Friday, August 28, 2015

Obama’s plate

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Continuing its tradition of providing the White House with commemorative state dinnerware for each administration, Pickard China unveiled the Obama White House china featuring a “Kailua Blue” accent. The color was chosen by Michelle Obama to represent her husband’s home, Hawaii. The first lady said “Kailu Blue” makes the Obama dinnerware line distinct from the red, green, blue, and yellow accents of the commemoratives for the past administrations. The blue has a modern, casual earthy feel, something that Mrs. Obama wanted to highlight. The dinner plates are rimmed with gold with the presidential coat of arms at the center. As with other commemorative dinnerware, the Obama plates will be used for state dinners to host dignitaries. Pickard started the project three years ago, which cost $367,000.
Pickard is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Diamonds for millennials

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Hearts On Fire wants to change how women look at diamond jewelry with the launch of its “Ignite Something” campaign. The marketing is targeted at millennials, who are in the age of marriage, or nearing it. Millennials have a different outlook in life; they’re often throwing standard definitions out and are comfortable with disruptive technologies. This in mind, Hearts On Fire projects an energetic, approachable, and “real” feeling in its ad campaign as a way to bring diamond jewelry closer to this audience. "Today's young couples are part of a generation that has a different relationship with tradition--they are doing things the way that they want to," said Kristin Suppelsa, VP of Marketing, Hearts On Fire. The brand is known for its trademark round and square cut diamonds. 
Hearts On Fire is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Fine distinctions in fine china

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Choosing fine china requires a basic knowledge because the purchase is meant to last a lifetime. Fine china like Philippe Deshoulieres is designed not just to function as dinnerware, but as an image you project when hosting important guests. Fine china comes in three major types using similar basic clay mix but with different combinations and processing. Porcelain combines kaolin, flint, and feldspar and is fired at the highest temperature. On the other hand fine china--not to be confused with the general term--is technically a porcelain, but is thinner, more translucent, and considered of a higher quality. Bone china, meanwhile, has the same clay mix, but bone ash is added that makes the china extremely durable. You can buy fine china as a standard set or with servingware, such as, platters and bowls.
Philippe Deshoulieres is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Welder

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The famed cable bracelet introduced by David Yurman in the early eighties reflects his jewelry craftsmanship skills and sculpting knowledge. After all, David Yurman apprenticed for many years under modernist sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and also worked for the famous sculptor, Theodore Roszak. Likewise, he became a shop foreman for Hans Van de Bovenkamp, another popular sculpture artist. But look closely at the cable bracelet and you might see Yurman's other creative skill background: welding. It's this foundation in metalworks that established his foundation for tinkering with metal. He was 16 when he learned the sculptural processes and techniques in welding, under the Cuban Ernesto Gonzales. The same techniques are evident in Yurman's work to this day, the seamless brazing and soldering that creates geometric angles in a David Yurman collection.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Historical moments in Reed & Barton Silversmiths' past

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Reed & Barton Silversmiths is one of the oldest silversmiths in America today. Dating back to 1824, it's small wonder if the company's history had interspersed with historical milestones at some point. Take for example in the first world war, when Reed & Barton Silversmiths was tasked to produce stainless steel flatware for soldiers. You've probably seen a Reed & Barton Silversmiths in one of many World War I photos showing soldiers eating in between combat. Similarly, was also assigned the role to design and produce the medals in the Atlanta Olympics of 1996. The company also redesigned the Davis Cup, one of the major tennis tournament icons. If you own a Reed & Barton Silversmiths, you have history in your favor or, perhaps, an Olympic-level quality utensil for tonight's dinner. 
Reed & Barton Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Demand outstrips supply

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A FireMark diamond is arguably the most sought-after and limited princess cut in the market today. The company only distributes the diamond through select independent retailers across Canada and the U.S.A. In fact, FireMark isn't available online, in retail chain, or diamond listings. You have to drop by a brick-and-mortar shop and ask a trained jewelry retailer for it. The high demand is the fruits of the company's dedication to perfecting the princess cut. Through precision cutting and continuous improvement in techniques, FireMark was able to refine the angles in a way that produce more light and brightness. These features were immediately got the attention of jewelry retailers in major events, such as, the Premier and JCK Shows in Las Vegas and the JA/New York Show at the Javis Center. To guarantee authenticity, each FireMark diamond is inscripted with the signature trademark at the stone's girdle.
FireMark Diamonds is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Count your blessings

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Pulitzer winning novelist Thornton Wilder once shared this inspiring quote: "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." In this highly materialistic world of ours, can you remember when was the last time you really got satisfied with what you have? Since time immemorial, wise men had claimed that being constantly grateful makes people happier. Today, this philosophy is being supported by scientific studies, which found evidence that gratitude makes people attain elevated degrees of positive energy, satisfaction, optimism and vigor. Grateful individuals tend to have greater aptitude for compassion and are less susceptible to stress and depression. Indeed, we don't need to have everything in this life to be genuinely happy, we only need to make the most of what we have. This is among the values that Christopher Designs shares through its myriad of elegant jewelry collections, that true happiness is not found in acquiring many things but just in learning how to count one's blessings.
Christopher Designs pieces are available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Making impressions that last

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Your husband just told you the big news: his boss and his wife will come over your place for a dinner date and to talk about your hubby's promotion to VP. Good thing that your cooking prowess is already a given fact, so you only need to reckon with some other fine details of the upcoming banquet. Along with your best tablecloths, the delectable food you'll prepare must be served and enjoyed in your exquisite china and silverware. After the sumptuous meal, your esteemed guests will likely ask for coffee or tea, so get your Salisbury Charlestown Coffee Pot, Charlestown Cream & Sugar Set, Coffee Scoop, and Monticello Twisted Tea Spoon ready in your Salisbury Casablanca Medium Serving Tray. It's always better to start strong and then finish stronger. With Salisbury, you'll likely to make lasting impressions to your guests.
Salisbury is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Some dinning no-nos

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Whenever we get invited for dinner at a friend's or office colleague's house, it pays to know not only what to do but also what to avoid doing, not only to save face but also to show respect to others and proper decorum. For instance, you should never begin partaking of your meal until the host gives the go-signal. Refrain from using your bread to dip into soups or mop sauces. Hold back audible eating noises like burping and slurping as they are disrespectful. Never talk with a full mouth--this is not only obnoxious to see, it may also choke you! Never spread to reach out across the table to reach for food or any items; it's better to politely ask for others nearby for some help. Not at any time should you pick your teeth or lick your fingers (unless you're eating beef ribs or chicken legs). Finally, even if you think your cooking is far better than your hosts, never ever offer your criticism. Instead, always show some compliments for the food, place and effort, especially when your hosts have a Richard Ginori, which is hands-down one of the biggest names in fine porcelain tableware, decorative accessories, and much more.
Richard Ginori is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Action over words

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When you love someone, it's good to tell him or her how much you love them. That's a very reassuring way to express your deep care and emotion for that person. But love should not be confined in high-impact quotes and other powerful rhetorical forms. More than mere words, love should be shown in actual actions to real real fruition. For men, one powerful way to show your love for her is by giving her an elegant and love-filled jewelry. Try giving her a Charles Krypell, whose Ivy Love Collection pieces are a definite must when you want to express your love because with its awe-inspiring and breath-taking elegance, your special love for her will surely be noticed, felt and reciprocated. Guaranteed.
Charles Krypell is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Pioneers of watch eccentricity

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When it comes to being unique--and sometimes totally uncompromising--timepiece designs, perhaps there's one name that stands out from the rest: Baume & Mercier. After its founding in 1830, Baume & Mercier  gradually established a good reputation internationally by setting timekeeping accuracy records and winning in several competitions. But more than these, the famous Swiss watchmaker had increasingly been known everywhere for its specifically unconventional "shaped" models that purposely defy the conventional circular format. Through the years, these unusual, yet handsome watch shapes had become signature Baume & Mercier creations, including the elegant Marquise of the forties, the iconic Galaxie and Stardust models of the 70s, the avant-garde steel sportswatch Riviera. At present, Baume & Mercier's best sellers include the Linea and Hampton line for women and the Capeland and Clifton collections for men.
Baume & Mercier timepieces are available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Perfect in any form or size

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Do you prefer pint-sized or gigantic? Whether you’re intent to make a grandiose statement or just to add a slight dash of sophistication for your home, Simon Pearce glassware creations have the perfect breadth for you. Take for instance the Norwich Collection, which is derived from the very first designs of the world-famous expert in glassblown products, the Norwich silhouette. These glasswares' simple lines and handles endow them with fundamental yet awe-inspiring splendor and utility, enabling them to be perfect for both everyday use and formal accommodations. Take your pick or get for yourself the entire Norwich collection, which includes the best-selling Norwich Bowl, Vase, Ice Bucket, Chiller, and Beaker.
Check these Simon Pearce creations at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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