Friday, November 27, 2015

Tissot's Ballin'

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It's basketball season. I'm not at big basketball fan but I do watch some games with my friends from time to time. We do it at homes or in bars. You might do too and it's highly likely that you have met a real fan. The one that gets up and shouts at the TV or hugs you in a real friendly  manly way when his team wins in the last seconds. You know, those guys. Well, if you have a friend like that and it's his birthday and you want to give him something special other than his favorite team's jersey, Swiss watchmaking company, Tissot, gives you more options than baggy jerseys and sweatpants. To commemorate the agreement between Tissot and the NBA - having Tissot as the precision timekeeper for all 29 NBA arenas - Tissot also struck partnerships with five NBA teams and created special edition team watches, including the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers
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Gifting Idea: Personalize

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The Holidays are coming and gifting is at hand. Gifting is kind of easy for one thing as you can just pick up something your friends and family can use. But if you are that person that wants to make everybody feel special, as they are, then you'd take the extra time of picking the perfect gift for everybody. But that takes time and research and who has time nowadays? To circumvent such precarious situation of balancing your time and your good intents, here's an idea that you might like. Get something nice, useful and durable that allows you to personalize. One thing I've noticed with savvy gifters is that they go for something just like that. And one maker of such things that they frequent is Annieglass. Annieglass makes richly textured dinnerware, serveware and gifts that transcends all styles making every meal a celebration. What Annieglass allows you to do is that it gives you a chance to have personalized and individualized messages engraved in their beautifully handcrafted pieces. 
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Give those Large Red Plastic Cups a Break

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The holidays are coming. Family and friends are coming over and it's only normal to want to impress your visitors. So you put the hours in on getting every recipe right, the taste right, the lighting right and the decorations perfect. But there are some things that we usually forget during the holidays. We have all the nice food and drinks but what way to ruin them with good old college time red plastic cups?Well, if you are like me that is trying to get a little serious, I highly recommend for you to consider using well crafted beautiful dinnerware and glassware to enhance the mood of the festivities. And one brand that I love to shop for when I'm in for the classy Old World feel and splendor is Arte Italica. Arte Italica pieces are sure to impress your guest and even you. Once you get the hang of using beautifully crafted glassware, barware and tableware, it's highly likely you are not going back to drinking off those large red plastic cups. 
Arte Italica pieces are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Dinner Party Cheat

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For many of us, there are fewer things that are more fun than a dinner part with friends and family. It can be a potluck, it can be catered, have a private chef do the work, but nothing beats doing everything yourself. The greater you invest, the greater the rewards. The feeling that someone loves and enjoy your food and are enjoying it with you is a rush worth chasing. And here is a good cheat how to consistently impress. An Oxford University research show that it is likely that the positive or negative values one attributes to cutlery gets 'transferred' to the judgment of food. This is what they call 'sensation transference'. Take advantage of this human quirk and invest in cutlery and serving pieces that are elegantly styled and durable for long-term use. One good place to start looking is the Beatriz Ball Collection. They make magical pieces that can also make your dinner party magical. 
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For Rugged Guys Who Mean Business

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Whether we like it or not, we get judged by people through our fashion choices. Darline Price of Well Said, Inc., in an interview with Business Insider, said that even though what you wear defines you and determines your value as a person, it significantly influences how people see you and respond to you. This is why fashion selection and in this case, watch selection. We should choose wisely. If you are the kind of that rugged guy that values functionality, durability and accuracy most, you might not choose models that are all to flashy. But you can't wear big bulging wristwatches reminiscent of kits from 80s spy movies in business meetings. What you want is some middle type watch that is rugged and functional but also means business just like you. The first collection you should scout for this is Swiss Army Business Watches. My favorite in this line is the Chrono Classic with Chronograph. It is the perfect middling watch for durability and business style. 
See more of the Swiss Army Business Watches by Victorinox at Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

Go Prehistoric with Boardman Silversmiths

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About 65 million years ago, the earth saw the extinction of a dominant and diverse group of animals called the dinosaurs. It's a sad thing that we cannot see these magnificent creatures firsthand. But because of advancements in science. We have reconstructed how they may have looked then. And through advancements in the art and craft of bronze work, you can own a collection of your favorite prehistoric animals. Boardman Silversmiths' Prehistoric Bronze Figurine Collection includes prehistoric animals such as the long-haired mammoth and the tantalizing macrauchenia. Favorites such as the T-Rex and the saber-toothed tiger or smilodon are also available. This collection is perfect in your study. Just imagine lining them up on top of your history collection shelf. 
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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Space to Behold

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From your dining room to your living room every piece and article of your home should give you comfort. But it is not just that, it also should reflect who you are, to you and to those you invite in your home. Casafina pieces will help you do just that. For every nook and cranny in your home, there is a Casafina piece that fits. And they just do not fit, they enhance the appeal of the room. Not just for you but also for those that you give the privilege of journeying in your own world. Glass items from goblets to pitchers can accent your dining room and porch. These pieces are not just beautiful to behold with the eyes but also beautiful to use. Casafina hand painted ceramics can very well be just adornments to line your halls and walls. But you can also enjoy their design and quality through use. 
Make your home a place to behold. Check out Casafina pieces over at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

Just the Essentials

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What's important in any jewelry collection is the flexibility that it can afford you. You should be able to wear pieces from day, night, formal or informal. They should be a part of those that you call essentials. Suna Bros. does just that and offers you a great collection that with many kinds of pieces ranging from rings and necklaces to  earrings and pendants. All of your essentials in the Essentials collection. It is not just the kind of pieces that have a wide range. The designs also range from the classic and elegant to the playful and whimsical. All of which are executed in the best craftsmanship using the best materials available worldwide. 
See more of the Essentials collection by Suna Bros. and visit Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

Universal Beauty

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If you are one of the ladies just like me that want to have a go-to designer that allows me to express myself in many ways, Slane is one the best ways to go. The thing that attracts me the most to Slane is that they are pieces made for women that are made by women. The wonderful Slane sisters have pin point that aesthetic that transcends the tastes of women around the world. Pieces that I love from Slane vary yet are tied by that single theme of laid back elegance that I can wear both in times where I dress casual or even in formal events. The laid back southern charm of Slane pieces is just timeless. I know that my Slane collection can become heirloom pieces that can be enjoyed by several generations to come. 
Schiffman's is an authorized Slane jewelry dealer. Visit Schiffman's in Winston-Salem. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Couzon: French Leader in Cultery and Tableware Products

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The French have been known for their great art, literature, architecture and, of course, cuisine. And what is great about the French is that all of these are not so different from each other. They all are manifestations of that French sensibility and yearning for mastery. Couzon is a brand that exhibits these ideals. It has been established as a French leader in cutlery and tableware products because of its highly functional yet beautiful designs. The company prides itself of pushing the boundaries of tabletop design whilst using the highest quality stainless steel. This passion can be seen in Couzon collections. Take the Cutlery Collection for instance. Every model sports a contemporary and elegant look that is perfect for intimate dining settings or for group and formal gatherings. 
You can never go wrong by choosing Couzon. Couzon pieces are available at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

From Imagination to Reality

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Vicenza is known as the City of Gold. In 1977, it was made even more golden by the founding of a company that bears the name of a genius jewelry designer - Roberto Coin. Originally, the company was made to produce pieces on behalf of the many of the world's most prestigious brands. But the man and the company made the decision to create a brand of their own - a decision that was 'righter' than right. Roberto Coin designs are just sublime. They look as if they come from pure imagination and made their way into the real world. But this is in fact what happens with every piece. Every little detail is imagined by Roberto Coin and brought to existence by a world-class team of craftsmen and artisans. This combination of creative imagination and mastersful crafstmanship has made Roberto Coin pieces some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces to have been ever worn and displayed. 
To see more of what Roberto Coin offers, visit Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

Gifts for Others and Yourself

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It has been over 70 years that Empire Silver Co. and their superior craftsmen have been gifting the world with sterling silver and pewter piece valued for creative designs, high quality and distinctive beauty. Pieces range from giftwares to baby boxes an candle sticks. All of them are marked with a the distinctive Empire Silver charm and elegance. Because of the quality of design and craftsmanship, every piece is bound to be family heirlooms - pieces that many generations can enjoy. What's so great about Empire Silver pieces is that they are all handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York. They are all made with human touch in the expert hands of world-class specialists - giving every piece a touch of artisanal authenticity. May it be barware, baby spoons, goblets, flutes or picture frames, Empire Silver has them all for you. The next time you are thinking of purchasing a gift for someone or for yourself, keep Empire Silver in mind. They will never disappoint. 
Empire Silver pieces are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem. 


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