Friday, December 30, 2016

Herend Grizzly Bear & Baby figure

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If you collect bear figurines or any other adorable animal figurines for that matter, you’ll just love this Herend grizzly bear and baby figurine. In case you’re not too familiar with grizzly bears, they’re bears from North America who got their name from Lewis & Clark. They’re mostly dark brown, but often they can be black or light brown as well.

And, if your collecting passion is Herend figurines, you’ll find them shaped like everything from frogs to unicorns and everything in-between. The Herend Porcelain Manufactory specializes in porcelain that is hand-painted and gilded. It was founded in 1826 in the Hungarian town of Herend. Many of Herend’s classic patterns remain in production today.

This particular figurine shows a grizzly bear and her baby. They are the perfect figure of motherly love and dependence by a baby even in the wild. The artists at Herend properly reflect the complexity of a grizzly bear's furry coat with their fishnet painting technique. It features drops of gold that are truly dramatic when added to the bear's rolling fishnet in warm shades of rust and brown. Her little baby bear looks just like her only in miniature with only a slight hint of his future coat coloring. This pair will make the perfect addition to any collection and deserves a special place in your heart and home. 

Mikimoto Ribbon Necklace Classic Beauty

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Nothing says classic beauty and elegance like a diamond and pearl necklace. Mikimoto has combined diamonds and pearls with 18K white gold to create a dance of luster and brilliance that will make any woman stand out from the crowd. The Mikimoto ribbon necklace romantically twists and turns gently with its 32.92ct diamonds and 15.1X10.7mm exquisite White South Sea cultured pearls. This is a piece for true collectors of fine jewelry.

This necklace is brilliant enough to complement wedding attire, yet understated enough to wear with the classic little black dress. Cultured pearls are grown in an environment that allows them to be flawless, which allows them to develop a rich luster that is rare in natural pearls. Growing cultured pearls requires care and attention to the environment. It is an art that requires patience, skill, and attention to every detail in order to achieve pearls that are unique enough to meet the expectations of the most discriminating woman.

The Mikimoto ribbon necklace is the perfect way to show any woman how much she is loved. The care and quality that go into the pieces are what make the artists at Mikimoto known for their work around the world. The diamonds that Mikimoto uses are selected for their brilliance and ability to complement the luster of the cultured pearls. The light of these two magic elements complement each other in a way that makes each stand out in its own right without being overshadowed by the other.

Balance and simplicity are what make the Mikimoto ribbon necklace the perfect piece for any elegant occasion. This piece is contemporary, yet still a timeless classic that will become a cherished heirloom in the years to come. When one sees this unique combination, it is not difficult to imagine why diamonds and pearls have sparked the imagination of women for thousands of years. Owning the Mikimoto pearl and diamond Ribbon Necklace make a statement about the woman who wears it and her appreciation of classic beauty. 

Memoire Petite Prong Engagement Ring

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The Memoire Petite Prong engagement ring is a beautiful diamond ring that is guaranteed to be the perfect engagement ring. This ring has 18K white gold, which creates an ornate setting for the diamonds to sit on. Since they are brilliant cut, the diamonds themselves will sparkle in any light. The total weight of the diamonds is .49 ctw.

Memoire has been making high-end pieces of jewelry since 1986. J. Douglas McDowell is the CEO of Memoire, and he has a passion for quality. Douglas’ strong belief in quality shows through his work. He believes in using higher karat gold in his jewelry, and this is one of the many reasons Memoire jewelry stands out.

The Petite Prong Collection has many other opulent pieces that are worth considering. If you’re looking for something with a higher diamond weight, consider the Petite Prong 9 Stone Diamond Band. This wedding band has a diamond weight of .72. It is similar to the Petite Prong engagement ring in that is sports 18K white gold. The Petite Prong 9 Stone Diamond also has beautiful brilliant cut diamonds. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

David Yurman Mens Meteorite Signet Ring

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On a sunny fall day in Manhattan in the early 40s, a boy named David Yurman was born and his purpose was to create art. As a teen he studied different welding techniques under artist Ernesto Gonzales, focusing on three dimensional forms from molten metal rods. Later he established his own sculpting studio in New York City, and met his co-creator and life partner Sybil. Yurman focused on modern sculpture and created a jewelry business based on all of his life experiences and learning history.

The jewelry business flourished, and Yurman became famous worldwide for his exquisite, modern pieces. His men's collection is known for its impeccable quality and modern design.

The Men's Meteorite Signet Ring encapsulates the strength of a man. It has a beautiful sturdy look. The ring itself is sterling silver with a meteorite inlay. The meteorite stone absolutely glistens, and the ring itself is very masculine and extremely well crafted. This modern piece is definitely different, and the man who wears this signet ring will surely get many complements and inquiries as the ring is simply stunning. Gibeon Meteorite is what Yurman uses in his Meteorite Collection and is over four billion years old! One can find rings, cuff links, bracelets and dog tags in this collection. 

Waterford Sunday Rose Collection

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The Waterford Company was created in 1783 in Waterford, Ireland. Brothers William and George Penrose achieved their goal which was to create the finest quality crystal for glasses and other dishes in the home. The Waterford brand and name continues to be the most recognizable and distinct crystal in the world. Over two hundred years later, Monique Lhuillier, fashion designer to the stars and famous bridal collection designer, has put her feminine and elegant designs into the Waterford Sunday Rose Collection.

Delicate and modern, the Waterford Sunday Rose Collection is composed of fine China, flatware, stemware and barware, and home accessories. This timeless collection features designs of delicate, beautiful roses and epitomizes femininity. The collection is most impressive, and provides a perfect setting for an elegant dinner. Perfect for entertaining, any piece of the Sunday Rose Collection will surely be the focus of any gathering and add comfort, cheer and beauty to any occasion. The rose design is impeccable and completely fitting for the classic Waterford Company which was created for the purpose of making the finest quality dishes for the home. Monique Lhuillier brings her attention to detail and talent for creating what's beautiful to all pieces of this Waterford set. 

Michael Aram's Ginkgo Butterfly Collection

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Michael Aram is an American-born metal artist who returned to New Delhi to learn more about the ancient metal-working techniques of India. He set a shop there and continues to design unusual but contemporary designs for the home. One of his collections, the Butterfly Ginkgo, combines the beauty of live butterflies with the ginkgo biloba or butterfly tree. He uses the colors of the butterfly to decorate his dinner plates, bowls, mugs and salad plates. His plates are decorated in blues, oranges and yellows. The butterflies sit on the silver branches of the ginkgo biloba trees on their white porcelain. His serving bowls, centerpieces, canisters and other household products are done in bronze, acid-etched to a beautiful finish. On each of his metal pieces, the leaves of the biloba trees form delicate butterflies. Each of the Butterfly Gingko Collection is hand-made in the shop by Michael's expert craftsman. This means each piece in an individual artistic piece, maintaining this collection's high artistic value.

Some of the more unusual pieces include picture frames, lamps, trinket dishes, side tables and a very unusual candle snuffer. Several types of candle holders are offered with the collection to accent your dining arrangement. The Butterfly Ginkgo collection combines plants and animals in a pattern that extends the natural beauty of both. It also uses bronze, one of the metals with a long history of use in the home. Bronze will last many years and look just like new even with heavy use. This Aram collection is designed for the person who wants a home with artistic creations that will always stand out. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

John Hardy Modern Chain Band Ring With Diamonds

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Since 1971, John Hardy has been creating jewelry with the passion and master tools of an artist and sculptor. Since establishing his company, Hardy's jewelry can be found at many major retailers, as well as his own website. One of his major collections that has gained him great recognition is his modern chain series.

Made for both men and women, the modern chain series is inspired by the landscape of Bali and uses linking chain technology for jewelry that is strong as well as beautiful. These pieces are usually made of 18kt white or yellow gold and encrusted with gems. They are truly a staple of elegance in the jewelry market. One piece in this collection that is especially beautiful is the band ring with diamonds.

Measuring at 8.5 mm wide, the chain ring is made of 18kt gold and gives a braided appearance. Each braid section is encrusted with white diamonds. The entire ring screams of taste, as it sparkles gorgeously with gems but retains an understated structural design. It is a dainty band that sits effortlessly on a lady's finger but is also structurally sound and undeniably elegant. Its simple design also allows it to be easily paired with other jewelry and a multitude of fashions. It is a fabulous investment for any lady of grace and sophistication. 

Penny Preville Octagon Cuff

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The Penny Preville Octagon Cuff is a wearable piece of architectural art that proclaims strength without ever forgetting about femininity. The octagon is an eight-sided geometric shape known for its strength and symmetry -- it appears across the bounds of history and geography in notable structures in Athens, Jerusalem, Italy, and elsewhere in the Old World. This bold piece has three open octagons, side by side, built into its core. The center piece is joined to its partners at each waist by two delicate bands of sparkling .30-carat diamonds. The simple shapes gently curve around your arm and are finished with a half octagon at each end. It is no wonder the designer chose gold tone for this bracelet, which evokes a sense of classical beauty while enhancing most modern looks. The octagons call to mind golden window frames through which the real you shine through, with the fourth and last octagon opening in the center to a world of stylish possibilities. Pair this cuff bracelet with your most classic outfit to face whatever the future holds for you with courage and beauty. 

Beautiful Precious Sapphire Heart Pendant by JB Star

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This sapphire heart pendant necklace is simply elegant no matter what outfit you wear. It has round cut diamonds around the outside the pendant is a gorgeous heart shape sapphire that is simply radiant.The sapphire itself is 7.66 carat while the diamonds are 2.40 carats total weight. On top of the heart pendant is a beautiful round diamond that adds to the dynamic way the pendant connects to the gorgeous chain.

The chain itself has open eyelets with tiny round diamonds every couple of eyelets. It sparkles not only from the pendant but also from the chain itself in a very delicate manner. It is perfect to be paired up with a variety of different outfits from dressing up a pair of jeans and sweater to wearing it with your favorite black party dress or even a button down blouse. This gorgeous piece is done by the one and only JB star jeweler Rafael.

Rafael is the leader behind this wonderful organization designing brilliant jewelry for women of all ages and appeal. JB star itself has been around for over 60 years and was once a leader in the diamond industry in Israel. Today the jeweler’s home is in New York and it is also where the best in the business work to make sure that the necklaces and other jewels brought are of the finest quality on the market today. You will not go wrong with this gorgeous sapphire heart shaped pendant surrounded by elegant round diamonds, it is a one of the kind jewelry piece. 

Friday, December 09, 2016

Waterford 2017 Times Square Gift Of Kindness Ruby Flutes

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If you want something that will really make your day wonderful, then the Gift of Kindness Ruby Flutes collection from Waterford is the glass to consider. The crystal, the beauty, and the elegance of these wine glasses can make luxury attainable for you. You are trying to be stylish and modern. It is time to show the full benevolence of your wealth. That is the idea behind these delicate devices. Making yourself happy and giving you that sterling reputation that you have been hoping for. The ruby glasses reflect the love that is common to those who are wise. Waterford enjoys serving people. We make it our ambition to provide quality products at prices that the well to do can be happy with. Flutes are just the beginning. Be sure to check out some more great products from Waterford. We can direct you to the product that is appropriate for your particular situation. 

Roberto Coin Love Letters Collection

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The Love Letters Collection of jewelry by Roberto Coin is an exquisite array of pieces which guarantee to delight you or your special someone you're shopping for.

The "Tiny Treasures" Love Letters Collection has been created with your choice of 18K yellow or white gold, containing a single block-style initial pendant filled with gorgeous round Pave diamonds (which will vary according to the letter size). The necklace features a 16-18 inch delicate chain with lobster clasp.

Besides the Love Letters Collection, you may also find another piece you'll adore from dozens of other collections that Roberto Coin has created, varying from retro styles to vibrant colorful designs.

Each piece that is designed by Coin contains a tiny obscure ruby that has been placed to bring the jewelry wearer all the good things in life: happiness, health, and a lifetime of good fortune. This is the trademark that you know you have an authentic Roberto Coin creation.

About the designer: Roberto Coin is a renowned Italian designer who originates from Vicenza, "The City of Gold". He made a bold move to leave behind a job as a hotel manager to pursue his dream of crafting a line of stunning jewelry, driven by his love of fashion and art. Thus, the Roberto Coin collection was born in 1996. He is proud to design approximately 600 unique works of art each year, all made in Italy. Each piece goes through a lengthy process to bring about truly innovative jewelry creations, showcasing Coin's inspiration from various cultural influences around the globe, nature, as well as visions into the future. 

Raymond Weil Toccata Watch

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Upon first viewing the Raymond Weil Toccata Watch you will be left speechless. This breath taking watch is just so stunning. This watch gives off a strong sense of masculinity that is complemented - but not diminished - by its elegant form and design. Raymond Weil already has a reputation of making such amazing watches for men such as the Freelancer and the Maestro, however, he outdid himself when he created the Toccata Watch.

The Raymond Weil Toccata Watch comes in three different styles: the steel on steel blue dial, the steel on steel gray dial, and the steel on steel black dial. All of which are equally stunning and finding your favorite will be rather difficult to do. Adding one of these watches will complete your entire wardrobe and bring everything together. These stylish watches will be the talk of the century at any formal event.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Raymond Weil watch without having a few added features. The date function can be found at 3 o'clock and is water resistant to up to 165ft. The Raymond Weil Toccata Watch operates using quartz movements, making the watch low maintenance and very accurate. The crystal in this fine watch is made of sapphire and will ensure that your crystal is scratch resistant.

The Raymond Weil Toccata Watch is without a doubt a top of the line watch and it is easy to see why. From its elegant design to its great added features, the Toccata Watch has carved itself a definitive place amongst leaders in its class. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Konstantino Flamenco Gold and Topaz Earrings

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Konstantino Sioulas was born in Athens and embraced the rich history of his homeland. His jewelry collections are fashioned with inspiration from the people, history, art, and mythology of Greece. All Konstantino jewelry is handcrafted by master craftsmen and goldsmiths in Athens using ancient techniques that have been perfected for many years.

The Flamenco is a dance that is known for its intensity and its expressive nature. Konstantino pays homage to this fiery dance and his love of music with his Flamenco Gold collection.

The Konstantino Flamenco Gold collection is exclusively crafted in 18 karat gold to express the richness and brilliance of the Flamenco. The exquisitely crafted earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets feature bold designs with fluidity and gorgeous femininity. They are truly statement pieces that will draw attention.

The Konstantino Flamenco Gold earrings featuring London blue topaz have a dramatic flair while exuding elegance. Visit our store today and see the Konstantino Flamenco Collection up-close! 

Penny Preville Start Dust Cluster Ring

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Do you love things that sparkle? Are you a true believer that diamonds really are a girl's best friend? Then the Penny Preville Star Dust Cluster Ring is perfect for you. Whether you are buying a gift, or simply looking to treat yourself, this elegant, feminine and sophiscated diamond cluster ring is just what you need.

Penny Preville is a jewelry designer that combines luxury and finesse in a way that suits the everyday jewelry wearer. The Star Dust Cluster Ring is made from 18 carat gold and delicately set pear and brilliant cut diamonds. When you place this ring on your finger it is like wearing a crown, and fit for any queen! The diamonds on this cluster total to 1.21 carats, which provides the perfect combination of a luxurious piece of jewelry with everyday wear.

Designed to be unpretentious and sophisticated, this high quality diamond ring will be sure to add that touch of sparkle you desire. 

Herend Holiday Reindeer

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The Herend Holiday Reindeer is a beautiful addition to anyone's seasonal decor. Herend is a company well known for their quality home decor and accessories, and this holiday item is no exception. This reindeer comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with any holiday color scheme, whether it be traditional green and red or whimsical blue and white. The deer is made from high quality materials and is designed to stand out wherever you place it in your home. It would look great on a tablescape or as a mantle decoration. This beautifully designed reindeer would make a lovely gift and is so attractive you may wish to keep it out year round.

The Herend Holiday Reindeer is 6.5" long and 5.75" tall. The deer comes in a variety of colors including: black, blue, butterscotch, green, chocolate, key lime, raspberry, rust and sapphire. Each piece features gilt antlers and gold hooves of 24 karat for an amazing attention to detail. The reindeer have a pattern that resembles fishscales, offering color variation and contrast for interest. The deer also feature a beautiful seasonal wreath around their neck. The wreath also has 24 karat gold accents. Each reindeer is handmade and hand painted in Hungary for a one of kind addition to your holiday decorations. 


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