Monday, March 31, 2014

Not Just Good China

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Whisper-thin and incredibly delicate, fine china dishes instantly transform a table into a beautiful and elegant landscape. But not all china dishes are good china. Mottahedeh is a company that has made porcelain for the President of the United States, the U.S. State Department and the Diplomatic Corps – definitely a company that knows what good china is. The company, over 85 years old, prides itself to creating pieces that represent the essence of the finest porcelain from the 17th century to today. But even though Mottahedeh’s patterns reflect a grand tradition in style, proportion and elegance coupled with the licensing programs for authorized reproductions with major museums worldwide, it kept up with time and the increasing pressure of modern world. Today, Mottahedeh pieces are unapologetically durable and can be placed in the dishwasher and oven without losing the elegance of a piece that is more than good china. 
If you wish to see large selections of Mottahedeh pieces, you can visit Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marco Bicego’s Marrakech

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Your Moroccan trip would never be complete without that Harira and Couscous dinner under caidal tents, flying carpets, belly dancing, breathtaking views of valleys and desert landscapes, Moorish and Portuguese art – all intertwined by the dryness of the desert and the refreshing sea air. But in the northwest African nation of Morocco there exists a sensuous city – Marrakech. It is a pearl polished by history and its tradition of hospitality which, for centuries, has known how to welcome visitors. 
For those who have little time but wish to get a glimpse and taste of the captivating desert that is Marrakech, Marco Bicego is the ideal memento for you. With its most recent collection, Marco Bicego has carefully hand-hammered and twisted, and intertwined 18 carat coils creating sensual and uniquely modern jewelry that is uniquely Marrakech. 
To see the golden, cascading sculpture at its finest, visit Schiffman’s at Downtown Greensboro. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Angels in Ne'Qwa

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They are usually depicted as chubby little babies with wings, but angels are a lot more than that. They are believed to be spiritual beings lovingly sent to us from above to watch over us, to deliver a message, to guard and protect us from danger, and sometimes do battle with other spiritual beings on our behalf. 
Regardless, it cannot be denied that the image of an angel or angels bring joyful announcements and of gleeful feeling as they are usually associated with the announcement of the birth of Jesus.  Much like the feeling replicated by their image, Dona Gelsinger, a resident artist of Ne’Qwa, intricately hand-painted on the inside of glass a glorious angel sharing the light of Christmas with the world.
Indeed, one of the easiest things to do in one’s life is to be in touch with an Angel! But how do you see one? Visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center to have one for yourself. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Konstantino: Unique, Timeless, Modern, Greek

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Ancient Greece is a gift that keeps on giving. It has long benefited the world with its great culture and ideas. One can argue that today, one good thing that comes from Greece are Konstantino jewelry pieces. Collections from Konstantino are all inspired by the art, architecture, mythology and the people of Greece. These inspirations are brought together to form a unique fusion that can only come from one genius – Konstantino Sioulas
These pieces are known worldwide for their uniqueness and admirable artisanship. The richness of Greek legacy and culture heavily influenced Konstantino. And this influence has made the difference in his pieces, this inspiration affords Konstantino the sensibility to design jewelry that mixes universal beauty and elegance with the modern world. Konstantino adornments have remained to be individually crafted in Athens – all in sterling silver and 18 karat gold. 
To find the Konstantino pieces that are for you, you can come and visit Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Konstantino. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orange Howell: Celebrating Homes, Holidays, Weddings and Love

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Orange Howell is a company that exhibits the spirit of modern innovation, a classic sensibility, and originality that can be seen in their timeless yet relevant gift pieces. These traits are visible especially in the hand-cast pasta design. All of Orange Howell’s creations manifest American craftsmanship that celebrates homes, holidays, weddings and love. These unique pieces are designed in New York City and are all handmade in New England. Orange Howell makes social responsibility a priority. The Orange Howell design process has a sustainable legacy and precious metals are inherently and historically recycled. Gift pieces vary from Holiday Snowflakes, charms, and accessories like sterling card cases, money clips, and travel frames among others. The company also creates for specialized custom designs for corporate clients. 
Whether for ornaments for your homes or specialized designs for your business, Orange Howell will always prove to be a good company to start to look into. You can find your Orange Howell pieces at Schiffman’s at Downtown Greensboro. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Classic Elegance, Modern Twist

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“When a woman is wearing my jewelry, I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries” – these are the words of Judith Ripka, the award-winning designer. A lot of times, it takes a woman to know what a woman wants; and Judith Ripka never fails to impress. 
One distinctive trait for Judith Ripka’s designs is that they celebrate both the designer’s love for individualism and her passion for timeless styles. All of her pieces exhibit a classic appeal with a touch of modern sensibility. Her design goal is to strike a perfect balance between classic elegance and the fashion sense of today’s woman. 
It is already a Judith Ripka tradition to release two collections every year – one in 18k Gold and one in the Silver Collections. These releases are followed by fashion-forward mavens and A-list celebrities. To see Judith Ripka pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fit for Royalty

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Since being founded in 1898, Orrefors Glassworks has proven to have been one of Sweden’s gifts to the world. It was in the year 1923 that the Gate and Hald experiment with the then new innovative graal (grail) glass technique received major success in the Gothenburg Exhibition. In the Paris Exhibition in 1925, Orrefors and its artists were awarded the Grand Prix. These major wins proved to have stayed with the Orrefors’ company DNA as excellence never left. 
The crystal products from Orrefors are not only beautiful and sophisticated but also lead free. These products have remained to be handmade – this only shows that Orrefors stick to its history of excellence and high standards. Orrefors has been a Purveyor to the Court of Sweden and has had a rich history of supplying gifts and orders to the Swedish Royal family. 
To get your hands of glassware worthy of royalty, you can come and visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Orrefors glassworks. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Unique Balinese Art of John Hardy

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John Hardy’s Cinta collection reflects the signature’s relentless quest to capture the mystical and unique Balinese art and marry it to European elegance. It is not conscious of precious stones set in its jewelry line; or does it boast of the price apparent in its material of platinum, gold, and sterling. Rather, this collection, as with other John Hardy collections, focuses on the art. Cinta is Indonesian for “love,” and rightly so the jewelry items evoke passion and romance, even a sensual touch is lightly expressed. Its pink sapphires and diamonds are framed by two Nagas, confident and quiet in their grandeur. Each piece is handcrafted with no two pieces exactly the same. The Cinta collection is consistent with John Hardy’s unique line of jewelry items crafted in the mystic and elaborate culture of Balinese art.
John Hardy is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

History in your Dinnerware

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Philippe Deshoulieres can give your dining experience a twist: a take on ancient history. The world’s premiere French porcelain signature combines French elaborate style with Chinese antiquity and Indian spirituality to give a truly elegant dinnerware set for an elegant night. Philippe Deshoulieres is perfect for the most glamorous dining party you’ll host or a fundraising dining event. The subtle dashes of orange, red, and yellow hues of the Evasion provide an ancient feel of royalty. The tapestry in the Lady and the Unicorn set and Isfahan cups is reminiscent of ancient Indian mystic and nobility. It is as if your dining set brings back to life the Silk Road age, when the most elegant and luxurious goods from the East met lavish materials of the West.
Philippe Deshoulieres is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Your Diamond is Priceless if…

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Here are some reasons why your diamond can be considered priceless. First, it is rare and unique. If not rare, at least it’s only among a few other diamonds selected, chiseled, refined and polished from one tenth of the world’s best diamond mines. This gives your diamond the best clarity and unblemished surface possible. Second, it is crafted by a company committed to the highest manufacturing benchmarks used in diamond making. It takes the most skilled diamond jeweler to make the most perfect diamond. In the hands of an amateur, even a perfectly formed raw diamond can lose its radiance. Third, it is cut and polished using a 100 times magnification that allows the jeweler to create precise cuts and leave no surface unpolished. If your diamond meets these requirements, it’s probably a Hearts On Fire diamond.
Hearts On Fire is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bragging while Dining

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If you want to put your next dining event to high heavens, replace your dinnerware with a line of Pickard fine china. It’s the official dinnerware set by Air Force One, the premier aircraft serving the U.S. President. It’s a guaranteed conversation magnet, where you can highlight the fact that you’re serving your guests with the same dinnerware signature that’s being served to the president. Pickard’s fine china is exclusively elegant, featuring excellent mastery of porcelain craftsmanship. This feature makes the brand a favorite statement of excellence in a wide array of fields. The award symbols include tankards, fluted bowls, coffee cups, and mugs. Other favorite award designs are oval mint dishes, federal pitchers, round covered boxes, and shell-shaped dishes. Add elegance and bragging rights to your dinner party with Pickard’s fine china collection.
Pickard is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Perfect Match for Round Diamonds

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Your commitment to a relationship and love deserves no less than the most perfect Princess Cut diamond, the FireMark Diamond. No elaborate gifts or lyrical words can match the simple yet elegant style of this diamond hailed by the Gemological Institute of America, the premiere diamond authority in the world, as surpassing industry standards in quality and style. It has a 95% light return and projects a 10% bigger appearance than regular diamonds. Its polish and symmetry are regarded above the benchmarks set by the diamond body. Furthermore, the girdles and facets are perfectly angled and set to reflect the most light and, in turn, create more fire and scintillation than regular diamond cuts. The FireMark Diamond Princess Cut exudes brilliance and elegance that can match any round diamonds any time.
FireMark Diamonds is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Slicing and Cutting with Elegance

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Reed & Baron Silversmiths are renowned for that rare combination of high elegance and simplicity in flatware. The lines that run along its knives, spoons, and forks are graceful and the weight of its silver material is dense that it’s easy to balance and maneuver a spoon or knife while eating. Where the lines evoke simplicity, the curves reflect a mastery of silver craftsmanship perfection, angling the turns and twists at exactly the right measure. You can sense a sensual smoothness that run along Reed & Barton Silversmiths flatware. Slicing through a juicy steak or cutting through crispy bones of the baby back ribs has never been calmer as you ponder each slice and cut with a Zen-like aura. Enjoy this combination of elegance, simplicity, and strength in a Reed & Barton Silversmiths flatware.
Reed & Barton Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The David Yurman Passion

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Talk about passion in your art. David Yurman created the iconic cable bracelet with his love interest, Sybil Kleinrock. He was inspired by the free-spirited time of the sixties, living a beatnik carefree artistry, but deeply rooted in spirituality. It was a fusion of the material world and the metaphysical when David came up with the cable jewelry idea. Using his experience and skills gained from working under the tutelage of European artists, Jacques Lipshitz and Theodore Rozack, David mastered the art of subdued elegance and relentless passion for perfection to deliver us one of the jewelry industries long-standing styles. It would soon rock the curiosity of jewelers and consumers soon after the initial exhibits by David and Sybil of the cable prototypes. Today, David Yurman stands for creativity and elegance that is not construed by trends or stereotypes. It’s a come-as-you-are type of fashion, but with a style.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fruits Happiness in your Dining Table

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Richard Ginori achieves a spirited air with its Antico Doccia porcelain dinnerware. Fruits native to Ginori’s home country Italy come to life across Doccia’s pieces, such as tea pots, cups, saucers, bowls and stands. They are ecstatic when combined into a fruity sunny display, as well as when they stand alone that they can be a conversation magnet for the guests. The subtle gradients and hue transitions of the fruits reflect the fine craftsmanship of the Richard Ginori artists. The fruits are laid out against a green backdrop for a sunny ambiance. You can sense the flavor of ripe fruits in the air when you set the table with the Antico Doccia pieces. They can definitely light up your dining experience with a burst of fruity happiness.
Richard Ginori is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Make it Christopher Designs

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It’s an explosion of light and colors inside a Christopher Designs diamond. Its renowned 58 facets, a hallmark in luxury diamond jewelry, capture, refract, and reflect light to create optimum scintillation and fire that make these diamonds one of the sought-after signature stones in the market. The diamonds can transform regular bands, bracelets and necklaces into truly luxurious pieces when combined with a Christopher Designs diamond. You have a selection of round, emerald, and cushion cuts in white and yellow stones. The fine jewelry brand creates the most glamorous rings for engagements and weddings and for any occasion that demands ultimate luxury. Likewise, Christopher Designs has a wide array of colored stones to match your fashion. Each one features minute diamonds that shine in collective display of glamor and sophistication.
Christopher Designs is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Salisbury Elegance

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The translucent but strong characteristic of porcelain is the result of art perfection and fine craftsmanship that only a few artists exhibit. In fact, the rare skills of porcelain maker made this material one of the most prized items in the ancient world, particularly in China. But it’s in Europe that transformed porcelain into a luxury signature dining set, mostly reserved for the royalty and the nobility. It’s the same ambiance that you’ll feel when you collect a Salisbury china, at once a utilitarian and luxury piece. Salisbury continues the art of intricate designs and ivory white simplicity reflected in ancient porcelain. But today, the brand uses modern techniques to produce unblemished, chip-resistant sets of saucers, cups, and tea pots. Add elegance to your casual tea time with a Salisbury set.
Salisbury is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, March 14, 2014

4 Factors to Consider When Matching Diamond with your Style

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Signature diamonds like Charles Krypell offer a wide array of diamond jewelry in various designs that choosing what’s best for you can at times be tricky. Not if you know your style. You just need to think of four factors. First, consider the size. If you’re on the bold side, bigger stones can match your personality. On the other hand, smaller stones express a more subdued but elegant character. Second, the setting also counts. Solitary exudes confidence, while multiple stones suggest a more playful personality. Third, color can also set your character. White diamond is more traditional, while colored ones reflect a more contemporary or novel side. Fourth, you can also use the design to match your style. Elaborate finishes fit a more extrovert trait. On the other hand, simple designs like seamless linear bands are more ideal for women who want to keep things modest but sophisticated.
Charles Krypell is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pottery Made Artistic

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If you want to add warmth and personality to your dining hour consider adding Simon Pearce to your dinnerware collection. Each item has its own character and is hand crafted by artists with a collective experience of about thirty years in pottery-making. The Simon Pearce plates, bowls, servers, mugs and pitchers go through the deft hands of the master potter using the finest quality clay to create the perfect shape. They are subjected to traditional throwing techniques before they are baked in a bisque kiln under a closely monitored temperature to assure the items are evenly hardened. Then they are glazed to achieve an elegant appearance before they are checked for the tiniest imperfections. When you buy a Simon Pearce you’re getting one of the best ceramic dinnerware collections.
Simon Pearce is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Move Over Men

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Baume & Mercier exudes manly authority and confidence, but its lady’s watch collection is a class in its own. It enjoys the brand’s renowned precision movement and Swiss luxury appeal, while reflecting a distinct feminine allure. The Linea model, for instance, in its metallic grey casing, has the simple elegance and beauty to it. It features a quartz movement and the watch is encased in a scratch-proof sapphire crystal. The strap is interchangeable with a triple-folding steel clasp. The dial is set in diamond-mother-of-pearl color and the hands in dauphine. A polished, satin-finish adds glamour to this watch that you can even wear it as part of a formal dress for a cocktail night. But the Linea model can easily match your casual wear, whether you’re attending an indoor or an outdoor event.
Baume & Mercier is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Reasons Why Signature Costs More

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You can choose among thousands of jewelers offering sterling silver pieces in varying designs and weight at much cheaper prices. So why get a signature, which costs more? Because sterling silver jewelry, or any luxury jewelry for that matter, is more than just the metal. Buying signature sterling silver like The 925 gives you five benefits. First, the quality of sterling silver is guaranteed. You’re sure to get your money’s worth. Second, you get the brand’s unique design and style, not some mass-produced copycats that you can easily find in anybody’s house. Third, signature jewelry is the result of craftsmanship that has been honed and perfected by its artists, often the founder, through the years.  You’re getting at least one of the best skills in the world when you buy a signature like The 925. Fourth, you get to own the brand’s prestige. Compared to buying generic, signature jewelry has an exclusivity advantage that earns you some bragging rights. Lastly, you can always count on after-sales support. Signature brands often maintain a relationship with their customers. It’s a privilege you’ll be hard pressed to see in a generic jewelry. 
Visit The 925 at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Monday, March 10, 2014

An Engineering Marvel

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Ball Watch is renowned for time accuracy having been named the official timekeeper of the railroad system in the United States for decades now. But the watch has more technologies under its hood that truly elevate it to one of the state-of-the-art engineering marvels. It has the Diamond-Like Carbon coatings to protect the watch from scratches and wear and tear. Its self-powered Micro Gas Lights allows for a clear reading even in the dark. Ball Watch also has an antimagnetic feature that protects time accuracy against magnetic fields. Likewise, the timepieces are lubricated with special properties for North and South Pole expeditions to allow the watches to function even below 60 degrees. A Crown Protection System also prevents any leakage into the small pieces inside the casings in case the watch is submerged. All these technologies combine to make each Ball Watch a functioning engineering marvel.
Ball Watch is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Baseball History

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:00 AM in Waterford Crystal (39)

One of the recent commissioned masterpieces by Waterford Crystal is the Fireman’s Helmet in honor of New York Yankee’s Mariano Rivera for the record of most saves in baseball history. Rivera completed the feat during a game against the Rays. Handcrafted in the tradition of Waterford Crystal craftsmanship, the Fireman’s Helmet started with the perfect mould using the ancient craft of mould making using beach and pear wood. The red hot molten crystal was then shaped through the Waterford’s traditional glassblowing technique using the skills of its craftsmen to reveal an unblemished elegant crystal helmet. The commissioned work went through quality check and hand engraving, showcasing the number “602” to mark Rivera’s record permanently in the masterpiece. Finally, the Fireman’s Helmet was cut and sculpted by master artists. The result is nothing short of an elegant artwork that is similarly revealed in other Waterford Crystal works.
Waterford Crystal at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Color your Dining

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:00 AM in Anna Weatherley (31)

You can add style to your dining set by creating a color scheme. Anna Weatherley offers nice color schemes to set your table mood. All color themes run across various Anna Weatherley pieces, from chargers to plates and cups to saucers. The Aqua Green theme adds a cool breeze of the open meadow to an early morning set. Similarly, you can almost smell the sea breeze with the Sky Blue collection, much like with the Indigo Blue, which is perfect for a rest house setting or a resort by the beach. The Purple Orchid meantime exudes the elegance of a night garden dinner. Quite the opposite, the Sunburst Yellow sets the afternoon tea, reminiscent of the setting sun. The Meadow Green somewhat evokes the same ambiance, an outdoor feel in the late afternoon.
Anna Weatherley is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Happy non-Holiday!

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:25 AM in Wellendorff (40)

The Holiday season now almost over, it’s time to hunker down to the banalities of everyday life. But expressing your love through gifts should not stop once the holidays are over; rather, it should extend throughout the year. In fact, surprising someone with luxury jewelry like Wellendorff in a non-occasion can even be more memorable and elicit an honest emotional fulfillment. It’s not the luxury signature’s spinning rings or its magnificent yellow gold and platinum line of necklaces that your loved one will remember (although she’ll surely appreciate the glamorous style), but the fact that you’re thinking of her even in ordinary days. Your love is timeless, after all, and what a better way to prove this than give her your commitment in the form of a Wellendorff jewelry even if the occasion doesn’t call for it.
Wellendorff is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Elegant Votives

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:45 AM in Annieglass (34)

Votives evoke elegant warmth in the coldest nights and an Annieglass votive elevates the ambiance a notch higher with beautifully crafted glass reflecting the candles. In translucent blue or white rimmed with gold, the glass votives appear like hand crumpled by delicate hands into water lilies that float peacefully in a quiet pond. The candlelight flickers silently, perhaps mesmerized by the unblemished, seamless surface of an Annieglass. As a standalone, this Annieglass votive creates a tranquil accent to a living room or bedroom; put together they offer a portrait of fireflies or minute Christmas lights that dance in the darkest night. Use the votives to decorate pathways, provide accent to center and coffee tables, or lighten up a dark corner. They’re also perfect as aroma instruments in the bathroom.
Annieglass is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Girl Power

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:00 AM in Tissot (39)

What do an acclaimed Indian actress, a sensational Taiwanese singer, and an American female Indy racer have in common? They are the lady ambassadors of Tissot, the luxury Swiss watch brand that is a global icon for glamor and precision engineering. Deepika Padukone is the star of the Indian film, “Om Shanti Om,” the worldwide blockbuster Bollywood film. She has a soft spot for diamonds, hence, she loves the Tissot Classic Prince Diamonds and the Generosi-T. Meantime, Taiwanese Barbie Xu rose to fame in Asia after a long singing career and covering for the “Meteor Garden” tv series. She is a perfect Tissot ambassador, embracing a delicate, sensual femininity alongside her mark of confidence. Showcasing the luxury watch’s precision timekeeping is American racer Danica Patrick, a veteran of Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR rallies. She demands no less than the accuracy and reliability of a Tissot to finish her race.
Tissot is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Gifts that Come from the Heart

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:00 AM in Arte Italica (31)

Gifts need not be expensive to impress the recipient. Arte Italica has a wide selection of gifts under $150 that exudes style without busting the wallet. The Amorini Mug is perfect to show your appreciation of the boss. It’s a personal gift that speaks a sincere thank-you with the warm feel of coffee or tea. The Burano Small Serving Bowl is also an ideal gift for almost anyone that you wish to show a personal appreciation. A co-worker, a family member, a friend or even an acquaintance will appreciate the fashionable bowl. For your mother, the Chianti or Cellini Rectangular Tray is a good idea not only because these Arte Italica pieces are elegant; but they send a warm message that you’d love to visit mom for an afternoon tea or coffee one day. For your wife, the Cherubino Heart Plate cannot be any clearer what you want to tell her.
Arte Italica is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Nothing beats the original

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:00 AM in Swiss Army (38)

If it doesn’t say it’s Victorinox, it’s not the Original Swiss Army knife. The original red pocket knife has become an icon for outdoor adventure for both leisure and professional explorers. The idea to combine an all-purpose small knife with a can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper, and reamer gave birth to modern time’s biggest small wonder and spawned more versions that feature more implements. Not the least, copycats flooded the market trying but failing to emulate the durability and seamless functionality of this red reliable piece of workmanship. Today, the Original Swiss Army knife is used in as varied environments as in travel tours, scientific explorations, army campaigns, and camping. In the age when tech gadgets come and go as day and night, it feels good to have an original gadget that stands the measure of time.
Swiss Army is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Luxurious and practical wedding gift

Posted by Schiffman's at 5:55:00 AM in Beatriz Ball Collection (31)

Thinking of a wedding gift? Why not combine aesthetics with functionality. Beatriz Ball is both elegant and useful as food servers, table accents, centerpieces and simply dining room decors. You can choose from its wide array of metalware sets or opt for solitaire items that are equally stunning. The masters of serving trays handcrafted with details and novel shapes, Beatriz Ball also offers pitchers, bowls, and platters that can be mistaken as décor pieces. The Ocean Triton Fish Platter is elegant on its own or with finger foods. The Crab Dip Bowl is likewise a stunning work of art, yet it’s an indispensable item for serving first course. The Soho Organic Bowl can be decorated with interior accents, or you can use it for what it is: to serve salad. Same with the Latur Pitcher; it looks like it’s forged in Roman antiquity, while keeping its modern practical use.
Beatriz Ball Collection at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Now serving tea in a grand way

Posted by Schiffman's at 5:00:00 AM in Boardman Silversmiths (31)

Next time you invite friends over a cup of tea surprise them with an elegant treatment. Serve the tea (or coffee) in Boardman Silversmiths Antique Coffee and Tea Service. Make your friends feel like masters and dons in a bygone colonial era in some faraway Far Eastern land. The set exhibits the brand’s heritage of sterling silver craftsmanship, notably the unblemished and durability of a Boardman Silversmiths piece. The serving tray is gleaming in pride, mirroring the unmistakable luxury of the brand. The tea pot lends genuine classical air; you won’t find a line that goes straight to its destination. No, the lines have to twist, turn and loop into curls to create an intricate work of art more than a utilitarian ware. A sterling silver candleholder tops off this collection, a blast of elegance that will likely elicit a second serving of tea from your friends.
Boardman Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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