Friday, June 26, 2015

Raymond Weil flies

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Mention pilot watches and Raymond Weil won't be in the list of the top brands. Not anymore. The timepiece signature more known for its passion on music has a pilot watch now: the Freelancer Piper. In partnership with the legendary aviation Piper Aircraft, the watch celebrates the company founder's love for flying. Not many know that Raymond Weil, the man, was a pilot. "He was not only a visionary and daring entrepreneur but also a proud owner of a Piper plane," said Elie Bernheim, the company's CEO. He was known to fly around mountains, especially the Matterhorn in Switzerland. The Freelance Piper demonstrates independence of spirit that animated the early decades of flying. It's made from titanium and stainless steel with a mechanical self-winding chronograph movement.
Raymond Weil is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Baby's heirloom

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Empire Silver Co. has a full selection of sterling silver and pewter baby gifts for baby showers, christening, birthdays, or simply for posterity. From baby cups, brush sets, and rattles, to porringers and picture frames, all pieces are made from fine silver and pewter and are manufactured in the U.S., one of the few brands that are 100% American. The Empire Silver Co. baby pieces are ideal as heirlooms, a collection that the baby, once an adult, can keep for nostalgia or to use for his future baby, if any. It's a literal symbol of the family's continuity through the generations; in fact, the same tradition is being practiced, albeit symbolically, by royal families. You'll be happy to know that with proper care the Empire Silver Co. pieces can last forever.
Empire Silver Co. is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

How to stand out in style

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There are many ways to stand out in a roomful of stylish people. One, don't follow the latest trend; rather, stick to timeless styles. They are elegant and classic, which adds a layer of sophistication in your overall fashion. Two, go for colorful jewelries to match your dress. Colored diamonds or multi-gem jewelry can distinguish your style from a room of white diamonds, yellow gold, and grey silver. Three, know the colors that highlight your features. Even when you meet someone wearing the same color, you'll appear more vibrant if the color matches your skin tone. You can also wear limited jewelry editions like Roberto Coin's Cow Black and White Diamond Bangle. It's pricey but exclusive to a privileged few. It features ruby eyes set in 18k rose gold and black diamonds.
Roberto Coin is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Garden breakfast for two, please

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There's nothing like a breakfast in the garden on a bright sunny morning. Although you can plan this setup in a hotel in some faraway romantic city, why not have it every day at home. If you have a garden, then all you need is a collection of nice ceramic dinnerware to complete the ambiance. Gien's tea cups, dinner plates, saucers, and bread & butter pieces are perfect for a garden setup. You can choose the Alice Collection, which features blue wild flowers amidst a dry white backdrop. Flora is also ideal for garden breakfast with its pastel colors laid out in playful patterns. Likewise, Jardin Imaginaire features a cornucopia of flowers and plants, how more garden-like can you get? Gien has more earthenware collections that can make a garden breakfast romantic and charming any day.
Gien is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

What are the most romantic cities?

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Planning to surprise her with a Precision Set diamond engagement ring, where could be the perfect city to do it? Why not choose one among the most romantic cities in the world. Venice is hands down oozing with romance featuring a high Renaissance backdrop and, yes, the gondola in the river. Paris is not the city of lights for nothing. Its night lights and street cafes are perfect ambiance to pop the question. Little known Prague can also be romantic, when you think the Old Town Square through Charles Bridge is like a fairy tale location of princes and princesses. Of course, Rome should be in your top list; if Paris is the city of lights, Rome is the city of love. Any open fountains is an ideal spot to ask her hand. If you want a more exotic setting, try Marrakech in Morocco and make her feel like she's in Casablanca.
Precision Set is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The famed wood sculptor sells jewelry

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Grainger McKoy is known for his striking wood sculpture featuring birds in motion. They aren't your regular pieces of art; each work reveals stunning details and lifelike action. A few years back, the artist started sculpturing minute artworks and casting them into jewelry, first, for his wife, then, as word spread about his jewelry collections, to customers. The result is a full collection of jewelry pieces for men and women, plus a fine silver dining collection. The Men's Accessories range from cufflinks to studs featuring an outdoorsman theme of quails, wood ducks, feathers, doves, and flies. On the other hand, the Jewelry for Women includes pins, rings, earrings, and necklace. It also features typical Grainger McKoy sculpture works of wide feathers, hummingbirds, and Carolina Wren bird. 
Grainger McKoy is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Philip Stein

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There's a better way to sleep today: with Philip Stein's latest Slim Sleep Bracelet. It's neither a bracelet or a watch, but a sleeping device that hosts inside the brand's proprietary Natural Frequency Technology disc. The device helps to balance your inner frequency to reduce stress and induce a relaxing sleep. According to Philip Stein, our bodies are subjected daily to noise that creates an imbalance in our inner frequency, which, in turn, leads to stress. Wear the bracelet about fifteen minutes before sleeping for maximum benefit. The Slim Sleep Bracelet, however, isn't just another health device; it's a fashionable ornament that you can wear to make you look sharp even in casual wear. Its micro-fiber strap makes the bracelet a comfortable wear around your wrist.
Philip Stein is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Collectible china

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There are luxurious dinner plates, then there's Haviland. The fine china signature doesn't only give you glamorous dinnerware, it serves you collectible items. Take its latest series, Hollywood by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Using polished platinum finish and geometric patterns, Bullard creates stunning dining items that are both elegant and reflective of Hollywood glamour. The Underplate is short of hypnotizing with geometric shapes creating a rotating illusion. You can match the plate with the Coffee Cup and Saucer featuring tiled and symmetrical shapes. The Tea Cup and Saucer maintains the same style. If you're serving hot chocolate, how about using the Hollywood Mug, which can hold up to 30 cl? This Haviland collection is designed beyond utility, but to impress your guest or establish your stature as a pedigreed host.
Haviland is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Prehistoric Pandora

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Although Pandora is, arguably, the best known signature today for lovely collectible charms, it isn't the inventor of charms. In fact, charms date back to a very long time ago, say, our prehistory. They were initially made from shells, animal bones, or clay used as an ornament, but, perhaps, more as a tribal identity. Cro-Magnon people were known to hang charms around their wrists and necks as a form of prehistoric ID. The charms would soon be made from gems and precious metals as modern man discovered these elements. In the Roman times, Christians would use fish charms to identify themselves with their faith, in the same way Jewish would use amulets with tiny passages of Jewish laws inside the charm. Today, charms are used to reflect a story or personality, which, in many ways, didn't change much since our ancestors had used them.
Pandora Jewelry is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Animal World

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What does a rabbit in tennis wear holding a golden ball and racket and covered in fishnet pattern reminds you of? It’s one of Herend’s adorable handpainted porcelain pieces. The fine china maker has a wide collection of different animal figurines, big and small, meek and majestic, in adorable poses. They are ideal as side table and countertop decors or coffee table centerpieces. Each figurine is the product of over a century of traditional porcelain making since mid-1800s. The fishnet signature was the inspiration of a Herend painter in 1858, when he saw the fishscale style used in porcelains in China. Today, the fishnet design is a prized Herend design by both professional interior designers and stylish homemakers. Herend has dozens of these animal figurines, including, foxes, frogs, camels, giraffes, and cows. 
Herend is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Pluto here we come

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The late Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto in 1930, would have celebrated his 109th birthday last February 4. But there’s another cause for celebration on the same day early this year: earth received its closest ever photos of the dwarf planet from New Horizon, the self-propelled satellite launched by NASA in 2006 to go to Pluto. New Horizon was some 126 million miles from Pluto when it took the pictures, and by July, it will do a close flyby of the icy planet and its moons. It’s a milestone for earthlings to finally reach the last planet in the solar system since Galileo Galilei opened our eyes to the near universe--never mind that the satellite is unmanned. Omega, the precision watchmaker and NASA’s official timekeeper, celebrates with the world for this momentous human achievement.
Omega is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Serving Juliska

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Whether you’re hosting a small book club or the entire bowling team, Juliska has a collection of party servers and drinkware that can be conversation pieces on their own. Gathering & Grazing is actually a collection of collections, culled from different Juliska themes under one purpose: to serve parties. For example, the Berry and Thread Whitewash Deviled Egg Platter is perfect to serve finger foods while you sashay across the garden offering your secret little nuggets to wedding guests. The Whitewash Cheese Board and Knife Set, meanwhile, gives you a subtle excuse to impress a nosy guest who has the habit of checking someone else’s kitchen. You can also collect different Juliska themed glasswares to serve your visitors, including the handsome beer stein and margarita glass.
Juliska is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.


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