Friday, March 31, 2017

Charles Krypell Skye Hematite Earrings

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The combination of sterling silver with black hematite makes these Skye Hematite Earrings a spectacular example of how contrasts can be used to make each other stand out. Flowing into what seems like an intricate web of lace, the sterling silver suspends the polished facets of the hematite, which has been shaped so that its curves converge into a single perfect point. Together, these two elements create a clean and elegant image that is sure to impress regardless of the time and occasion, thus making it perfect for a wide range of people in a wide range of settings.

Such a result is nothing less than what can be expected of Charles Krypell, who is a New York-born and New York-trained sculptor who has worked with a wide range of materials that include but are not limited to clay, wood, stone, and metal over the course of three decades. Over that period of time, Krypell has managed to win over customers that range from department stores to celebrities and consumers with selective tastes. Partly, this was because of his business skills, and partly, this was because of his recognition that designs have to evolve with the times. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that these Skye Hematite Earrings are symbolic of his collection, which seeks to showcase the wonderful combinations of precious metals and precious stones that are possible. 

Tissot Bella Ora

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The Tissot Company has been a maker of fine jewelry watches since 1853. Founded by the father and son team of Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot, the same tradition of custom craftsmanship still continues in every piece that the company makes today. When you see the Tissot logo on the clockface, you know that the piece is a finely crafted precision piece and the Bella Ora is no exception.

This ladies watch features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, silver dial, and Switz quartz movement. It has a 316L stainless steel case and is water resistant up to 3 bar, which is 30 meters or 100 ft. The battery is a long-lasting Renata 317 and sets the industry standard. The clock face is oval, which sets it apart and makes it a unique piece for any collection. The clock face is numberless, giving the clock face a sleek, uncluttered look. Several different strap options are available so you can choose one to go with every occasion and every outfit. This elegant and sleek timepiece says that you care about the person that you are giving it to and they will know that you mean it for a lifetime. 

Hearts on Fire Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle

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The Hearts on Fire Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle is a great piece for any woman. This bracelet is an open circle with a shooting start on one end. Expertly cut Hearts on Fire diamonds are placed all around the band and make this bracelet really stand out. This gorgeous bracelet is made out of white gold.

This bangle was designed to resemble a shooting star. It is bright and shiny like the stars in the night sky. The Hearts on Fire diamonds really give this bangle a statement look. This bracelet will help a woman stand out in the crowd. Between the star design and all of these perfectly cut diamonds it will be hard not to take notice! 

Schiffman's Jewelers has an expert staff that is ready to show you all the stunning pieces in the Hearts on Fire collections.  Won't you stop in to take a look? 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Konstantino Hermione Corner Drop Earrings

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Inspired by the classical and timeless beauty of Ancient Greek pottery and culture, Konstantino's jewelry pieces reflect universality and ageless grace. It is also a representation of the designer's great passion for his beloved hometown of Greece. Konstantino designs jewelry that will last throughout time, such as the Hermione Collection.

This collection of earrings, pendants, and other pieces are altogether as regal as the Greek gods themselves. One product, the Hermione Corner Drop earrings, is a sterling silver piece detailed with 18K yellow gold in each of its four fleur-de-lis corners. The edges are trimmed with an exquisite hammered design that is reflected on the delicate earring hoops as well. Perhaps the most beautiful part of this jewelry is the central stone part. There are three gemstone choices for the center part of the earring. The white pearl is a vision of enduring beauty. The blue topaz reflects both royalty and elegance, while the turquoise is all about youth and grace. Each gemstone is crafted with a rounded finish.

Konstantino's Hermione Corner Drop earrings is a universal jewelry piece that is appropriate for any occasion. 

Roberto Coin Princess Flower Ring

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The Princess Collection is everything one can expect it to be: delicate, unique, and beautiful. Roberto Coin embraces femininity and crafts it into the most creative and sophisticated masterpieces. The Princess Flower Ring is a remarkable combination of textures, from the smooth surface of the band to the intricate rope border that frames both the band and the petals of the flower. These petals are covered with a dazzling arrangement of diamonds amounting to 0.45 carats. These 18K flower rings are available in either white or yellow gold.

The patterns on this Princess Flower Ring are nothing short of brilliant. But for those looking for something similar, Roberto Coin has designed flower rings without the diamonds. These rings are just as elegant with smooth, polished gold surfaces replacing the diamonds on the petals. The overall shape and design of the ring works well for either style, wearable on special occasions or for everyday use. The Princess Flower Ring collection is a testament to Roberto Coin's artistry that has been known and acclaimed in the jewelry fashion industry since 1977. 

Precision Set Classic Princess Cut Ring

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There's a unique elegance that sets classic rings from all the rest. This is the same sentiment that separates Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works from the rest of the competition. Their intricate craftsmanship and dedication to high quality production has been the key to their success since 1987.

Precision Set's Classic Half Round Princess Cut Sapphire Ring is an excellent example of their meticulous standards. Available in 14K or 18K white gold or platinum, this ring is a true classic in its form. It carries 0.33 carats of the purest sapphires cut in the princess style for added delicacy and softness. The channel set band creates a sturdy setting for the stones, while also creating a solid backdrop for the sapphire to shine.

Precision Set has several other classic styles similar to this sapphire ring, with beautiful diamonds set in place instead of the sapphire. Different carat sizes are also available with the same channel set bands. These Precision Set classic rings are all statements of refinement and mastery, the perfect gift for the most special person and occasion. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

The David Yurman Revolution 43.5mm Chronograph Men's Watch

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For men looking to make a fashion statement that maintains the delicate balance between refined elegance and sporty, contemporary style, the David Yurman Revolution 43.5 mm Chronograph Men's Watch is an excellent option. Features include a Swiss, self-winding automatic chronograph Valjoux movement and three subdials.

This watch is available with a beautifully modern, chrome-toned stainless steel band or, for those who want to go even more sporty, in stainless steel with stylized black rubber. Its appearance is in some ways evocative of the dashboard one might to see in a high end sports car, its black and chrome face sporting subtle yet daring red accents.

The Revolution 43.5 mm Chronograph watch is in keeping with the sleek and modern - but never ostentatious - style that appears consistently across men's timepieces by famed designer David Yurman. Equally well known for modern, geometric women's jewelry, Yurman's aesthetic reveals the influence of encounters with fine artists and sculptors early in his career. Yurman went on to feature highly sculptural elements in his jewelry designs, an aesthetic he has taken even further with the creation of distinct timepieces that emphasize form, design and composition. 

Marco Bicego Amethyst Stackable Ring

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Marco Bicego, an Italian jewelry designer has been creating high quality pieces inspired in part by his Venetian origin. Bicego is a firm believer in creating quality Italian jewelry that will last for years, and his amethyst stackable ring is no different.

As part of the Delicati collection this ring features a rich purple Jaipur rose cut cushion amethyst. Though the stone is fairly small it still looks very beautiful, and would be perfect for someone who does not want to bother with overly large stones. The 18K yellow gold band is thin in order to allow for easy stacking with the other stackable rings in the collection. It can also be worn by itself to display its simple elegance. Another feature of the ring is the hand engraving on the band, which is done by Italian artisans. This ring was inspired by the sunsets in India and the long history of stone-cutting that exists in Jaipur.

Also in the Delicati collection are Jaipur amethyst necklaces in circle or rectangular cuts. This ring is also available with a topaz, citrine or garnet stone. 

Herend: The Wealth of a Pineapple.

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Founded in 1826, Herend began in a small village in Hungary. In its humble beginnings it produced pottery. In 1839 the addition of Mor Fisher as the companies new owner brought it into the beginnings of the company we see today. His vision brought Herend into the royal family's, cementing the company’s future with a string of royal success. Herend has been found in such esteemed homes as Princess Diana and even Queen Victoria herself as far back as 1851.

The Pineapple is a 3.5” long by 8.5” high multi-color piece. This limited edition porcelain figurine is the pinnacle of wealth both in modern times and back in the colonial times. Its original implication of wealth came from small, primitive settlements back in colonial times. Any hostess worth her weight in salt would create grand displays of wealth via table settings and the food in which they dined on. Often displays of all shapes and heights were displayed for her guests and only those with the most wealth could afford such luxuries as exotic fruits.

This pineapple, created by Herend, allows people even in modern times to have a lavish, wonderful piece both of beauty and wealth. While the hostess no longer has to resort to renting a pineapple to show her afforded wealth this gorgeous piece of keylime and butterscotch topped with a crown of gold impress the guests. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mikimoto Conch Pearl Pendant

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Mikimoto is the finest producer of cultured pearls in the world, and a leader in exceptional quality jewelry. Mikimoto has made their mark in the world of jewelry at every level; from quality and selection, customer service, and their warranty and commitment to their clients. Pearls are beautiful gems which are born from the sea and they are pure, making them a living gem. Pearls are a symbol of class, elegance and unique style, and Mikimoto puts every effort into their quality and craftsmanship that makes each piece last a lifetime.

If fact, it's been over a century now that Kokichi Mikimoto created the world's first cultured pearl. Mikimoto had a quest for perfection, a tradition that carries on through Mikimoto designs today.

One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry is a Mikimoto pearl pendant. The beautiful conch and white South Sea cultured pearl pendant features a lovely conch pearl as well as a white south sea cultured pearl. The conch pearl is 14x9mm, and the white south sea cultured pearl is 15mm with 2.78ct tourmaline, .87ct diamonds, all set in a beautiful platinum design. The Mikimoto conch pearl pendant is a gift right from the living sea, and an elegant and special piece to keep for a lifetime.

Take a look at this stunning pearl pendant and the beauty of the craftsmanship, and treat yourself or the woman you love to the mystery of the sea, and the gift of pure elegance and luxury. 

Charles Krypell Twilight White Sapphire Ring

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Charles Krypell has created a vision of the night sky. This ring mixes sapphires with sterling silver for a unique and highly elegant look. This 16-millimeter ring is available with white, blue, or pink sapphires. All three varieties have black sapphires in addition to the primary color. Each sapphire ring blends 2.53 carats of black sapphire with 0.81 carats of the specialty color sapphire (white, blue, or pink). The black sapphires are pave set into the ring, while the specialty color sapphires are set to stand out throughout the ring, giving the ring a classy, interesting look.

Guys, the woman of your dreams is sure to enjoy this ring. With the pave set black sapphires and the specialty color sapphires placed as they are, this is sure to catch her eye and let her know just how much she means to you.

Charles Krypell is always striving to do better and put out the best jewelry out there for whatever collection he is working on. With his sterling silver collection, he puts out jewelry with not only sapphires and sterling silver, but gold, diamonds, and pearls. 

Phillips House Knocker Contrast Necklace

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Phillips House has created some unique pieces of jewelry, and this Knocker Contrast Necklace is no exception. This knocker contrast necklace (0.59tcw) is made of gold and diamond making it yellow gold diamond necklace. It is made from one of the fine metals in the world that means that it is of the best quality and has a very fashionable style. It is a very stunning necklace that everyone would love to own.

Phillips House has many other gorgeous necklaces, as well as other jewelry, so you can find many pieces that fit your style. The Hero DBTY Necklace (0.54tcw) is also yellow gold and diamond. This kind of a necklace leaves the heroic mark on the woman wearing it, leaving her feeling more empowered and more formidable. There is also the Hero Lariat Necklace (0.40tcw) that is also a yellow gold and diamond piece. Thirdly, we have the Hero Stud Earrings (0.36tcw).  Phillips House jewelry will start conversations and leave you feeling powerful.

Stop by Schiffman’s Jewelers today and see what fantastic creations we have to offer!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Chalcedony Bracelet

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Since the launch of his exquisite jewelry line in the year 2000, Marco Bicego has redefined what is meant by the term everyday luxury. He comes from a line of Old World Italian artisan goldsmiths who have decades of experience creating pieces of art that every woman will enjoy. The company remains a small family-owned business that is headquartered in the charming town of Trissino, Vicenza in northern Italy.

The Macro Bicego 18K yellow gold and chalcedony bracelet lives up to the company reputation of simple elegance. The brilliance of the yellow gold sets off the semitransparent waxy luster of the grayish-blue chalcedony teardrops. Chalcedony is a type of quartz that is extremely fine grained and its use goes all the way back to Bronze Age Greece. This piece is timeless, yet playful. It is hand engraved, with each stone carefully handpicked for color and uniformity. This piece is elegant enough but simple enough to wear every day. This is an essential piece that every woman should have in her collection. You can’t go wrong with an old world classic like this piece. 

Friday, March 03, 2017

Michele Deco Watch

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Many people enjoy fine watches. The Deco II mid-size diamonds two tone, Diamond dial watch is one of the most elegant watches that a person can purchase. This watch was designed by Michele and is both sleek and refined. While this watch is shiny and made from quality jewels and stone it is lightweight to wear.

This watch has a slim design and is covered with 102 small diamonds. There is a two tone gold dial that is made from mother of pearl. This watch can be changed to fit a person’s personal style. The bracelet part of the watch can be interchanged with any other 16mm Michele strap.

The watch comes with a two toned strap. Some of the other straps that look good with it include a silver strap as well as a brown band. This watch is dainty and is great for ladies to wear. This watch can be worn to work or it can be worn for a night out on the town. This Deco watch is stylish and fancy at the same time. 

Wellendorff Silken Knot Cufflinks

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Wellendorff is a brand well known for creating beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces. The brand was first founded in 1893. The company has since been passed down through the generations, with each generation bringing new ideas and creativity to the classic brand. They create everything from wedding bands, other rings and necklaces, to cuff links and other pieces designed for men. These men's pieces are ideal for everyday wear and for formal occasions. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted for quality and detail, to ensure that the wearer has a piece to last.

Wellendorff Silken Knot Cufflinks make a wonderful addition to any outfit for a formal occasion. They are made from 18 karat white gold and crafted in the traditional style the brand is known for. The design is of a delicate knot that provides a slightly nautical look. The cufflinks have the brand's signature "W" in the center, along with a beautiful diamond accent. These cufflinks would make an ideal gift for the man who appreciates unique details and beautiful craftsmanship. They have innovative fastener technology with a safety spring mechanism for convenience. The cufflinks are also available in yellow gold. 

The Sparkling Penny Preville Lace Cross Pendant

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The Penny Preville Lace Cross Pendant adds a look of elegance to any outfit. The cross charm on this necklace is made of 18K gold and something that is going to stay in good shape through much use. The shape of the cross is artistic and beautiful. This necklace captures the attention of all who see it, and it can be worn as a religious statement or simply to be fashionable. The diamond accents that cover the front of this cross bring a luxurious feel to the piece.

Penny Preville was inspired to create jewelry because of the sparkling pieces that she once saw in her grandmother's jewelry box. The brand uses a variety of high-quality materials to create their many pieces, including 18K gold, diamonds, and platinum. This Penny Preville Lace Cross Pendant is something that was designed with care just as all pieces from Penny Preville are. Penny Preville designs have been worn by many different celebrities through the years and they always receive attention because of their beauty and their fine craftsmanship. 


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