Friday, February 24, 2017

Roberto Coin Hoop Earrings

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If you are looking for that special something when it comes to jewelry and accessories, then Roberto Coin has you covered! The Roberto Coin tapered diamond hoops will give you that eye-catching look in a classy, elegant style. They will match with just about any business casual and semi-formal attire that you choose to wear them with.

Each earring has a thick hoop design that tapers as it rises to the post of the earring. The center of the earring has a nugget style texture to give a modern, yet refined look. The diamonds are high-quality CS princess cut diamonds that encircle the earring on one side. The earring is made of 18 karat gold with .58 total karat weight of diamonds. If you are looking for an enchanting gift for that special someone in your life then this would make a perfect addition to any lady's jewelry collection. If you are looking for a versatile yet unique set of earrings for yourself, then this pair of earrings would be a great investment. You will get years of enjoyment wearing these beautiful earrings.

Kirk Kara Charlotte Three Stone Engagement Ring

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Once again the Armenian cultural roots of the Kirk Kara jewelry artistry are seen in the beauty and elegance traditional in this line. This three stone and halo engagement ring, presented as a cornerstone of the Charlotte collection, features 1/4 ctw of diamonds as a backdrop for the optional center stone, here shown as a 1 carat round stone. Vibrant sentinels of deep blue sapphire flank and emphasize the elegance of the centerpiece. Offered in rich platinum or traditional gold with handcrafted milgrain edging, the band represents the signature work of Kirk Kara. Its design is the perfect blend of modern style and echoes of vintage deco memories.

Creating an aesthetic union with the three stone ring is the equally stunning wedding band in this collection. Boasting clean lines and accents, it is both bold and beautiful. A storied artisan, Kirk Kara here evokes a sense of daring in his understanding of the use of sharp color to add impact and expressiveness to the pieces of his Charlotte collection, producing the unparalleled beauty of rings like these.

Lagos Caviar Necklace

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If high fashion elegance and impact are what you are after, then you have found it in this superiorly crafted Lagos caviar necklace. This Sterling silver necklace fits closely around the neckline and has expertly crafted beaded strands of 18k gold caviar beading. The strands the drop from the main part of the necklace feature fluted accents. There are a variety of charms staggered on the drop beaded strands that are gold and it has a lobster clasp that adjusts from 16 to 18 inches to fit most neck sizes.

This necklace adds a daring impact to any styles that you wish to wear. It gives versatility and flair to the wearer. You can pair this necklace with both casual and semi-formal styles. If you want to purchase this stylish piece of jewelry for that special someone, then you can be sure that they will be delighted to own this sophisticated and fun necklace. Stop in today to view more from Lagos!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Precision Set Diamond Prong Oval Hoop Earrings

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Precision Set is a company that is well known for their beautifully designed jewelry pieces. They specialize in bridal sets but also do many other types of jewelry, including stunning earrings. All of the carefully crafted Precision Set pieces are designed and created under one roof, located in the United States. The company was started in 1987 and has since employed many talented artisans that create their quality pieces. They offer many different collections that appeal to those who appreciated unique jewelry.

The Precision Set Diamond Prong Oval Hoop Earrings come in three different metal finishes: 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold and platinum. These earrings are part of the fine jewelry collection. The diamond weight of the earrings is 0.70 ct. These earrings make an excellent gift for any occasion. They are beautiful enough to wear with formal clothing for parties and other events, while also being able to coordinate with more casual clothing with ease. These earrings are meticulously handcrafted for quality and luxury. They easily coordinate with the other items in the Precision Set fine jewelry collection which includes bracelets and necklaces. 

Michael Aram Gotham Collection

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The Michael Aram brand is known for creating beautiful gifts and home decor in a variety of styles. The artist, Michael Aram, is American born and studied fine art before he embarked on a inspiring trip to India. While visiting the beautiful country of India, he learned the age old art of metalworking. His shop in New Delhi provided him with the chance to learn and grow as an artisan. His pieces are all handmade and unique, making them wonderful gifts for any occasion.

The Gotham Collection includes a variety of pieces that go well in any style of home. The kitchen items like the 5-piece flatware set, bottle opener and cocktail shaker make wonderful conversation starters at a party. The collection also includes many items to make a desk or work space look fresh and modern. The pencil cup and letter rack are both functional and formal, adding a look of elegance to any office. The Gotham collection also includes beautiful place settings, wine glasses and serving bowls and utensils. The recipient of these gifts will be pleased with the way each piece coordinates within the collection, but is also able to stand alone as a decorative item that brings character to the home. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Philips House Ruby Revolution Necklace

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Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff may be new in the high-fashion jewelry design industry, but they have quickly made their mark. Their claim to fame came only a few years ago when they were asked to be the exclusive jewelry designer for the pieces worn by the First Lady on her historic visit with the Queen of England and Kate Middleton. First inspired by a passion for architectural design, Lisa decided to narrow her focus on jewelry design. Her daughter Danielle was a classic ballet dancer. Together they design pieces that are unique and will continue to change the direction of jewelry design. This mother-daughter team are setting the world on fire and have been featured in almost every major fashion magazine of note.

The Philips House Ruby Revolution Necklace features a ruby encrusted ring on a chain of yellow gold with a 1.46 tcw. This truly royal combination is part of the Revolution collection, which is revolutionizing fashion trends around the world. You too can be a part of this emergent trend that combines classic lines that will withstand the test of time when you own this piece. It is a must for those who want to stay on top of the trends and ahead or the curve. 

Hearts on Fire Triplicity Double Pointed Ring

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When Glenn Rothman and his wife Susan first saw a diamond cut in a way that displayed a distinctive hearts and arrows pattern, they knew that they must learn these tricks of the trade. Already established professionals in the diamond wholesale business, this trip to Belgium in 1996 would change their lives and the way the world would see diamonds from that point forward. The perfection of the Hearts on Fire diamond cut would become the standard for the world.

Now, everyone can experience the brilliance and fire of the precision cut Hearts on Fire diamonds set in a stunning Triplicity double pointed ring. The design features approximately 2.65 ct. of brilliant diamonds set in 18K white gold. It features two stylized chevrons joined together with fiery larger diamonds in the center. It will compliment any other piece in the Triplicity collection. Triplicity is the newest line of the Hearts on Fire diamond collection. The angular triangular shapes of the collection give it a modern, yet Art Deco feel. The classic timelessness is what will make her feel special when she receives the Hearts on Fire Triplicity Double Pointed Ring. 

Wrap Yourself With David Yurman

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The David Yurman Cable Wrap Necklace with Amethyst and Diamonds is just one of the many pieces found in the Cable Wrap collection from sculptor-turned-jeweler, David Yurman. The collection also includes matching rings and bracelets, but for even more elegance the cable wrap necklace completes the ensemble.

The Cable Wrap Necklace comes with a sterling silver 10 mm chain that can also be adjusted to the desired length. It has a lobster clasp so it is easy to put on and take off. This necklace is also unique in that it does away with the usual prong setting for the stone. The amethyst center stone is elegantly wrapped by strands of cable and diamonds without taking anything away from the brilliance of the amethyst. The diamonds weigh approximately 0.28 carets, are in the pave setting, and add even more sparkle to an already-dazzling necklace. The necklace also comes in a blue topaz or black onyx setting.

David Yurman started out as a sculptor before turning jeweler. He incorporated his love of sculpting into jewelry as a gift for his soon-to-be wife and his business began. Now, with the David Yurman Cable Wrap Necklace, it is sure to be another piece that will be the talk of the town for its uniqueness. 

Friday, February 03, 2017

Luminox SR-71 Blackbird 9080 Series Watch

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This beautiful Luminox SR-71 Blackbird 9080 Series watch is made from durable stainless steel which has been brushed black to give it a very classy look. The anti-reflective coating on the watch's face is made specially from sapphire glass, so you do not have to worry about a glare reflecting off the face. The watch strap is also made of stainless steel, so each part of this Luminox watch is truly made to last. The watch tracks the day, date, and time, so you can know all of the chronological information you need with one quick glance at this watch.

The designer, Luminox, has been making watches of the highest quality for decades. Their watches are the number one choice for military personnel in elite forces, such as the Navy SEALs and F-117 Nighthawk pilots. All of their watches are guaranteed to work for at least 25 years, and they are all specially designed to survive even tough conditions, so they are often the first choice for athletes or those who enjoy outdoor sports. They have a variety of watch series, each of which is carefully designed for optimal performance in its intended environment. They currently have four watch series: Sea, Air, Land, and Space. 

Blend To The Bone

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Necklaces can make or break an ensemble, and their necessity can sometimes require major effort. Few can say, “I’ve got the ONE.” You know, that one statement piece that can cross over into any fashion trend thrown its way. If you don't have that ONE, then keep reading because you could and should.

Giving your neck elegance that can elevate a casual event without standing out too much is often the hardest struggle. Thankfully designers like John Hardy know exactly how to drape dreamy necklaces perfect for any occasion. Most likely you’ll only need one in the entire Bamboo Collection, and a great recommendation would be the Brushed Bib Necklace. But nobody would argue if you grabbed another!

Let’s say you choose the Brushed Bib though. Nobody needs to tell you, because you’ll definitely notice yourself, but you’re going to be stunningly ready for anything wearing this. A sterling silver chain is home to more sterling silver and 18k gold charms that show a festive, tribal, and contemporary look. The charms are balanced, yet abstract in their placement with insignias which are sure to mystify.

Bone-like charms lay across the chest in a wonderful arrangement, providing many layering ideas. Of course you could just let the all-natural materials touch your skin. The things you can do with this amazing necklace are endless and absolutely up to you. Just as is the decision to purchase such an elegant trend transcendent necklace. So who’s stopping you? 

T- Touch Expert Solar Watch

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If you are looking for a wrist watch that features the latest technology in a stylish design, then look no further than Tissot T- Touch Expert Solar Watch. Crafted by a company with more than a century of innovation, this watch combines the best of accurate time keeping with the most advanced technology to keep you in the know and looking good on the go.

T- Touch Expert Solar Watch is a pioneering device, the first watch to offer a touch screen combined with solar powered engineering. The Swiss quartz movement all but guarantees accuracy and with the sun providing power, you can be confident that the T- Touch Expert Solar Watch will continue to offer reliable performance throughout the day.

Keeping accurate time is important, but this watch is much more than a means to know the hours, minutes, and seconds of the day. Touch different parts of the screen and you will find an altimeter, dual alarms, timer, and perpetual calendar. Touch another part of the screen and you will discover the present atmospheric pressure, perfect for forecasting changes in the weather. There is even a commute time estimator that reads your present position and destination then lets you know the approximate time of arrival. T- Touch Expert Solar Watch offers all of this in a waterproof case that protects your investment and provides peace of mind.

Ordinary watches keep track of time and require replacement batteries and sometimes manual winding, but the T- Touch Expert Solar Watch is much more. Precision quartz accuracy, multiple touch screen functionality, and solar powered technology make this Tissot watch a pioneer in its class and the perfect addition to an active lifestyle. 


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