets.

The bold Lagos Maya Statement ring comes with A variety of choices for the center stone. You can choose from turquoise doublet, lapis, chrysocolla, howlite, variscite, or abalone to match your choice of outfit. The earrings and bracelet have a choice of stones too. You can make the Maya collection work for any look day or night. The beauty and brilliance of the Lagos Maya collection come from the designer, Steven Lagos. He strongly believes that jewelry is a form of art that becomes personal. He started Lagos in 1977 and wanted the jewelry to be timeless and elegant. He is inspired the most by the sights and sounds during his travels to Asia and Europe.

Herend Lionfish Figurine

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This exquisitely hand crafted lionfish by Herend will be just as much of a show stopper in your collection as real lionfish are in aquariums. With its vibrant colors, intricate detailed painting and signature Herend fish scale design this figurine is truly a work of art.

The artists at Herend have captured the beauty and majesty of this awe inspiring fish with their unique craftsmanship by hand painting it with extreme care and attention to detail. This gorgeous porcelain figurine beautifully exemplifies the quality of work that Herend is well known for. This particular fish net or fish scale design dates back to the middle eighteen hundreds and is believed to have been originally inspired by Chinese origins. The artists at Herend have beautifully interspersed 24 carat gold all throughout the body of the lionfish adding to its brilliance and eye catching pattern.

The Herend trademark of professional grade porcelain and the rigorous process by which they make all their figurines durable and beautiful also lend to their unique features and one of a kind beauty. Porcelain is an extremely durable material, but we ask that you take care when cleaning or dusting this treasure. Please hand wash with a mild nonabrasive and non lemon based detergent to avoid unnecessary risk of chipping.

Generations have fallen in love with and sought to add Herend figurines to their collections. This lionfish is no exception offering beautiful colors, an intricate design and exceptional life-like quality that is guaranteed to make it a focal point in any collection.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Juliska Quotidien Dinnerware Collection

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The pieces in Juliska's Quotidien dinnerware collection are simple in the best way. They are all white, and they are plain and elegant at the same time. Each dish has a smooth surface, and there is everything from mugs and bowls to a pretty sugar container in the collection. They aren't too distracting on the dinner table, but they hold their own. The pieces fit together well on a table and create a beautiful look for everyday occasions, or for when one is having company over. The plates are round and slightly raised, and there is a large platter to serve up food. The bowls come in multiple sizes to fit every need, and there is a tea cup and a large serving bowl to meet every need.

Juliska's makes many other collections of beautiful dishes, as well, and the company was founded by a couple in love. They wanted to create pieces that would draw people together and make them happy, and they have done that through this simple collection of dinnerware and others. They have put together many classy dishes, from these plain white ones to those that have a fish design, bright colors, and more. Everything they put together is put together with love, and they want to draw families around the dinner table together more often through the dishes they are putting out there. No matter what one's style is they will find the dinnerware that they want to put on their table when they look to this brand.

Marco Bicego Mixed Stone Bracelet, Murano Collection

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Spectacular in its sophisticated design and opulent gems, the Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Mixed Stone Bracelet is a statement of understated nobility. Six richly colored, irregular faceted semi-precious stones - amethyst, blue topaz, iolite and tourmalines - channel the sumptuous waters of the Venetian Sea, while the painstakingly handcrafted yellow gold adds a magnificent refinement to the piece. There is an exquisite delicateness and a resolute symmetry in the bracelet's composition, making it the epitome of the contemporary aesthetic.

Part of Bicego's Murano collection, this piece is designed to go with everything from a classic white T-shirt and jeans to breathtaking evening gown. Bicego has said that his jewelry is meant to be worn every day, not saved for special occasions, although this bracelet could elevate any outfit into a gala worthy ensemble. With its modern architecture, bracelet can be worn alone but can also be layered with other jewelry, especially other gorgeous items from the Murano collection. The collection includes other pieces featuring multicolored stones, as well as pieces that focus on elegant gold links and diamonds.

Indeed, part of the charm of Bicego's jewelry is its versatility, along with Old World Italian craftsmanship. The stunning gemstones are sourced from around the world but transformed into art in his Vicenza, Italy atelier. The gold components showcase an inimitable, hand-engraved Bulino technique.

Bicego's proud heritage as part of a family of goldsmiths shines through this thoughtful and splendid bracelet.

A Design That Does Not Disappoint

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Since 1976, New York-based jeweler Charles Krypell has been able to captivate multitudes with its very glamorous designs, especially when it comes to earrings. They are show-stopping pieces that can make you stand out in the crowd. The Precious Pastel Two-Toned Earrings is the latest design from Charles Krypell that is causing a buzz, as they are simply gorgeous in every aspect.

Different Beautiful Tones to Choose From

With these set of one-of-a-kind earrings, Charles Krypell definitely knocked it out of the park. The two tones that structure it are silver and gold, but this jeweler knows that everybody has different preferences; therefore, there are other beautiful tones available to meet anyone’s preference.

Diamond Galore

No matter what tone one ends up choosing, the earrings will still be replete of diamonds to make one shine at any time of the day or night. They are neither too big nor too small; they are simply perfect. They are ideal for those women who like compact-type of jewelry to easily be able to carry it around.

Charles Krypell Never Disappoints

At the moment, this set of earrings is a bestseller around the globe, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to change anytime soon. The durability is superb. Charles Krypell always makes sure to design pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation. It never disappoints!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Waterford Fleurology Black 8 inch Cachepot

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The Waterford Fleurology Black 8 inch Cachepot is a beautifully designed piece that would look great as a mantel decoration and it can also be used in various decorative ways around the home. The piece has a lovely black color that makes it somewhat modern in appearance, but it retains that timeless beauty that the Waterford brand is known for. It would work in many rooms throughout the house and could easily fit in with many different decor styles. This piece is part of the Fleurology collection, which means that it has striking accents to offset the main color of the piece. It easily coordinates with other pieces in the Fleurology Jeff Leatham Cleo Black collection, which includes bowls, vases, and other decor items.

The Waterford brand is well known for creating pieces that are stylish and timeless. These pieces make excellent gifts for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or house-warming parties. Waterford is part of the Fiskars company, which began in 1649 and is now one of the leading global retailers of fine home decor goods.

This exquisite cachepot was created to mimic the traditional cachepot which was used by French indoor gardeners to keep plants inside the home. This particular piece has unique geometric designs that are reminiscent of leaves or floral petals. It is made of black cased crystal and is 8" tall by 7" wide. It has a depth of 7" which means that it can easily hold many different types of flower arrangements.

Precision Set Extraordinary Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Ring

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The beautiful ring is made of platinum and 18K rose gold. It was created by Precision Set, a company that makes unique jewelry pieces for many different occasions. This particular ring is in the Extraordinary collection, one of the unique collections created by Precision Set, in which the pieces easily coordinate or stand alone. This ring would make a beautiful engagement ring and is perfect for a special occasion gift.

Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works creates exceptional jewelry pieces for those who are looking for fine craftsmanship and beautiful designs. The company was founded in 1987 and they have some of the world's most talented artisans creating their pieces. They have collections of bridal jewelry, engagement rings, men's bands and other fine pieces. The company is one of the few of its kind to design, manufacture, and distribute their pieces from one location in the United States.

The Precision Set Extraordinary Platinum and 18K Rose Gold ring has a total carat weight of 1.05 diamonds. The design of the ring is a double cushion diamond halo with a large diamond in the center surrounded by a rose gold ring of diamonds and a platinum ring of diamonds on the outside edge. This ring is ideal for those searching for a beautiful engagement ring that is timeless and unique. The rose gold accents add an element of surprise to a classic piece.

A Piece That Can Last You a Lifetime

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There are many jewelry designers around the globe that have introduced one-of-a-kind pieces that have been able to garner the attention of the public, such as Phillips House. This particular designer has always been able to stand out due to its creativity, uniqueness, and beautiful pieces; take the Blue Sapphire Revolution Necklace, as proof of this statement.

Revolutionary Design

Ever since this necklace (1.36 tcw) was introduced on the market, it has been able to captivate many women, and thus, it has rapidly become a bestseller for Phillips House. It is a revolutionary piece in design, concept, and style that doesn't fail to amaze no matter what season we are in.

Nicely Structured

The blue sapphire stones that surround the pendant are simply breathtaking, but not to the point of overshadowing your presence. Phillips House structured this design to compliment your appearance so that you can shine no matter what time of the day it is. If blue is not your color, this designer has other fabulous colors to choose from that can meet anyone's preferences.

A Piece That Can Last You a lifetime

The necklace itself is yellow gold. It is thin to help make the band the piece that stands out. Just like the pendant, the necklace itself is very well-crafted, which is not shocking, as Phillips House is well-known in the industry for providing pieces that can last a lifetime.

Friday, May 05, 2017

John Hardy Dot Link Necklace with Diamonds

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John Hardy is an icon in the jewelry business, producing unique pieces that feature texture and perspective as key features of the design. The John Hardy Dot Link Necklace with Diamonds is a piece that embodies these classic characteristics. The necklace features three interlinked chains that dissolve into the sides consisting of graduated chains that grow smaller as they move towards the back of the neck. The necklace measures 3mm wide and features 18K yellow gold and pave diamonds. It has a lobster clasp for extra security.

John Hardy was founded in 1975 in markets itself as a “sustainable” luxury jewelry brand. It considers itself to be a green company with the ultimate goal of becoming one of the few carbon neutral jewelry makers in the business. The company plants bamboo on Bali and on the nearby island of Penida. It insists on sustainable measures in all of its advertising, business travel, and electricity consumption. It uses 100% recycled silver in its designs.

This commitment to the future carries over into its design style. These pieces are ahead of the trend and offer the wearer the ability to be a trend setter, instead of a trend follower. The Dot collection is curated with matching earrings, and a matching ring, both of which feature the element of perspective in their designs. John Hardy offers the wearer something unique that is not found in any other collection. 

Mikimoto Cascata Ring

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Jewelry is a way to express your style, taste and image to those around you. It can be an extension of your personality or convey a message that you want to say to the world. Whether you would define your style as minimal, elegant, natural or eclectic, there are many jewelry options available to suit you.

The Mikimoto Cascata Ring is a statement piece of jewelry like no other. Classic 18 karat white gold forms the substantial band holding over three carats of diamonds and a 13mm South Sea cultured pearl. The diamonds cascade elegantly around the pearl in a shimmering cluster. This ring will capture the attention of anyone who sees it as it adorns your hand with exquisite beauty.

A world leader in the production of high quality cultured pearls and exceptional jewelry design, Mikimoto brings that one-of-a-kind look to this beautiful ring as well. When you choose a Mikimoto piece, you know that you are choosing the ultimate in sophistication and timeless elegance. Mikimoto pearls are not only among the finest cultured pearls in the world, but also a beautiful reflection of unparalleled quality, care and dedication.

If you desire the highest of quality when choosing your jewelry and want a stunning, unique piece to reflect your elegant style and taste, look no further than the Mikimoto Cascata ring for a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. The Cascata will help you make a beautiful statement without saying a word! 

Raymond Weil Toccata yellow gold men's watch

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Raymond Weil’s Toccata yellow gold men’s watch makes an impressive statement. Understated elegance, this watch has you on time and on point. Toccata is considered a dress watch, however, it will add panache to any occasion. The bracelet has freestyle flair and the design is complimented by the finest Swiss quartz movement, technology, and a secure push button folding clasp. The durable physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated case lessens water or perspiration damage. The case has a diameter of 39 mm.

Raymond Weil is a family owned, independent brand and has crafted unique, high quality fine watches since 1976. The Toccata has a polished jewel quality finish and is water resistant. Contemporary and classic, the timepiece incorporates Swiss made products only. Like all Weil watches, it is made with dedication to every detail. Features include the automatic date display at the 3 o’clock position and a white dial with Roman numerals. Additionally, the sapphire crystal is scratch resistant, it has a pull/push crown, and a solid case back.

Discerning clients appreciate this luxury watch and other fine jewelry by this icon. Raymond Weil also produces timing devices and systems. The company's accessories include writing instruments, necklaces, earrings, and music boxes. Exquisite diamond engagement rings and gold or silver wedding bands are available. Whatever your jewelry needs are, rewarding yourself or a special gift, this company will surpass every expectation. 


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