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Founded in 1976 in Geneva, Raymond Weil Geneve is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that takes inspiration from the music and the arts in making their beautiful watches. Collections take deep inspiration from concepts mostly from music and also, the brand's heritage. One collection that is from the latter is the Noemia. This is a poetic and mysterious name that recalls the family dimension of Raymond Weil. This name takes inspiration from the first name of the founder's granddaughter. Also, it was created in her image, in her innocence and delicateness while being mature and extremely feminine. This too is a reflection of the modern woman while preserving ideal and traditional values. The piece has a classic character pleasing the eye with bright white mother-of-pearl dial and accented by full-cut diamonds in its hours. The pieces blue dome on the crown finishes this already classic character with more class. 
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Precision Set: Bands Collection for Men

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Precision Set is a company that was recently formed in 1987. But despite of being very young compared with many companies in the luxury industry, the company became well known for, you guessed it: precision. The company did this through assimilating talented artisans with Old World experience and skills, adopted very meticulous standards and mixed these with cutting edge technology to create products that show extreme craftsmanship. Couple this with a great sensibility for fashion and design, Precision Set has truly set the bar higher. With every new collection, the company showcases the same mix of sensibility and precision to wow collectors and manufacturers alike. One collection that pops out is the Bands Collection for Men. It shows classic bands with assortment of contemporary styles such as coin edge, metal mixing and individual finish treatments. There is surely one or more pieces that could help men express themselves in the new world. Designs range from rugged to refined. 
The Bands Collection are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

For Better Dining Experiences

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Many consider their dining room to be the center of their homes. If you do not, chances are, there's just something a little missing in your dining experience. You might be a good cook but as you know, you'd enjoy your food more with great china. Where to get it? Well, Gien is one place to go. Gien is a producer of world-class quality china with designs and patterns ranging from Old World styles to the modern and contemporary. You have a lot of ranges to explore and you can set one pattern for coffee, another for breakfast, another for tea and the list of dining possibilities could actually just go on and on. From the formal parties to the intimate dinner setting, Gien can help provide the necessary mood and accents. 
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sculpture Around Your Finger

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Grainger McKoy started out as an artist. He created sculptures inspired by the dynamics of bird behavior and flight. He brings his imaginations to reality in the forms of wood sculptures, jewelries and gifts. The jewelry collections started off later in his career. It all started when he created smaller sculptures and cast them into jewelry for his wife. He began to receive enthusiastic response from it and the collection exploded into a 70 piece marvel. One piece off this collection is the classically-styled Wide Feather Rings. This piece resonates well with both men and women and even across age groups. This is the only ring in the collection that is completely unchanged between the men's and women's version. The piece is perfect for newlyweds and couples who celebrate their long and strong relationships. 
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Influencing what Smart Watches Measure

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Technology and innovation is moving at a rapid pace towards the simple, accessible and functional. We are in the age of gadgets. And for the gadget crowd, smart watches are well and good to try. Some fear that this new type of gadget might stick and eat a large chunk off of the luxury watch market. One company that does not fear this is Philip Stein. Philip Stein watches are not just there to tell time. They are more than just watches. The company boasts of its Natural Frequency Technology that promotes better sleep, reduce stress and enhance the energy of their wearer. Things that a lot of smart watches seek to just measure. What smart watches seak to measure, Philip Stein watches seek to influence. There is a great difference between the two aims. 
To get your hands on Philip Stein pieces with Natural Frequency Technology, visit Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

A Century and a Half of Haviland

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Tradition is very important in the arts and crafts. It is the uncut link to the past; to the origins and the struggle towards a craft’s perfection. We may be marching towards an era filled with new amazing technologies but the Old World charm has never faded. This is because of the passion of the men and women behind companies like Haviland that we greatly owe our sense of awe and heritage towards Old World-inspired arts and crafts pieces. Haviland china has been at it for one hundred and fifty years.  This is a century and a half of filling homes and institutions with beautiful Limoges porcelain pieces that are both practical and aesthetically brilliant. In this length of time, Haviland is estimated to have produced 60,000 beautiful porcelain patterns—some are hard fought for by rival collectors. Patterns range from Old World designs to those that are definitely modern. 
Add to your Haviland collection. Haviland pieces are available at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Art of You: Pandora and Nanette Lepore

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Pandora is not only known to be one of the world's largest luxury jewelry brands. It is also know to share its creativity with people. It enables wearers to customize bracelets and charms to fit their own identity and style. True to its collaborative approach, Pandora once again joined and celebrated New York Fashion Week through a collaboration with celebrated fashion designer - Nanette Lepore. According to Charisse Ford, Chief Market Officer of Pandora, Lepore's penchant for evocative prints and bold, colored pieces works hand in hand with Pandora Jewelry. She added that the marriage of both styles signify self-creation that showcases unique individuals in a day-to-day basis. In the fashion show, Nanette Lepore used stacked ring looks from Pandora's new autumn collection. Also, the designer used .925 sterling bangles as accents for her bold Spring/Summer 2016 collection. 
Create the Art of You with Pandora pieces and inpspirations from Nanette Lepore. Pandora Jewelry is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Herend's October 2015 Collection

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Herend is a brand that is well known for staying true to its heritage while keeping in touch with modern sensibilities. Herend collections are getting updated in a well, very timely manner. So, there's no shortage of beautiful porcelain pieces that patrons can get from the company. Herend's United States assortment sees additional pieces four times every - in the spring, summer, fall and winter. The latest addition this month of October for Herend stretches from Conch Shell with crab designs and a Standing Lion to a Yoga Frog and Ram Bust - designs that are certain to fit any abode whether themed classically or contemporary. The latest addition also features functional designs such as the Queen Elizabeth Limited Tea Seat and an elegant Pitcher with blue floral designs. 
See the latest additions for yourself. Herend is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Ploprof 1200M from the Seamaster Family

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Omega watches are known for their elegance, style and durability. Pieces have reached the moon and the deep seas. The brand is also known for its hunger for innovation and reinvention. One celebrated reinvention is the Plofprof 1200M. It was created in 2009 as a completely updated version of the popular Seamaster Professional 600 - a piece that has the ability to withstand crushing pressures of the ocean depths. The Seamaster Plofprof combines modern technology with an iconic design as a homage to Omega's deep connection with diving. The Omega Seamaster Plofprof is water resistant up to 4000 feet. It sports a screw-in crown, bezel security pusher and an automatic helium escape valve. This beautiful professional peice is powered by Omega Co-Axial calibre 8500. The Omega Seamaster Plofprof is the perfect addition to your Seamaster collection. Or if you have not started collecting the Seamaster Family, this piece is a great starter. 
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Friday, October 02, 2015

Engman's Angels

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Thinking of interior accents for your lavish house? The most stylish decors can come in small packages. For instance, the Kosta Boda angel figurines. The luxurious glass signature has commissioned renowned glass sculptor, Kjell Engman, to create a stunning masterpiece, Engman's Angels Collection. The angels come alive with attention to details and motion. They are not just sitting atop your table, they have wings spread out and suspended by two strings. This flight simulation creates an enthralling appearance that adds a mystic elegance to a corner in your living room. Likewise, the gracefully fused pair of limbs denotes the figurine's otherwordly inspiration. Engman's Angels are literally heaven-sent to your home interior that's sure to impress your guests. Kosta Boda also carries the works of world-class sculptors, such as, Bertil Vallien and Asa Jungnelius.
Kosta Boda is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Full or solo pearl necklace?

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Wearing pearl jewelry requires a subtle art that takes time to master. Although pearls are great with neutral colored dresses, they can also go well with select stark colors like blood red and royal blue. However, other red and blue hues like rose red and sky blue can subdue the elegance of pearls. Moreover, full pearl necklaces are just as sophisticated as a single pearl piece. While it depends on your preference when to wear a full or solo pearl necklace, there's a general guide to follow so you don't fall for a tacky look. Full pearls look nice with high neckline or collar, while solo or necklaces with a few pearls look great with low neckline. For full flexibility, Mikimoto's Pearls in Motion lets you adjust the pearls along the 18k white gold chain to create either a full or solo necklace.
Mikimoto is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Bohemian luxury

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Luxury dinnerware can be fun and bohemian with Juliska. The luxury home brand was started by Capucine and David Gooding in 2001 with a display of forty hip glasses. The company has since expanded to include  stoneware collections that feature clean lines and seamless surface, but it maintains the “perfect imperfect” signature. In fact, Capucine lends her free spirited artistry to a number of Juliska collections. Flowers bloom unabashedly, while butterflies circle around vines in a colorful play of happiness. Then there's the Firenze's feathery blast reminiscent of psychedelic imaginings. Likewise, Juliska keeps the earthy undertones of its ceramic materials, which create a romantic, if not nostalgic, air. Whether you are hosting important clients or having a fun cocktail night with friends at home, the Juliska collections are perfect for the task.
Juliska is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.


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