Friday, May 27, 2016

Accessorizing dos and don’ts

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Wearing accessories is no rocket science, but still, we see people violate the most fundamental rules to their embarrassment. Accessorizing includes jewelry, bags, hats, belts, and other items that add accent to your overall getup. Accent, yes, because the number one rule is—the accessory should not overwhelm your dress. For example a Charles Krypell Sterling ring is perfect for a knee-length blue dress. The bracelet doesn’t try to steal the attention from the dress, but, instead, highlights the color. Another basic rule is to use a minimal amount of accessories for one outfit at a time. Sure, your jewelry collection is impressive, but wearing them all at once will make you look contrite and even cheap, trying to draw attention to your set. On the other hand, if in case, your jewelry is bold, counter that with an understated dress.
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Ball as one of America’s iconic brands

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America is a country of great innovators. In the tv series, “Genius”, we are presented with some of the country’s most iconic inventions, and later brands, pitting the American innovators against each other. It’s the competitive spirit in America that lent the drive to the search on how to improve existing things. From the discovery of flight by the Wright brothers, to how electricity is used, as we know it now, was developed through trial and error, and to the rise of the Microsoft and Apple borne out of a heated fight between their founders, America is arguably home to the most number and most impactful innovations in the world. On this context, we can include Ball, the watch company, as one of the country’s innovators, having succeeded in developing a standard time for the U.S. railroad to follow. The railroad would become the backbone to America’s journey to become a highly industrialized nation.
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Bellari is for confidence

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Each luxury jewelry brand may look the same on the surface, but beneath it, they try to attract a niche market, a subgroup of buyers with specific interests and values. Take Bellarri, a 30-plus old American jewelry company. The brand owner, Arizona-based Bellari Adleman, said her jewelry is for independent women who are opinionated and who dictate their own life choices. “My customer is an independent thinking self-purchaser who understands we design for her lifestyle. She’s not necessarily waiting for anyone to buy for her,” she told Elite Traveler. She knows whereof she speak. Adleman started as a model, but instead of waiting for projects or someone to woo her away and into a luxurious lifestyle, she created a path that led her to developing jewelry projects for private labels and, soon, her own label, Bellari.
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Add a ‘garden’ to your urban space

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Even if you don’t have a garden or open space, you can still add ‘greenery’ in your living space. If you’re living in a high-rise unit inside a business district, flower vases can neutralize that feeling of being boxed. Try placing flower vases in strategic places.  Here are some nice places where to place the vase. Put it on the center table or corner section of the sala. The flower vase becomes the accent to its wall and floor backdrop. Place a plant accent in the kitchen window to add something organic in the usually metallic and ceramic layout of this part of the house. Likewise, you can place a flower vase in the bathroom, on top of the toilet bowl flusher or on a water closet top. An elegant vase like the Waterford Crystal Vases further adds allure to the flowers.
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Wellendorff in color

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Wellendorff, renowned for its spinning ring signature, is also branded as the purple ring because of its popular enameled purple hue. But the brand has since introduced a line of other colors, which makes Wellendorff a flexible choice if you’re into color meanings in jewelry. You have Wellendorff in black patterns, black being the color of prosperity, health, fidelity, and strength. Likewise, a Wellendorff blue can mean confidence, truth, and also loyalty. Red Wellendorff, meanwhile, stands for energy, love, and power. If you want simplicity, elegance, or innocence, go for Wellendorff in white. Of course, we come back to Wellendorff purple, which is the symbol of spirituality, serenity, and pride. Indeed, when you wear a Wellendorff you’re a  proud owner of one of the world’s most renowned German jewelry brand.
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Setting the table for formal dinner

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Preparing the table for a formal dinner is no rocket science. The rules are simple and the guests know what to expect (which makes it critical that you stick to the rules). The fork goes to the left and knife and spoon to the right in that order from the plate. The knife’s sharp edge should face the plate. Above the knife goes an empty glass standing upright and empty. Meantime, a napkin is placed on the plate or under the fork.  This is the most basic arrangement for a formal dinner, but you can add more glamor by including silverware, additional plates, and more glassware. A good elegant choice will be William Yeoward, which draws its inspiration from antique styles of the late 18th century in Ireland and England.
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Luxury watches need not be that expensive

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Signature watches are not about the price, but the value the price represents. You may have the most expensive watch, but are you getting its worth? A good value-for-money luxury watch is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze diver’s watch. It is inspired by the retro-forward style that combines vintage with modern and high-function technology. More importantly, this Tudor watch is placed at an ideal price point that makes it one of the best valued luxury models in the market. It is pegged at around $3,975, a good value for its category. Likewise, the watch features the iconic angular hands described or “snowflakes,” which were first introduced to the French navy in the seventies. The 43-mm case also makes the watch big enough to showcase, while small enough to conveniently wear every day.
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Versace jewelry doesn’t need an introduction

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Versace may be an iconic fashion brand, but less is known about its jewelry line. A look at its online catalog, the company doesn’t divulge much about its prized jewelry collections. Why should it? The Versace brand alone says everything about the jewelry. They are impossibly elegant, luxurious, and stylish. You get the feeling they’re meant for the few privileged (of course you can have it, too), and they can be snobbish also, which works for you to achieve that elitist look. The Virya Collection is noticeably eccentric; it has cone-shaped gemstones for earrings. They are lined with brilliant cut diamonds for added opulence. Likewise, Verdana Collection teases the senses with its candy-like earpiece renditions. They exude boldness, but at the same time you can sense vulnerability in the way the stones are placed. 
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Casual is elegant

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Casual today no longer means wearing ordinary clothing and being indifferent to styles and trends. There’s a deliberate movement now to look casual, in an elegant way. From light clothes to everyday sneakers and bag accessories, signature brands have invaded the casual space. Not far behind, expectedly, are jewelry brands. One of the exciting luxury signatures that helps you get that elegant casual is Tory Burch watches. Their art deco vintage look is perfect for someone who likes culture and travel. These watches evoke a sense of freedom, of being unhinged, while they lend to you a stylish air. Tory Burch watches are known for its design elements that don’t overwhelm, such as decorative fretwork, geometric details, and the iconic double T logo. These watches can make an ordinary day truly stylish.
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Friday, May 06, 2016

How fancy diamonds’ color is valued

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Fancy diamonds are an irony in diamond evaluation. In the normal range, diamonds are assessed by the lack of color (aka imperfections), meaning, the rarest and more expensive white diamonds are those with an absence of color. However, with fancy diamonds, the reverse may be true. Solidly colored diamonds can be rarer than pure whites, thus, the benchmarking is reversed. The higher the color saturation in fancy diamonds, the more value it fetches. The most exclusive of fancy diamonds, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), are: saturated pink, blue, and green. Brown diamonds are even rarer, but they often show hints of other colors. GIA uses a four-tiered benchmarking to grade fancy diamonds, such as: fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid. Suna Bros. has a range of colored diamonds across the GIA grading marks.
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I.N.O.X isn’t a watch brand?

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How strong is an I.N.O.X. watch? Victorinox-Swiss Army CEO Alexander M. Bennouna can give you an idea: “We looked at what is the heaviest engine around us and realized that it’s a 64 ton Leopard tank. We said let’s drive over the watch,” he was quoted in an interview at the recent Baselworld event. We assume the watch survived. I.N.O.X. is said to be super strong that it took the company three years to develop it because the watch underwent 130 strength tests under extreme conditions, the Leopard tank included. Bennouna said I.N.O.X is different because it focuses on quality and durability, rather than luxury and heritage that other top watch brands specialize on. “We are not a watch brand but a Swiss brand making watches.” Perhaps, I.N.O.X. is the very embodiment of the CEO’s point.
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Victorinox-Swiss Army

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The NBA Playoff 2016 is on and so is fans’ support is boiling hot as ever with each one hoping his or her team makes it to the finals. So who are this year’s favorites? Without doubt—okay with a few now considering Stephen Curry is out—the Warriors are expected to sashay through the playoffs. The Cavaliers are second most favorited to beat the odds, while the Spurs are not far behind. Rounding off our top 4 is the Thunders, which is way behind the Spurs. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers may be this year’s dark horse if odds-betting goes awry. Who knows? Show fan support to your team by availing yourself of Tissot’s limited edition Quickster NBA Team Watch now available for grabs. The watch features the team logo, which is silk printed on the case back.  
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