Friday, January 27, 2017

Herend Mermaid on Shell figure

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Elegant and alluring, the Herend Mermaid on Shell figure is a must have for anyone looking to decorate their home or expand their collection. Herend is the largest porcelain manufacture in Europe, and has been used by British royalty, showing its style and quality. Having been in the United States since 1957, Herend is the epitome of what fine porcelain should embody.For this figure, Herend's renowned high-quality porcelain shows a strikingly beautiful mermaid sitting in an large clam shell. the Mermaid on Shell figure is depicted to be gently holding a 24 karat gold tulip shell, peering into the distance. Just under a foot tall and only nine inches across, this figure is delicate and charming, sure to get attention anywhere its placed. 
The Mermaid on Shell figure is painted with layers of green and blue, the bottom of the shell a soft purple. This gives it a look reminiscent of the ocean and its waves, the home of its beautiful subject. This figure is perfect for decorating a home or office, with its effortless class and charm. Or to impress and stun, the Mermaid on Shell figure could be added to a collection, where it’s sure to stand out and amaze any and all who see it. With the level of quality and beauty brought by Herend, this figure can be placed and displayed anywhere and stand out. 

Memoire Diamond Leaf Ring

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This breathtaking Memoire Diamond Leaf engagement ring would make any future bride incredibly happy with its jewels of impeccable quality and bright, shining diamonds. The beautiful white gold, with the multiple diamonds invisibly inlaid, makes this a great addition to any woman's finger, and its high quality materials mean that it will undoubtedly last for the rest of her life. With a one carat diamond at the center surrounded by several complementing smaller diamonds, this ring leaves nothing to be desired. The white gold holding the diamonds in place is pure, 18 karat of the highest quality. 
Memoire, the designer of this beautiful engagement ring, is based in the United States. It began in 1986 as an offshoot of a high quality French jewelry design company. For the last three decades. Memoire has established itself as one of the highest quality jewelry producers in America. Despite the fact that at the time of its founding, 14 karat gold was the standard in fine jewelry, Memoire made pieces of exquisite 18 karat gold, which pushed industry standards higher. Today, Memoire is still at the forefront in jewelry quality and it remains one of the most popular fine jewelry designer brands in the United States. 

Waterford Ballet Ribbon Essence Collection

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The beautiful Waterford Ballet Ribbon Essence Collection is inspired by the flowing movements found in what is arguably the most graceful dance genre. From the Waterford Ballet Ribbon Essence Champagne Flute to the pair of Waterford Ballet Ribbon Essence Goblets, each piece in this elegant collection is intricately designed to reflect the beauty and grace found in ballet. The goblets in this collection are designed with generous bowls, so that the color, flavor, and aroma of both red and white wines are accentuated. The obvious elegance present in the champagne flute makes any champagne-worthy event even more classy. Each piece located in the Waterford Ballet Ribbon Essence Collection is characterized by delicate etching of a single ribbon, which is so obviously reminiscent of the slow falling ribbon in ribbon ballet performances. Each flute, goblet, and glass can be customized by engraving, so, if given as a gift, this graceful glassware has an extra special touch. 
The designer of this brilliant collection, Waterford, has been making glassware of the highest quality since 1783. It was founded by brothers in the Irish town of Waterford. The brothers' objective with their newfound company was to make the highest quality and most beautiful crystal for both decorative purposes and for high class beverages. In modern times, the company makes fine china, vases, collectibles, and more. Today, after over two centuries of being known for making the highest quality glassware, Waterford is still renowned for making crystal and glass pieces in all varieties, which are always the highest quality on the market. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hearts on Fire Triplicity Circle Pendant

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This beautiful Hearts on Fire Triplicity circle pendant would be a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection. It would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys high class, high quality jewelry. Made with five segments of 18 karat gold studded with the highest quality cut diamonds, this beautiful silver-colored pendant makes a great addition to any classy outfit. It is lightweight, so it can be worn by anybody without weighing them down. It is available in different lengths, so it can fit anyone, regardless of how long their necklace preference is.

Founded by Glenn and Susan Rothman, the Hearts on Fire jewelry company prides itself on making the highest quality diamond jewelry, in addition to keeping its clientele up to date on all new developments in the industry. There are many collections of beautiful diamond jewelry, so that there is something to fit every style and preference.

Lagos White Caviar Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet

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This beautiful Lagos White Caviar Rose Gold beaded bracelet is inspired by the elegant look of caviar, with its small beads intricately juxtaposed. Made with beautiful white ceramic, each bead on this gorgeous bracelet embodies the elegance that the bracelet reflects. With rose gold pieces throughout the bracelet and the clasp reflecting the Lagos seal, this bracelet exudes class and elegance. It is specially designed to be worn layered with other classic Lagos bracelets, such as link bracelets or bangles. This beautiful bracelet also comes in different versions of different colors, so there is sure to be one to fit each personalized taste.

Lagos, the designer of this elegant jewelry piece, is founded on three key values: smart, strength, and integrity. These three values define all of what their designs embody; they are committed to crafting only the most high quality jewelry. Their jewelry is designed to be of unending fashion, so that its wearer can enjoy it throughout life, and even pass it onto the next generation. Steven Lagos, the founder of the renowned Lagos brand, derives his inspiration from the numerous new sights and sounds he witnesses during his frequent travels, and he strives to reflect a degree of personalization in each piece of jewelry.

A Beautiful Ivy Bead Bracelet That Takes The Lead!

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The Charles Krypell Ivy Bead Two Tone Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is elegant without an overstatement. It is a bracelet that is captivating in its own kind of way. Bracelets of this kind have a design that is graceful, simplistic, but every inch elegant and refined in the way that fine jewelry should be. The ivy beads on this bracelet are enhanced two-fold by the yellow gold that does surround them. The yellow gold is a combination of glowing warmth and sultriness that gives the bracelet a sophistication that promotes the appeal quality all the more.

Charles Krypell’s approach to jewelry is a very personal and creative one at the same time. It’s something that comes from his ability to connect with customers and know exactly what it is they require to have individually from a sophisticated jewelry aspect. It is this know-how, coupled along with a talent that has been culminated for thirty years, that gives all of his jewelry designs a timeless beauty and charm like no other. With the help of sterling silver as his guide, Krypell is able to see in the three-dimensional form, whenever he is inspired to design a whole new piece of jewelry that is unique. Charles Krypell jewelry designs are like a work of art.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Precision Set Diamond and Pink Sapphire Bezel Necklace

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This beautiful Precision Set Diamond and Pink Sapphire Bezel necklace makes a great accent piece for virtually any classy outfit. With gorgeous alternating pink sapphire and diamond pendants attached via shining platinum, this necklace is both beautiful in its own right and gracefully designed with the highest quality materials. Each pink sapphire and diamond is set in pure, 18 karat white gold. Thanks to the utmost quality of the sapphires, diamonds, platinum, and white gold, anyone who owns this classy necklace can rest assured that it will last for years to come. For those who love the style of this necklace but want a slightly different pattern, Precision Set also offers a necklace that is nearly identical, except for the sole jewel is a diamond.

Precision Set has been making fine jewelry for nearly 30 years. They have worked hard to find the most talented artists, the highest quality materials, and the most cutting edge technology and machines to create the most elegant fine jewelry, engagement rings, and various other jewelry pieces. All of their jewelry is made proudly in the United States using innovative jewelry making technique, so any Precision Set jewelry is sure to be of the utmost quality. 

Marco Bicego Lunaria Three Strand Bracelet

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This delicate, hand-crafted white gold and diamond bracelet is a perfect complement to virtually any high class jewelry collection. Each individual white gold piece is hammered by hand in Italy and is designed to resemble the shape of the Lunaria flower, which is known as the annual honesty flower. It grows near Italy, and inspired not only this bracelet, but other pieces in the Lunaria collection. In addition to the carefully crafted white gold pieces, there are a few pieces that are studded with dazzling diamonds. This hand-engraved bracelet consists of two carats of diamonds, in addition to the stunning 18 karat white gold.

The designer of this beautiful bracelet, Marco Bicego, has a long history of crafting jewelry from the best materials. Founded in 1958 by Marco's father, the brand carefully combines beautiful gemstones, pure gold, and hand-twisted coils to create the most beautiful jewelry on the market. Every aspect of each piece of jewelry is done at the company's headquarters in Italy. Marco Bicego uses modern trends in jewelry, coupled with old-fashion hand crafting styles, to make fashionable, high quality jewelry for their clients. They craft jewelry of all varieties, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Currently, they have 14 collections, all of which are inspired by the Italian culture and landscape. 

John Hardy Bamboo Twisted Hoop Earrings

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John Hardy was founded in Bali in 1975, based on the premise of delivering quality as well as meaning and beauty. Each piece is hand crafted and designed with the goal of communicating meaning from the artisan to the buyer, and no piece does this better than the Bamboo Twisted Hoop Earrings.

Made from sterling silver and plated with black rhodium, these earrings are timeless and elegant. Made to look like bamboo, these earrings are lined and notched with the distinctive segments of the plant they're modeled after. And at 33.5 millimeters in diameter, these studs promise not to weigh down the wearers earlobes or stretch out their piercing. In fact, these earrings promise to be perfect for even the most sensitive ears, with both their size as well as their composition, as sterling silver is famous for being gentle on those with picky piercings. With its dark and subtle color, John Hardy's Bamboo Twisted Hoop Earrings are absolutely perfect for any outfit or occasion, from daily wear to any formal event they may be needed for.

Simple, hand-crafted, and elegant, John Hardy has created a pair of earrings no one could resist. From someone looking to upgrade their style to anyone looking for their next piece to add to their collection, these earrings are perfect. 

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Gentleman's Sapphire-Studded Wedding Band

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The celestial sparkle of blue sapphires is the crowning touch on this gentleman’s wedding band by Kirk Kara. Representative of the elegance of the Artin collection, this comfort fit ring is 7 mm wide. Available in either platinum or gold, it boasts the work of the master craftsmen of the Kirk Kara design team. Signature details of a smooth satin finish and milgrain edging set off the brilliant blue of the gemstones set in precise spacing around the band.

This ring evokes memories of classic 19th-century European designs made famous by Kirk Kara’s father and grandfather. With roots in Armenia and having suffered great personal loss through war and displacement, the family persevered through hardship, creating and refining the jewelry for which they are renowned.

In the tradition of the company, each piece is unique, designed to the customer’s preferences. The men’s wedding ring featured here is available in multiple band widths and can be created with or without the gemstones shown.

Regardless of the individual differences, the ring maintains the level of quality always guaranteed by Kirk Kara. A serial number engraved inside the ring can be registered with the manufacturer and serves as proof of authenticity. A piece by Kirk Kara is not just jewelry; it is a work of art to be treasured by generations. 

Phillips House Small Binary Infinity Necklace

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The gorgeous Philips House Small Binary Infinity Necklace combines modern shapes with timeless gold and diamonds, creating a distinctive piece that you're sure to cherish for years to come. The modern infinity-style pendant of this necklace is made of white-gold setting with small diamonds as an overlay. The chain is a ball chain, which is made of fine yellow gold. The small binary infinity necklace is elegant enough to be worn with an evening gown but also simplistic enough to be worn with jeans.

Phillips House specializes in creating chic, modern designs while using classic elements. They offer an extensive selection of infinity necklaces including white gold and yellow gold, with pendants in a wide variety of sizes. Their designs have been featured in Women's Wear Daily, and were the exclusive jewelry designer behind the jewelry worn by Michelle Obama during her famous meeting with Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace. Phillips House designs jewelry that makes a luxurious statement without being ostentatious. The talented designers behind Phillips House are Lisa Phillips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, who began designing for private clients in Miami Beach in 2007 and have since been featured in top retailers across the country, including Saks Fifth Avenue. This beautiful binary infinity necklace is one of a long line of exquisitely crafted pieces from the "Affair" collection. 

The Michele Signature Deco Diamond Dial Watch Truly Shines

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When it comes to elegance and class, the Michele Signature Deco Diamond Dial watch is a step above. In terms of design, its beautiful mother of pearl dial is luxurious, while its diamond indices simply glisten. With a case that's properly sized for a lady at 33mm, it's a piece that's at once radiant as it is stylish and high-class. In addition, the sapphire crystal and the stainless steel case offer unparalleled durability. Both will ensure that this piece is ticking for a long time to come. Once you've added in its world-famed Swiss movement, you've got a watch that can't be matched. It's as perfect for a day out shopping as it is a dinner celebration or special occasion. At the same time, the Art Deco design is a trend-setter and calls back to a time full of carefully crafted works of art that were unrivaled in their execution. This is especially true for the masterfully set subdials. As they perfectly balance the rectangular case, they also complete the piece for a watch that will make any lady smile. 


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