Friday, November 25, 2016

The Mikimoto "World of Creativity" Necklace.

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The Mikimoto "World of Creativity Necklace" is made from natural cultured pearls. The technique used to culture the pearls in the Mikimoto necklace was invented by Kokichi Mikimoto, in 1914. 20 years later, he established his first pearl farm in the Black South Sea. He effectively changed the pearl industry forever.

His technique allowed the formation of pearls that of the perfect size and shape to make the necklace look both classic and intelligently designed. Since then, the Mikimoto "World of Creativity" necklace has been a mark of luxury, elegance, and perfection. It adorns the necks of queens, princess and successful women in the society.

Pearl Luster

Luster is one of the distinguishing features of the Elegant Mikimoto "World of Creativity" necklace pearls. The luster of a pearl is the intensity and sharpness with which it reflects light. You can identify a gem with the perfect luster by looking how clear images are reflected from its surface. If the reflection is closer to that of a mirror, then it is perfect. That feature will make it look like it is glowing from inside.

Pearl Size

Larger pearls are preferred for necklaces to make sure that the necklace stands out from the rest of your attire. Otherwise, they might look hidden. The Mikimoto "World of Creativity" necklace is made from pearls that are bigger in size to make sure they are clearly visible, and their quality is appreciated.

Jewelry Style

Whether you are dressing for a formal occasion or a social evening, you will find the Mikimoto "World of Creativity" necklace will adorn you with the perfect pearls.

The investment you will make in your Mikimoto "World of Creativity" necklace will last forever. 

JB Star Platinum Diamond Bracelet

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Since 1979, JB Star has been one of the leading jewelers in New York. Over the years, they have strived to create breathtaking designs that are made with the highest quality. Every JB Star jewelry creation is made using platinum, 18kt yellow gold, or rose gold. All the diamonds that are used in JB Star's creations are high-quality ones and pass rigorous inspections.

With the finest artisans, every piece of jewelry is carefully crafted and inspected by hand. They finish off the process with the lasted finishing technology. This ensures that every piece is perfect before it makes it way to you.

The JB Star Platinum Diamond Bracelet is no exception to their high standards. This platinum bracelet is made out of the finest platinum material. It is set with 18 flawlessly matched square emerald cut diamonds. Every square diamond is surrounded by little round diamonds in a micro-pave setting. This beautifully crafted bracelet is sure to light up every room. 

The Christopher Designs Emerald Necklace

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The Christopher Designs Crisscut Color Jewelry Collection features stones of different shapes and colors, set in white or yellow gold. Each piece features a colored stone accented with diamonds, creating a unique, exquisite piece of jewelry. This collection features necklaces, rings and earrings in a variety of colors and styles, each one offering a one-of-a-kind elegance that cannot be duplicated.

The emerald necklace from the Christopher Designs Crisscut Color Jewelry Collection is simple yet elegant. Featuring a 12.41 carat emerald, as well as 3.45 carats in diamond accents, this piece is sure to make a statement.

Set in white gold, this necklace features a teardrop shaped emerald stone surrounded by a halo of round diamonds. The chain of this necklace also features round diamond accents, adding extra sparkle to this piece.

Pair this emerald necklace with a ring or earrings from the Christopher Designs Crisscut Color Jewelry Collection for an elegant and timeless look. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Phillips House Hero Necklace

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The Phillips House Hero Necklace embodies a bold presentation of fortitude. The octagonal shape represents the joining of eight different facets which makes up what a woman is. These facets are unique to the woman, some being family related, such as wife, mother, sister. Others may be career related, or perhaps personal victory or hurdle overcome. The wearer decides what these are, and jointed together, create her overall "hero."

These pieces feature diamonds set in yellow gold suspended on a 14k yellow gold chain. The woman wearing it displays a powerful and heroic demeanor, while not giving up any of the femininity still inside of her. The perfect balance of elegance and strength in one artful necklace.

The Hero collection features other similar designs in varied sizes. Choose sizes of petite, mini, small, and large, and find the perfect piece to embrace and empower your individual hero. They layered collection adds depth to the piece, providing more dazzling diamonds for an even bolder presentation. All of these beautiful pieces give the wearer flexibility to wear it dressed up or casually. Each piece fits effortlessly into nearly every outfit and ensemble.

Wearing a piece of the Hero collection is a confident declaration of who a woman is. Its design pleases the many varied tastes of women around the world while still fulfilling an elegant and glamorous purpose. 

A Throwback to Functionality with Tudor's Heritage Advisor

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In the world of luxury watches, the Tudor Heritage Advisor is making waves. This sporty, yet functional piece is designed to be a cut above the rest, while still having a few tricks up its sleeve.

Probably the biggest and most interesting aspect of it is its alarm function. As a throwback to the old style of advisor watches, this Tudor model gets everything right. While you probably won't be using it as your only dedicated alarm, the watch offers an interesting way to keep alert throughout your day, but with added style. On the one hand, the dial, either in black or white, has a superb presentation with its subdials and alarm indicator. Few other brands could pull of this look with such ease. The date subdial is well-positioned and sized to offer a remarkable view when cut between the sleek hour and minutes hands. With a domed sapphire crystal and Tudor's 2892 calibre movement, this piece comes in with both style, functionality, and dependability no matter the time or place.

Stop by Schiffman’s Jewelers to take a look at the Tudor collection!

Lagos Derby Buckle Pendant Necklace

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Elegant, stylish, stunning, the list of words that describe the Derby Buckle Pendant Necklace could go on. This necklace is made of polished sterling silver and has the LAGOS diamond accents set in the single drop pendant. These diamonds are some of the highest quality, LAGOS only uses the best natural stones. The chain of the Derby Buckle Pendant Necklace is a versatile 16 to 18 inch chain that can be adjusted as needed. This necklace will go with any outfit for any occasion. Silver is a very popular choice in jewelry, the coolness of the color goes with almost anything. The design of this necklace is unique as well. The pendant is actually one solid piece and it is in this pendant that the diamond accents are set. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fire and Ice Three Stone Diamond Ring

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This classic diamond ring is exquisitely designed. It contains three round diamonds, each in a 4 prong setting. The center stone is slightly larger than its neighboring stones. It is available in rose, white or yellow gold. The diamond itself is available in sizes that include .75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00 carat options. Every size diamond option is the highest quality - S1 near colorless diamond.

This stunningly simple ring is elegant in every way. The simple clean look of the gold is smooth and strong. Whether in rose, yellow or white gold, it will bring unmatched class to the hand that is fortunate enough to grace it.

This diamond three stone ring is a lovely ring on its own, however, as an engagement ring, it is easily matched to many styles of wedding band. Its smooth gold surface stuns with a simple band of similarly smooth gold or will stun with a more elaborately designed diamond band. The choices are endless. It is a throwback to the classic solitaire rings of the 1960's and 1970's simplicity. Simple yet elegant. Gorgeous and understated. Stunning yet demure.

This ring is one she wants and will wear forever.

The inside of this Fire and Ice diamond ring is etched with the "Fire & Ice" logo.  

John Hardy Bamboo Pendant with Black Diamonds

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The gorgeous cluster of black diamonds is a luxury that no competitor can match. The shine of 18 karat gold shaped like bamboo, coupled with extremely rare black diamonds is priceless, and the perfect gift for your tasteful mate. When she goes to her dinner party, all the ladies will stare in awe.

The necklace is a single column of fine gold. At the end of the gold is a sparkling mound of black diamonds. Black diamonds are amazing. They are also known as carbanados. Natural carbanados are found mostly in Latin America. As you gaze at your delightful treasure, the finery of your purchase will happily rest in your mind.

The column of fine gold speaks of exquisite taste and jewels harvested from the depths of a dangerous coal mine. You have at the edge of this necklace the most expensive and rarest form of coal, the black diamond. Black diamonds are exactly the carbon based glory that you need to make that great impression at your next big event. 

The Masai Collection by Marco Bicego

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Marco Bicego is a renowned designer of luxury Italian jewelry. One of his popular collections is the Masai Collection, which features the latest in luxury as inspired by the African Masai tribe’s adornments.

The Masai (also spelled Maasi), settled in East Africa in the mid-1800s, bringing with them a unique and beautiful style of intricate jewelry that they have become known around the world for. The Masai/Maasi use different colors to represent several different meanings for the men and women who wear adornments, as well as raw materials such as clay, ivory, bone, and shells in their beautiful body jewelry.

What makes the Masai Collection unique is that each piece is inspired by the African tribe and is crafted with 18k gold, hand-coiled strands. The wearer can expect each piece to adapt to the curves of their body, which allows each piece of jewelry to be worn alone for a simple look, or stacked for a tailored variety.

The Masai Collection by Marco Bicego embraces the styles of the Masai in his groundbreaking new luxury line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Made from high quality materials such as different types of Gold, gemstones, and even diamonds, you will be hard pressed to match the unique design and quality of this fine jewelry collection. 

Friday, November 04, 2016

Have The Best Shine With Charles Krypell Precious Pastel Collection

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Charles Krypell is known for his craftsmanship and luxurious styling. His jewelry designs are unique, eloquent and of the highest quality. You can immediately spot the difference in his design and traditional jewelry design by only a single look. Charles Krypell runs a jewelry designing company which represents his heritage and the essence of love in the best of way. Everybody can say the plain old boring I love you to someone special but what about doing something new? If you are at a loss as to what that something new is then you can look at Charles Krypell Precious Pastel Collection.

Charles Krypell Precious Pastel Ring Collection is a milestone in Charles's artistic career. This gorgeous cushion cut diamond centered ring is a masterpiece. When you will slip this luxurious ring in the finger of your beloved the smile on her face will be as sparkly as the diamond on the ring. You will be mesmerized by its design as the little diamonds fall down the diameter of the ring. Your passion and love can be completely defined by the exquisite colors of the diamonds on the ring. To many people a piece of jewelry is merely something to complete their attire but to some people it’s a symbol of their long lasting love. When a couple sees their beautiful wedding bands or rings shining on their fingers it shows how far they have come.

Charles Krypell's Collection represents jewelry that defines a relationship. Whether it's his must-have necklaces or Precious Pastel Ring Collection, everything he designs is from the heart. Each detail matters. 

Want It to Sparkle? Hearts on Fire Copley Collection

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Sparkly things have their own beauty and mesmerizing effect. When something shines you are immediately drawn to it and it just feels like a treasure. A diamond in its true form feels like a treasure. There are thousands of thousands of brands of jewelry out there but what is it to separate them? Some are known for their intricate designs, some for shapes and some for quality. If you are a person who likes fantastic and clear cut things then Hearts on Fire diamonds are for you. Hearts on Fire diamonds are known as the best cut diamonds in the world. They are famous for their clarity and sparkle.

The way a diamond is cut determines its ability to reflect light and in return make it shine. What makes Hearts on Fire diamonds different from others is the formation of a perfect ring of eight hearts located at the bottom including the formation of a symmetrical “Fireburst” on top. This “Fireburst” is the key component of outshining other diamonds. Acut made too deep or shallow will ruin its power to shine and will look dull in some areas. The Hearts on Fire diamonds are guaranteed to be cut so perfectly that it will reflect its brilliance from across the room. Hearts on Fire confidently claim to be the best diamond cutters in the world with experts to cut their famous Hearts on Fire (Round) and Dream (square) diamonds.

It's not the size of the diamond that matters but it’s the shine that shows. Stop by Schiffman’s Jewelers today and take a look at the Hearts on Fire Copley Collection.

Memoire Classic Rolling Ring Collection

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A meaningful gesture speaks a thousand words. It can be a warm smile, a big hug, a gift or a piece of jewelry. Jewelry has always been a special kind of object used for the best occasions. A beautiful piece of jewelry can reflect more words than a single “I love you”. Specifically in jewelry, a ring can be a priceless present. A proposal is not complete without a ring with a diamond or other precious gemstone popped on it.

The world has changed and so has the style. Traditional rings are still popular, but a new style has come on-scene. The Memoire Rolling Ring Collection provides style with a unique twist on traditional rings. The Memoire Classic Rolling Ring Collection is a new symbol of love when it comes to demonstrating it. Memoire Rings have successfully designed some of the most elegant looking high-quality platinum and 18k gold wedding bands and engagement rings for twenty five years. Now their classic rolling ring collection has made it to the top of the list. Memoire's classic ring rolling collection has been designed with great intricacy and detailing. These beautiful rings are available in white, gold, yellow and rose gold.

The entwining design of the rolling rings represents the union of two people. This spectacular piece of jewelry comes in every size so this means that everyone will get a chance to enjoy it. One special ring is an 18K While Gold Rolling ring from Memoire Rolling Rings Collection. This beauty was a tri-color three interlocking band 18K ring which looked absolutely stunning. The rose gold, gold and white gold bands made it just perfect for a wedding ring.

If you are not crazy for any of these rolling rings then the beautiful Grande Three Row Diamond Rolling Ring from Memoire Rolling Ring Collection will make you go utterly crazy. This mesmerizing platinum ring has three interlocking bands which are surrounded with a gallery of diamonds running down its entire length. It’s a vision of decency and subtlety.

The heavenly 18K Rose Gold Six Row Diamond Rolling Ring consists of six interlocking bands. While the color itself reflects the essence of love its beauty is amplified by a row of diamonds running down the bands completing its unmatched beauty.

There can be a no better present and surprise for your loved one than a beautiful classical rolling ring. These interlocking bands represent the bond of love and unity for all which is something to cherish. 


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