Friday, July 29, 2016

7 Engagement Ideas for your Partner

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We’ll not go down to the specifics, but will just give you general ideas on how to stage your engagement proposal in seven different ways. First, you can opt for public announcements. It can be a park, restaurant, any public venue that showcases the moment. Second, the engagement can happen in a destination, maybe a romantic beach place or in a hotel in Mongolia. Third, you can create a homemade engagement party with friends and family. Fourth, why not propose at home? It’s simple, nostalgic, and intimate. Fifth, do it online. If you’re tech savvy you can even friendly hack or spam her with the big question. Sixth, do it over a sumptuous meal. Seventh, do it at work. Give her that nasty surprise that she’ll love you for forever. 
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3 More Tips on How to Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

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Buying an expensive diamond engagement ring like a Penny Preville is a major decision that needs a lot of thinking. So here are a few more tips to remember so you get the best value for the ring of your choice. One, check which style you and your partner want. Trendy is cool, but will they be in the next five years? Classic may be timeless, but does it fit your and your partner’s personality? Two, set a budget for the price range. It’s no use picking from a line of expensive diamond rings when you can only manage half of those in that list. Budgeting is a great time saver.  Three, will you be wearing the ring daily or only on special occasions? The answer will greatly influence the kind of ring you’ll buy.
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Wearing Yellow Gold Properly

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Yellow gold is one of the classiest and timeless jewelry materials that is at once versatile and sophisticated. You can wear it on casual days, just as you can in formal evenings. But keep in mind some simple tips on how to wear yellow gold to maximize your style impact. Yellow gold like Phillips House Affair bracelets looks better in light neutral colors like white, grey and the brown family of hues. You can also match it with a black dress, but this is too bold and unless you can carry this loud style (for example, you’re a rock star), it’s better to stick to light neutral. Yellow gold also goes well with colored gemstones, particularly turquoise and green sapphires. It mimics the play of sunset and the blue-green sea. Likewise, yellow gold mixes well with sterling silver, so go ahead and pair the two in liberal ways.
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Japanese penchat for perfection

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Ever wonder why perfectionism is so ingrained in the Japanese mindset? Be it bonsai art or automobile engineering, whether it’s a comic series or pearl jewelry like Mikimoto, the Japanese always strive to create the best outcome possible. If we look at Japan’s history, we can trace this perfectionism code to the Edo period between the 17th and 19th centuries. The ruling shoguns would use a lot of indoctrination that put value on doing the best that you could accomplish. At that time, Japanese society was strictly hierarchical, but unlike India’s caste system which commands one to keep to one’s place, in Japan, becoming the best in your social class was encouraged and respected by the ruling class. The same code has since been applied to modern Japan, especially during the 20th century when the country transitioned into an industrial powerhouse.
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The Pandora perfection

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Have you seen lately the viral video showing how a Pandora charm is made? What we thought that a Pandora charm is entirely made from hand is actually just a part of a complex manufacturing process. The charm starts as an illustration then it’s transferred into a digital format. A machine then crafts the base shape, only then a hand starts to manually craft the design. This is where the Pandora art comes in, in the hands of an artist. After this, the charm goes through different levels of polishing, refining, and finishing, resulting in the cute Pandora charm that we know.  Obviously, each Pandora is a work of perfection that no manual hands can replicate. So if you want the genuine article, only buy authentic Pandora charms.
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Omega goes deeper

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There’s a diver’s watch that can go deep, then there’s an Omega diver’s watch that can go even deeper. Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black has just been unveiled in Asia, featuring an entirely ceramic material, the first of its kind. Ceramic is harder, lighter, and more scratch-resistant than traditional watch materials. The Asia launching was remarkable since Omega didn’t reveal the diver’s watch in Baselworld, the biggest watch event in the world. The company seems to send a signal that Asia—particularly China—presents the future of Omega sales. Back to the watch, the model can go deep as far down to 600 meters. That’s almost twice as the standard diver’s watch. The watch houses the Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8906, a 60-hour power reserve, and a silicon balance ring, among others, that make this watch truly indestructible.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Lady’s watch that says power to women

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When thinking of your overall fashion outfit don’t forget the accessories. They are as much part of your style as the dress you’re wearing. Accessories don’t only mean jewelry, but they also include your bag and lady’s watch, if any. For a novel yet still elegant watch brand, Michele is truly inspiring. They can be lavish and feminine on the surface, but they also exude power and sophistication. For some women, Michele is a testament of their confidence to stand by themselves, whether plotting their career or raising a family on their own. Choose from the signature’s wide array of collections including changeable straps to match your mood or the event’s ambiance. Michele is one of those rare timepiece brands that can be worn for formal evenings or casual daily occasions. 
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The Perfect pricey wedding gift

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Thinking of what gift to buy a very close friend or family member on her wedding day? If you have the finances and really want to make an impression, instead of buying an expensive item that she may not use, why not sponsor her bridal jewelry? Paying for a Mémoire Bridal collection, for instance, may make more sense than, say, giving the couple an equally pricey item. The advantage of sponsoring the bridal jewelry is that you’re assured the bride (and groom) will appreciate and use your gift on the day that’s important to both of the couple. Of course, the bride has to pick the style and brand, not you, to make the gift really meaningful. Now, imagine, she’s still wearing your gift years from now.
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Interior design extends to elements that come into the house

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Buying a new house doesn’t stop at the type of house that fits your lifestyle and the interior design that matches your taste. A family will simply have a different set of criteria for a new house than a bachelor. Same with the priority of a man and a woman when choosing the best design for their new home. However, apart from the physical house structure and interior, you should also think of the elements that will be part of the interior. One of these is your kitchenware and dinnerware.  They will have impact on your interior. So if you want an elegant set to complement your sleek home interior, you can choose an equally sleek dinnerware collection like a Michael Aram. The result is a perfect unison between the house and its interior elements.
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Friday, July 08, 2016

This Year’s Celebrity Weddings

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What’s the only thing that outdoes celebrity engagements? Of course, celebrity weddings. This year we have a slew of A-list and not-so A-list Hollywood weddings that for sure will feature expensive bridal jewelry like a Mémoire Bouquet Jewelry. Topmost is Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney who announced their engagement in February via Instagram. Another notable couple is David Franco and Alison Brie. David is Franco’s brother and, almost as surely, Franco will have a hand in this event.  Maggie Grace and Matthew Cooke are also tying the knot this year, hopefully anytime now since their engagement announcement last year. Of course, Iggy Azalea and Nick Young may wed this year, too, given the sweetness and eagerness of the couple. Rounding up our celebrity weddings—imagined or otherwise—are: Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston; Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan; and Emmy Rossum and Sam Esmail.
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How to start a jewelry collection

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A good way to start collecting jewelry is to focus on one category, then work your way up to include other categories. For example, if you want to start a Marco Bicego collection, why not focus on its rings first, something that you can wear in casual or formal occasions. Marco Bicego has a wide range of ring styles culled from its travel-inspired themes. The Massai Two Row Ring in Yellow and White Gold is simple but artistic. The gap between the two metals provides a tease. On the other hand, the Jaipur Link Gold and Diamond Five Row Ring is bold and opulent. The diamonds ensure this ring is one of Marco Bicego’s more exclusive pieces. If you want to put color to your ring, there’s the Lunaria Gold and Red Jasper Cocktail Ring. The name itself suggests this ring is exclusive to formal evenings, but, go ahead, it can match a sleek corporate attire.
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Caviar in jewelry

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Where many jewelry brands rely mainly on promotion and endorsement to create their ‘signature,’ a few of these brands truly feature unique traits that become the hallmark of their signature. For instance, one jewelry brand is known for its iconic cable wire design, while another is famous for its rugged/rustic hand-pounded yellow gold surface. Still another brand is made famous by its bamboo-like design. For Lagos, its signature is the caviar-like beading that gives its bracelets a novel appeal. The Caviar Bracelets are made from sterling silver and accented with colored gemstones and yellow gold. Sometimes, the caviar bead is the accent as is the case of the Enso Leather Bracelet. The bold texture of the caviar pattern can provide the highlight to your overall jewelry accessory, which can be complemented by thin necklaces and smooth bangles or rings.
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Friday, July 01, 2016

Greek marries Spanish

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What happens when you merge passion and artistry in jewelry making? You get Konstantino’s Flamenco Gold Collection. The ancient Greek art-inspired jewelry signature is putting in some Spanish influence in its line of gold rings, earrings, and pendants, adding boldness and fiery style to the brand’s vintage look. The Gold Collection comes in exclusive 18k yellow gold and is accented with various colored gemstones.  The Gold Collection complements a black and white wardrobe on formal evenings. The yellow gold is particularly evident when paired with a jet black dress. Similarly, the gold jewelry pieces match a colored formal wear. The gemstone color provides the accent that can be used as your guide to color matching the jewelry and dress. For example, the blue topaz gold ring looks fabulous when paired with formal yellow. 
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Care tips for ceramic tableware

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If you like collecting signature ceramic tableware like Juliska, you need to know a few care tips that will make your collection last longer and its quality protected. Most ceramic pieces have unglazed underrims that can scratch the overrim of another plate when the plates are stacked for storage. So make sure to cover the underside of each plate with paper towel or a piece of fabric. Moreover, note that stacking creates the most weight for the bottom plates, which can result in breakage. To avoid this, stack similar items together; for plates, stack no more than ten in a column. Likewise, ceramics expand and contract when subjected to heat that can lead to crazing and cracks. So, avoid storing pieces in direct sunlight or near heat sources like a stove or backside of the refrigerator.
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Go trendy wedding this year

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Nature inspired themes are one of the trendy wedding and engagement ring styles this year. If you’re looking for one, Kirk Kara has the perfect collection for it: the Dahlia Collection. It features marquise leaves and floral details with intricate milgrain edges. The ring, accented by a diamond, evokes spring blooms and lend to your style a refreshing look. Another trend that’s making the engagement/wedding ring rounds today is art deco. Kirk Kara’s Charlotte Collection is inspired by this design featuring vivid hues and handcrafted milgrain edges. The contemporary vintage appeal exudes a bold, daring fashion style. Another trendy style to consider is the Kirk Kara Carmella Collection that features halo styles inspired by European architecture. One model mimics the sturdy patterns of the Eifel Tower, a fusion of modern and vintage styles. 
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