Friday, April 28, 2017

Beautiful and Unique Roberto Coin Heart Pendant

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There are times when a person wants to buy a piece of jewelry for someone to show them just how much they mean to them, and this Roberto Coin Heart Pendant With Diamonds is perfect in those times. This pendant is made in a unique way and with a fresh design that is both modern and timeless. This twisted heart of 18kt gold features a diamond accent that will sparkle under any kind of light. This piece brings a touch of elegance to any outfit and it can be worn with many different types of outfits. This piece will take any normal dress and turn it into something that is eye-catching and beautiful. This pendant comes on an 18-inch chain and is ready to grace the neck of the recipient.

The Roberto Coin brand was established in 1996 and has since created many beautiful pieces for those who are inspired by elegant creations. Roberto Coin, the founder of the brand, is someone who has a great love for the art and fashion worlds and who uses that love to push him to create things of beauty. The brand puts out pieces that are romantic in appearance and that point to those pieces that were created in the past. 

Penny Preville Marquise Scroll Earrings

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One glance at the Marquise Scroll Earrings by Penny Preville, and it is clear that these delicate and lovely earrings are a fine example of detailed workmanship and graceful elegance. The diamonds are set on French wire and 18 karat white gold. The total diamond weight is 0.95 and each stone is brilliantly cut to catch and reflect light with every movement. The style, called Marquise Scroll, refers to the cut of the diamond (a low pointed oval shape with many facets) and the twists and curls of the lines in these earrings are reminiscent of Victorian decorative elements. The design itself is relatively simple but it is at the same time tastefully ornate and extremely refined.

With a flair for intricate designs, elegant femininity, and inspired by the decadent jewelry designs of the Victorian and Art Deco eras, Penny Preville has achieved great success as an award winning jewelry designer whose pieces are regarded as highly artistic and exquisitely beautiful. Her fashionable and luxurious line is available in 18K white, yellow, and rose gold, and also in platinum and often is set with diamonds and other precious stones. Penny Preville pieces are sought after by celebrities and other elite figures and over the years she has won many awards for her contributions to fashion and creative design. 

Memoire Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring

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One of the most important jewelry purchases one could ever make would have to be a purchase of a diamond engagement ring. That's why the wedding rings designed by Mémoire are impeccably crafted and the end result is a ring that is flawless in its beauty, an eternally valued treasure that captures the bloom of love on its most special day.

The Diamond Bouquets 18K White Gold Engagement Ring is no exception. This stunning ring has two rows of pave set diamonds on each side of a breathtaking diamond solitaire. The four prong solitaire diamond is invisibly set in 18K white gold with brilliant cut diamonds which creates the look of a 1.50 ct solitaire. This clever and intricate setting showcases this solitaire diamond with lustrous splendor and permanence. The Diamond Bouquets Engagement Ring has a total diamond weight of 0.75 and is also available in platinum and in yellow gold.

Mémoire Jewelers have been creating jewelry pieces that exceed industry standards through their consistent attention to details, an aspect of their unrivaled craftsmanship and skill. All pieces in Mémoire’s classic collections, including their signature classic and wedding band designs, are made with a feature that highlights this excellence and it is the extruded mountings. While not very common in jewelry production due to the complexity of its method, extruded mountings are considered to be the finest mountings with an extremely high level of purity that ensures a uniformity and consistency between the stone and its setting. For the lasting beauty of their designs as well as their superior standards, Mémoire Jewelers is the perfect choice when considering your engagement ring purchase. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Konstantino-A Timeless Choice in Men's Rings

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When it comes to designing rings that are intrinsically appealing to men, nobody does it better than Konstantino. With a wide selection of rings that are timeless, modern, and distinctive, Konstantino creates rings with superior craftsmanship combined with elements of style that are definitively masculine and inspired by characteristics of the ancient Greek culture, one of the most important ancient civilizations in history, to be worn by men of many different tastes for many lifetimes to come.

An elegant and polished look that many men could appreciate is the Konstantino Men's Silver and Gold Ring that is made with a stone at its center, a sterling silver band and accented with 18K yellow gold. This ring features the detailing of a regal scroll-like pattern on the sides and in the center of the ring, a square shaped stone that is accented on each corner with gold caps. The design reminds one of an Greek architectural structure and it exudes elements of distinguished taste and classy sophistication. The ring is available with a choice of one of six semi precious gemstones that include: carnelian, onyx, sodalite, spectrolite, tiger's eye, and turquoise. It is available in half sizes as well as whole sizes and is part of the distinctive Men's Sparta Collection. 

David Yurman Women's Albion Timepiece

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Since the late 1950's, artist and designer, David Yurman, has been learning and specializing in the craftsmanship of jewelry design. Originally a young artist of the Beat Generation and counter-culture found on the West coast, Yurman found his talent in sculpting as an understudy to many acclaimed sculptors.

It wasn't until his chance meeting with another young, free-minded artist and his future-wife, Sybil, that Yurman would begin utilizing his talents with modern art sculptures for the delicate craft of jewelry. Today, the designer's name is synonymous with detailed, luxury accessories for both men and women.

The Albion 23mm Stainless Steel Quarts Timepiece Womens' Watch by David Yurman is a testament to his life's journey as an artist. The timepiece is part of the Albion Collection, which features the classic, signature cable style made popular by this distinguished jewelry designer.

The modern, sleek face of the watch rests comfortably on a stainless steel bracelet with a discreet fold-over clasp and classic chain design. The timepiece features Swiss quartz movement for dependable functionality and tastefully-cut diamond insets which frame the face of the watch.

An additional eight diamonds are situated in between stainless steel Roman numerals, adding delight and interest to this polished timepiece. The look and feel of the Albion Womens' Watch is both timeless and timely: from the glisten of the stainless steel to the pristine sparkle of diamonds, this timepiece is quintessential Yurman design. 

Hearts On Fire Aerial Diamond Earrings

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These beautiful earrings from Hearts on Fire have an approximate carat weight of 1.15 and are available in 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold. The Aerial Diamond earrings can be worn with casual clothing or dressed up for a night out. These earrings are sure to draw attention with their unique style and exceptional diamond accents. They are dramatic but still practical enough to be worn for many different occasions.

Hearts on Fire is a brand of jewelry that creates unique pieces using some of the world's most perfectly cut diamonds. The founders of Hearts on Fire are exceptionally selective about the diamonds they use in their pieces. They create everything from earrings and bracelets to beautiful engagement rings and wedding sets. Anyone who is looking for unique diamond jewelry will be pleased with a piece from this brand.

The Aerial Diamond earrings are designed with small diamond studs that sit on the earlobes and diamond covered butterflies that hang down below. This design gives a dramatic effect that the butterfly is actually floating below the ear. These earrings were designed for those who seek carefully designed pieces that stand out from other types of jewelry. Each diamond in these earrings is exceptionally cut and as perfect as can be found, like all the diamonds chosen by the Hearts on Fire brand. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kirk Kara Charlotte Princess Engagement Ring

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This Charlotte engagement ring will make a bold statement with its gorgeous peek-a-boo diamonds and the beautiful gold band. It is elegant with the engravings so artfully put in it, and it will make any girl feel beautiful when she puts it on her finger. This is an engagement ring that everyone will notice when a girl steps into the room because of how the diamonds have been laid out, from the largest one in the center of the ring, to the smaller ones working their way down the sides. It is a ring worthy of a princess, as it does not get any more timeless and special than gold and diamonds.

Kirk Kara has been around since 1890, and the designers there care about the jewelry they are crafting, as they take the time to work on each piece and make sure it is just right. They won a Jeweler's Choice award in 2016 because of the excellent work that they do with jewelry. They put together gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands. Some of the rings they fashion are simple, and some are extravagant, but all are put together well as they are crafted by the artists who work for Kirk Kara. 

Swiss Army Alliance Small Women's Watch

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With the Swiss Army Alliance Small Women's Watch, any woman will be impressed with the level of expert detail and trendy style inherent in this piece. The dial is one of the best places to start with this amazing watch. With a mother-of-pearl dial, its black design becomes a classy, yet tasteful look highlighted by the glimmer of the stainless-steel body. It’s at once incomparably exquisite and yet absolutely reliable. Along with a triple-coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the watch also features a screw-in caseback that watch enthusiasts laud. Plus, with 10ATM water-resistance, you’re promised superior dependability that can only come from a name like Victorinox.

Hidden behind the dial is a swiss-made movement that brings you trustworthy timekeeping and the knowledge that your piece was designed for a long life. Over the decades, Swiss-made movements have come to define the highest degree of luxury in the watch and style worlds. This is especially true when you consider this watch’s singular diamond balancing the piece. Meant to capture the grandeur of the stars themselves, this diamond skips gaudy or overly flashy and goes for a sophistication that simply can’t be compared. The look perfectly captures the night sky in the exact way that Victorinox intended. 

The Special Herend Egg Bonbon With Bunny Figurine

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There are some pieces that a person might add to their home that can take the place up a notch and that can help to bring about a new kind of feeling in that home. This Herend Egg Bonbon With Bunny Figurine is something that is perfect for display in the springtime. This is something that can change up the way that a home feels. This sweet item features an egg of sorts that is made of white and accented with blue floral designs. The bunny on top of this decor piece is sitting peacefully and made of an elegant white. This decor piece seems to have a story to tell, and all who see it will be drawn in by the beauty that it offers. This piece adds to any room where it is displayed.

The Herend brand has been around for many years and has produced a variety of items in the years that they have been in business. This brand creates smooth and clean porcelain items that are beautiful in any home. They put out pieces that are crafted in a careful manner and that do not feature any mistakes. 

Friday, April 07, 2017

Wellendorff Ring of the Year 2017

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Wellendorff’s iconic jewelry can be recognized anywhere, even before you spot the Wellendorff logo that can be found on every piece. Wellendorff takes a different approach to jewelry design, combining color, metal, and texture in a way that is unique that makes a definitive statement about the wearer. Wellendorff knows that it is the feeling that the piece invokes much more than the physical attributes of the piece that will make it a classic. Wellendorff makes pieces that are exclusive enough for evening, and timeless enough to be worn every day.

The Wellendorff 2017 Ring of the Year is a limited edition that is dedicated to the memory of happy moments shared with the one you love. When two souls cross paths, it is a special occasion that should be marked with a special piece jewelry. Only 217 women will be able to have this special ring. Each ring is numbered so that you know it is unique. This ring features diamonds set against brilliant 18K yellow gold among interwoven rose and apricot toned circles. Of course, it prominently features the Wellendorff logo set with a brilliant high fire diamond. The design is vibrant, magical, and unforgettable, as will be the moment she receives it. 

Grainger McKoy Wren Feather Earrings

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Every piece of jewelry has its own story to tell, and the Grainger McKoy Wren Feather Earrings are no exception to that. These earrings have a look to them that is different and special, and they draw attention from those who see them. These earrings are a conversation piece, and the uniqueness of them sets apart the one who puts them in place in their ears.

The Grainger McKoy Wren Feather Earrings can be crafted of either 14K or 18K gold, or they can be made of sterling silver. Each material offers the purchaser the option to get the earrings at a different price point. These earrings are made to look like a circle of little feathers, and the detail that is used in their design makes for a breathtaking finish. These earrings bring a bit of nature to any outfit.

Grainger McKoy grew up in a cabin that his father built, and the design of that cabin inspired him before he began working at the job of creating jewelry. He is an artistic individual with an eye for detail, and he crafts pieces that are special in all that they offer. His designs stand out among other jewelry options. 

The Elegant Penny Preville Pave Pear Shape Collar

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There are some jewelry pieces that are simple in the elegance that they offer and that bring a clean finish to any outfit, and the Penny Preville Pave Pear Shape Collar is one of those pieces. This collar necklace is something that is shiny and beautiful and can fit with a variety of outfits.

The Penny Preville Pave Pear Shape Collar is made of 18K gold and it has a clean look to it. This can be paired with a dress, a nice top, or a suit. This collar is accented with .43ct diamond, giving it an elegant finish. The look of this necklace is simple, with beautiful pear shapes at either end and an otherwise smooth and plain appearance.

Penny Preville received her first inspiration through the pieces that her grandmother owned, and that inspiration has pushed her on to design all kinds of jewelry. She is influenced by culture and by fashion, and she uses the inspiration that she receives to create pieces that are unique and that have a beauty that is different from that offered by other pieces out there. 

Visit Schiffmans Jewelers today and let us show you what Penny Preville has to offer.


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