Friday, July 31, 2015

Other 925 pieces

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The 925 has been known for quality sterling silver picture frames that are both elegant and reliable to keep your photos protected. There are, however, other product additions to The 925 catalog that can add style to your interior. The Mantle Clock, for instance, is perfect to adorn a center table or atop a traditional fireplace in your living room. Made from The 925 signature fine sterling silver, this piece features malachite, antique movement, rubies, diamonds, ivory, and 24 karat gold. It's traditional, yet has a contemporary ring to it. Similarly, the Kiddush Cup in monochrome style features medieval scenes etched in details around its body. It's at once an interior design accent and a functional drinking glass if you fancy an elaborate drinking ware.
The 925 is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Watch regulations

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Did you know that wristwatches are regulated by the government? The U.S. Department of Defense released a Military Specifications called MIL-W-46374F, which set the requirements for, among others, the strength, anti-magnetic, and climate endurance of the wristwatch. Ball Watch manufactures its watches since 1891 to exceed these government specifications. For example, its case is made from high-grade corrosion-resistant ferrite stainless steel or titanium with antimagnetic soft iron inner jacket. The crystal is made of anti-glare sapphire with a dielectric strength of 20,800 kg/cm2. Ball Watch also enjoys the self-powered micro gas light that allows you to read the dial even in dark and adverse situation. Furthermore, the watches are water-resistant up to 1000m (specific models) with a patented crown protection system. Its movement also used Swiss precision manufacturing and subjected to rigorous conditions.
Ball Watch is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wine glasses that are a cut above the rest

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Knowing the subtle differences of vineyard sources in different countries isn't enough when thinking of impressing guests in a wine and dine party. You should also consider the glass that holds the wine. For a truly impressive showcase, a Waterford Crystal collection will do the job. The signature glassware offers a wide range of wine glasses; here are three of our favorites. The John Rocha Black Cut features high-gloss black glass with crystal cuts around the rim that reflect the clear brilliance of the material. It's ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Shiraz. On the other hand, the Elegance Wine Glass Bordeaux features seamless lines that reflect the smooth flavor of a Bordeaux. It has a crisp rim and contemporary style. Another collection, the Clarendon Ruby, has dramatic cuts that create striking crystal facets around the body. It's perfect for sparkling wine. 
Waterford Crystal is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, July 24, 2015


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Who doesn't love to go out for a picnic? This long-held tradition of partaking meals outdoors, ideally in a splendid place like a lake or park or at a public event (al fresco or en plein air), is probably one of everyone's favorite activities. While this tradition could have been observed for centuries now, only a few might know that the word "picnic" was first used in a published work in 1962 by Tony Willis in his work, Origines de la Langue Française, where the obviously new term, "pique-nique," was used to refer to a group of people dining in a restaurant where each one brought their own wine. The custom of people bring their own food as well as drinks had been brought until today. And why not further enliven this rich human tradition with a touch of dining elegance from Annieglass? Its buffet plate, handmade glass of 13-inch durable plate will be a perfect picnic companion everywhere you plan to go. 
Annieglass is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

A Polka World

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If you're shopping for a great dining piece to dramatically upgrade your current stock, try checking out Anna Weatherley's Polka Gold set, which is part of the Simply Anna collection. Let your guests' eyes be first captivated (and their palates be satisfied) as you serve your sumptuous appetizer with a handsome Polka Gold rim soup and bread & butter plate. For the main course, elevate your already famous main course offerings with a stylish Polka Gold dinner plate and charger. For second servings, use the Polka Gold oval platter. When it's time to serve your delectable vinaigrette-dressed vegetable salad, use the exquisite Polka Gold salad plate and offer the rest in a open vegetable bow. As you transfer to your outside table near your garden, serve tea with a Polka Gold tea cup with tea saucer. Your guests will likely come back for more for your cooking prowess and your Anna Weatherleys!
Anna Weatherley is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Berlin and elegance

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One of the most celebrated and historically-rich hotels in Germany, and likely for the entire Europe, is Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. Built in 1907 by Lorenz Adlon, Hotel Adlon was Germany's bold answer to the emerging new luxury class of American hotels that emerged during the late 19th century. Indeed, it became a legendary venue for a myriad of important political and social gatherings in Europe. Among its long line of celebrity guests include Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Charlie Chaplin, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein, among others. It was also here that the world-famous German jeweler, Wellendorff, launched its new collection “Rope Dreams,” a line of chord-inspired pieces that will definitely amaze jewelry fans and collectors everywhere. A great addition to its "silk made of gold" creations, a true Wellendorff original design.
See this Wellendorff collection at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Homegrown dish

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Parents dread the day when their children, now adults, leave home to start their own families. Even if the children live in the neighboring city, the chance of seeing them often for a weekend lunch or dinner at the old family house is minimal, especially now that the "kids" have the in-laws to also commit their rare, free weekends. One way to ensure that your children pay you a visit regularly even if they're busy raising their own families is to cook them a home signature dish, something that they've grown up liking and can't find elsewhere. It can be your 24-hour smoked brisket or roasted tomato soup with a secret ingredient. Homegrown dishes will remind them of their happy childhood days. Serve them in an old-world themed Arte Italica dinnerware and dinner becomes irresistibly nostalgic for your children. 
Arte Italica is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

MotoGP's Lorenzo complains of tire change

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The Tissot-sponsored MotoGP is more than the powerful bike's engine or the racing skills of the rider. There's the grip factor that spells a win or lose for a MotoGP racer. Jorge Lorenzo highlighted this factor after having performed below par, taking him 14 rounds to claim a victory last season. He complained of the change in the rear tire, which Bridgestone switched to a stiffer, heat-resistant make. The Spaniard uses edge grip at full lean for his corner-run signature, and the change made it harder for him to take this style. He compared his predicament to tennis. "If a tennis player doesn't like a surface and suddenly he has to play three of four tournaments on it for sure he cannot perform at the same level." In extreme sports like MotoGP, a fraction of a change is critical.
Tissot is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Swiss Army's multifunctional watch

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The brand known for multifunctional pocket knife has also a multifunctional watch to boot. The Swiss Army Night Vision features a line of watches with an innovative system of LEDs that can turn into a wrist torch when the lights go out, for example, in a campsite. It's useful in other outdoor settings, such as, when you're skiing, wake boarding, or mountain climbing, and also adaptable even when you're showering, sleeping, or just plain walking. Moreover, the watches are stylish and available in a wide selection of colors (black, blue, green, red, silver white) and bracelet material (leather, rubber strap, steel). It's unisex and features an analog digital quartz movement. You'll love its simple but reliable functions, including: extended light mode, dial illumination mode, military time, flashlight, and water resistance up to 166 ft. 
Swiss Army is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Suna Mark of Quality

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When you buy a Suna Bros. piece, you're also buying one of the best jewelry brands manufactured under a strict process. Whether in platinum, 18k white and yellow gold, or 20k pink gold, the precious metals are taken from credible sources and are perfectly finished and polished to reveal their natural gleam and softness. The gems that accentuate the jewelry pieces are also sourced from authenticated suppliers and are precisely set by hands. Likewise, Suna Bros. doesn't just exude the finest jewelry craftsmanship in the U.S. Its collections have been entirely made in the country for over 80 years now. Based in New York City, the jewelry signature is one of the few remaining brands that are one hundred percent American pride. As trust seal, each piece is subtly marked with the Suna logo, the karat metal mark, and serial number.
Suna Bros. is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

The Boardman Silversmiths craftsmanship

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The gleaming and smooth finish of a Boardman Silversmiths piece reflects the precision manufacturing process and professional skills that go into each of the silverware. Considered a work of art, each piece starts at blanking presses that make precision cuts of geometric shapes from .925 sterling silver sheets and lead-free pewter. Boardman Silversmiths' pewter is one of the heaviest lead-free material used in the industry. In the hands of a craftsman, the cuts are shaped into exact shapes and curves by leveraging up to 900 pounds per square inch. Specially designed "sectional chucks" allow the craftsman to create a range of shapes. The curved pieces are then soldered on hollow fittings and are hand polished with pumice for a satin or bright finish. Boardman Silversmiths dedication to this strict process makes the signature of the most admired brands in silverware today. 
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Garden party with Beatriz Ball Collection

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Hosting a garden lunch or dinner is an effective way to impress guests without being blatant. Showcasing that you have a spacious garden is a subtle trick of telling guests that you have an above-average property without offending their middle class senses, or signaling to valued clients that you're a "winnable" partner in business. But having a garden event is more than just putting the tables and chairs out in the open. It involves great planning, such as, covers for possible weather shifts, the right audio system to ensure the sound is audible without annoying the neighborhood, and attention to details down to the dinnerware. For outdoor entertainment, Beatriz Ball Collection offers a wide array of themed sets that fit a garden ambiance, including: Organic Pearl, Ocean, Forest, Croc, and Catena.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

For that luxurious bath

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Casafina’s wide collection of astounding hand-painted ceramic products is made to cover every inch of your home, even the privacy of your own bathroom. Similar to its fine line of home decor, Casafina bath offerings are sourced or designed from choice natural materials sourced from all over the world. First in line are the organic bath furnishings that feature the exquisite pearlescent Capiz shell from the Philippines and the clean wares of natural soapstone from India. Casafina also offers a sumptuous collection of high-end metal bath selections from India, that range from the exotic to the vintage. Of course, there are the famous hand-painted Portuguese earthenware collections, which is among the best-sellers of Casafina, that feature the amusing designs of Costa Nova as well as the age-old traditional shapes from Coimbra. With Casafina bath line, all the luxury that this world has to offer are within your, and your bathroom's, reach.
Casafina is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

The apple of Pharaoh's eyes

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Since time immemorial, one of the most in-demand stones among kings, pharaohs and other monarchs is the lapis lazuli. This stone was among the most prized in ancient times for its alluring color of profound, celestial blue and for the precious ultramarine dye it produces. Formed by a plethora of minerals like pyrite, calcite and lazurite, the lapis until today continues to be a symbol of royalty, power, honor, as well as truth and wisdom. This apple of the nobleman's eye headlines Slane's highly-acclaimed Solis Collection, which features a radiant 18k yellow gold, a sterling silver sun with .14ctw diamonds in the center, all embedded in a scintillating lapis gem. Thanks to Slane, you don't need to have a royal blood in your veins to live like how pharaohs and the Egyptian aristocrats had once lived. Get your Solis Collection piece now.
Slane is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Pearly Meals

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Couzon's world-renowned ingenuity in the design and manufacture of silverware is a given fact among cutlery industry experts as well as among homemakers everywhere spanning six fruitful decades. One of its bestsellers is Couzon "Le Perle" Stainless Flatware, which is undeniably an opus to behold (and eat with, of course). Le Perle stainless flatware boasts of an impeccable filament of pearls border cast on a vintage heirloom contour. Its miniature, well-proportioned bead details beckon light from even the small flicker of a candle to create an exquisite, resplendent table. The Couzon "Le Perle" Stainless Flatware is molded from high-grade 18/10 stainless steel so you're assured of its uncompromising durability on top of its already given beauty and elegance.
Couzon is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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