Friday, October 31, 2014

Different Looks to Choose From

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Memoire – this company knows how to make stunningly beautiful and elegant jewelry that is both durable and easy to wear. For more than 20 years, Memoire has been manufacturing jewelry in the United States; jewelry that are sold exclusively at the “Guild” end of the market. This output can only be achieved when a company has the full commitment to do the best and be the best at what they do. And Memoire has never failed in not leaving a stone unturned having keen attention to beauty and the details that makes it so. Memoire manages to bring a different look to the table in every collection it puts out – like the Silk Collection, Paragon and the Rolling Ring Collection. But whatever the look of these separate collections, they all still have that classic elegance and modernity that Memoire has been known for. 
For your Memoire pieces, visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Michael Aram: Functional Art

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Michael Aram pieces aren’t just accents. They just jump right out at you. One can unerringly say that they are pieces of art that just happen to be highly functional and durable as well. That’s just the way Michael Aram pieces look – just stunning. These beautiful handmade pieces are available in both galleries and specialty shops internationally. Michael Aram pieces come in forms and with different inspirations. This is a testament to the versatility of the company, the artist and the artisans behind the products. Designs have a wide range of inspiration. Some are modernized traditions and some are just in their own unprecedented category of beauty. Each piece is handmade; connecting the artist, to the artisan and to the end-user. 
To see more of Michael Aram pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Qualms

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There is nothing wrong with elegance, beauty and style. And this is what Mottahedeh is all about. There are no qualms about how Mottahedeh is one of the best, if not the best, at what it does – luxury ceramic antique reproductions and historic designs, mainly hard porcelain faience and stoneware. The company’s services have been sought out by many clients such as the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the National Geographic Society. Judging from the clients that trust the company, we can confidently say that Mottahedeh isn’t just a safe choice. It can be the only choice when we ourselves look for the best – wanting no compromise. 
Allow some Mottahedeh touch and class in your homes. Get your Mottahedeh pieces at Schiffman’s in Winston Salem. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marco Bicego: Made for You

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The Marco Bicego name and brand has been well-known through the luxury market for modern jewelry exuding classic charm. The success of it all lies in the blend of both simplicity and intricacy that can be found in Marco Bicego pieces. Thanks to traditional Italian artisanal techniques, the creative imagination of Marco Bicego has been brought to life. The best thing about it is that they can slide right into place –on your body. And yes, Marco Bicego creates pieces that complement the contours of the female body. It’s all part of the design philosophy – the curves, the accents, the colors, and the textures. They are all made to work with you, the wearer, in mind. Just because of the shear artistry in every piece, it’s definitely hard to find a Marco Bicego piece that you will not like. 
Browse through Marco Bicego collections at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro and see what you like best. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ne’Qwa: Just Something Special

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Just how many of what we give as gifts just end up unused and unappreciated? Sure, we get the customary thank-you-shouldn’t-have line – words we often use as well. But we always doubt if they’ll ever going to get to use or enjoy them. Well, if we want to give something a little special and thoughtful to our friends and loved ones, why not take a look at what Ne'Qwa. Ne'Qwa specializes in distinctive hand-painted glass. Their pieces range from wine stoppers to ornaments and accessories. Each piece is carefully hand-painted by skillful artists. And yes, this makes every piece more special than run-of-the-mill ones. To make your gifts further special, why not give the Ne'Qwa Custom Program a shot? This custom program makes use of ancient art techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of artists. You can simply send an image and Ne'Qwa will have it hand-painted on glass pieces! If this doesn’t make your gift special, then nothing else can. 
Get your Ne'Qwa pieces at Schiffman’s at Downtown Greensboro.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ancient Greek can be Rock and Roll Too

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Konstantino is Ancient Greek culture fused with Rock and Roll. This is how the designer defined his jewelry; and very aptly so. Konstantino pieces are never boring. They are always eye-catching, intricate, and full of that Konstantino special charm. Konstantino has collections and pieces both for men and women. And sometimes when we talk about jewelry, we keep the men outside the conversation. But in this post, we’ll take a look-see at what Konstantino has in store for men. One manly standout is the Sparta Collection – well, even by just judging from the name. The collection makes use of the ever-changing nature of spectrolite stones to capture the tactical military techniques of Spartans. Also, the Ares Collection celebrates the valiant warrior – using sterling silver links, deep black onyx and accents of black diamond. 
Both collections are just like what Konstantino said: Ancient Greek and Rock and Roll. To see more of Konstantino designs for men, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Gifts

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Tired of sending out boring gifts to your friends and loved ones? One company vows to help and that company is Orange Howell. Orange Howell affords us the chance of not being boring gift givers anymore. Their wide array of designs gives us wonderful choices of gifts for every occasion. Need something functional and interesting to give you’re manly-man friend? No worries. Pick up the Orange Howell Sterling Money Clips. He’ll sure appreciate it and you. If you are wondering what would be perfect for your chef or foodie friend? Hey, check out the Orange Howell Macaroni Bracelets. They are quirky and fun – something out of the ordinary that they can remember you by. If you want to take it a little further, why don’t you go for custom ones? This will surely hit the spot right and good as piece will be highly personalized. Your gift will be literally one-of-a-kind; the only one in the world. Choose something special. Choose Orange Howell. 
For your Orange Howell gifts, visit Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Pieces Speak

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Judith Ripka achieves an unlikely mix of individualism and timeless styling in her jewelries – classic elegance, with modern twists, versatile and wearable. These are exactly what women want in their jewelry; and this is what Judith Ripka, the company and the designer of the same name, knows and delivers. Judith Ripka is a company that doesn’t compromise on looks, quality, and service while keeping designs fun and never boring. Judith Ripka has been consistent at improvement and evolution; and her pieces speak for themselves. Just take a look at Judith Ripka’s Estate inspired jewelry and you will find a hard time looking away. One of them is the Wide Estate Cuff – skillfully made out of Sterling Silver with White Sapphires. This piece has the casual elegance for everyday luxury and the classic high-end look at the same time making it wearable in more formal occasions. 
To shop for Judith Ripka pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Downtown, Greensboro. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Art, Glass, and Design

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There are pieces that attempt to blur the lines between design and art. But there are also pieces that do away with them completely and these are the pieces that Orrefors create. Since its inception in 1898, it has made its way from a small company that created functional glassworks to a specialized company that create artful functional glass pieces that are well sought-out by the world. Orrefors had been collaborating with artists since the hiring of Simon Gate in 1916 and of Edward Hald in the next year – the two influential artists that put more of Orrefors on the map. Today, Orrefors also produces pieces with glass artists such as Anna Ehrner and Berti Vallien, producing pieces worthy of both galleries and homes. 
To see more of what Orrefors can offer, please visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Palu

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John Hardy has been a company that is known for its creative feats in jewelry. It is the most recognizable company that has melded eastern and western aesthetics successfully to create a new style that cannot be named by any other name but John Hardy. John Hardy has always been known for their sterling silver design that uses traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques and patterns and adding touches of modernity. Currently, John Hardy has more collections in its arsenal. One of them is the Palu. It includes pieces such as a three row multi station bracelet that sports a lobster clasp; all in sterling silver. The collection also features battered surfaces – which are hand-hammered. This was inspired by the moon’s beautiful mottled façade
To see more of the Palu Collection, visit us at Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Premium Limoges

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The combined beauty, elegance and toughness of Limoges porcelain have always fascinated the world. The Limoges porcelain is one of the most sought out kind of china as it is highly resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It’s not just the durability of Limoges porcelain but because it can be fashioned and designed to be beautifully functional by expert producers like Philippe Deshoulieres. Philippe Deshoulieres has built a name for itself since its establishment in 1826. It has become a leading French Porcelain manufacturer that specializes in elegant, eye-catching, and functional tableware. All Philippe Deshoulieres pieces are 100% passionately made in France. Deshoulieres pieces are also made using the finest authentic raw materials and are processed with the most advanced technology available. This only ensures that only quality pieces make it out of the factory and reach your table. 
To check out Philippe Deshoulieres pieces that will fit your home, please visit us at Schiffman’s at Downtown Greensboro. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Such a strong, overpowering force

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If you think buying a most expensive luxurious diamond ring like Hearts On Fire is sacrifice enough, ask yourself: what will you really give up for love? Will you leave your family and give up a part of you just to be with him? Will you give up your real life and hide the truth just to win her heart? Will you conquer your fear and gloss over the public’s outcry to be with your loved one? These storylines are inspired by, of all things, our favorite romantic animations. The Little Mermaid gave up her fin. Aladdin pretended to be a prince. Beauty protects the Beast from her vengeful townsfolk. They may be figments of childish imaginations, but these characters do represent our aspirations for love, and our willingness to give up everything for it. 
Hearts On Fire is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Setting your Pickard

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Can’t decide how to set your Pickard china for your formal evening dinner? Having America’s oldest fine china (and it’s made in the USA) is a great thing for formal dining, but arranging the set is another thing. Get inspiration from notable style magazines that have feature Pickard in its varied themes. For a black and white inspiration, you can set Pickard plates with black-and-platinum border and monogram and give the formal china an update with contemporary table linens (in black or white). For a more colorful vibrancy, Pickard has the ColorSheen Collection that showcases tiara gold overlay and signature monogram as an add-on. The collection is available in blue, green, orange, and red themes. Meanwhile, Pickard’s Kelly Wearstler Mulholland Collection is ideal for wedding receptions or after parties.
Pickard is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How long will you wait for love?

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A year, three years, ten years? For Florentino he waits until old age sets in and takes away his youthful skin and vigor, but not his passion for Fermina. He meets her in his early twenties. He is a struggling postman, while she, the daughter of a trader. They fall in love later only to be separated when her father decides to split them apart by sending her to another country. Years after, she gets back, but married to a doctor. Florentino is devastated, but he vows to wait for the time when she can marry again. It will take his whole lifetime until her husband dies and she, now in old age, meets Florentino again so he can fulfil his dream: to marry her. It’s a story worth the most beautiful diamond ring ever, like a FireMark Diamonds perhaps?
FireMark Diamonds is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Elegant baby products

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We always thought of baby products as cute and charming. How about elegant, cute, and charming? Reed & Barton Silversmiths collections of sterling silver and pewter baby products put elegance and grace to otherwise trivial sets of little spoons and trivial cups. The Pewter Baby Cup is designed with double handled and double bands of pewter beads to give it the classic look. It’s an excellent gift idea to a valued client or friend with a new baby. Likewise, match the cup with sterling silver Classic Bead 3-Piece Baby Set. The set includes a spoon, fork, and a feeding spoon. To cap your baby gift idea, throw in the lovely Boy’s Brush and Comb Set. You’ll also love the idea that these baby products are made in the U.S.A.
Reed & Barton Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Romantic past

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We often look forward to that day when we find love. But what if you need to look back to find it? That is, look for your romantic past in senior high or college days and try to reignite once more the passion you’ve taken for granted. It’s not all uncommon to have a successful (and fulfilling) relationship with an old flame. If Ted has succeeded hooking up with Mary, his old crush, so can you. Of course, Ted and Mary are fictional characters from There’s Something About Mary, but the film does tell a grain of truth: grab the chance to get into a relationship when you can because, one day, she’ll leave. While at it, show her how serious you are by giving her a David Yurman bracelet, maybe to remind her of that bohemian time when all that mattered was her.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Your favorite Ginori dinnerware collection?

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If we go by popularity the Antico Doccia is an easy favorite among all Richard Ginori creations. The purity of this collection can easily match any interior décor theme, perhaps, explaining why many find it attractive. It’s got a whole range of dining items, from plates (bread, dinner, soup) to bowls (pasta, salad, fruit), and platters (oval fish, oval deep, oval pickle) to cups, saucers, teapots, and pitchers. Combining all these items creates a continuous pure white look that can easily provide a neutral break to a single or multiple colored backdrop. Imagine lining up the Antico Doccia against rainbow-inspired wallpaper or against a matte blue or green, or on top of an intricately woven lace or inside an old oak wood cabinet. However you place these dining items, they tend to heighten your interior inspiration.
Richard Ginori is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love's imaginings

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Looking at the impressive Christopher Designs diamond ring, you remember the grandeur of love. Do you still remember that time when your world revolved around the romantic notion of love? Dreams of lovely kisses thrown across white clouds and the breeze of Mediterranean blue sea and your arms wrapped around your partner. Like the don in the film, Don Juan De Marco, you imagined about faraway lands where you and your loved one would find this place and settle away from the hustle of the busy world. It seemed a world away now, but you could still remember visions of pirates and damsels in distress, of lovers and tears of a broken heart. In the movie, the don imagined his love waiting for him in the island of Eros, Greece; only to show us at the end, his imaginings are real. Maybe your romantic dreams may still yet to come.
Christopher Designs is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Monday, October 13, 2014

An Answer for Every Room

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Every home deserves to be beautiful. And this is something that the fine metal artisans behind the popular Salisbury brand knows all too well as they have continued to provide homes with dazzling pieces that helps in making every simple moment simply wonderful. Salisbury’s pieces range from coasters, bowls, trays & platters, frames, jewelry & accessories, gifts to desk accessories and barware. There is no room where Salisbury has no answer for and every room will be better off – looking just a little more dazzling – with a little Salisbury touch. This is done through a rigorous and careful craftsmanship and the hands of experts making beautiful design concepts appear in real life. Salisbury upholds perfection and quality craftsmanship to make sure that these pieces will stay beautiful and functional for a long, long time.
Schiffman's at Downtown, Greensboro is an authorized dealer of Salisbury.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Best Seen in Any Angle

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Charles Krypell has had enticed many connoisseurs and enthusiasts to his idea of beauty and he has no trouble doing that. Having started out as a sculptor working on 3D images, Charles Krypell has translated his art into the creation of sculptural fine jewelry. He treats his pieces like art and doesn’t just create a loosely attached string of pieces but he is more focused on manufacturing collections and creating romance. With the end customers in mind, he makes pieces that they would love to wear, build upon and pass on to the next generation. With his signature style, charm and designs, Charles Krypell has continued to captivate followers – new and old. His designs come in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. And they are all beautiful in any angle you wish to enjoy them. 
For your Charles Krypell pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an official retailer for Charles Krypell

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Simon Pearce

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Simon Pearce brought him his glassblowing and pottery-making expertise from Europe to the United States in 1981 – specifically in Quechee, Vermont where he finished a restoration of a historic woolen mill turning it into a facility fully powered by hydroelectric energy provided for by the Ottauquechee River. Today, he’s one of the most sought-out producers of luxury glassware and pottery. He has been described by The New York Times as a prominent American designer of glassware having his works been given as gifts to foreign dignitaries and even to Academy Awards presenters. His works range from dining & entertaining, living & decorating pieces to gifts. And his designs range from the simple to the complex – elegant nonetheless.
To see what Simon Pearce offers, please visit us at Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an official retailer for Simon Pearce. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Clifton Retrograde Date

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Baume & Mercier is a company that has always strived to create an imprint on its times. With a motto that accepts only perfection and the highest quality of watch-manufacturing, Baume & Mercier has created a visionary line-up of watches since its inception. One of these pieces is the Clifton Retrograde Date. This model imposes a very specific style that is both sober and elegant. It comes with functions such as week day and retrograde date. It comes with a Swiss Made self-winding movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. This model is also water resistant up to 50 meters. The Clifton Retrograde Date sports a sun satin-finished silver-colored dial and has glit hands and indexes. This model is specifically designed for city-dwelling functionality and aesthetics. The model can be worn with a brown alligator strap closed by an adjustable triple folding buckle that comes with security push pieces. 
For your Baume & Mercier timepieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The 925: For Beautiful Safekeeping

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Our printed pictures hold our dearest memories of past events and our loved ones – living and those who'd passed. It is just imperative to keep in a safe place where they can easily be seen and remembered. But there’s one thing that will make them safer than they are already now – in the finest sterling silver frames you can get. Where can you get them you ask? Try The 925 Inc. This company combines traditional manufacturing methods with top of the line modern technology; not to mention the beautiful designs that range from classic to modern. And if this doesn’t give you enough of a reason to pay it a look-see, all of 925 frames are 100% made in the USA.
Come and have a look at beautiful and durable pieces worthy enough to hold your life’s most precious moments. Visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Vanderbilt Chronograph by Ball Watch

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Ball Watch has always aptly known to create watches that deliver precision and accuracy even under adverse conditions without compromising looks. One good example of such pieces is the one that is filed under the Conductor collections. Feast your eyes on the Vanderbilit Chronograph. The Vanderbilt Chronograph runs on an automatic caliber – BALL RR1401. It functions as a two register chronograph with an accumulated measurement up to 45 minutes. It has 3 hands and date and makes use of 14 micro gas tubes for easy night visibility. The piece is shock resistant up to 5000Gs and water resistant up to 50m. This beauty comes in with 38.5mm x 51mm diameter of stainless steel and with the height 14.3mm. It also sports a TV screen anti-reflective sapphire crystal and is available with a black or grey dial and comes with a very sporty crocodile leather strap. 
To see this up close and personal, visit Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Honoring Tradition and Forward Thinking

Posted by Schiffman's at 6:00:00 AM in Waterford Crystal (39)

Surely we can’t tell when and how glass making in Ireland started but there is enough archeological evidence that glass has been regarded with respect from the early Iron Age. Medieval documents, though, point out the glass making existed in Ireland way back in the middle 13th century. And to this day, one company has preserved and built on this rich heritage of glass making – Waterford Crystal. By honoring its strong links to its predecessors, Waterford Crystal has continued on the path of artisanal glass making and design by adapting the best creative and craftsmanship techniques available. Its creations vary from traditional stemware to luxury pieces. The company has been also known to have collaborated with leading names in fashion and luxury like Monique Lhuillier, John Rocha, Jo Sampson and Jeff Leatham
Waterford Crystals continue to create pieces that fit perfectly in our homes and business. To see what Waterford Crystal can offer you, visit Schiffman’s at Downtown, Greensboro. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

There’s Always Room for More Beauty

Posted by Schiffman's at 7:00:00 AM in Anna Weatherley (31)

When it comes to dinnerware and tableware, there is always room for more – for variety. It is not an entirely bad idea to add more to your collection as life is not at its best when it is monotonous. So when you get the urge to maybe spice it up or change it a little by making your home meals just a little better with new dinnerware, it is more likely than not that you’d find what you’re looking for in an Anna Weatherley collection. Anna Weatherley specializes in hand painted designs on porcelain. These designs are usually little insects and flowers that are delicately done in 17th-century Dutch painting styles. Designs evoke a classic feel that looks good in both traditional and contemporary homes. 
You can find Anna Weatherley pieces here at Schiffman’s in Downtown, Greensboro. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

You Better Believe It

Posted by Schiffman's at 7:00:00 AM in Wellendorff (40)

Wellendorff beguiled the world with its sultry yet classy and elegant creations. It has been best known for the beautiful golden rope necklaces and colored spinning rings – designs that seemingly came to life from fairy tales. They are beautifully conceptualized and executed that it is hard to believe they are real when you are looking straight at them or they are gracing your skin. Despite being made from solid 18 karat gold, the Wellendorff rope necklace has a delicate and graceful look and feel. It is both flexible and strong. The very thing is a wonder of craftsmanship and design. So is the Wellendorff spinning ring as it seems to be pure magic as it spins along a fine velvety path on the wearer’s finger. This too is a feat in design and precision that only Wellendorff can offer. 
To see more of the Wellendorff magic, visit us at Schiffman’s in Downtown, Greensboro. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Annieglass Difference

Posted by Schiffman's at 7:00:40 AM in Annieglass (34)

It was the Roman Antique that did it first for Annieglass. When it made it to a trade show in 1983, it made waves across the country’s leading retailers. They were captivated by the dinnerware in this design – a plate of thick glass with a widely painted rim of pure gold. Since then, the Roman Antique has been imitated but never successfully copied. Now, as one of the most reputable producers of handmade glass, Annieglass continues to design forward-looking glassware and continues to turn heads. The trademark look and unique shape is achieved by an Annieglass developed glass bending technique that allows 24 karat gold or genuine platinum to permanently fuse to glass. This technique allows Annieglass to create unique pieces that deviate from the traditional hand blowing. This also makes Annieglass pieces more durable – tarnish and chip resistant and also, dishwasher safe. 
To see more of Annieglass, visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Friday, October 03, 2014

Tissot: Innovators by Tradition

Posted by Schiffman's at 7:00:00 AM in Tissot (39)

Tissot has always been a brand that rests upon the drive of unending innovation. Its influence has not just stopped inside the doors of the company but it had made contributions in the world of sports. It has helped many sporting bodies develop more accurate systems of timing. Tissot pieces have also graced the wrists of Elvis, Nelson Mandela, Grace Kelly, Angelina Jolie, and other celebrities and dignitaries. It has been a choice made by connoisseurs, enthusiasts and casual fans alike. And there is no wondering why they did and continuously do; Tissot has always produced watches that had never compromised visual appeal to give way to high functionality.
To see more of Tissot and what it offers you, visit us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Antique, Not Antiquated

Posted by Schiffman's at 7:00:00 AM in Arte Italica (31)

There will always be some novelty in antique beauty. This is what Arte Italica has always reminded us. Arte Italica forges both of the old-world and the contemporary to a new yet familiar beauty. The firm and its founder, Ann Skidmore, became one of the first ones to combine ceramic and pewter into unique dinnerware accessories in the year 2000. It is this intuition and creativity that made Arte Italica one of the most sought out brands. Arte Italica pieces had grown to be one of the leading importers of luxury European décor. As this is the case, the firm strives to capture the essence of Europe in each of their collections. Each piece is handcrafted using old-world techniques passed down from generations of artisans to another. 
To add more Arte Italica into you collection, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Swiss Army AirBoss

Posted by Schiffman's at 7:00:00 AM in Swiss Army (38)

There will always be one brand that you can trust when you want accessible timepieces that do not compromise in both price and quality. That brand is the famous Swiss Army. The brand has been known best for the Swiss Army Knife – arguably one of the greatest inventions ever. With Swiss ingenuity and the passion for accuracy and durability, Swiss Army brings us very able and handsome pieces with mechanical self-winding movements. One of these is the AirBoss Mechanical Chronograph – offered as a limited edition of 300 pieces. It has the classic Swiss Army simplicity but with a modern feel. Its Swiss Made movement, ETA Valjoux 7750, is encased in a durable but light titanium case. It is also water resistant for up to 100 meters. 
To see the AirBoss Mechanical Chronograph in person or any other Swiss Army mechanical timekeeping instruments, please visit us as Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. 


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