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Hearts on Fire Aerial Regal Scroll Teardrop Necklace

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The Hearts on Fire Aerial Regal Scroll Teardrop Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be a lovely addition to anyone's jewelry collection. This necklace is available in 18K rose gold, 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold. It has a beautiful teardrop shaped pendant that is set on an angle for a unique look that makes it stand out from traditional pendants. The diamond accents around the pendant are .30 total carat weight. The diamonds used were carefully chosen for their cut and color to provide a light-catching effect whenever the necklace is worn.

Hearts on Fire is a jewelry brand that creates jewelry accented with some of the most beautifully cut diamonds in the world. The brand is extremely selective about the diamonds used in all of their pieces. They specialize in two different cuts of diamonds, the square cut and the round cut. This specialization has allowed the diamond cutting experts at Hearts on Fire to perfect the art of creating the perfect cut for a diamond that shines from across the room.

This diamond accented pendant gives a whimsical look to any outfit. It can be worn with everyday clothing for work or casual wear. It can also be used to accent a more formal outfit. The classically shaped pendant has a timeless look that can easily be passed down through the generations as it will never go out of style. This necklace would make an ideal gift for the woman who appreciates jewelry that is versatile and unique.

Konstantino Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Mens Ring

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Most consider jewelry to be a luxury only enjoyed by women, but there are many men who can also use jewelry as a way to make statements or stand out from the crowd. Many jewelers know this, and create stylish, comfortable pieces of jewelry for men to use and enjoy as well. One particular piece of jewelry, created by Konstantino, is the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Ring.

This ring is part of the Orpheus collection, which includes other amazing pieces for men such as the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Bracelet, and the Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Cross. The creator of these wonderful pieces, Konstantino, is Greek in origin. This shows in his naming of collections - Orpheus was a Greek hero of myth, making the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Ring a wonderful conversation starter. Wow others with your knowledge as well as your style when you wear this ring to parties or casual business gatherings.

The Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Ring comes in half and whole sizes, makin it wearable by anyone. It also have no gemstone, making it easier to wear without having to worry about the ring catching on anything while you're out and about. It has an elegant design that makes it more than just an everyday ring - it's a statement of your sense of style and refinement. But it can be worn at any time to compliment your wardrobe, and makes a wonderful gift for a special man.

Penny Preville Diamond-Trimmed Crescent Bangle

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Featuring the distinctive signature style of Penny Preville this 18-karat gold crescent bangle is a piece of the kind of luxury jewelry that women truly want to wear today. The intricate detail of its delicate design conveys femininity and elegance. The sparkling pavé trim of round brilliant cut diamonds, with a 1.21 total carat weight, fuses the traditional and the contemporary in the designer's inimitable style. With a contoured opening  2.4" x 2" this beautiful piece fastens securely with a push-lock clasp.

Penny Preville was, in her own words, inspired by the contents of her grandmother's jewelry box to compete in the man's world of jewelry design, and to create her own pieces. Her advantage – she was a woman and could wear her own designs. After studying art and jewelry at college level, she proceeded to create the pieces combining traditional techniques with contemporary demand for which she was soon recognized in the highly competitive world of jewelry fashion. It is a style which communicates elegance, innovation and luxury but is, at the same time, exactly what women want - whether as celebrities treading the red carpet or as one of the rest of us who wants to feel as special as we deserve.

Penny Preville collections are set in 18k white, yellow as well as rose gold, and in platinum sometimes incorporating hand engraving and millegrain beading. Fine diamonds and other stones of various cuts provide a wonderful sense of romance. Highly wearable, they make their wearer look and feel fabulous.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Mikimoto Midnight Sky Necklace

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The Midnight Sky necklace from Mikimoto features the brand's famous cultured pearls. This necklace has a length of 25". It is made of beautiful white gold with accents of pearls and gemstones. The pearls featured on this necklace are Baroque South Sea cultured pearls and are of the most beautiful color and quality. The necklace has brilliantly cut diamonds for sparkle and light-catching qualities. It also has paraiba tourmalines and blue sapphires. This necklace is a very special piece of jewelry that can stand on it's own to accent an outfit for a special evening on the town.

Mikimoto is known for their cultured pearls. The founder of the brand, Kokichi Mikimoto, was the first in the world to create a cultured pearl. The brand has been adorning women all around the world with cultured pearls since 1893. The pearls were first created because of the over-harvesting of naturally created pearls. Since the creation of these pearls by Mikimoto, the cultured pearl jewelry from the brand has became known as some of the most luxurious and beautiful pearl jewelry available.

Mikimoto's Midnight Sky Necklace features cool tones with cultured pearls and gemstones. This unique combination creates a necklace that resembles a cold winter night sky. The necklace was designed with elements to mimic that icy feeling. It would make a wonderful gift for the pearl enthusiast, or for anyone who appreciates fine jewelry. The Midnight Sky necklace looks fabulous on its own but it can also coordinate with other Mikimoto pearl jewelry.

David Yurman Classic 43.5mm Mens Chronograph Watch

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The David Yurman Classic 43.5mm Men's Chronograph Watch is a stylish piece that can be worn with casual or formal clothing. This watch has a matte black band that is wide enough to be noticed without being so wide that it isn't comfortable for daily wear. The stainless steel case is 43.5mm. This watch has the hour, minute, and second hands for precise time. The Swiss automatic chronograph ETA movement makes for a functional and stylish timepiece.

The David Yurman brand is known for their exquisite timepieces and other jewelry. They use the best quality materials to create watches that are not only beautiful, but also able to keep accurate time. Most of the David Yurman watches are versatile and can be worn with casual clothing or with formal attire. The brand creates jewelry for men and women, along with beautiful engagement sets. The David Yurman brand also has gifts for men, women, children and for the home.

The matte alligator band on this beautiful watch from David Yurman has a stainless steel deployment clasp. The clasp is well designed and easy to operate while also being secure on the wrist. The watch has a date window that shows the date number. The watch is also equipped with a 30 second counter. This stylish chronograph watch has a classic look that will not go out of style. It is designed with elegance and durability as a watch that can be worn for any occasion and for many years without concern of lagging time.

Charles Krypell Ivy White Diamond Earrings

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The Charles Krypell Ivy White Diamond Earrings are a statement piece, captivating and beautiful. 2.64 carats of white diamonds diamonds are set in precious pave against sterling silver. The earrings have a 14k post and measure 60x15mm, meaning they're large enough to be a statement piece while remaining easy to wear and integrate with everyday fashion. The earrings also come in black diamonds and form part of a larger sterling silver collection that also includes two-metal designs rendered in yellow or rose gold. The most captivating aspect of these particular earrings are the curved shape, which gives them movement and a sculpture-like feel.

The shape of the earrings has much to do with the designer's artistic roots. A native New Yorker and graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Charles Krypell has been designing and creating captivating jewelry for over thirty years. He was an accomplished sculptor before launching his jewelry business in 1976, a talent that comes through in the captivating shape of many of his designs. Indeed, many of Krypell's advertising campaigns emphasized the sculpture-like and multi-dimensional beauty of his jewelry. By 1995, Krypell's designs had become mainstream at high-end retailers.

These ivy white diamond earrings are part of the Sterling by Krypell collection launched by Charles Krypell in 2006. They were designed to be "wearable art" - elegant yet casual, classic but also fresh, and artistic while also easy to integrate into a woman's everyday life.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Roberto Coin Retro Link Ring

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If you are searching for an impressive piece to add to your jewelry collection, why not consider the Retro Link Ring from Roberto Coin? The 18kt gold ring is layered in small rectangular links that are spaced apart in an alternating pattern. The design is similar to other pieces of jewelry created in the 1970's era. What makes each ring so unique is the signature ruby cast within each of the bands beside Roberto Coin's signature.

Part of the Groumette Collection, the Retro Link Ring is bold and daring. It provokes a sense of confidence and stimulates conversation. You will be sure to receive many compliments from this original design from Roberto Coin. If you or someone you know is looking to go retro for awhile, or ever, consider this as an ideal gift option.

Fashion may change from day to day, but style is something that withstands the test of time. It is this mindset that drives Roberto Coin to continue his creations. He first began his business in 1996. The appeal for timeless style was so strong, Roberto Coin left his career as a hotel manager to pursue his dream as a designer of fine jewelry. The business was born in the northeastern city of Vicenza in Italy. The city, known affectionately as the City of Gold, was a large portion of the inspiration Roberto needed to create each of his impressive pieces.

Herend Charging Bull figurine

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The Herend Charging Bull figurine is an exquisite piece to display. The bull has been specifically designed to comprise of various features that make it the perfect addition to your interior decor needs. The bull has an appealing pattern design, which makes it stand out from other decor. Herend has ensured that the bull is embellished with golden horns and hooves. Further lending to the high-quality design of this Herend Bull Figurine is the fact that it's durable and will provide years of performance benefits. The exterior design is made to provide optimal rust resistance and durability against natural elements such as dust. Cleaning is also a much simple procedure since the material is flawless and simple to clean. The bull is also highly stable in almost any type of surface, thereby reducing the likelihood of toppling over.

With this highly appealing figurine, you can easily use it is the perfect gift or simply any addition for your interior decor needs. Herend produces other types of home accessories, dinnerware and children's items among many others. Visit Schiffman's today and see the many pieces in the Herend figurine collection.

Lagos Covet Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

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Searching for the perfect pendant necklace for yourself or someone you know? The 18KT gold Lagos Covet Cross Pendant Necklace measures between 16 and 18 inches in length and contains 11 0.15CT diamonds. The 18KT gold lobster clasp above the cross bears the Lagos signature crest. This lovely piece is perfect for church events, work, or formal functions.

Each diamond is cut using G-H color and SI clarity. The SI (Slightly Included) clarity being fifth highest grade by the Gemological Institute of America. This is further divided into SI1 and SI2 with some diamonds being ranked SI3 for diamonds that are not good enough to be SI2 but still better than I clarity which is just beneath SI1. If you are looking for a piece that will truly be cherished as a personal treasure, the Lagos Covet Gold Cross is the necklace for you.

Steven Lagos began his company back in 1977. With the belief that jewelry is a highly personal form of art, he began crafting pieces based on his vision of the Lagos woman's elegance and integrity. He viewed her as sophisticated and boldly feminine. Blending strength with confidence, a Lagos woman knows she has to remain true to herself. Steven Lagos also favors traveling to Europe and Asia and is often inspired by the sights and sounds he sees while he's out and about.

We have many more breathtaking jewelry pieces by Lagos, won't you stop in and see them? Visit any Schiffman's store and we will be happy to show you!


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