Friday, September 30, 2016

Exquisite Marco Bicego Lunaria Three Strand Necklace

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Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is modeled after the flower itself, which is known for its beautiful petals that are very thin and lightweight. They are incredibly delicate and when represented by jewelry, it's amazing just how true to form it is. The Lunaria collection is perfect for those who love nature or those looking for something different from others out there. 
The Lunaria collection offers earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Some are very small and delicate while others have petal after intricately formed petal. This collection is full of elegant statement pieces sure to gather attention and admiration from those around you. Each piece is made of beautiful hand engraved gold, and some pieces have gorgeous gemstones such as Aquamarine and light wood opal. 
One of the most noteable pieces is the three strand necklace with diamonds and emeralds. It is a great showcase piece that will compliment most attire. No matter which piece you choose, you can be sure you'll love it for many years to come. 
Having a piece from the Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is an investment that is well worth it. 

Delicate, Stunning Elegance

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Delicate and elegant - pearl ring is absolutely stunning! It is mounted in a gorgeous white gold setting that really suits the pearl and showcases the classic pearl color. The 0.15 carat diamonds that surround this pearl are also a lovely touch that add to the classic look. 
Also featured is a white gold and diamond charm hanging from the side of the pearl's mount. Just a little extra detail that really adds to the ring. 
The white gold is 18k and this ring features a 8mm pearl. It is a perfect size, making it so dainty and delicate, everyone is sure to admire it. 

Marco Bicego Exquisite Lunaria Necklace

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Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is modeled after the flower itself, which is known for its beautiful petals that are very thin and lightweight. They are delicate and when they are represented in jewelry form it is amazing just how true to form it is to the flowers. It is a perfect collection for nature lovers or just those who are looking for a collection that is different from others out there.

The Lunaria collection showcases earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  This collection is one that will have everyone in awe of their elegance. They are definite statement pieces that will be admired by many. Each piece is exquisetly made of beautiful hand engraved gold. Some pieces also incorporate gemstones such as Aquamarine and light wood opal. Some of the Lunaria pieces are very small and delicate while others showcase petal after intricately formed petal.

One of the most noteable Lunaria pieces is the three strand necklace with diamonds and emeralds. It is perfect to wear as an accent to a black dress. No matter which piece you choose, you can will love it for many years to come. 

Having a piece of the Marco Bicego Lunaria collection is an investment that will be well worth it.

Ball Watch Conductor Collection - Transcendent Diamond Watch

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Ball Watch - Conductor Collection - Transcendent Diamond WatchEver wanted a timepiece that speaks volumes about your attention to finery and quality? The Ball Transcendent Diamond watch is exactly what meets that desire. Beautiful silver color combined with a square ring of shiny and sparkly diamonds. A rich leather toned time table. The numbers on the watch take their inspiration from the clock on a football match. The goal is to make you look both professional and athletic at the same time.

Sports numbers on the face of the watch give your customers and stockholders everything they need to know about you and your good name. Appearance is everything to most people, and Ball watches are dedicated to making sure that you make a great impression at the next meeting or job interview.

The metallic finish of the watch connotes elegance without being too overbearing. This is not the typical jewelry watch. It is a man's watch. Ball knows the difference. We are not ones to hand a man something that belongs on a woman. The watch was designed with your hard work ethic in mind. Ball watches have been worn by great men of the past, and they will be worn by great men of the present.

Ball has been in the business of making watches for 125 years, so we know what differentiates a good watch from a great one. Ball emphasizes accuracy and reliability in constructing all its watches. Our goal is to take the pain out of knowing what time it is, while giving those around you a powerful idea of the level of your financial acumen.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Ball watch, be sure to let us know right away. Ball prides itself in taking care of our customers with absolute attention to integrity and respect. Contact us now to get a free estimate on your Ball watch. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Gifting challenges

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Gifting for kids used to be easy; but that was then. Nowadays, it’s both difficulty and challenging. One tricky part is that many kids are more demanding about what they really want, pushing the notion that it’s better to buy their gifts for themselves. Giving gift cards and cash seems vulgar without much sentimental significance. So how can one balance this? One good approach is to ask around, like their siblings or friends, about what these youngsters want. If possible, it’s also okay to take them shopping to directly discover their preferences. Actually, it’s also good and practical to give shopping money to kids, but ask them to send you a picture of what they bought. Although this will not cover the monetary value, it will attach your generosity with an actual object while stressing value like gratitude. If you just run out of ideas, why not checkout Herend products? There’s surely one special gift for everyone, even for demanding kids.
Herend is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem and Downtown Greensboro.

Friendship bangles

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Buddies give each other friendship bangles as a sign of their rapport and affection to each other. Their current popularity is actually a resurgence as friendship bangles have existed during ancient times. Throughout history, friendship bangles actually carry more symbols and meanings beyond friendship as these are also forms of folk art and used to convey socio-political messages. One folklore says that when a person ties a friendship bangle to a friend’s wrist, the friend can make a wish and that wish will come true. Some still get out of their way to make their own, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in friendship bangles, only one name stands above the rest—Halcyon Days. Inarguably, this British jewelry designer creates the best friendship bangles in the market today, with numerous designs to choose, either handmade or hand-enameled bangles.
Halcyon Days is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Selecting bridal jewelry

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If some soon-to-be-brides tend to have the notion that shopping for a wedding dress was fun, they must have been living under a rock. After completing all preparations and arrangements in your bridal checklist, that’s the time to start planning for the jewelry you want to wear in your big day. For fashion blogger Lauryn Evarts, a bride’s jewelry should be “unique, original and delicate” so that she won’t be wearing something that everyone already wears. She also advises on the need to trust noted jewelry makers and stores to ensure that the wedding jewelry they’ll buy are authentic, such as Hearts On Fire. It has a wide array of wedding pieces to choose from. So whether the preference is for the conventional or more for the avant-garde style, Hearts On Fire will likely has one for you.
Hearts On Fire is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Protect age-old memories

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Heirloom pieces are intended to last for generations, but can’t last for ages instantly. They should be given utmost care to do so, especially fragile and delicate ones like dinnerware. Precious and rare collections that span several generations can disappear at an instant if special care and correct cleaning practices are not observed. For instance, use soft sponge to wash dinnerware and dry it off with a soft cloth or allow it to dry by itself. Likewise, never wash them with silverware because metal cutlery can scratch crockery. Further, don’t use them to cook or defrost food, but only for basic reheating in microwaves and never in ovens. And if you want to add new heirloom-worthy pieces to your collection, checkout Gien Filet Bleu Four-Piece Place Setting—elegantly hand-painted and molded faience featuring exquisite strokes carefully applied to the curves of every shell-shaped piece. This includes dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl and mug, and are microwave and dishwasher and microwave safe.
Gien is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Elegant optical illusions

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Trompe l'oeil, or trick of the eye, is a method used in art that employs lifelike imagery to produce optical illusion that the reproduced objects occur in three dimensions. This mind-blowing technique is one of the core elements of Grainger McKoy’s jewelry creations, all of which stem out from his similarly astounding sculpture works, mostly featuring birds—the sculptor’s favorite art subject. Be it women’s jewelry, fine silver dinnerware and decors, or accessories and gifts for men, Grainger McKoy’s creations compels people to ask, ponder, scrutinize, and most of all, indulge in the iconic beauty of his works. Just like the iconic Grainger McKoy’s Mallard Feather Bracelet, a 14k gold bracelet, which is perfect to coordinate with the Mallard Feather Pin as it fuses four feathers that loop around the wearer’s wrist.
Grainger-McCoy is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem and Downtown Greensboro.

As exclusive as it can get

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Many are called but few are chosen. That is likely a good way to describe how FireMark selects the limited number of independent jewelry stores in the US and Canada that have the exclusive privilege to sell its industry-defining “Most Perfectly Cut Princess Diamond.” The company’s stance on marketing exclusivity perhaps lies on the sheer individuality of its flagship product—the FireMark Princess Cut Diamond—which clearly stands above the rest with its double-crown technology that has added, precisely designed facets and explicit angles that intensify brilliance and fire. Unlike its competitors, every FireMark® diamond has lower than 71 percent depths and below 68 percent tables, which are significantly lower than other’s jewelry designers. These, among other notable traits, distinguish FireMark from the rest, so why not partake in this rarity?
Schiffman's is one of FireMark’s limited sellers, and you can visit us at our stores at Friendly Center and in Downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Old British Isle

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Albion is the earliest known name of the island of Great Britain. Legends tell of different tales about Albion, and one account says that several Greek princesses were banished from their kingdom because of their plot to kill their husbands and sent adrift towards the sea. After three days of sailing aimlessly, the eldest princess named Albina was the first to reach an uninhabited island which she named after herself. Nowadays, the use of Albion to refer to Britain are largely confined to art and poetry. Perhaps the same artistic consideration was the inspiration to use such fabled name behind David Yurman’s Albion, his iconic cushion-cut gemstone collection. Take for instance the Albion watch, which was designed to achieve legendary-like feats as it seeks to redefine how timepieces should be made.
Checkout David Yurman Albion collections, available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Of bangles, wristlets and armlets

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Since time immemorial, bracelets have been worn by both women and men for various purposes, including as adornment, as charms, and to signify friendship or causes/beliefs. Its name came from the Greek word brachile, which means “of the arm” and is among the most ubiquitous pieces of jewelry in any place or culture. The first bracelets could have been first worn either as charms or as adornments as early as 7,000 years ago in ancient cultures like Mesopotamia and Egypt. Throughout time, bracelets had evolved considerably in terms of materials used to create them, their uses, as well as social and cultural significance. Nowadays, bracelets are among the most preferred gifts among friends and couples. If you’re searching for elegant bracelets to give to their loved ones, better checkout Christopher Designs Diamond Bracelet. Featuring 15.10ct Baguette diamonds as well as the amazing style and craftsmanship expected from Christopher Designs, this impressive piece is a winner. 
Christopher Designs is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

What matters most?

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Life has many downs and ups, sad and happy moments, defeats and triumphs, losses and gains. And there are different kinds of people, some are weak while others are strong, some are optimists while others are pessimists, some are organized while others are disorderly. There are those who talk a lot while there are those who prefer less talk. In love and affection, some people are very expressive on how they feel, while others just keep things to themselves. If you’re that type of person who prefers to act than to talk, why not get your loved one something that definitely speaks louder than words? Get a Fire & Ice by Forevermark Three Stone Diamond ring, which comes either in 18k yellow, white or rose gold. Get one if you truly value what matters most in your life.
Fire & Ice by Forevermark is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem and Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Love should be everyday

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Couples who are really intent and are working hard to make their relationships work and last must not only say “I love you” daily, but should express it every single day. And if you fell into the trap of dryness and simply become clueless on how to show your love, why not checkout Charles Krypell for fresh and awesome ideas. Take for instance the I Love You 7 Days a Week Bangles. This marvelous sterling silver jewelry from Charles Krypell is really a set of seven bracelets grouped into a single bangle, attached using a clasp with the "I love you 7 days a week" engraving. The “love story” behind each bracelet adds to one’s desire and intention because every piece is carefully and artistically hand-made to reach comfortable perfection for the wearer. Who says every day is inevitably mundane and ordinary when it can be made special on a daily basis?
Charles Krypell is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

An offer you can't refuse!

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Yes, you heard it right. The buzz that Ball will be launching an awesome limited edition watch in conjunction with a comparatively awesome automobile brand for an insanely low price (as much as 50%) for pre-orders is definitely true! The new 1,000-piece limited edition Ball for BMW TMT Chronometer will soon hit the market as part of a massive global campaign to commemorate Ball’s 125th and BMW’s 100th year anniversaries this year. Based on Ball's Temperature Measurement Technology, this distinctive timepiece has the power to measure the temperature of any extreme environment, from  –35°C to 45°C (31°F to 113°F) with accuracy of +0.3°C (+10°F). This watch’s TMT component employs uses only the top-of-the-line bi-metallic materials, sophisticated configuration, and breathtaking design to address even the most meticulous demands of watch enthusiasts. Aside from the unbelievable pre-order discount price, you can choose the production number you want and opt to have the BMW logo customized or not on its dial.
Hurry, pre-order your Ball for BMW TMT Chronometer now at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Love is a circle

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Unknown to many, long before the heart, circle had been the shape of love, up until now. Perhaps one of the most love-struck people of yesteryears was the Ancient Egyptians, whose famous symbol of eternity, shen, a loop of rope shaped as a circle represents eternity since it has no starting point and no end. This symbol of eternity is equivalent to love because Egyptians consider love also as eternal and timeless, which had been said to be the reason why they designed something quintessential that can be worn to boldly express one’s love for another, the ring. At present, rings and other circle-shaped jewelries are widely used symbol to express everlasting love. Just like the Bellarri Circle of Love Necklace, an alluring 18k rose gold necklace with diamonds that will definitely be a powerful expression of your undying love and devotion to your partner in life.
Bellarri is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem.


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