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Yellow (Pink and White) Diamonds in the Sky

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They say that big girls need big diamonds. I say, colorful girls need colorful diamonds. Yes, diamonds are renowned as a material with superlative physical qualities, its hardness and thermal conductivity adds to its popularity as a gemstone. But more than that, its appeal and charm boil down to its cutting, end polish, and very few types of impurities – all contributing to its astonishing optical features – not to mention that it has relatively high optical dispersion (ability to disperse light of different colors), which results in its characteristic luster. Beyond the usual colorless or transparent diamonds are the vibrant, all-appealing, show-stopper, colored diamonds. Because there are only handfuls of colored diamonds of any size that are cut each year, it is more rare than the colorless. With a standing demand, buying one now is a good investment opportunity – being more reliable than real estate and easier to transport than an item such as a painting or sculpture. 
Charles Krypell, in its Precious Pastel Collection, offers to the discerning eyes and investments pink, yellow and white diamonds – all transcending generations and allowing you to discover a whole new world  that surrounds you with an aesthetic atmosphere. 
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Floral flair

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Anna Weatherley hand painted porcelain Hungary tulip floralAnna Weatherley dinnerware is known for the hand-painted porcelain tradition that dates back two centuries in Hungary. Its artisans are masters in classical painting, but what makes Anna Weatherley a distinct collection is the inspiration it takes from early botanical and floral illustrations and paintings of eighteenth-century Europe, notably the tulip collection based on the Alexander Marshal’s rare works at the Royal Library of Windsor Castle. But Anna Weatherley is also known for simple yet elegant dinnerware like its Palette collection. The plates, chargers and tea cups are rendered in soothing colors, such as aqua green, indigo blue, purple orchid and sunburst yellow. The set line looks simple, yet the Weatherley floral flair is still evident in the flowing, symmetrical, flower-shaped rim plated in gold. The Anna’s Palette edition is a good classy addition to your everyday dinnerware.
Anna Weatherley is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Is it a flower vase or a fruit bowl?

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The simple lines and basic whiteness of the Annieglass cone vase betray its glamour and prestigious lineage. Handmade using frosted glass, the cone vase carries the same breadth of design and sculpture of the “Tiburon” and “Coquina,” two of Annieglass works that are now permanent collection at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The cone vase is brushed in gold or platinum and guaranteed with the Annieglass trademark of durability and chip-resistance for a lifetime. Is it a flower vase or fruit bowl? If you’re not sure what to do with the cone vase, it is meant for one thing: a work of art by itself that you can display like a prized masterpiece. The cone vase is an ideal giftware, too, to show your sophisticated love for art and beauty.
Annieglass is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Affordable Luxury in a Moment of Time

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The Swiss are truly famous for their inherent expertise on watchmaking. A race built on accuracy and precision. Time for them is essential thus to keep up its punctuality, a perfect watch is a masterpiece. 
The Baume Family pioneered one of the finest timepieces in Switzerland. They opened their first shop as Comptoirs Horlogers (watch shops) in the Swiss Jura region in the village of Les Bois. "Freres Baume" watches are famous for their high-quality traditional watches enriched by various technological breakthroughs of the era. They have the penchant of being innovatively challenge, eventually changing the landscape of watch making. The Baume Company prior to the turn of the 19th Century, ushered their second generation innovative watches. They soon acquired a global reputation in precision watches which even today are the hallmarks of a Baume & Mercier watch.
Anchored on the motto "Accept only perfection" it established itself as one of the world's authority in precision watches. Every watch is carefully screened and made observing the strictest qualitative guidelines embodied in the company's ideals.
During the end of the first world war, the world was suffering the chaos of war and destitute yet the Baume Company in its resoluteness in evolving itself to grow amidst adverse conditions, partnered with Tchereditchenko which later changed its name to Paul Mercier, a linguist, a promising art lover with a distinct taste for passion and a strong business acumen. With the emergence of women emancipation, Baume and Mercier Company offered the first timepieces with a feminine touch and decor. 
Although both do have distinct personalities they enjoyed complementing temperamentals, which are instrumental in their creation of watches more appealing to both genders. 
While William Baume manages the technical aspect of the company, Paul Mercier handles the designs and commercial aspect of the company. It creates an aura of balance and power in producing one of the finest watches in the world today. Destiny preempts success.
A year after their merger, Baume & Mercier movements were awarded the "Poinon de Geneve" or Geneva Hallmark, the highest token of fine craftsmanship in watchmaking. Baume & Mercier watches and movements were exported also to United States. They achieved a global tradition of quality at affordable values.
The Baume & Mercier Company had been a recipient of numerous awards on design, craftsmanship and precision which eventually was benchmarked by other watch making companies. 
The Baume & Mercier Company all through out these years had undergone numerous business modifications just to achieved a competitive line of quality luxury watches  yet providing the public the opportunity of acquiring one. A taste of luxury at an affordable price. Truly this kind of business tack enables the public to experience the magnificence of an elegant luxury watch without sacrificing quality yet offering it at affordable prices. 
The classic nature of the company still truly abides on its motto, "Accept only Perfection" for in every watch made from Baume & Mercier, one can be assured that standards are not imperiled nor distorted. The brilliance and luxury that brought the name, Baume & Mercier still prevails among the elite and can be classified as one of the renowned companies since time immemorial. 
Lest you forget, a Baume & Mercier luxury watch is a product of endless effort and relentless actuations to develop and achieved a watch that is in tuned with the present behavioral demand of our times. A tradition since centuries of experience and expertise and emboldened by inherent sensitivities to the modern climate of challenge, Baume & Mercier still stands great and magnanimous. 
You will be well assured that a watch from Baume  & Mercier, is already a guarantee of quality and endurance. In fact, it is the icon of quality! The centuries of mastery and patience enables it to withstand the rigors of time and the hazards of commerce. Truly, it is a product of resilience and versatility!
Modernity demands versatility. Today, Baume & Mercier offers a variety of watches according to the needs and behavior of the client. The dynamics of constant change is essential for the acceptability of the public's demand thus at Baume & Mercier, its innovation is run by liberation of norms and eccentricity. 
Crafted in the spirit of perfection, a watch from Baume & Mercier, speaks of "Life is about moments." Every moment is enjoined with the surrounding significant effusement of memories captured in a moment of time. 
Always remember, a watch from Baume & Mercier is your perfect companion in the journey of life's moment. Every moment is very precious, and every time is a moment; a moment to appreciate the immersion of time. 
If one wonders where to head and appreciate a work of quality in the form of a Baume & Mercier watch, come to Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wise investment

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There is a joke that goes among porcelain tableware replacement retailers that an Annieglass is not a good brand to include in their inventory; hardly a restaurant will place an order for an Annieglass replacement because the signature is designed not only for beauty, but to last for a lifetime.  The translucent and frosted glassware collections, a cherished inventory by fine-dining restaurants, are rimmed with gold and platinum accents that are set over high heat. The process creates an Annieglass signature: the fusion of metal into the glass that produces chip-resistant, unblemished and sturdy glassware items built to last, perhaps, longer than the restaurant’s business. Collecting a line of Annieglass items is a wise investment, whether for your business or home.
Annieglass is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Childhood fantasy

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Anna Weatherley tea butterfly ladybug snail setEnjoy a spirited tea break with playful butterflies, ladybugs and snails adding color to your afternoon. The nature’s theme that run across Anna Weatherley afternoon tea party set feels like an Alice in Wonderland chapter. The afternoon tea set echoes the Anna Weatherley signature of well-crafted porcelain and hand-painted design, showcasing detailed leaves enveloping the cups, saucers and tea pots. The ladybug adds a lovely accent to the collection, a subtle nostalgia that can bring you back to a dreamy, once-upon-a-time childhood. The paint is carefully laid over the sculpted leaves using natural hue transitions. The Anna Weatherley afternoon tea set also includes sugar bowls and creamer vessels. Taking a tea break becomes a trip down a fantasy lane with this lovely set.
Anna Weatherley is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Precision in Adverse Conditions

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When Webster Ball was born in October 6,1847, nobody would ever think that a simple watch would revolutionize the world we lived. Born from industrious, resilient farmers, the value of work and patience was inculcated in the young mind of Webster. Exposed to the extreme environment in the farm, the spirit of adventure, endurance and the love of challenges molded the young Webster Ball which became the trademark denominators of Ball Watches.
Starting as a humble jeweler then, he shifted to watch making but eventually, out of demand for a change and creativity, jewels where introduce as parts of the watch. It created a new face in watches. 
Ball Watches were the first to combine jewelry with simple watches hence creating a new variant of watches during that time. People were quenching for new attractions then and Ball Watches provided an alternative , out of simplicity. It was a total hit! 
But it was not the eccentricity and the brilliance of innovation for fashion that Ball Watches of today are famous of. It would take an insignificant but traumatic event to change the whole scenario of watch making. During that time, a lot of watch making companies are harking waves of magnificent pieces but of little significance to the disaster which made Ball watches the primary pieces used in railroad transportation. 
It took a single railroad disaster, a collusion of two trains due to a watch dysfunction which revolutionize the way watches in Balls Watch Company are made.  
Commissioned as the primary innovator to invent a watch to prevent future collusions it further realized that precision is an utmost importance in watch making. As founders of precision watches dedicated only for railroad workers, it established itself as promoters of safety. Hence, at Balls Watch Company, precision is a fundamental aspect of every watch, safety though secondary is a by-product of precision. They were the first wrist watches allowed to be used on the Railroads, by using a Swiss manual-winding movement. The emergence of Swiss technology and American designs are slowly integrated into the American system of watch making.
To achieve a watch of quality, it takes time and effort for the maker to perfect its art through precision. Qualities of endurance, resiliency to change in adverse conditions and the spirit of adventure elevates Ball Watches above any other time pieces in its time span. It hedges a different level above the rest and created another new plane of quality, excellence and precision. 
The spirit of adventure stimulates the company to be adaptable to any modifying environment. It views itself as an icon among the elite but with an intent to change the climate of innovation for the purpose of excellence and prestige. Human attitudes and behavior change in a life span which make man more conscious with time. 
Someone said, "Time is Wealth", this changes the climate of importance to time, and so does are time pieces. At Ball Watch Company, every piece is made by perfection and precision. Indeed , a watch made by Ball Watch Company is a work of art yet the company evolves itself to become resilient to the needs of man by providing alternative watches even in adverse conditions. 
Webster Ball was able to established strict guidelines for the manufacturing of sturdy, reliable precision timepieces, including resistance to magnetism, reliability of time keeping in 5 positions, isochronism, power reserve and dial arrangement, accompanied with record keeping of the reliability of the watch on each regular inspection. 
These guidelines served as the basis for making a perfect watch and has been adapted by most watch making companies. 
The Horological Institute of America celebrated his efforts on October 20, 1921.
Riding on the opportunity of the moment, the company was able to produce a variety of watches appealing to the public. It creates pieces that suit to the behavior of the client. It indulges in creating watches for sports, fashion and for the railroad business. Yet, even today, it still struggles to keep abreast with the ever changing attitude of man by producing watches designed to fit a person's personality. 
The sturdy, robust designs of Ball watches expresses an authentic strength of character, unrivaled Swiss technical capabilities that permeates an aura of dominance that enables the client to wear it with arrogance of satisfaction. 
Indeed, a Ball Watch exudes an exaggeration of contentment and is assured that this is the only watch capable of enduring the rigors and hazards of time and activity amidst its conquest in adverse conditions. 
A Ball Watch is seasoned by experience, crafted by hardship , perfected by circumstance and designed by adaptation! Truly this is a watch for every man whose heart is not weakened by threat but ignited by the passion of adventure. 
A display of an array of Ball Watches can be well appreciated at Schiffman's at Friendly Center. 

Like Silk on your Skin

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There are things that make one so warm, and so welcomed, while there are things that make one so glamorous and so captivating that you wouldn’t want to touch it for fear of breaking it. But is there something that has the best of both worlds?
At Wellendorff, there is. With their Silken Touch bracelet that has matching necklace and earrings, all silky smooth to the touch, it will definitely feel like silk on your skin. Just imagine the soft, supple, 18 kt woven-gold chain with cold enamel. Imagine the feel of touching it and letting it glide through your fingers. Ah, the beauty of a jewelry piece and the touch we have always loved, it’s the perfect bracelet for your wrist. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston Salem. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beatriz Ball moment

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When my elderly parents celebrated their silver anniversary, I thought hard of what to give them. After all, they seem to have almost everything; and there is little material in this world that people in their seventies will still crave for. They are into a more philosophical phase, looking for validation of their life that not even the most luxurious brand can provide an answer. Then I remembered the Beatriz Ball bowl that I have grown up with seeing in our kitchen since I was a kid. It is their wedding gift, that classy metalware that I confused for an art piece when I was in first grade. I looked for it—it had been stored in the attic for posterity, I was told—and I thought it would be nice to wrap it again and offer it as my golden anniversary wedding gift to my parents. When my parents opened “my” gift, there was silence in the eyes of my father. Then a tear came down. “I remember our first kiss,” he looked at mom, and kissed her. I call it a Beatriz Ball moment. It’s something that will always be a part of us even if we put it in the attic for posterity and forget about it for a long time.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Our little secret

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You want to give the best memorable gift to your best friend’s wedding. But if you are one of the rest of us who have a problem choosing for the right bridal gift to the newlyweds, here is a little secret: you can’t go wrong with an Arte Italica. The classy, artistic tableware collections of Arte Italica will impress the recipient and give you an air of sophistication. You have a full line of choice from the plates and servers cups, saucers and table accents. Each item is set in nature-inspired themes, metal accents and earth colors that complement each other.  However you mix the items you always come out with a delightful, seemingly artistic, match of Arte Italica items. Don’t worry, no one will know this little Arte Italica secret.
Arte Italica is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tony in Touch with Tissot

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William Anthony "Tony" Parker, Jr. is one of the quickest players in the National Basketball Association nowadays. He plays the point guard position and has established himself as a potent scorer. He is often seen slashing to the basket for a layup or teardrop shot despite his relatively small size for a basketball player (6'2"). In fact, he has been named to five NBA All-Star game, two All-NBA Second Team, and an All-NBA Third Team. He was even the 2007 NBA Finals MVP and is currently playing for the San Antonio Spurs. As of this writing, Parker scored 37 points (15-27 FG, 1-1 3Pt, 6-6 FT) to go with four rebounds and six assists during Game 4’s win against the Grizzlies, pushing the Spurs to the Finals in a sweeping fashion. Although Parker’s field goal percentage dropped in the playoffs compared to his regular season mark, it did not stop him from dominating the court in Game 4, with a whopping 15-for-21 showcase. With the early sweep in the Western Conference Finals, Parker and the Spurs will have a chance for extended rest before taking on the Heat or the Pacers in the championship round. 
Tony Parker was born in Belgium, in 1982 with basketball in his genes as he was the son of a professional basketball player. He started making a name for himself at just 15 when he was talent-spotted and asked to attend the National Institute for Sports and Physical Education in Paris (INSEP). After playing in the French amateur leagues for two seasons, Parker turned professional and signed with Paris Basket Racing in 1999. In 2002, he joined the NBA and the team of the San Antonio Spurs. After initially playing backup to Antonio Daniels, Parker was made a starter and made 77 regular season appearances in his rookie season, averaging 9.2 points, 4.3 assists and 2.6 rebounds in 29.4 minutes per game. When he played against the Los Angeles Clippers on 30 November 2001, he became the third French player ever to play in an NBA game, after Tariq Abdul-Wahad and Jerome Moiso. Parker brought to the Spurs a greater tempo in their game, getting his teammates better looks at the basket whenever he was involved in transition offense. He could also hit open jump shots, and this created greater space for the big men on the team, Tim Duncan and David Robinson. By the end of the season, the rookie led San Antonio in assists and steals, and was named to the All-Rookie First Team for 2001–02, becoming the first foreign-born guard to earn the honor. Although the Spurs were eliminated during the playoffs, Parker's performances did not go unnoticed, even up to now. Today, Parker is one of the most respected point guards in the league, known as a player that can do it all. He can shoot, he can pass, he can run the break, he can command his team and he can score. Though smaller and slighter than the prototypical NBA player, Parker makes up for it with his fearless play and his speed and quickness. His first step is blazingly fast, which means defenders have to give him plenty of room, not wanting to get beaten to the hoop, which opens things up for his very accurate jump shot.
Tony Parker joined Tissot as an Ambassador in 2011. Just like Tony Parker, Tissot has continually surprised and delighted customers with its product innovation, from 1853 to the present day. A relentless pioneering spirit led the company from its foundation in the small Swiss Jura town of Le Locle, to a presence in 150 countries. From its first pocket watch with two time-zones in 1853 to its revolutionary touch-screen technology T-Touch watch, Tissot has presented a series of "firsts" in terms of technology, materials and design - even to the extent of creating watches made of rock, wood and pearl. Today Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world's largest watch producer and distributor. The company has always had its home in the Swiss watchmaking town of Le Locle in the Jura Mountains but now also has a presence in 160 countries. The Tissot innovation leadership is enabled by the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. With a broader, more versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot also expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible. In its revolutionary new global campaign, Tissot rewrites the rules of watch advertising. Using the claim "In touch with your time", a series of executions featuring brand ambassadors, including Tony Parker, present luxury as being accessible rather than exclusive – while Tony Parker looks forward to a long relationship with the great folks at Tissot. 
Come see Tissot’s timepieces at Schiffman’s at friendly Center. 

Travel with Swiss Army

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Anyone can travel and should travel. Traveling, jolts us awake. For most, traveling is a dream that comes true once a year for the annual vacation. For some, travel is a sweet plan for retirement on a boat, with a backpack or by train. And for a few, travel is an all-consuming passion. You might be traveling to visit family or friends, for work, because you’re relocating, volunteering, sight-seeing or to simply relax on a beach somewhere to get away from it all. But there is a broader question: as a human, why do we travel in the first place? There are a million reasons why people travel: to challenge oneself, to enjoy new experiences, to find oneself, to learn a new language, to experience new cultures, to simply have fun, to see new things, or to basically just eat new food – but people generally travel because of fear. Fear makes travel so enlivening and revelatory. You're perpetually off-balance and on guard. After a while one yearns for the mindlessness of familiar routines. And when you do return home, old pleasures are much the sweeter for having been suspended. One can't think of a better vaccine against dogmatism or a quicker cure for self-satisfaction. As we struggle to reconcile what we're experiencing with what we take for granted, we strip away what's arbitrary in cultural practice and approach what is universal. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed. Traveling is an easy way of surrounding ourselves, as in childhood, with what we cannot understand. In other words, we travel because we want to. 
Yes, traveling is a way to reverse time, to a small extent, and make a day last a year; we live without a past or future, for a moment at least, and are ourselves up for grabs and open to interpretation.  But that does not mean that we should forget all about time while traveling, right? When you travel a lot, particularly on business you need some form of reliable alarm. Maybe you have a flight to catch, a journey to take or an important meeting to get to. Travel clocks are usually handy for these occasions. They are usually used as a gadget to wake you up from a perfect 'vacation' slumber. If kept under pillow, it will vibrate to wake you up. When you feel like getting on an early morning bus, an alarm clock helps a lot. When you feel like seeing a sunrise, an alarm clock helps a lot. If you’ve got jet lag you know there is a big risk of you over sleeping so you need something to wake you up. When you feel like getting away from people who tell you what and how to spend your holidays then an alarm clock helps a lot as they still sleep. Quite frankly, you can never always rely on someone coming to wake you up, even automated ones have a tendency to go astray. 
Taking into account the above premises, it is but natural that Victorinox Swiss Army, a leader in quality, reliability, functionality, innovation and iconic design, would gravitate towards the need to always be on time while traveling. In fact, Victorinox Swiss Army has long embraced the concept to create products designed and built to accompany us through life’s journeys. The requirements of mobility have driven Victorinox Swiss Army’s product designs for more than a century: since 1891, when the Original Swiss Army Knife emerged from Karl Elsener’s cutlery workshop to meet the needs of the soldier in the field; since 1989, when the first Victorinox timepieces combined classic styling with durability equal to the most demanding environments – from the summit to the sea floor. Together with Victorinox Swiss Army’s rugged travel gear, their functional, fashionable men's wear and their distinctive fragrances, these products have taken the Victorinox reputation for innovation and quality and subjected it, successfully, to the tests of trips for business and backpacking, not to mention expeditions to the Amazon Rain Forest, Mt. Everest, the North Pole, even the Moon. Quality. Reliability. Functionality. Innovation. Iconic design. The spirit of the Original Swiss Army Knife is alive and well. Take the spirit with you with Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Alarm 2010 Road Tour Limited Edition. The Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Alarm 2010 Road Tour Limited Edition has a silver dial, black bezel and Ice PVD bracelet, 54 mm in diameter with quartz movement. 
With Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Alarm 2010 Road Tour Limited Edition, the more you travel, the further you go, the more you’ll be glad you did.
Come and get your own Swiss Army at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feel like an emperor

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Feel like an emperor on your afternoon break with a Boardman Silversmiths coffee and tea sterling silver sets. Or drink wine to a royal delight while feasting on a nuts or grapes with the finest sterling silver goblets and bowls. The Boardman Silversmiths antique collection of silverware is pure elegance that fits a prince of the house. Made from sturdy .925 sterling, the antique collection is designed to maintain its luster for the longest time with proper care. One look at the detailed crafting and the smooth curves of the sterling set that tells you this Boardman Silversmiths is worth your investment. The set also includes sugar bowls, cream servers, tea pots and coffee pots that make up an impressive silverware collection to impress your guests.
Explore Boardman Silversmiths’ other lines at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

The Other Casafina

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The signature may be known for finely handcrafted ceramics that exude charm, strength and beauty. The same characteristics are however evident in Casafina’s other impressive collection line: its glassware. The vases, candle holders, goblets and more complement the Casafina ceramics tabletop items. Handmade from Romania, the glassware creates a balance of luster and gentleness to the bold and earth colors of the ceramics. The Crackle Double Old Fashion glass reflects the glassmaking skills and artistic sensibility that come with a Casafina glassware. Contrast this to the simple yet elegant lines of Spiral Tumbler or the Optic Tumbler items. You can also feast your eyes on the lovely etches of grapes of a Casafina wine stem.  These are but a few of elegant glassware to match your Casafina ceramics collection.
Casafina is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Scintillating Solis

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The sun is the star around which the earth orbits along with other eight planets. Yes, it is often said that the Sun is an “ordinary” stat. But for those of us who benefit from it, it is never an ordinary one. In fact because of its importance to us – being the central body of the solar system, its magnetism keeps the planets from wandering lifelessly in the space, and also it sustains life on Earth as the source of heat and light – it has been used in many different cultures and religions as a symbol of the divine, sometimes representing the cycles of death and rebirth towards evolution. 
The Sun is personified in many cultures, one of which is in Roman mythology which calls the Sun, Sol. It also comes to life in Slane’s Solis Collection – a collection of sterling silver pieces that best depicts the glorious and scintillating beauty of the sun. It includes a 16/18 sterling silver rolo necklace that features a brilliant 18k yellow gold and sterling silver sun with approximately 14ctw of diamonds. Just like the sun, the Solis Collection by Slane is no ordinary collection. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

Barking on the Right Jewelry

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The beauty of a tree bark is something that does not usually make one write or talk about it fervently. Although we come in contact with it constantly in our daily lives, tree bark is just a dull topic to most. But whether we like it or not, it constantly attracts our attention and makes us stop for a while to marvel at its beauty. A tree bark, of most trees, is a hauntingly beautiful, textured piece of living matter that looks like it was painted by a maestro and presented to you in 3D. 
In celebration of this wonderful part of our trees, Suna Bros. offers a collection of jewelries that resembles and named after the most overlooked but dramatic feature of the tree – the bark. The Bark collection presents the many colors, textures and patterns of a bark that seem to take on a whole new beauty when styled by the Suna Bros. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Night of Passion

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Add more romance to your dinner night with an Empire Silver candle ware. The leading sterling and pewter hollowware maker has a wide array of candle holders in single and triple sytles. They are an alluring addition to a romantic night. Imagine the subtle candle flicker reflected on the enticing luster of an Empire Silver candle holder. The candle holder’s slender lines and confident stand also create an air of tease. It is a little help to push your agenda of passion for the night. You can also vary the candle holders’ height to add a dimension to the tableware overall feel.  The Empire Silver candle ware line is guaranteed to create the romance in your night. The rest is up to you.
Empire Silver is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro

Lasting friendship

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A Couzon gift is always a winning situation for both the receiver and the giver. The giver subtly showcases her sophistication when she decides to wrap a Couzon cutlery to be given away. This can be a tableware collection, a bread, cheese or salad line or a barware and cocktail selection. On the other hand, the recipient is easily impressed by the fine sturdy lines of a Couzon spoon, fork, knife or a server. It is not unthinkable that instead of using the gift, the recipient may likely place it inside a locked cabinet display for visitors to see.  The Couzon cutlery is designed to make a statement and to last for a lifetime, such that the giver and the recipient may likely find themselves talking about it decades hence.
Couzon is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Stylish Shanghai

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Known as the “Paris of Asia”, the 1920s Shanghai boasted fine restaurants, exquisite craft shops, and places where foreigners played polo and enjoyed dog racing and horse racing – at that time the most prosperous city in East Asia. It is arguably the most decadent place on the planet, and a city so westernized, it had its own Chinatown. Even today, the remnants of the glorious 1920s can still be seen if one heads out for the stately old buildings of the Bund or the French Concession, and the city continues to be the largest, richest and most cosmopolitan city in China.  Communism, of course, stalled the full flowering of Shanghai and it slumbered for half a century. But in recent memory, the magnificent city is stepping out again, with not just Chinese but global aspirations. 
The sleeping beauty is even fully awake in Roberto Coin’s stunning collection, Shanghai. Inspired by the idyllic streets of 1920s Shanghai, the collection boasts the vibrant hues of Peridot, Iolite, and Topaz alongside diamonds and gold. It is truly an emblem of a time that was once lost but now has been found. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

Make a Difference with Raymond Weil

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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the world. In 2007, cancer claimed the lives of about 7.6 million people in the world. Known medically as a malignant neoplasm, cancer is a broad group of various diseases, all involving unregulated cell growth. In cancer, cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invade nearby parts of the body. The cancer may also spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream. Cancer is the new "great imitator". Thus it is not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer to have been treated for other diseases to which it was assumed their symptoms were due. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected. But the most heart-breaking of all are the type of cancers that affect children. 
One out of every 600 children suffers from cancer. Although recovery rates from childhood cancers have improved considerably in the last 30 years (from 30% to around more than 70%), these illnesses are still the second leading cause of death in children over one year old. What is more distressing is not the diagnosis but also the process of healing. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer are a stressful and threatening experience, which can be emotionally devastating to children. Despite the improved prognosis, the course of cancer treatment has tremendous impact on children. Cancer treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or stem cell transplants kill cells that grow quickly, such as cancer cells. But in a child, many healthy cells in organs throughout the body are growing fast, too. Treatment can damage these cells and keep them from growing and developing the way they should. Sometimes the damage from treatment isn't serious enough to cause problems that are noticed right away, but they may show up over time. What’s more upsetting is that younger children's bodies tend to be more sensitive to the effects of radiation; and some children may be at greater risk for side effects. For example, the bodies of children with the hereditary form of retinoblastoma (an eye cancer) are more sensitive to the effects of radiation. Some types of chemotherapy, given either into a vein (intravenous, or IV chemo) or directly into the spinal column (intrathecal chemo), can also cause learning disabilities in children. These problems are more common if higher doses of certain chemo drugs are used, and if the child is younger at the time of treatment. Learning disabilities are more common in children who get both chemo and radiation to the brain.
That is why it is worth mentioning the efforts made by the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit of Geneva University Hospital that is currently working actively to develop more effective and less toxic treatments for those children. These efforts have not been left unnoticed especially by Raymond Weil, a luxury brand of exquisite timepieces, the brand that knows certainly how time is of the essence when it comes to cancer patients. In its involvements with the several charities to make this world a better place, and with its commitment for many years in various charity actions, Raymond Weil renewed its initiative in 2012 to aid the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit of Geneva University Hospital’s research and treatment of those who have been touched by the dreadful disease of Cancer, this time, in partnership with its lo-time and prospective customers.  Always a leader in the field of new technologies, Raymond Weil is the first Swiss luxury watchmaker to use Facebook as a selling platform for this timepiece. The Brand wanted to share its engagement to this cause with the entire Facebook community to reach as many people as possible. For the Basel Fair, Raymond Weil provides the opportunity to support the fight against childhood cancers and buy on its Facebook page a maestro edition limited to 5 pieces engraved with the mention “maestro Mouvement d’Espoir – Edition Spéciale 2012”. The proceeds from the sale will be doubled by Raymond Weil and donated to the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit of Geneva University Hospital – Switzerland. At the heart of the maestro Mouvement d’Espoir special navy blue model – unique because of its aesthetics and the beauty of the cause it symbolizes, beats a self-winding automatic movement. Like all the models of the maestro collection, its refined casing is snapped with a sapphire crystal at the back, which enables amateurs to admire the movement of this timepiece. Its silver dial decorated with a central zone in “Clou de Paris” and sprinkled with blued Arabic numerals is shining like hope in the night of the navy blue leather strap. 
But if you wish to just see more of the other captivating timepieces from this great, philanthropist brand, you can definitely come see them at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer in winter

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There is a Mikonos feel to the Gien Alice dinnerware collection. The deep blue overall theme is reminiscent of the Aegean Sea in summer, the warm breeze filling up your senses and inviting you for a deep. The white flowers reinforce the summer sensation, punctuated by the green stem that makes you crave for a summer bloom during winter. The warm and inviting thematic art runs through the signature contour of a Gien ceramic, a hallmark of a master potter’s delicate hands. The Gien Alice collection is a complete dinner set from plates and servers to cups and saucers. You can also get a Gien Alice for your coffee or tea set; or add a Gien touch to your dessert service.  
Gien is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

The Beginnings

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The First Bird, the cypress wood sculpture of Grainger McKoy in 1960, is not only a symbol of the studio’s beginnings. It is a harbinger of the finest wood sculpted art pieces to come under the Grainger McKoy line of birds carved in wood. The First Bird is basic in all angles, but at its core is Grainger McKoy’s subtle and confident touch that creates life out of wood. The same master stroke is evident in its Sanderlings work, a 1986 sculpture in basswood, walnut, metal and oil paint. Grainger McKoy captures the birds in flight, each one appears to be engrossed in its own thought of escaping winter. Such is the depth of a Grainger McKoy art that no tiniest detail is missed, not a single action is overlooked.
Grainger McKoy is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Flaunt this Change

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Whether someone told us or we just happen to read or hear something that inspired us to improve a skill, we all have to change, one way or the other. Change will inevitably happen, and we can stop giving excuses like lack of time, high cost or lack of motivation. Despite the hesitations and time pressures, we have to face the fact that change is necessary and omnipresent. We all have to eventually adapt the change into our own circumstance to avoid stagnation and welcome progress. 
If you’re ready to or with change, why not start with jewelries? With Precision Set you can be proud to debut your newer, better self. With Precision Set’s newest engagement collection, the New Aire, you can have that stunning modern look that integrates perfectly into the most formal fashion ensemble or favorite relaxed setting. Indeed, the New Aire is innovated to fit today’s active lifestyles with its low-profile, tailored yet timeless bridal designs. Certainly a change that we all have to embrace (and flaunt).
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Put Health and Color into Your Life

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Since we were young we have been told to study well, behave, and hone our talents to find a great job to make us busy for the rest of our lives. Of course, there is no greater feeling in the world than being busy. Being busy confirms that you are not lazy, that you have found a profession that allows you to provide for yourself and family. It gives a whole new meaning to relaxation because you know that you deserve it. But busyness has gotten the most of us. We have become too busy for comfort. We’ve realized that it isn’t as rosy a dream to live through. Stress comes in and causes no shortage of issues for our body. High blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, ulcers, weakened immune system, increased oxygen use and a more rapid heart rate are just a few of the many side effects of stress on the body. Science has long linked many unpleasant diseases to frayed nerves. Paranoia, depression, several syndromes and even just a general feeling of not thinking straight can come from too much stress in our lives. It bogs down how you think and can cause you to make bad decisions. When you’re stressed or tired, you operate with less conscious control over your emotional response, which can lead to lashing out at people you care about, or upsetting strangers by acting out. Deadlines, bosses, annoying coworkers and difficult customers can make it very hard to keep a cool head. This in turn can lead you to become one of those annoying coworkers and perpetuate the cycle, making work an even worse place to be.
Relaxation causes just the opposite effects on you. Early on, we discover that there’s a ton of work to put in first, before the dream of relaxing on the beach comes true.  And so some makes use of very easy ways to combat stress like alternative therapies to heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Color can be a powerful provider of guidance and insight that helps us achieve that balance we so need. It is making use of the principle that certain colors are infused with healing powers. The health-giving properties of color, in food as well as the environment, have long been acknowledged. Colored lighting, color therapy and color in health-care settings are all critical areas for exploration and enlightenment. It is believed that certain colors have been used traditionally, both in color therapy as well as in the immediate environment, to alleviate certain conditions. Red and Violet colors suggest energy. Red in particular, raises blood temperature and stimulates circulation. Want to feel more upbeat? Bring in the colors of sunshine and spring fields. Most of us choose blue as our favorite color, and it’s really no wonder. Blue is a very soothing hue—it’s the color of the sky and the sea—and we can all use soothing touches of it in our hectic lives. Yellow is used to aid digestion as well as the liver and intestine process. Yellow is thought to have decongestant and antibacterial properties to act as a cleanser for the body. It has been known to help relieve rheumatism and arthritis. We can implement color therapy in our daily routine in a number of ways. Wearing clothing or eating foods of specific colors, exposing the body to color lights, massaging the body with color-saturated oils, or envisioning colors are methods of color therapy. 
Putting in mind the power of color and the need for relaxation, Philip Stein, the leader in watches and other lifestyle products using proprietary natural frequency technology, conceived the Fruitz concept in 2007 with the goal of creating a collection of fun wearing, colorful, fashion watches that could improve the wellbeing of wearers through natural frequency technology. The Natural Frequency Technology actually works with the individual biorhythm and energy field of the Fruitz watch wearer.  It is likely to inform your body to relax.  It does so by exposing your bio-field, the Master energy field that regulates your body’s functions, to important frequencies and information. A clinical study reported that participants wearing devices with Natural Frequency Technology experienced more vivid dreams in their sleep, felt more refreshed in the morning, fell asleep faster, and woke up less during the night, than those wearing devices without Natural Frequency Technology.  Plus, everyday people wearing Fruitz watches have reported better sleep, less stress, more focus, increased concentration, and an overall sense of well-being. With a Fruitz watch, natural frequencies are delivered to your body through your wrist.  That means wearing a Fruitz watch brings you more in harmony with the natural earth than ever before while telling the world exactly who you are, in a way that will make others notice, and smile.  Cool and colorful, Fruitz will make you feel wholesome in style – inside and out.  
Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Art of Porcelain

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Porcelain dinnerware is transformed into a masterpiece with the Haviland Fantasy collection. The Jardin Francais elegant green patterns are a mix of symmetry, sharp curves and slender lines that mesmerize both the dinner guests and host. The Le Noel de Mademoiselle collection is delicately illustrated that creates a melancholic yet happy feel of youth.  The Le Paris de Madame showcases a fashionable and confident woman who is made in life. Likewise, the Oceane’s blue, yellow and orange tints are interplayed to create at once a  warm and cool feeling. Collecting Haviland Fantasy line is truly like collecting artworks for keeps.
Haviland is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

A Gift of Love

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Porcelain is an elegant gift item for baby showers or christening. The meticulously hand-painted Herend line of Children’s collection is your statement of sophistication, as well as a mirror of the value you put in your relationship with the recipient. Whether he is a valued client, a well-loved family member or a cherished friend, the recipient will remember the Herend gift. The beautiful crafted baby shoes accented with gold are unforgettable. The Daisy Mommy and Me breakfast set of bowls, mugs and plates is not only practical, but also an elegant token of your love. Similarly, the First Curl Box is finely crafted, an undisputable appreciation of your relationship with the recipient.
Herend is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Elegance Within Reach

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Natural pearls are formed by nature, more or less by chance. On the other hand, cultured pearls are human creations formed by inserting a tissue graft from a donor oyster, upon which a pearl sac forms, and the inner side precipitates calcium carbonate in the form of nacre. If one were to look at the exterior of the pearl, they may look identical, so an x-ray is necessary to tell the difference between a natural pearl and cultured pearl. Nowadays, almost all pearls you see as jewelries are cultured. Unless of course you go to an antique store. In fact, the chance of finding a pearl in an oyster on the bottom of the ocean is 1 in a million.
So if you wish to see some cultured elegance, why not open a Pandora’s box and see the beauty and luminance it offers? One of Pandora Jewelry’s offering is a black rhodium silver ring with a blue freshwater cultured pearl on top, aptly named Cultured Elegance. What had once been a gem reserved for the upper class and nobility, would now be within reach.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

Planet Ocean

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The Earth is our home – the only home we know of. It is our responsibility to preserve and protect it for generations yet unborn; it is our duty to allow them to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the planet as we know it. It is too selfish to allow it to continually change for the worse, which we know happens because of our careless footprints. We burn fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil for generations; while we are at it, we clear forests hastily, and now we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, the temperatures are rising, reaping the ill-effects of our actions. It’s in fact a domino effect. Warmer temperatures would mean water (which includes the 20 percent of the world’s fresh water supply) evaporating more rapidly resulting in lower water levels and possible shortages. With the burning of fossil fuels comes the greenhouses gases and smog-causing pollutants which have been linked to many health problems like respiratory diseases and cancer. Every day we feel the effects of climate change in the form of extreme weather events, milder winters, hotter summers, higher levels of smog in the cities, changes in the timing and rate of reproduction of some mammals, and glaciers in every region of the world are melting, putting millions of people at risk for floods, droughts and lack of drinking water.
Indeed, over the past 50 years, humans have modified the Earth’s environment to a greater extent than throughout the rest of the history of humanity. We are living at a critical time and we are all personally responsible for the future of the Earth. Because each person has a role to play, each person has the power and duty to mobilize themselves to act. One person has already made his part and continues to do so with his GoodPlanet Foundation.  Since 1990, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has flown over approximately 100 countries, inviting those who would like to listen to reflect on the evolution of our planet and on the future of its inhabitants. Created in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the GoodPlanet Foundation seeks to inspire a lifestyle that is more respectful to the Earth and its inhabitants. It proposes realistic, optimistic solutions and encourages each individual to become committed to the planet, through a series of programs, which is constantly being developed and strengthened in order to “bring ecology at the heart of consciousness”. In 2009, it was awarded public interest status and 3 years after, the Foundation obtained the IDEAS label, awarded by an independent committee, which recognizes its budgetary management, the effectiveness of its programs and the quality of its governance. 
Omega in 2011, as part of their social responsibility, worked alongside the GoodPlanet Foundation to raise public awareness of our oceans and sharing its dedication to sustainability – together, they aim to raise awareness of the beauty and majesty of the oceans, the dangers they face and the importance of preserving and appreciating these natural resources – and with it the inspiration to create the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet – an innovative wristwatch that serves as a tribute to the GoodPlanet Foundation and the positive work it does for our environment and underwater ecosystems.  Omega has committed a portion of the proceeds from the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 M GoodPlanet to fully funding a project to preserve the mangroves and seagrasses in Southeast Asia and educating the local population about the conservation of these important natural resources that are such a critical part of a balanced eco-system.
Yes, saving our ocean doesn't have to be a daunting task that means sweeping life changes. Simple things can make a difference. Like buying a timepiece.  The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet features a bold blue lacquered dial with applied indexes. The polished and facetted rhodium-plated hour, minute, seconds hands and aluminum-fashioned GMT hand are coated with white Super-LumiNova which emits a blue light. The exception is the minute hand which emits a green light, as does the dot on the diving bezel. There is also a date window at the 3 o’clock position. A domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal – enhanced with anti-reflective treatment on both sides – protects the dial from damage above and below the water’s surface. The bright orange GMT scale on the bezel ring and central GMT hand make it possible to track two separate time zones, ideal for the frequent traveler who enjoys taking in the beauty of the oceans, lakes and rivers first-hand. The lacquered orange 24-hour scale stand out on the bi-directional polished blue bezel ring, a useful feature which complements the helium-escape valve located at 10 o’clock on the brushed and polished 43.5 mm stainless steel case. The caseback, engraved with “GoodPlanet Foundation”, also features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, making it possible to see Omega’s revolutionary technology within. Inspired by the diverse and captivating colors of the ocean, this timepiece is available with a classic stainless steel bracelet, or a sporty blue rubber strap. Like all of Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean timepieces, this model was designed with extreme adventurers in mind and is water resistant to 60 bar (600 metres / 2000 feet). At its heart is the exclusive Omega Co-Axial calibre 8605, a self-winding movement with a three-level Co-Axial escapement and Si14 silicon balance spring, this remarkable timepiece performs with such reliability and accuracy that it is offered with a full four-year warranty.
Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let there be light

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Juliska literally adds light to your home. The Juliska lighting line puts this utilitarian function to a higher level, an art form notwithstanding. The Pendant Lighting is a favorite, short of a masterpiece that demands its own corner in an art exhibit.  The ornament can be subtle as in the Amalia Small Globe, a simple yet classy swirling sphere of incandescence. Or the work can be as intricate as the FlorenceSmall Globe with its armor of droplets spread around the light. It creates its own celestial roof at night or a stunning sculpture at day. The Juliska Pendant Lighting collection is perfect as an accent or centerpiece to add elegance to your home.
Juliska is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Light in glass

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Add flair to your home lighting. The Kosta Boda glassworks also extends to a slew of amazing lighting fixtures. Or are they art sculptures? They can be both considering the signature has created numerous limited edition of sculpted glass art. The Power designed by Anna Ehrner creates an inner luminous when lit with a spiral creating a diffused hallucination. The Night Life by Asa Jungnelius gives off a classy feel; the art itself mirrors a prized jewel contained in a highly secured glass box. Meantime, the Caramba Light by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien is avant-garde, an abstract of bold black strokes swimming in porcelain white. The whole lighting line is yet another commitment of Kosta Boda to the highest glassmaking craftsmanship.
Kosta Boda is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Beautifully Inked

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Most people who have tattoos will say that they got it for a specific time or person in their lives that they will never forget. Some just like it whether as a viewer or wearer, as it is, as art. But, as we all know, one person’s body art is another person’s invitation to vomit. Historically though, humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. Over time, it served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, and signs of religious beliefs to name a few.
But for those who doesn’t ink their bodies, the beauty and exoticism of tattoos can still be experienced with Metalsmiths Sterling’s Ink Collection. The Metalsmiths Sterling’s Ink Collection is an exclusive one-of-a-kind collection of edgy jewelry inspired by some of the world’s most brilliant tattoos. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Alluring Lure

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The word allure itself captivates one who loves beauty. When one is “alluring” the beholder is under the charm and spell of the allured. Ergo, women all over the world, in one way or another, all want to be hot, mysterious, alluring and beautiful vixens to find their prospective mates. They want everybody (or at least those who matter) to notice their beauty, sultriness and charm. Yes, some may strive for beauty as part of human nature, but sometimes looks alone won’t help. Confidence, character are also a big plus and of course, the right jewelry. 
With Mikimoto’s Lure Necklace, one does not need to be alluring, you already is. The Lure Necklace is a double strand White South Sea Baroque cultured pearl necklace that is adorned with a platinum, rose gold and water opal flower. Just like how the necklace evokes the emotion of desire to see what lies beneath the surface towards the gleaming diamond set below, your character and confidence will lead your man to see what’s behind those alluring smile.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Uniquely your own brass line

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When you are going brass you should go Mottahedeh. Unlike regular brass, Mottahedeh brass collections showcase detailed designs, solid weight and extravagant antique-inspired artworks. The Mottahedeh brass tray line is exceptionally simple yet classy. The Shell Dish with Dolphin Feet is classic Mottahedeh brass; the shell is rendered with precise hammering and molding to create flowing lines across the tray, which is supported by intricately crafted stand. The shine is eternal as the plate’s surface is smooth and flawless. A Mottahedeh brass is etched and chiseled, among others, with some parts uniquely crafted by an artist’s expert hands to create a one-of-a-kind brass item. The brass collection also includes candlesticks, dish cross support and dish covers. The brass decorative tray is also available in silver.
Mottahedeh is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Always and Forever

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Toujours is a French word for “always”, or “still”. In other words, consistency. No matter what kind of business, profession, or relationship you are in, consistency is a key principle that will help you succeed. Consistency is a word that says a lot about loyalty and dependability. Be consistent with yourself in your behavior with other people, and you build trust. Consistency is not giving up and being myopic over present failures. It is about looking at the longer time horizon, where the little hiccups of progress are smoothed out over the next years and decades. 
Consistency is about memories. With Memoire, consistency has always been part of their 20-year reign in the diamond jewelry manufacturing business. Quality and craftsmanship have consistently been keynotes to their success in the jewelry industry that they decided to create a collection that would embody such unparalleled artistry – The Toujours Collection. 
For wedding and promise rings that speak so much about your commitment, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 

Decorating dinner

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Creating an inspired and impressive dinning set goes beyond serving classy dinnerware and cocktail servers. Michael Aram has a complete line of decorative to add more glam to the dinner or cocktail night. Renowned for its rich handcrafted metal crafts with Indian influences that are evident in its tableware collection, Michael Aram also offers décor items such as vases, candleholders, display bowls, and photo frames. Accents for the holidays are also available, not the least nature-inspired sculptures. The black feather nickelplate is glamorous, a perfect highlight to a classy dinner. Likewise, the fan coral is intricately impressive, a sure magnet to your guests’ curious eyes. There is also a tortoise shell-inspired sculpture and a dandelion piece both made from oxidized bronze. The decorative showcases the versatility of a Michael Aram workmanship.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Figures of high craftsmanship

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If it is the thought that counts, surely a Lladro high porcelain gift is an inspired idea to give your loved ones. Be it Christmas, birthdays, Valentine or any other occasions, a Lladro figurine reflects a passionate and artful appreciation in your intentions. The bridal figurine is a masterpiece of details, embodying a pure love for the newlyweds. The Thinker figurine reflects masculinity and leadership, a suitable gift for your man or loving father. A cute mermaid with gold accents suggests a playful tease to the recipient. Other porcelain figurines that bear the Lladro mark of high craftsmanship include a thematic girl selling flowers, a couple in the middle of a passionate tango and a mother and her newborn in a seamless rendition.
Lladro is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, June 21, 2013

For whom the bell tolls--your loved one

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Are you looking for a unique anniversary gift to impress your partner? Consider a bell. Well, not a functional bell but a Ne'Qwa hand-painted glass bell. Designed by the artist, Susan Winget, Ne'Qwa has two of these bell pieces for those celebrating their silver or golden anniversaries. But it doesn’t matter, both bells are worth giving at any stage in your years of togetherness, if only because a Ne'Qwa is classic as it is timeless collectible. The glass is delicate but sturdy, and the paint is designed to last your lifetime. The flowers are rendered in subtle tones that transition in smooth gradients. Leaves and ribbons overlap each other in distinct hues. The glass bells seem to host an inner glow, as if suggesting the eternal love for your partner.  
Ne'Qwa is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Unpredictable art

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Design and elegance are prerequisite in an Orange Howell jewelry. But its ingenuity, too, makes this signature a unique gift item. The snowflake-inspired pendants are at once simple and detailed. The pendant can be as intricate as hearts that are individually chiseled in details to form the snowflake rays held by a core that is reminiscent of a royal insignia; or as simple yet elegant rendition of twisting rays that join into a single snowflake at the core. It is this unpredictability of creative genius that makes Orange Howell an exciting line to surprise and impress the gift receiver. Orange Howell also applies the same play of art and craft in its bracelet collection.
Orange Howell  is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The World’s Original Rock Star

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In 18th century Italy, no musician was as renowned as Niccolo Paganini. Regarded as a violin virtuoso, he was a child prodigy who pioneered a number of creative techniques, and was capable of playing three octaves across four strings in a hand span, a nearly impossible feat, even by today’s standards. And because of such amazing ability coupled with extraordinary creativity, audiences thought Paganini made a pact with the devil to be able to perform supernatural displays of technique! In truth however, the reason for the joint mobility in his fingers was the “Ehlers-Danlos” disorder which he suffered along with the “Marfan Syndrome” which gave him long limbs and fingers. 
Niccolo Paganini, the world’s greatest violin virtuoso, even more than a century after his death, continues to amaze and mesmerize audiences, not only thru his music but also through Konstantino’s passion and belief in his music. Celebrate his virtuoso and creative lust with Konstantino’s carved black onyx collection, designed for men with the classic appeal of Paganini, the world’s original rock star.
Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

All in a Glance

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A flurry of sparkly, colorful shreds of paper evokes a feeling of celebration to most of us. That is why it’s not hard to think that confetti over our heads paints such a joyous and vivid picture of whatever memorable event we are celebrating, even decades after. Not surprisingly, the word confetti came from the people who invented “love of life” itself – the Italians. Although, confetti as commonly used, is thrown over newlyweds to show that the guests wish to sprinkle the union with blessings, it is also a great way to signify the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the party. 
Marco Bicego, an Italian himself, definitely has confetti all over him – including his aptly named collection, the Confetti Gemme. The Confetti Gemme Collection includes a confetti of colors emanating from luminous semiprecious stones such as blue topaz, amethyst, rose tourmaline, lemon citrine, and peridot set in satin-finished yellow and white gold, for a youthful and very feminine collection – a beauty all in a glance.  
For a shower of color in your life, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Best of Bali

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Asian countries have the most diverse cultures in the world. India, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Thailand are the living and moving proofs of this diversity. In diversity, we find variation and with variation, we find colors and shapes. In colors and shapes, there are endless ideas of forms and swirls that make up a structure or a matter. Indonesia has one of the richest heritage among countries around the globe and though diversified in culture, Indonesia is a living paradise and it is well represented by the place called Bali. 
John Hardy's creations are based on traditional techniques developed throughout centuries by Balinese craftsmen and equally inspired by local arts and ornaments. He’s a man who among others, fell in love with the good natured people and the paradise-like place of Bali.
John Hardy jewelry was founded by Canadian designer and artist, John Hardy. His journey started after he visited Bali in 1975. He fell in love with its nature, crafts and arts. In that same year, he established his design studio and gradually developed into a large enterprise.
His creations take Balinese tradition and techniques producing exotic and exceptional results that are remarkably lovely and artistic. The distinctive blend of antiquity enduring a modern design, poured into the molten metal creates unbelievable jewelry pieces. All pieces of John Hardy signature jewelry are made by hand; yet you immediately realize that one of the sources of the beauty of this metal work comes from balance and harmony that only human hands can instill. The natural forms and intricate lines that only human hands can give make his pieces like fruits from a tree, naturally bore and ripen by nature itself.
John Hardy’s passion, creativity and talent are driving forces behind this remarkable and extraordinary company. He refined the traditional Balinese jewelry technique called granulation (which involves the one-by-one application of tiny beads of metal) by flattening by hand traditional beads. This modified technique has become his signature "dot" pattern reminiscent of reflections of tropical gardens.
The above mentioned dot technique with silver or with both silver and gold, is used often across different collections and serves as the basis for some most sophisticated and beautiful pieces ever created by John Hardy such as his large pendant of circular discs of 18K gold with a distinctive rhythmic design found in the temple art of Cambodia. Set on a matching hand-carved silver chain with smaller medallions crafted with the same pattern and technique, it becomes suitable for many occasions. The rich and yet casual look of this masterpiece is hard to miss. 
Some exquisite pieces come from the Cinta, the rarest collection of Haute Joaillerie. Cinta means love, and created with love and dedication, these pieces are exclusively made just for you.
The Singhasari Tangi is a piece featuring dancing spheres of lavender Jade suspended from floral motifs of flame-colored Spinels set with Diamonds. Jade is treasured for its living quality and its association with merit and grace. Singhasari was a 13th-century Hindu kingdom in Java. Tangi means "lavender." 
Another piece is the Naga Harmony. It is a necklace of 18 karat gold and sterling silver in the form of two Nagas embracing a grill of Dragon scale motifs with three golden South Sea Pearls and trimmed in pavé-set fancy Sapphires and Diamonds. The Naga is the cosmic dragon, symbolic of the life force that brings love, prosperity and protection. 
Tears of joy will fall for Tears of the Dragon—earrings made of 18 karat pink gold featuring a teardrop briolette of Rose de France suspended from a gold Naga and square-cut Moon Quartz. Rose de France is a member of the Amethyst family, distinguished by its pale lilac hue. The Naga is the cosmic dragon, symbolic of the life force that brings love, prosperity and protection. 
 The Naga Golden Night is a bracelet of 18 karat gold set with black Sapphires and a finely carved Naga head. The Naga is the cosmic dragon, bringer of love, prosperity and protection. The eyes are of red Spinel, a rare natural gemstone whose color is symbolic of passion. 
The Sylvan Duchessa is ring of 18 karat yellow Gold ring with trillion green Tourmaline and Spessartite cushioned as the center stone, set in a pavé of Chrysoberyl, green Garnet, Peridot, Tsavorite orange and yellow Sapphires. Sylvan is associated with the magical spirits of the forest. 
Naga Raditya—a cuff of 18 karat gold and sterling silver in the form of two Nagas set with orange Sapphires and embracing a Madeira Citrine. The Naga is the cosmic dragon, bringer of love, prosperity and protection. Citrine is associated with the Sun and its gift of warmth and happiness. In Balinese Hinduism, Raditya is the god of the Sun. 
While the Puri Naga Sea Gold is a necklace of 18 karat gold and sterling silver featuring a pendant in the form of a sinuous, jewel-encrusted Naga, the cosmic dragon, bringer of love, prosperity and protection. The Naga holds two golden South Sea Pearls. Puri Naga means "the dragon's palace." 
With new concept at hand, John Hardy's name today is known globally and his business continues to expand gaining new markets and wider popularity. Hardy’s designs are found on the covers of the top fashion magazines in New York. Nevertheless, his heart remains loyal to his family and to the place he fell in love with, Bali.
For more of your John Hardy pieces from Bali with love, visit us at Schiffman’s. Buy the best of Bali from Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for John Hardy.

What glass art should be

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The Swedish traditional glassmaking is renowned for its art and strength. Perfected through generations of master glassmakers, it is now a prized craftsmanship that Orrefors enjoys. The art glass signature combines Swedish glassmaking with modern techniques to create its impressive line of drinking and serving glass. Beyond this collectible glassware, you can add more glamour to your dinner and cocktail night with Orrefors’ decorative items that are at once functional and in limited edition. Orrefors decorative line offers items from platters to Christmas ornaments, and vases and to a long line of bowls in various shapes, curves and detailed art to custom-fit your taste. Orrefors decorative items literally reflect your taste and sophisticated knowledge of what glass art should be.
Orrefors is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Royal treatment every day

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The French porcelain signature, Philippe Deshoulieres, provides the glamour and sophistication to any dinner or cocktail party. But the royal design and the deep, rich colors aside, Philippe Deshoulieres porcelain dinnerware is also meant for everyday dinner experience. The California collection of plates, cups, soup bowls and saucers creates a white theme that is undeniably classic. The Louisiana line adds a chutzpah, a little excitement that suggests the random offbeat jazz notes with crisscrossing patterns breaking the plain base of the plate. Likewise, the Osmosis collection teases with its geometric inspired patterns. All three, while designed for everyday use, add flair to an otherwise ordinary dinner.  For glamorous nights, you can always revert to a Philippe Deshoulieres more intricately designed lines.  
Philippe Deshoulieres is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Bunny Beauty

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Rabbits, aside from being so cute and cuddly, are popularly known because of their legendary ability to reproduce fast and furiously. They are traditionally associated with abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Rabbits also love to chew, and their teeth never stop growing hence, symbolically, chewing implies repetition, contemplation, and breaking concepts down into component parts – ergo, rabbits imply simplicity and understanding. Of course, along with the eggs comes the Easter image of a chocolate-hiding bunny, thereby representing a renewed life. 
So if you’re one of those bunny-loving people who can’t get enough of rabbits and the symbols they represent, you can definitely add to your collection Judith Ripka’s Sterling Pink Epoxy Enamel Bunny Charm. Watch as the sterling silver bunny prances on your bracelet with its approximately 1/10 carat Total Diamonique simulated diamond weight. Hop to its rope-textured bail that measures approximately 1/2"L x 1"W. 
What are you waiting for? Come see it at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Serving in style

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The elegance and sturdiness of a Reed & Barton Silversmiths glassware is evident in the Bamboo Garden collection. The etched bamboo embraces the glass in seamless fashion, spreading its leaves as if they gravitate to the gleaming glassware. The crystal is classic Reed & Barton Silversmiths, finely crafted and masterfully designed giving it a radiance that seems to come from within. Whatever the occasion is, there is a Bamboo Garden glass for you. It offers a range of glassware categories, such as flat bottom, cylindrical, long glass and rounded bottom.  The bamboo theme extends to trays, either rectangular or oval, as the perfect finish to serving liquor or refreshment in a Reed & Barton Silversmiths glassware.
Reed & Barton Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Like a presidential award

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Pickard fine china luxury glamour presidentPickard fine china is more than just a luxurious addition to a glamorous dinner. Many companies appreciate the significance of the fine china signature as a statement of excellence; thus, use Pickard for awards or recognition of a stellar employee or esteemed client. A Pickard award is not lost to the recipient, knowing that the fine china is made by the same artisans who created the dinnerware served in Air Force One, the U.S. president’s aircraft. Pickard offers a wide range of award items, such as tankards, fluted bowls and coffee cups and mugs. Also noteworthy items for appreciation are oval mint dishes, federal pitchers, round covered boxes, Ruth Candy dishes and shell-shaped dishes.
Pickard  is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Hottest Thing about Jewelry

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Men and women have one word for an ideal lover: Hot. The word comes with a bunch of good words to define it; sexy, smart, awesome, talented and fashionable. Everybody wants to be “hot” and somebody who’s “hot”. Jewelry also accepts this trend, and there’s only one brand that could be hot and not hurt, in fact, it’s pleasurable to touch. It’s hot and luxurious—the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds.
Hearts on Fire once again will break any diamond that claims to be the best. Now, with a Director of Design, Hearts on Fire is in for some hot jewelry. With seventeen years of extensive experience to back her up, Hearts On Fire Director of Design Ilaria Lanzoni's mind works brilliantly and ready to set another record of exuding a blinding light through Hearts on Fire diamonds.
With her vast experience in the world of art, Ilaria derives her inspiration in the most simple yet fascinating things. According to her, inspiration can be found in many forms and sometimes surrounds us when we are not aware. 
Under Ilaria’s leadership, Hearts on Fire will put the Sun to shame with its two new hot collections; the Illa and Copley Collections.
The Copley Collection was inspired by her experiences in the enchanting city of Boston. She was captivated by the surrounding towering architectural structures and beautiful streets the city in the few weeks she spent in the city. This experience inspired her and before she knew it she was seeing things she never imagined to be beautiful and astonishing. Her journey in the city brought her to the idea of creating the Copley Collection.
The Copley Heart design is the heart of Copley. One of her main designs in the collection was derived from the ironwork of scaffolding and balconies that graced the old brownstones found throughout the entire city. These intricate and soft designs would become the very foundation for her entire Copley Collection, named after one of Boston’s most historic and popular neighborhoods. 
Like all of us, Ilaria also has her childhood stories. She spent her childhood in Northern Italy and one of her most fascinating habit as a child was to look up the skies and stare at the bright stars. This love for the nighttime sky is expressed in the Illa Collection. Characterized by twinkling stars and constellation themed pieces, the Illa Collection is includes stunning and magnificent jewelry that will certainly draw attention in any occasion. 
With a generous 537 sparkling diamonds, the Illa Constellation bracelet, is surely not representing a constellation but a whole galaxy. A simple but an elegant look is offered by the single diamond star Illa pendant necklace. Single or multiple, Illa diamonds just match with any attire, from casual to formal and from cocktail to black and tie. The Illa Collection just creates a dreamy aura in whatever room you’re in, this unusual collection is for anyone who has ever looked up and wished to own a star and to adorn it in like they are the heavens.
There’s a lot of effort and hard work required to produce these beauties. 400 skilled craftsmen and artisans joined forces to produce the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds. These craftsmen possess the highest standard of skills fused with the most advanced technology in cutting and manufacturing diamonds in order to produce the most beautiful diamonds in the world that even stars would want Hearts on Fire craftsmen touch them and put them in a ring.
Hearts on Fire diamond achieves the most perfect polish, perfect symmetry, perfect alignment and perfect proportions and the brightest brilliance a diamond could possibly have. Hearts on Fire only offers perfection. Hence, its exclusive method produces an extremely rare display of scintillation. Known as the “Ten Table Diamond” Hearts on Fire diamonds can be seen dancing even at a considerable distance.
Truly works in amazing ways, the world’s most perfectly cut diamond brand still holds the record. As sexy as a Victoria’s Secret’s, as awesome as a Justice League hero and as fiery as the Sun, Hearts on Fire diamonds are the hottest thing in the world of jewelry today, tomorrow and in many years to come.
Hold fire and not get hurt by getting them from Schiffman’s. See more of your favorite Illa and Copley pieces at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is one of the leading dealers for Hearts on Fire.

Genuine Only, Please

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Apart from taste, beauty, and appeal, finding the perfect diamond requires some extensive knowledge on how to determine genuineness in a piece. But not all of us have the time nor the training to instantly recognize the genuine from the not. Fortunately, limited distribution allows just that. Consumers can buy exactly what they are wish to buy by making sure that the store from where they are buying is an authorized distributor. It also reinforces the idea that a product is special, rare, and difficult to obtain – which are superficially the desire of some customers. Let’s admit it, who would want a common, mundane jewelry piece that can be bought at any store, right?
And that is exactly what FireMark Diamonds did. It selected and limited the number of independent retail jewelers throughout the US and Canada that are authorized to carry the FireMark® Princess Cut Diamond – hence it cannot be bought over the internet or in retail chain stores. By buying at authorized dealers, you can be assured that you will be buying only the most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is, and no other. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flowers for all seasons

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Flowers are a favorite among Salisbury collectible porcelain sets. While they differ in detailed rendition, all share a common trait: the seemingly disorderly feminine colors splashed in random patterns, yet the produce an overall soft theme when taken together. The Salisbury porcelain cups, saucers and plates are even made more delicately delectable in the English Bouquet line of pink and white flowers teasing your senses. Equally alluring is the Blossom Time theme of red and yellow flowers, a rather showcase of a cool spring morning. The Daisy theme is bolder; its tan leaves providing a backdrop to its yellow, green and blue flowers. Whatever your favorite floral theme is, a Salisbury arrangement is the suitable choice.
Salisbury is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

An Artist's playground

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There is a happy feel in collecting Richard Ginori mugs. Perhaps because of the colorful explosion in the design, or the playful, stylistic illustrations. The house on a snowy night exudes an ironic warmth. A window by a coffee table on a washed gradient of blue or green is child-like without being childish. A pencil-like art of crawling vine with the valley as a backdrop radiates a hopeful early morning. The big, bold polka dot design is simple, yet not simplistic. There is also a cabaret-theme typeface that evokes a tease without mocking one’s sensibilities. The mugs’ design is even more accentuated when put alongside each other, a collector’s playground of Richard Ginori artwork rendered in a utilitarian canvas.
Richard Ginori  is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Cut to Perfection

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Most of the time, if not always, our look represents who and what we are, thus, our overall appearance matters. Aside from our fashion in clothing and accessories, our crowning glory makes up our head’s centerpiece. So it is very important that we get the best hairstyle that will definitely complement our overall look, and to have the best hairstyle, our haircut should be perfect. Cut is so important that even diamonds derived their beauty from it.  Superior brilliance and scintillation come from diamonds with superior cuts. In jewelry, like our crowning glory, diamonds should also find the perfect cut; perfection that’s only coming from Christopher Designs.
Although not a barber, Christopher Slowinski cuts diamonds so perfectly.  Slowinski founded Christopher Designs in 1976. Born in Poland, Slowinski apprenticed under master jewelry craftsmen in his native country and in the United States. He was awarded three U.S. patents for his revolutionary work in cutting diamonds. He combines his classic jewelry training with modern technology to create exclusive designs that include his patented Crisscut diamonds.
With 77 “crisscrossed” facets originally used in emerald and cushion Crisscut.  Redefining the look of diamonds, the introduction of the first Crisscut flourished quickly. Always been intrigued with taking something established and making it even more beautiful, Slowinski uses high standard technology to produce exceptional beauty among his diamonds because superior technology results in superior produce.
The Crisscut is the trademark remarkably to possess advanced and state of the art engineering.  Coming in four cuts, Emerald, Cushion, Asscher and Round, Christopher Designs diamonds have left all branded diamonds inferior and ordinary.
Originally, the Cushion Shape was once the most admired diamond cut but due to having no set proportions, it was very difficult to find two matching stones, resulting in the Cushion Cut's status to give the spot light and pave way  to a more  contemporary and trendy Round Cut diamonds. But because Christopher Slowinski is a diamond genius, Christopher Designs has formulated a technique and ignited once again the long lost fame well-deserved by the Cushion. Now, by applying the Crisscut facet arrangement, it has been able to provide the clientele with a visually aesthetic stone possessing an unmatched intensity and deep fire brilliance. Today we know it as the Cushion Crisscut. 
The Asscher Cut diamond is known for its pace facet configuration and is named after its developer Joseph Asscher. The Asscher cut accomplished in drawing the eye into the center of the stone creating the impression of immense profundity but Asscher had an unfortunate side effect, it was a loss of brilliance due to light dodging out the bottom of the stone called light leakage. But through Christopher’s fashionable Crisscut facet configuration, Christopher Designs has figured out and solved the mystery for increasing the Asscher's brilliance creating the illusion of depth and fire. 
Cut from AGS ideal "triple zero" diamonds, the Crisscut  Round shows off 109 facets, exuding unmatched radiance. The stone actually has 12 straight walls and 12 sides, each so flawlessly cut that a dozen arrow point flawlessly to the stone's midpoint. The diamond's edges break the light, creating the illusion of an exquisitely scalloped margin. Christopher Designs introduce the Round in 2008 and although related to the 58 faceted round brilliant diamonds, it possesses unique and distinct quality making it an original cut. 
For more than fifteen years, the Crisscut Emerald diamond's superior brilliance and remarkable scintillation has captured the hearts and attention of fashion enthusiasts and jewelry collectors alike. Christopher Designs is so popular worldwide that makes its Crisscut diamonds as the most sought after diamonds for the facets that consistently bouncing the light off and giving the Crisscut diamond a life and an illusion of flames, scintillation and brilliance—a perfection found only from Christopher Designs.
Each diamond has a Christopher Slowinski personal touch. There’s no stone cut and set in New York that Christopher has never laid a hand on, another quality that makes his diamonds extra special.  “There isn’t a stone that is cut or a setting that is cast in our New York City factory that I don’t personally inspect. Christopher Designs is proud of its work and stand by every piece that leaves its workshop.” says Christopher.
Even stars are no match to the Crisscut. True, stars dazzle in the night skies, but Crisscut diamonds glow at any time, day or night. With Christopher Designs, your diamonds are cut into perfection giving it the maximum brilliance and immortality that stars don’t possess; and while stars die, your diamonds last forever.
Come and see these diamonds cut into perfection at Schiffman’s. Radiating brilliance and fire like no other, Christopher Designs diamonds are available at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized and trusted dealer for Christopher Designs! Who knows, they might even give you a perfect haircut!

The Striking Twist

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Most of us are contented of the usual ways of how things should be. The explanation is that we have set our minds to the usual manners on how we do things and these manners are accepted and tolerated by our system because they are known and what is known can be tolerated. We want the highway to be plain and stable, which makes the trip ordinary and boring. Twists and turns are needed, to experience new things, to be open and be bold. Going for the extreme is not necessary, just a little twist, and it makes all the difference. That’s what exactly David Yurman did, and we’re lucky because he continues to do it.
David Yurman was born on October 12, 1942. He is an American jewelry designer and privately owns the jewelry company named after him, David Yurman Inc. Growing up in Long Island, New York, his earlier steps as a designer and businessman started when he was selling little sculptures in his high school canteen. 
Jacques Lipshitz and Theodore Rozack were the two famous sculptors whom David apprenticed for twenty years. Sculpting served as David’s outlet and through this, he developed creativity and identified his own style as an artisan. He entered at New York University and after a year, David left college and hitchhiked across the country to California where he found sanctuary in the beatnik artist colony of Big Sur.
In the late 1960s, David returned from his bohemian sojourn in California to Greenwich Village where he began working with sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. It was in his studio that David met Sybil Kleinrock, a gifted painter who, like David, recently returned from the beatnik scene in California. The journey all started when Sybil caught the eye of the gallery owner, while wearing one of David’s pieces to an art opening, who asked if it was for sale. Although David couldn’t dream of recreating something so personal, Sybil saw an opportunity. In the early 1970s, they moved to the countryside and formed Putnam Art Works. Throughout the decade, David and Sybil exhibited their designs and paintings at craft fairs, and in 1979 they were married. By the mid-1980s, David Yurman had made a name for himself with his iconic cable bracelet. 
The cable bracelet is the renowned trademark design of David Yurman. A twisted helix bejeweled with gemstones on its both ends, the cable bracelet has taken the jewelry industry into a whole new level of overall beauty, design and craftsmanship. Driven by artistic inspiration and with Sybil’s painter’s understanding, David’s expertise in sculptural media and mastery in art merged into creating a masterpiece that no other designer has ever made before—a piece of art with a twist. 
“Cable shapes and forms everything on some level.” David says. That’s all you need to make a difference, not extravagant and exaggerated designs. Truly is, the cable is the unifying theme in David Yurman’s pieces.
And with a twist, the Cable Wrap Collection is one of the most outstanding David Yurman collections. In this collection, David places gemstones and fabulous diamonds generously embracing them with excellent strands of cable.
Sybil and David’s talents as artisans gave birth to numerous notable collections. Including the X Collection, Silver Ice (where he incorporated silver and pave diamonds) and the Buckle Collection. Each collection has identity of its own, all of equaled beauty. These collections demonstrate the brand’s signature designs, from twisted cable to sterling silver embroidered with precious gemstones to finest diamonds set in darkened silver. Darkened silver is truly a David Yurman signature design. Excitement and life are maximized with every intricate detail laid on the smooth darkened metal, a perfect location for sparkling pave diamonds. 
Without a doubt, a David Yurman design is iconic and multi-dimensional. And when it comes to dimensionality, the Starburst Collection captures the angles of the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. Each piece is a celebration of shapes and forms and 18k gold or sterling silver arranged with diamonds and suggest the liveliness of colors bursting from the lights of magnificent fireworks in all of Paris.
David Yurman, in his desire to expand the selection among his pieces, he and his son Evan, created the Classic Collection. Classic is a timepiece collection featuring a Chronograph, a Three-Hand and a Moon Phase—all three displaying the iconic signature cable design on the exterior part of the watch encasement.
David and David Yurman Inc. have one thing for all of us; we should not settle for less and ordinary. Like him and his company, everyone should aim for the best and to have the best, we have to go out of our comfort zones and have a calculated risk. In the end, we’ll get the difference in life we all have been looking for.
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Virtues that Fit Yours

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A jewelry brand as a business is constantly confronted with conflicting loyalties which it must reconcile. It is after all responsible not only to its end-users whose interest it has to serve with zeal and honesty but also to the suppliers of its raw materials to preserve the latter’s confidence and loyalty.  The criticism and prejudice against jewelry manufacturers stem largely from the failure on the part of some manufacturers to reconcile those conflicting loyalties, and partly from the way some of them misinterpret profit and how to maximize it. But not all.
The practice of high ethical standards is an essential aspect of Baume & Mercier’s corporate identity. It is a luxury brand whose fundamental identity revolves around values of authenticity and accessibility, taking pride in responsible business practices, rooted in social responsibility and the ethical use of natural resources. So the next time you go shopping for a timepiece think of how Baume & Mercier’s sustainable and ethical business practices all go hand in hand with your own virtues. They would definitely fit. 
Come see it at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Krypell for Keeps

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The most special things in life are the only things that are worth keeping for. These things are treasures with intrinsic value, derived from inspiration and sealed with emotion—these treasures are recognized to be Charles Krypell made.
Charles Krypell is one of the world’s most renowned jewelry designers. He began sculpting before entering the world of gold, platinum, sterling silver, and rare and precious gems. 
Inspired by life itself, Krypell happens to have a gift whereas he sees things that most people cannot. As a designer, he can see something in any sort of a structure or on a page that inspires him and he’ll put that twist on it where he can put his name to it and call it his own. He calls it a designer’s license. Just living life inspires and being able to see things in a manner that he is able to interpret into a three-dimensional piece of jewelry is what gets him very excited. And because he worked with stone for so long, when he was finally fortunate enough to discover jewelry, he just created jewelry on a level that was very different from what the jewelry industry had ever experienced. 
Evolutionary, not revolutionary—for more than thirty years, Charles Krypell has enthralled many with this sense of design while he works with his jewelry. Motivated to cultivate collectors of his clients and craft pieces that will be passed down from one generation to the next, Krypell does not design only for certain seasons, but sees to it to introduce new pieces all year through to enable his clients or any buyer to cultivate a collection of his or her own pieces and find for a distinct quality of craft among the pieces.
According to him, he was very fortunate to go to art school and discover a whole new world, one that surrounded him with an aesthetic atmosphere. But when he discovered sculpture, it formed his mind at seeing things in a dimensional manner. Everything he works with is natural and interesting.  Charles Krypell also has the most beautiful of semi-precious stones and fashion sterling for those that just love products that are bold and dramatic and affordable and will make women feel very special. 
Where most people go into jewelry as a beginner, he approached jewelry with a mindset of a three-dimensional factor knowing that a woman should be animated. When she's animated, when she's waving her hands and being expressive, when she talks and relays any sort of a message, he wants what she's wearing on her hand to be dimensional and a piece of art that just happens to be called jewelry. 
He always says he looks at the consumer when they approach him and they see something beautiful. He tells them, "What you're looking at here is paint; you have to be the canvas, and one cannot live without the other." Once they apply the paint to the canvas, a piece of art is developed. 
Appearing at about eighty jewelry events each year, he takes pride in presenting his jewelry from such collections as the Baguette Collection; Precious Pastels, which use pink, yellow and white diamonds; Pastels, which combines the best in semi-precious stones; Forever Yours; Krypell Kids; and Sweethearts. 
Even the stones the Earth don’t give up too easily like the most exotic pinks and blues and green diamonds.
Charles Krypell, unlike any other designer, designs throughout the year and not only for a certain season  knowing that there are different types of occasion that people want to be involved in one way or another. According to him, money is not his motivation, he is motivated by just design, and he designs in three different mediums: sterling silver, platinum and gold. 
“When you come in and view my collection there will be something in any price point with an aesthetic level that is identical on any level, price-wise,” making his jewelry luxuriously affordable.
What he loves about creating jewelry is not only a single part; it’s the whole part of the process. It’s the conceptualizing and materializing it in a three-dimensional form. It’s producing it in a medium that you thought of, in either sterling or gold or platinum. It’s thinking that it is possible to incorporate the best that Earth has to offer in pink, blue and green or white diamonds because he just knows that the design warrants it. And then once it’s done, finished, and goes into a store like Schiffman’s, and then seeing people entering the shop, seeing his pieces and say something like “I love it.”
In the end it is not the monetary or extrinsic value of the jewelry that matters, Charles Krypell sees to it that whatever design he conceptualize there’s that whole lot of intrinsic value when it materializes. This intrinsic value is what makes Krypell jewelry worth keeping for.
For more of treasures worth keeping for, visit Schiffman’s, your number one dealer! Get some of your favorite Charles Krypell jewelry pieces at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Charles Krypell.

Lost in lust

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Imagine dining in eighteenth-century England with the queen. Your eyes are mesmerized, not by the sumptuous dish served before you, or the royalty at the far end of the table. It is the gleaming silver cutlery in your hands that catches your attention. It’s a The 925, you know. At first grasp you feel the firmness of silver mixed with the right amount of another metal to create that strength. The spoon’s curvature is passionately inviting; you can see your eyes in the reflection glowing with lust. The fork is equally alluring, and without noticing it, your hand is already caressing it up and down. The knife looks sharp, yet it teases  you to touch it. Lost in your ecstatic self, suddenly you snap out of your fantasy. Everyone is looking at you. That can very well be The 925 experience.
The 925 is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

A Blooming flower to a bee

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A utilitarian ware is hardly a medium for art or a platform to express one’s passion. But not this bowl. A Simon Pearce bowl, in fact, is deceivingly simple but at one glance, it demands a closer look. The subtle curves of a Royalton serving bowl punctuated into precise points are saying this is no utilitarian bowl, never mind that you can use it endlessly and the ware will not chip or break. Moreover, the manner the Royalton nestling bowl seemingly opens up to the gawker like a blooming flower to a bee captures one’s senses. The Woodbury round serving bowl is simple; but its contour reveals the craft of a master potter. Simon Pearce pottery bowls offer more exciting designs, such as the Cavendish modular serving bowl, the Brookfield bowl and the petite bowls.
Simon Pearce is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The A-team of craftsmen

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What go into your Waterford Crystal item? A team of master craftsmen dedicated to excel in their craft. The beach and pear wood are chiseled into perfect molds by a master carver using age-old techniques. The red-hot glowing glass of ball slowly takes shape in the hands of a professional glassblower. His every move is precise, culled from skills that have been passed down through centuries of glassmaking perfection. Meantime, a sculptor transforms the glass into a three-dimensional art piece. Ever careful and detailed in his work, he will take weeks, even months, to complete one work. The glass cutter is just as committed to excellence, using just the right pressure for wedge or flat cutting.
Waterford Crystal is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

A Fireman on Time

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Firefighters or firemen as they are usually called are like the modern Hercules: they make 5 minutes seem like a lifetime when they go into a burning house to save someone they don’t even know. A firefighter works in an environment that is superheated with no visibility, a job that is more stress full than most, and a job that has to deal with other people’s pain and loss which could either be property or unfortunately, death – or both. That is why it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, almost always a dirty job, sometimes a sad one.  
In honor of this great profession and the adversity firemen face every time they receive an emergency call, Ball Watch has created a collection of timepieces that reflect the strength and ardor of this different breed of people.  The Ball Watch Fireman Collection includes the Storm Chaser, Storm Chaser DLC, Storm Chaser DLC Glow, Racer, Racer Classic, Racer DLC, Victory, Victory Ladies, Classic, Classic Ladies, Night Train DLC, and the Skylab. So whether you are a fireman yourself, or just admire one, there’s a fireman watch for you.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 

Afternoon memories

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Anna Weatherley butterfly leaf tea party ladybugA late afternoon tea break always lends a warm feel to your busy day. Add more warmth and color to it with an Anna Weatherley Afternoon Tea Party set. The leaf theme is evident across the collection’s range of Anna Weatherley porcelain pieces, from cups and saucers to platters and sugar bowls. There’s a playful adoption of ladybugs, snails, and butterflies enjoying their leafy world. Like the other Anna Weatherley collections, the Afternoon Tea Party set exhibits a lively, intricate hand painted designs. The leaves come to live as clinging around a bowl, running around the platter’s rim, or enveloping a creamer vessel. The colors are rendered in earth gradient and subtle transitions. The Anna Weatherley Afternoon Tea Party set makes your tea breaks a memorable time that you look forward to every day.
Anna Weatherley is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

From Collision to Invention

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Most of us weaken, or to exaggerate, despair when unexpected unpleasant events come our way. But don’t you think it’s a way of telling us “Hey dude, It’s no utopia”, or it’s an opportunity disguised as tragedy? The most successful people in the world found glory in the lowest times of their lives; they never saw it as a storm coming, but a chance to dance in the rain. One of these successful people is Webb C. Ball.
It was in 1891 when the collision occurred between Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway trains at Kipton, Ohio. It happened because the engineer's watch had stopped. Then Webb C. Ball was commissioned as their Chief Time Inspector, in order to establish precision standards and a reliable timepiece inspection system for railroad chronometers.
Strict guidelines for the manufacturing of strong, reliable precision timepieces, including resistance to magnetism, reliability of time keeping in five positions, isochronism, power reserve and dial arrangement, accompanied with record keeping of the reliability of the watch on each regular inspection were his tracks for safety time measures.
Webster Clay Ball was the genius of Ball Watch invention. He was a jeweler and watchmaker born in Fredericktown, Ohio. After a two-year apprenticeship to a jeweler, Ball settled in Cleveland, Ohio to join a jewelry store. In 1883, when Standard Time was adopted, he was the first jeweler to use time signals from the United States Naval Observatory. Ever since, Cleveland began knowing the science of accurate time.
Ball Watch Company developed numerous advertising campaigns directed at the adventurous Americans of every generation. Earlier advertisements targeted mainly the railroad industry, gradually, expanded to include the pioneering travelers of the rails. The central point of all these presentations remained the same; accuracy under adverse conditions.
Accuracy for timekeeping has been the very foundation of Ball Watch Company. With its primary mission of making people experience a better, more authentic and fulfilling life through exploring the world. Committed to this vision, Ball Watch Company is focused to build the mightiest and strongest watches that endure all adverse conditions that will be a legacy to all generations; a philosophy of faithfully creating a family enterprise that genuinely promotes dignified and stable dealing with life to all humanity.
All Ball Watches are equipped with patented, Ball-engineered self-powered micro gas light technology that light up brightly for at least 25 years. Other innovations of Ball are a 7,500 G force shock resistance, the -40 degree Celsius temperature rating, and a patented crown protection system.
Trainmaster Worldtime GM2020D-LCJ-BK is a one of a kind model of the Trainmaster collection. This watch features a 41mm case and 50m of water resistance. This is the Trainmaster Worldtime II which features a few small dial updates from the Worldtime I which came out in 2011.  With an automatic caliber BALL 965, chronometer certified COSC movement and a world time display. It features 14 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability. It is teamed with stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle or Crocodile leather strap with standard or folding buckle and available in black or white dial making it not only a Trainmaster but also a time master.
Ball watches are also equipped with Antimagnetic technology. Due to the inherent earth’s magnetic fields, automatic watch accuracy is easily affected by magnetic fields even a slight contact with a man-made magnet, which we encounter every day, could lead to magnetization of an unprotected automatic movement.  For a high quality time accuracy Ball has included first class technologies like Gas Light, Water Resistance, Shock Resistance, Crown Protection System and DLC Diamond-Like Carbon in every Ball timepiece.
At Ball Watch, originality, creativity and security are the keystone on the foundation of its corporate mission. "Accuracy under Adverse Conditions." Continuing in the tradition of Webster Clay Ball, Ball Watch aims to produce the most accurate mechanical watches on the planet, made indestructible for use by those who love to take risks and adventures. With unlimited inspiration, Ball is today setting the standards just as Webster Clay Ball did in the late 1800s and through the early 1900s. Ball Watch is a living monument of a true story of a man who never saw the storming coming and danced in the rain.
There are more of these Ball Watch accurate timepieces at Schiffman’s! Come see them at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.  Schiffman’s is a trusted and authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

TLC for your Annieglass

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The handmade delicate beauty of an Annieglass piece is priceless, a collectible to be cherished by your next generation. The investment you have paid for any of the Annieglass collections of translucent or frosted glass with gold and platinum accents is admirable considering that each piece is designed not only for beauty but also for strength; hardly a restaurant will order for an Annieglass replacement. An Annieglass is set over high heat that fuses precious metal and color into the glass resulting in an unblemished, chip-resistant piece. But like any other luxury item, an Annieglass is worth taking care of, such as using a mild detergent when washing it in the dishwasher; or damping soft cloth after washing to eliminate hard water buildup. Likewise, avoid applying abrasives, cleaning solutions, and metal polishing; your Annieglass is masterfully crafted for enduring shine.
Annieglass is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Metal flair

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The Arte Italica Merletto Mettalic is vintage in spirit but contemporary in strength. It carries the pewter and bronze art of Arte Italica combined with the signature functionality. A sense of Europe, perhaps medieval and even ancient, permeates the Arte Italica Merletto Mettalic pieces, such as chargers, plates, bowls, and dish servers. There is a strong representation of the continent’s rustic past, adorned with subtle and detailed patterns that suggest an awakening art. Hand crafted using traditional workmanship that has been passed down through generations Arte Italica Merletto Mettalic is a worthy addition to any serious investor’s dinnerware collection. The metal ware is also a fitting complement to your porcelain and glass dining display.
Arte Italica is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Molten attraction

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The folds that run the rim of a Beatriz Ball Antik bowl betray the skilled hands of an artisan behind the signature. Easily one of the most prized metalware brands, Beatriz Ball exhibits one of its best metal renditions in the Antik collection. The collection of trays, bowls, ladles, spreaders, and salad servers seems to be caught in their molten aluminum state. Noticeably, the hand sculptured lines flow smoothly in the inner molds of a Beatriz Ball Antik piece. The curves are unpredictable, yet they exude a tinge of homemade charm.  A sense of rawness and antiquity lends character to the Antik line. The Beatriz Ball Antik pieces are always an excellent addition to any dining host’s must-have collection.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Affordable Luxury the Swiss Way

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The difference between the rich and the poor for the very existence of both words is money. Money is the most basic human commodity. Without it, we couldn’t buy our favorite hamburgers and to die for sneakers. It’s the greatest gap dividing our world into two. There’s money, so is luxury. Not everybody can be rich, but can everybody have a taste of luxury? Yes. In Baume & Mercier, anybody can own luxury timepiece. 
Founded in 1830, Baume & Mercier is a Swiss luxury watch making company owned by Richemont, and with Cartier and Piaget they make up the heart of the group. It is represented in more than 75 countries and produces around 200,000 watches a year. The most important markets are countries in Europe, Italy, Spain and France. Baume & Mercier is distributed by Schiffman’s and 220 other exclusive retailers worldwide and has the reputation of manufacturing sporty chronographs.
Baume & Mercier chose the Greek symbol Phi as its new visual brand emblem in 1964 to strengthen its brand identity. Considered since olden times to be the “golden section” representing perfect proportions, the PHI appeared from then on as the Baume & Mercier logo on all its watch dials. Then, Baume & Mercier acquired the status of being an affordable luxury brand, a continuing commitment it maintains. The brand also highlights, especially in 1970, its advanced and innovative methods.
The Tronosonic model was the first timepiece to adopt the new electronic tuning-fork movements the forerunner of quartz in 1971. The brand caused a sensation in the field of ladies’ watches by introducing the Mimosa and Galaxie models, both of which won the Golden Rose at the Baden-Baden international watch and jewelry competition held in Düsseldorf, Germany – the most important contest of its kind at the time. In 1973, it was followed by the prime Riviera model, one of the very first steel sports watches featuring an original twelve-sided design. The Riviera was to become Baume & Mercier’s best-seller and its flagship model for two decades. That the same year, Baume & Mercier once again took home the highest Golden Rose distinction for its impressive Stardust model featuring an onyx dial surrounded by 138 diamonds. While in 1980s, Linea ladies model were a global success. Baume & Mercier’s destiny was changed when the luxury group that would later become Richemont bought up both Piaget and Baume & Mercier.
The company was steadfast with its success in the global market with new models such as Classima Executives, Diamant, Iléa, as well as the Haute Horlogerie William Baume collections and Riviera and Hampton versions derived from numerous sporting and elite timepiece models.
Baume & Mercier constantly offers an array of high quality and authentic timepieces with modernity that represents the meticulous attention to every detail, the respect for the rules of fine craftsmanship and the prime standards on which the company has built its international reputation since 1830 as homage to its beginnings.
And for almost a century, Baume & Mercier has provided women’s desire for luxury timepiece. Introduced in 1987, the company has proven once more its importance to every woman’s life with its iconic women’s Linea collection—embracing both reminiscent beauty and technical prowess at the same time. 
Linea 10073 is a two-tone automatic watch for ladies in a 32 mm round encasement featuring a sun satin-finished silver-colored and snail silver-colored, riveted indexes, and in 18k red gold crown and sapphire crystal with a three-fold security clasp for closure. Any woman will love the exquisite components merge to form the Linea 10073.
Today, the standard of timepiece making has taken to another level because Baume & Mercier has entered a partnership with the IOSW (Institute of Swiss Watchmaking). It is a valuable complement to the training policy of the company. In keeping with the finest Swiss watch making traditions, the search for perfection is a Baume & Mercier essential. The goal is to develop and maintain, on a worldwide basis, a combination of excellent and expertise in the field of high-end watch making that will enable the brand to offer its customers high-quality local service—an assurance of Swiss-made excellence.
Staying true to its legacy, the company has established itself as a true watch making house. Because of this,  Baume & Mercier has some famous loyal celebrity patrons such as Andy Garcia, Gary Sinise, Ashton Kutcher, Teri Hatcher, Kim Basinger, David Duchovny, Evangeline Lily, and most recently, the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow.
Baume & Mercier takes a prides on giving its customers timepieces that are emblems of affordable luxury. Combining excellence, aesthetic elegance and timeless charm, its timepieces are reward for people who want to celebrate their lives.  
A luxurious life is not having the most expensive things, simple moments shared with family and friends, or enjoying the simple pleasure of having a little time to oneself is truly a Baume & Mercier definition of affordable luxury.
For more of Baume & Mercier timepieces, visit us at Schiffman’s. Choose your own Linea piece from Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro where luxury is affordable! Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Baume & Mercier.

Friday, June 14, 2013

A European celebration

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There is warmth in ceramics. Perhaps it is Mother Earth’s bosom that emanates from a ceramic piece crafted from the mountain’s red clay and fired in high heat. Casafina dinnerware is one example, and the warmth extends to its hand painted designs. Crafted by artisans from Portugal and Italy, the Casafina art is European at the core with bold Tuscan sunflowers radiating from plates, bowls, and server trays. There is also a cornucopia of Mediterranean lemon illustrations laid calmly in a bowl or tray; or a simple take of a fish that radiates a Mykonos sea breeze, perhaps. It is a celebration of varied European themes across the Casafina collections, such as the Galo, Fiorentino, Jacquard, and Mezza Notte.
Casafina is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Prehistoric beauty

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Boardman Silversmiths’ sterling and lead-free pewter art comes to life in the signature’s line of prehistoric figurines. The handcrafted dinosaurs are made using aged bronze molds originally used in the 1930s. Collectors from around the world fall for the Boardman Silversmiths dinosaurs’ notable past, its line being once a celebrated addition to the Smithsonian Museum in 1962. A line of the Boardman Silversmiths dinosaurs was also introduced after the release of the movie, Jurassic Park, making the prehistoric figurines an enviable collectible. The dinosaurs are rustic and raw, which significantly represent the history of their bronze molds; as each item packs in, too, the solid sterling and pewter beauty of Boardman Silversmiths.
Explore Boardman Silversmiths’ other lines at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

The Happy Bride

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When one finds a happy groom, there must have been a happy bride. One website,, offers one a cool insider’s tip as to how a bride becomes a very happy bride. One review recalls a happy wedding when one bride’s full accessories were from Christopher Designs – her earrings, her necklace, both of her wedding bands, her husband’s wedding band, and his custom made cuff links. What she really liked about her jewelries is that they were customizable for more personal and intimate touches.
It’s no wonder Christopher Designs had this bride smitten almost to death. Renowned as the sole developer and purveyor of the Crisscut® Diamond Collection, Christopher Designs can be seen adorning the most sophisticated consumers around the world. It could be because Christopher Designs diamond engagement and wedding rings are expertly crafted using the finest materials and technology available, and designer Christopher Slowenski has been awarded three U.S. patents for his groundbreaking work in setting and cutting diamonds. The amazing Crisscut Diamond is recognized for its superior brilliance and fire, giving Christopher Designs rings a distinct and beautiful appearance. 
Visit Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro to know how to make you bride the happiest on her wedding day. 

A Piece of Sculpture in Every Design

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Strictly defined, sculpture art is any three-dimensional artistic creation. There is no formal definition for what can or cannot be used in sculpture, as such, artists have cut into and reworked practically every possible medium you can think of, including wood, bronze, glass, marble, balloons, ice, plastic polymers, frozen blood, sand, and, of course, stones.  With stones, one artist stands out among the rest – Charles Krypell.
A Charles Krypell creation is always a Charles Krypell, linked over time by sensuous design, elegant three-dimensionality and, of course, a deep understanding of human romance and desire. Constantly pushing the boundaries of design, Charles utilizes his sculptor’s eye, ample artistic talent, and keen insight into human nature to fashion one of the world’s premier jewelry lines.  He continues to challenge himself to reach the height of beauty and distinction. Currently, his line includes these exceptional collections: Precious Pastels, Pastel, Sterling, Gold, Sweethearts and of course, the signature Krypell Baguette Collection.
Come see Charles Krypell’s creations at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Explosion of Flowery Colors

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The abundance of flowers liberally covers the plates, cups, and saucers of the Bagatelle collection by Gien, the renowned French ceramic signature. An explosion of violet that runs the gamut of purple to indigo shades is countered by a palette of orange, yellow and reddish mid-tones. The leafy green provides a low-key backdrop, subtle but completing the art of a Gien Bagatelle. The lively collection suggests a sunny luncheon or a relaxing near sundown coffee or tea break. Still, the flowers and colorful shades of the Gien Bagatelle line will always add cheer to a dinner. Beyond the art, the Bagatelle collection guarantees quality craftsmanship as expected in a Gien, France’s gift to dinnerware collectors.
Gien is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Heartbreaker or heartbroken

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The slender grace of the Lady Danielle Series by Empire Silver is inescapably romantic. It is a fitting treat to your dinner night to impress the woman or man of your dreams. The Lady Danielle Series of candlesticks carries the Empire Silver’s timeless craftsmanship of sterling silver and pewter hollowware that dates back in 1946. The candlesticks vary in heights, each one at your picking to create various depths of accents to that memorable night. Match it with an equally stunning Empire Silver candle snuffer just when the night reaches the pinnacle of passion. Whether you are a heartbreaker or heartbroken, the Empire Silver Lady Danielle Series adds depth and layers to the complex state of a romantic dinner.
Empire Silver is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro

Sexy in eating

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It is cutlery made sexy and elegant. A Couzon s-kiss cutlery is stainless steel to the bone, but it is French at heart. The fine line that curves smoothly across the spoon’s edge is only matched by the deceivingly charming but deadly sharpness of the knife. The fork, meanwhile, is somewhat caught between the spoon’s virginal appearance and the knife’s experienced confidence. Imagine the darkest pure chocolate cake dribbling along a Couzon fork as you take it to your salivating mouth, or a brisket steak surrendering and opening itself to a Couzon knife. Eating has never been sexier than with a Couzon cutlery. The set has a high-range forged pattern in finish mirror or silver plate.
Couzon is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Renaissance of Beauty

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Renaissance is a French word that means "rebirth," and was considered to be the beginning of modern history. During the Renaissance, art was everywhere.  Paintings became more realistic and focused less often on religious topics. Artists advanced the Renaissance style of showing nature and depicting the feelings of people. And from this blessed and enlightened era that the artistry and inspiration of America’s preeminent jewelry designer came from. 
David Yurman was born with the design of a signature cable bracelet in sterling silver and gold adorned with colorful gemstones. The Renaissance bracelet, as he later named it to be, was David Yurman’s very first Cable piece. This was the world’s introduction to the twisted helix, which has now become an icon of jewelry design. That design became an instant icon and continues as a cornerstone of the brand today. In his Renaissance collection, David Yurman adorns his classic Cable with luscious colored gemstones, and as with the time and the collection, the possibilities are endless. 
Come see David Yurman pieces at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The High art of porcelain

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They glisten in candlelight. They beckon to the gawking eye even under the glare of the piece de resistance and wine that they serve. The Haviland porcelain set, elegant, timeless, a must for the serious dinner host. The Amaryllis collection of plates, saucers, servers, and cups exhibits Haviland’s delicate, fine linear art accentuated by very subtle color transpositions of green and minute stroke of rose. The gold-rimmed plates are the perfect complement to any classy glassware. The same elegance can be found in the other Haviland porcelain extensions, such as the flamboyant Dammouse, the assured Floralies, and the bold Liberty collections. All these lines are hallmark of Haviland’s commitment to elegant but sturdy porcelain.
Haviland is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

High drama captured in basswood

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It is almost magical to see a wood transformed into a Grainger McKoy sculpture. The Red-Shouldered Hawks and Copperhead Snake, a masterpiece of basswood, metal, and oil paint, captures the airborne drama of predator vs. predator-turned prey. The artist Grainger McKoy has been perfecting his wood sculpture since his growing-up years in the fifties, and culminating in his hawks and snake work along with his other flight-inspired masterpieces. The birds collection have made Grainger McKoy synonymous to the highest expression of basswood art. Grainger McKoy illustrates the excited wing feathers of the hawks as they grasp for air for a lift while their claws bleed the life out of the snake. It is life’s drama frozen in wood as only a Grainger McKoy work can achieve.
Grainger McKoy is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Most Beautiful App

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There are a million apps in the internet to day for your mobile devices. And from that, a thousand categories to choose from: a book and reference app, business apps, communication apps, education apps, entertainment apps, finance apps, music and audio apps, news and magazine apps, personalization apps, photography apps, productivity apps, shopping apps, social apps, sports apps, the list goes on and on – not to mention live wallpapers and other widgets.
But this one app is designed for your happiness. One designed to ensure that the love of your life gets the ring she deserved from Hearts On Fire – maker of the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. In downloading the app, consumers everywhere can more easily find their perfect diamond engagement ring and wedding band, as well as seamlessly shop for the highest quality of diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. The Hearts On Fire app is designed for use on both the iPad and iPhone, it features a virtual catalog with all Hearts On Fire styles, information to help you better understand how to shop for a diamond, amazing animations, and so much more.
But if you wish to see the items personally, you can still come visit Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

The Cutting Edge

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Your edge from all others is what makes you different and superior among the rest. Maintenance of enduring philosophy and strong desire to be at the top is the heart of every success in the world. But when it comes to diamonds, superior brilliance and maximum light are the cutting edge to be the best.
I am sure you’ve already heard about FireMark Diamonds. Of course, who would not know about the world’s most perfectly cut Princess Diamond? Here’s the catch.
After painstaking years of research and development, DTC Sightholder Hasenfeld-Stein received a U.S. patent for their FireMark Princess Cut Diamond and the FireMark Princess has been given ratings from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s prime diamond authority and GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab), a pioneer in grading diamond light performance.
Most Princess Cut diamonds are cut to give the largest diamond possible. But the purpose of having a perfect cut is to capture a diamond’s beauty and light not cut for size.  GIA and GCAL grade the FireMark Princess as the first princess cut ever to rival the light return of a round diamond with a 98% average light return that you can even see it sparkle meters away!
The Princess cut is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds, next to a round brilliant. The face-up shape of the princess cut is square or rectangular and the profile or side-on shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. The princess cut is a relatively new diamond cut, having been created in the 1960s. It has gained in popularity in recent years as a more distinctive alternative to the more popular round brilliant cut, in which the top of diamond, called the crown, is cut with a round face-up shape and the bottom, called the pavilion, is shaped similar to a cone. A princess cut with the same width as the diameter of a round brilliant will weigh more as it has four corners which would otherwise have been cut off and rounded to form a round brilliant. The princess cut is sometimes referred to as a square modified brilliant. 
Successfully, the Princess ct combines the high degree of light return of a round brilliant cut with a distinctive square or rectangular shape. The square princess cut diamond is usually slightly cheaper than round brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight because it retains about 80 percent of the rough diamond, as opposed to the round brilliant which retains only about 50 percent of the rough. The ability to retain more crystal weight makes this shape popular amongst diamond cutters.
But with FireMark Diamonds, a crown averages between 9.5 and 13.5 percent; the table is a maximum 68 percent that averages 65 percent, and the depth is a maximum 70.9 percent that averages 68 percent.  Other characteristics that distinguish a FireMark are GIA “Excellent” in both polish and symmetry, GCAL “excellent” in light performance with a minimum 95 percent light return averaging 98 percent, maximum length and width ratio of 1.025 and chamfered corners increasing the diamond’s durability and are invisible to the naked eye.
FireMark Diamonds are never cut to maximize the weight of a diamond, we care for the carat but what is carat without beauty?  Diamonds are cut to exemplify a beauty.  This promises maximum brilliance, sparkle and fire.
Now that FireMark has the patent, it protects its exclusive retailers against competitors making false claims, and it makes a strong statement that FireMark retailers like Schiffman’s are selling real value. No bragging, just the real thing.
But what is a Princess Cut that is not FireMark? To make sure of the authenticity and quality of your FireMark diamond, look for the FireMark exclusive trademark on your diamond’s girdle to assure this is genuinely a FireMark Princess Cut Diamond, laser inscribed for your own protection.
Time and time again, we want you to see it for yourself! Visit Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro and witness how the truth of Princess Cut brilliance unfolds right before your eyes. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for FireMark Diamonds.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Royal treatment

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If the calculated hand painted art and careful strokes and splashes of subtle colors in a Herend plate do not make an impression on your guest, try this—the queen and princess of England had dined on similar dinnerware. Herend is synonymous to glamor, nay, royal dining. It is a cornucopia of wildflowers, laurels, baskets, gardens, fish scales, fruits, and other intricate patterns that are naturally fused into the porcelain. They all share a common Herend artistic trait: the colors seem to seamlessly graduate from one tone to another. The result is nothing short of a masterpiece painting, a work of art more than a utility function. Enjoy a wide range of Herend dinnerware patterns from American wildflowers to Rothschild Garden, each one designed to give you that royal treatment.
Herend is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Everyday items made classy

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The distinct European art in a Juliska mouth-blown glass is patent. The translucence is deep, the curves and lines are delicate and the functionality is sturdy as expected. Juliska is inspired by six centuries of European mouth-blown glassmaking art and it transforms this tradition into a modern glassware collection for the most discriminating dinner guest. The barware is perfect for the finest spirit. The stemware demands only the best wine. Even the tumblers transform an everyday utility into a classy piece of art. Not the least bowls and compotes showcase intricate spiraling minute details that only a master artisan can accomplish. Other mouth-blown Juliska glassware items to be had include vases, accessories, and urns and canisters.
Juliska is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Inspired by Couture

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Couture, originally, has a very specific meaning in France, that is, dressmaking, sewing, or needlework and is also used as a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit. But the term now is often used loosely to refer to high-fashion custom-fitted clothing, whether it is produced in Paris or in other fashion capitals of the world. The style is best characterized by the creation of highly exclusive, tailor made clothing that is generally made from very high quality, expensive fabric that is sewn to an extremely high degree of quality and attention to detail. 
With this high-end inspiration, Judith Ripka Essentials creates a collection that boasts the attainable luxury you crave. Most recognized for her distinctive 18k matte gold and unique interpretation of rich colored gemstones and rare diamonds, Judith Ripka strikes a unique balance of uptown sophistication and downtown chic. Step up your style with statement pieces and timeless looks that feature her signature textures and impeccable details with Judith Ripka’s Inspired by Couture collection. 
Come see the collection at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

The Gift of Beauty

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Jewelry is made for men, women, children and even babies. Jewelries for children are an excellent way of showing how much deeply one feels for their kids, and this memory will be cherished when they grow up to be adults. Jewelry gift-giving to children can also help them to be more conscious of family traditions, and open their eye for beauty and value, that later on can help them in the real world. 
John Hardy’s jewelry line is a collection of accessories and jewelry handcrafted in Bali for gifts that are meant to last. The precious pieces features heirloom-quality jewelry inspired by John Hardy’s main collections so mother and child can share their love.  John Hardy jewelry is known for its designs in sterling silver and for using traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques and patterns to create modern pieces, thereby giving your children the second greatest gift of all – the gift of beauty. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Strength and Masculinity

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In Greek myth, Zeus is known as the sky god, the rain god and cloud gatherer who wielded the terrible thunderbolt, Mount Olympus' supreme ruler, and the supreme ruler of all the other Greek goddesses and gods in the Olympian pantheon. His breastplate was the aegis, his bird the eagle, his tree the oak. He is represented as the god of justice and mercy, the protector of the weak, and the punisher of the wicked. He is the master of wise judgment and justice and is the prototypical philosopher who has the capacity to temper severity with mercy and compassion.  
Inspired by such powerful character and timeless symbolism, Konstantino developed a collection that embodies the rich legacy of this Greek god. As though forged of thunder, the sterling silver and 18k gold “Zeus” collection features knotted cable and cross motifs — symbols of not only the law, but that creative energy which is the constant urge to spill out and propagate itself.
Come see the collection at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

The Lladro Woman

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The gracious lines traversing a woman’s body. Her eyes that are at once innocent yet self-assured. Her hair flying in the wind or resting on her shoulders in quiet content.  Her epitome of virginity that flowers into her undeniable maternal instinct. This is the woman as captured in a Lladro porcelain figurine. The Gres collection celebrates femininity in delicate Lladro porcelain. Each piece is a sculptor’s inspiration that goes through a careful process of research and documentation. What you get is a unique expression of a Lladro Gres woman gently embracing her newborn, listening to the sea, or fresh from a deep sleep.  The Gres woman is also available in cultural, biblical, mythological, and passion themes.
Lladro is available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Made in Italy by Marco Bicego

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Made in Italy is an expression that recalls the image of high-quality Italian products throughout the world. Made in Italy means the marriage of masterful design and artisan technique. It means superior quality. It is what makes Italy unique among all others.
Marco Bicego evokes just these values of tradition and the excellence of Made in Italy. Marco Bicego pieces illustrates the authenticity and beauty of contemporary luxury accessories while making use of natural raw materials, yellow gold and exclusive cut stones, and the exquisite craftsmanship produce in the Veneto-based company’s workshops. Indeed, Marco Bicego makes use of traditional artisanal Italian methods that allows those very techniques to become so refined, it offers us with something like a gift of human creativity when we hold or wear a Made in Italy Marco Bicego piece. 
For made-in-Italy pieces that live up to its name, visit Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem and ask for Marco Bicego pieces. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

A Petite for Your Petite

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Some short women are unaware of their beauty and charm because they have always been very preoccupied with their height. What they don’t know is that some guys just like short women. Maybe, short women tend to look well-endowed which attracts every guys attention while a lot of guys love the feeling of hugging women who aren’t very tall. Yes, men are attracted to a woman’s looks first and foremost, but after a while — a few weeks to a few months — a woman’s other assets become important to men, especially men seeking long term relationships. In the end, it’s the character that counts, not the physical. 
Much like women, jewelries have various sizes and measurements – all depending on what you like or what best describes your loved-one. Also, just like women, one must make sure of the quality not just the quantity.  With Memoire, quality and craftsmanship have always been keynotes to their success in the jewelry industry. One of its collections, the Petite Prong Collection is just one of the manifestations of its ever-widening love for creating beauty, no matter how small, inside and out. 
For more of Memoire’s collections, visit Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 

Sublte pieces of art

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Michael Aram’s signature metal dinnerware and serving and cocktail items have graced not a few fine dining and cocktail parties without failing to impress guests. Its Indian-inspired design origin puts a Michael Aram among the most coveted fine dinnerware collectibles in the world. But there is another Michael Aram line that demands collecting. Its knobs and pulls carry the Michael Aram brand of humanity and detail handcrafted artistry into your bedroom. Subtle but meticulously crafted, the knobs and pulls are presented in varied themes as faun, flora, and geometric lines. The twig, pebble, and undulating leaf work seamlessly in any nature-inspired interior design. So do the fish, animals, and insects pieces. Michael Aram knobs and pulls are designed to be low-key, but they are expected to be discovered by someone with an eye for art.
Michael Aram is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Brass that is uniquely yours

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A Mottahedeh is known for its clear and blemish-free porcelain products such as figurines, vases, trays, and lamps. But Mottahedeh also creates inspired brass items from dinnerware and serving trays to candlesticks. While brass may appear a common metal that is readily used for dining, Mottahedeh brass is different. Among others, Mottahedeh brass items are handcrafted and not mass-produced. This means your Mottahedeh brass dinner plate, for example, is uniquely yours. Likewise, Mottahedeh brass is intricately designed, betraying the fact that it is not produced in an assembly line. The beehive box is an example of a Mottahedeh finely crafted brass. More than ten layers of detailed workmanship go to this item. It is a characteristic you would want in a collectible piece.
Mottahedeh is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

The Quality You Need

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When one creates a beautiful and magnificent work-of-arts like jewelries, it is hard to think of quality rather than design. Regardless, quality is a necessary, must-do boring part if one wishes to create truly passionate jewelry pieces. Quality assurance allows jewelries to last for years to come, reflecting on the maker a good reputation on ensuring that the pieces it creates are of high-quality. This way, the buyer can ensure that he or she is paying a fair price. This is precisely the reason why The Jewelers of America was created – to increase consumer confidence in the jewelry industry by advocating professionalism and adherence to high ethical, social and environmental standards. 
Metalsmiths Sterling is a member of this prestigious group that commits to the Code of Professional Practices. Consequently, Metalsmiths Sterling strives to achieve these practices throughout its day-to-day business operations, and in addition encourages these practices within their spheres of influences like supply chains. If you wish to find true quality in every sense of the word, Metalsmiths Sterling is for you.
Come see its varied collections at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Art comes in small packages

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Glassmaking is not only the art of shaping glass into delicate, seamless lines of beauty. Ne'Qwa knows it also means putting the art of hand-painting on the glass to breathe life into the piece. Its distinct hand paint is evident in its line of wine stoppers that are easily transformed into collectibles. A blue butterfly is serenely hovering across the meadow; a snow man blushing in a white Christmas feel; and a cardinal singing a holiday tune. These themes are magically captured using detailed illustrations and color renditions and packed in the minute surface of a glass wine stopper. It is a skill that is almost magical; we know better—it is a Ne'Qwa craft that took years to master.
Ne'Qwa is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

A Gift or Heirloom?

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When you give someone an Orange Howell item, you are likely giving her an heirloom that she can pass to her next generation. The signature has been a favorite corporate and personal gift item because of Orange Howell’s enduring craftsmanship, a fact not lost in the giver who expresses loyalty or a long-lasting relationship. Aside from the timeless quality, an Orange Howell is also known for its detailed designs that give each gift a personal charm. An Orange Howell is perfect as a gift for weddings, holidays, or as an expression of one’s true love. Orange Howell custom designs silver gifts such as tree ornaments, silver plates, champagne and wine bottle décor, and personal accessories like money clips and travel frames.
Orange Howell  is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The True Lady

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What is a true lady? Certainly not the archetypical ones that just sits and smiles and nods without speaking their minds? No. A true lady (more so, nowadays,) encircles herself with an atmosphere of unruffled strength, which, to those who come into it, gives confidence and repose.  She understands that she must respect others to be respected, comfortable enough with her femininity not to use it as a weapon nor as a form of currency; has a quick, refined, and intelligent sense of humor; and has opinions sharing them with prudence. And of course, a true lady dresses well out of respect for her person and not to please others. Hence, a true lady wears only small, tasteful jewels rather than larger gems of lesser worth. A true lady, wears the Omega DeVille Ladymatic. 
The Omega DeVille Ladymatic is one of the timepieces that have been created by Omega to address true ladies’ desire to own wristwatches that make profound fashion statements but which are also equipped with the best series-production mechanical watch movements in the world. With an enchanting design, captivating bicolor models, vibrant dials, and state-of-the-industry movement, the Omega DeVille Ladymatic is the perfect lady watch for the true lady in you. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 

Black is Beautiful

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White has always been labeled as standard of beauty. Who missed using glutathione? We all used it, although in different forms such as pills, injections, soap, etc., we all craved to be fairer and have a whiter skin. Remember when were younger? We were all enchanted by fairytales and bedtime stories our moms had told us. All little girls dreamed to be one of the Disney Princesses and Snow White, is the most favorite. We all dreamed to live in that small dainty dwarf hut with her seven cute dwarves and be like her, pretty and white as a snow. Ironically, the most beautiful and influential women today don’t come white, they are black—Whitney, Oprah and Michelle Obama. And they are not mere fairytales, they are real life beauties. They are black and beautiful like the Black South Sea pearls of Mikimoto.
Mikimoto is a jewelry line founded by Kokichi Mikimoto. Mikimoto is considered as one of the best jewelry lines in the world, most celebrated for its cultured pearls. After many years of painstaking hard work, in 1893, he successfully cultured a beautiful semi-spherical pearl, the world’s first pearl ever grown by man. In 1899, the first Mikimoto Pearl Store opened in the shopping district of Ginza in Tokyo known today as the home to the latest Western fashion trends. Since then, he demonstrated his strength in retailing luxury jewelry. His journey continued and after almost six years of tireless and constant research, in 1905, he succeeded in culturing a perfectly round pearl. Thereafter, he met the Meiji Emperor at Ise Shrine and confided, “I would like to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.” From that moment on, the jewelry industry welcome a new dawn for jewelry making. Many Mikimoto stores soon follow after the opening of Mikimoto Pearl Store in London in 1913, and in 1914 he established the world’s first Black South Sea pearl farm in Okinawa Island. And finally in Ishigaki Island in 1931, his oyster beds gave birth to a 10 millimeter Black South Sea pearl.
In the far warmer and deeper tropical waters of South Pacific, Mikimoto’s culturing methods were eventually adapted to produce black pearls. The expert techniques of Mikimoto have captured the veiled rare beauty of these distant and mystifying crystalline waters. Discover the collection and dive into the breathtaking sight of Black South Sea cultured pearls.
Mikimoto’s Black South Sea cultured pearls are remarkably large in size and come in a stunning display of natural colors. Because of multiplicity in color, shape and size, it can take years to assemble a harmoniously matched strand. Portraying its expertise of the craft for over a century, Mikimoto’s pearl sorters are skilled and are masters of the art.
In round, oval, teardrop or unique baroque shapes with sizes begin at 8mm, the incomparable color of these naturally black pearls is produced by black-lipped oysters in the waters of Tahiti and Okinawa. While characterized as black, the rich, dark colors actually range from slate grey, silver and pistachio to peacock green and midnight black with overtones of green, rosé, or blue. 
Every strand of Mikimoto cultured pearls is a work of art born from the mystery of the sea. Meticulous selection, incredible skill, judgment and craftsmanship are required for the creation of these strands. Mikimoto pearl’s journey begins with a thorough selection process, choosing the very best pearls. Only the top 5% of all the cultured pearls in the world meet our standards for quality. The perfect Mikimoto pearl has high-quality nacre and a perfectly round shape. Once the best pearls have been selected, they are cleaned with specialized techniques and entrusted to the expert sorter. Each beautiful pearl is individually examined by northern, morning light, the day's most even illumination. The natural light reveals the texture, color, quality and the entire personality of the pearl.
Now, Mikimoto has come up with a new pairing! Pearls are even beautiful with diamonds. The closer you look at a Mikimoto piece, the more you will notice its distinguishing details, from the exceptional beauty of the gems to the breathtaking artistry of the setting. VS, G color or better, Kimberley Process certified—only the highest quality diamonds are used!
And today, Mikimoto celebrates its 120th year of rich heritage and an age-old tradition of producing and manufacturing the world’s finest pearls and the vision of adorning all women around the world with pearls was first born when Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearl forever changing the industry of jewelry.
As Mikimoto continue to reveal new and exciting collections for the anniversary, visit Schiffman’s where black is beautiful! See and try on these magnificent Mikimoto Black South Sea pearls at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

Friday, June 07, 2013

What’s Left Inside the Box?

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Under the order of Zeus, Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship, created her using water and earth. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, clothed her, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, gave her beauty and Hermes, the messenger of the gods, gave her speech. In classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth. 
When Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Epimetheus, Prometheus' brother. With her, Pandora was given a beautiful container with the commands not to open it under any circumstance. Driven by her curiosity given to her by the gods, Pandora opened it, and all evil contained therein escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the container.  Pandora was profoundly saddened by what she had done, she feared she would have to face Zeus' rage, since she had failed her duty; nonetheless, Zeus did not punish Pandora, because he knew this would happen. Ever since, the world has known darkness. The entire contents of the container had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom—that one thing why we have Pandora Jewelry today.
Pandora is a jewelry company founded in Denmark. It sells charm bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in more than 50 countries. It all started when Per and Winnie Enevoldsen opened a shop in Norrebrogade area of Copenhagen in 1983. Their products received a great fanfare and the demands increased and Per and Winnie focused on the wholesale business. They opened Pandora Productions, a production facility in Thailand in 1984, employing Lone Frandsen to be the designer of their jewelry line. As a bona fide wholesale dealer by that time, they hired their second designer, Lisbeth Eno Lochte, a goldsmith who worked hand in hand with Frandsen in designing and creating charm bracelet, Pandora’s customizable and signature style jewelry. It was in 2006 that Pandora launched its first store in Hamburg, Germany, followed by locations in Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. Pandora employs more than 2,500 people. The company was sold on October 5, 2010 through an IPO (Initial Public Offering).
US 7007507 “Necklaces and bracelets with keepers” is a patented threading system introduced by Pandora in 2000 allowing charms to be placed and rearranged the way you want it. In sterling silver, 14k gold, murano glass, wood and white gold along with semi precious stones like amethyst, onyx and pearls and sometimes with semi-precious or precious gemstones, Pandora has created more than 800  handcrafted charms and beads. Pandora also has spacers and clips which would secure and prevent your beads and charms from loosing and falling, assuring your own made accessories last for several years.
You can combine your personal choice of Pandora charms and wear them on a Pandora bracelet in authentic materials such as sterling silver, 14k solid gold, leather or textile to create an expression that is uniquely and genuinely you. The Pandora array of necklaces and pendants also covers a great variety of materials and designs. Mix and match sterling silver, 14k gold and two-tone necklaces and affix pendants to express your personal style and state your personal touch. 
Endless possibilities of designs can be created in every Pandora bracelet and necklace. While creativity is enhanced, fun is always a sure thing with every charm and bead because Pandora crafted each piece as an expression of a little wonderful idea and experience derived from every person’s own and unique personality.  
Pandora’s designers made it sure that every detail captures a smile, gaze, touch, hug or kiss, every color embodies a state of mind or an emotion, happiness, sadness, rage, love, faith or even hope. It may be a wish or a prayer, your bracelet or necklace and its charms determines your experience that makes you who and what you are. 
For a fact, what Pandora has brought us are little delights not evil or darkness. Moments of life matters to Pandora and she made it possible to contain it into something that no one can ever take it away from us; our hearts. It doesn’t matter anymore what escaped from the box, what matters is what’s left inside it.
Myth or not, we would not have the concept of light if we hadn’t known the existence of darkness. All the contents of the box had escaped except for that one thing that keeps the entire world get going; the Spirit of Hope. 
Thanks to Pandora.
Pandora’s spirit of hope is always at hand at Schiffman’s. To get you going, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center and be a designer yourself. Create your own charm bracelets, your way, your style! Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Pandora.

A Cup of Ancient, Multicultural History

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Combine French grandiose with Chinese antiquity  and Indian mystic and what do you get? Perhaps a Philippe Deshoulieres porcelain, one of the world’s leading French porcelain signature. The Chinese inspiration is evident in the subtle splashes of orange, red, and yellow palette across its Evasion collection, a line of porcelain tea sets, plates, and service trays. The Indian inspiration, meantime, is reflected in the tapestry of its Lady and the Unicorn tableware and Isfahan cups. The whole Evasion collection, in fact, seems to capture the Silk Road between China, India, Persia, and Europe. But enough of ancient history, a Philippe Deshoulieres is simply designed to delight your collector’s sensibility.  
Philippe Deshoulieres is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Relaxed and Beautiful

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Life demands are sometimes so constant and so hefty, that we can barely focus and stay active continually. If not properly managed, these pressures can wreak havoc on our health and efficiency. And if we continually and constantly ignore nature’s imperative to take time out, we will eventually find ourselves suffering more than ever. 
The good news? You can curb stress and prevent it from taking a toll with Philip Stein’s watches and jewelry that uses the proprietary Natural Frequency Technology believed to be beneficial to life and overall well-being. Jewelry designer, Monica Fin deeply moved by this technology, was inspired to pair her fluid style of jewelry making with a retro sensibility to create a uniquely versatile Italian Made collection – the Philip Stein Bracelet by Calgaro. Available in a variety of styles, the collection features PVD plated colors black, yellow gold, rose gold, and chocolate, and is available in four different lengths, and for selected styles; with full-cut white diamond bezels.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Glass celebrates Nobel Prize

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Sweden is known for its centuries-old glassmaking tradition; and when you say Swedish glass, Orrefors is one of the renowned brands to come to mind. Starting in a small Swedish town in 1898, Orrefors has perfected the art and functional beauty of glassmaking with its line of collectibles. Its crystal glasses for wine, champagne, beer, and other spirits boasts of artistic themes from the classic thirties to the contemporary twenty-first century. The Nobel Snaps Yellow perhaps best reflects an Orrefors glassware. Designed by Gunnar Cyren for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize, the hand painted crystal glass leaves the owner and his guests to wildly interpret its handle’s rendition of a black man sitting with a king’s crown. Whatever the translation is, the message is clear: this limited piece is an item worth collecting.
Orrefors is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Collectible for you alone

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Pickard Chicago Eurpoe dinner collect monogramIf you own a Pickard china, it is nostalgic to know that during the brand’s early beginning in Chicago, artists from Europe and America gravitated to its studio to design its ceramic line. Many of these items are still around and regarded as one of the sought-after collectible dinnerware items. But fret not if you’re holding a modern Pickard like its monogrammed china plates, for example. The same passion for art mastery and commitment to unblemished finish go to that. To top that, a Pickard monogrammed china is personalized to your whims. You can choose between white body and ivory body in gold or platinum rim accented by pastel colors of blue and green. It is a Pickard you can rightfully claim as yours alone.
Pickard  is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Add elegance and convenience to your steak dinner

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There are a few things in life that is worth investing on a reputable brand. Knives, for example. Nothing is more frustrating than using a generic knife that easily blunts and dulls a finely cooked steak; in which case, go for a Reed & Barton Silversmiths carving sets. When cooking, preparing or serving steaks, a Reed & Barton Silversmiths steak knife cuts smoothly into the meat, revealing a finely carved piece de resistance that your steak deserves. Reed & Barton Silversmiths has a wide range of knives for you. The Hammered Antique lends a seamless classic feel to your table set. The Cabot steak knives are straightforward and they mean business when cutting through the toughest meat. The Royal Shell, meantime, teases with a subtle touch of sculpted shell at the tips. A Reed & Barton Silversmiths carving set truly adds elegance and convenience to a steak dinner.
Reed & Barton Silversmiths is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

The Beauty of Summertime

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After a seemingly endless winter, it looks like summer is finally on its way. Although for some, summer just isn’t their thing since people overheat really easily so by the time it’s noon, there are already a lot of grumpy and stressed folks. Nevertheless, whether we admit it or not, summer is just what we all need. Aside from providing some very significant benefits to our health and wellbeing, the abundant sunlight during summertime also help to regulate almost all our bodily processes, as well as acting as psychological encouragement to improve our lifestyle – and within it, is summer fashion: bold colors, shorter and lesser fabrics, and Raymond Weil’s Freelancer Summertime. 
Raymond Weil’s Freelancer Summertime is an ultra-stylish mechanical timepiece blending audacity, modernity and refinement in a range of citrus tones and natural colors. The elegant, refined freelancer summertime offers a delicious mix of freshness and emotion, with its subtle interplay of materials and colors, and its distinctive blend of magical diamonds and watchmaking know-how.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Sets the Perfect Moment

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A cup of coffee is the most favorite stress reliever of all time. It is very rich in antioxidants and contains caffeine just enough to get you going throughout the day. It also a universal equalizer; rich or poor, everybody is just another fan of that aromatic drink. In whatever conditions and situations we have and are in, from the bonding time we have with our friends at the nearest shop and simple talk we have during break time to the cramming nights we prepare for the exam and graveyard shifts we have at work, coffee is there for better or for worse.  No matter what the weather is, rain or shine and seasons may change from summer to winter, everyday is a good day so long as we have our cup of coffee. And like our precious cup of coffee, Precision Set Jewelry always sets the perfect moment for all of us.
Precision Set is a one of a kind fine jewelry line founded in 1987. History tells, fashion has been a form of art and an ultimate personal expression and jewelry is part of that fashion. But one couldn’t be fashionable without considerable jewelry to accessorize one’s body. But one can still be fashionable wearing simple clothes and a single diamond ring. That makes jewelry more enduring than fashion. It can stand alone. At Precision Set, skilled craftsmen and artisans are constantly creating innovative designs understanding of our mission in mind. That is the reason behind the success in creating versatile designs in wedding and anniversary rings and producing them to exacting standards for more than 20 years. Now, Precision Set has taken this advanced technology that makes its rings so distinctive that it has created and developed exciting unique collections.
Precision Set started producing jewelry in 1987 when it was founded and today is most recognized for classic bridal ensembles. In 2001, Precision Set became an industry leader with the instant success of the FlushFit Collection. The line introduced semi mount engagement rings that sit completely flush with any band in the Precision Set line allowing an infinite amount of choices for any bride. In addition to bridal sets, Precision Set also designs and manufactures a wide variety of bands, men's bands, bracelets, earrings and pendants. 
Precision Set rings are produced in a variety of combinations using only the finest materials available. It offers diamonds calibrated to precise cuts and polished into perfection in colors and clarities ranging from G color VS1 to H-I color SI2. Precision Set rings are available in Platinum, Gold, or Palladium that fits in any finger size. From contemporary to classic, its innovative methods of manufacturing make almost any custom design possible.
Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works understands that jewelry is the ultimate of personal expressions. 
It’s why all of our designs exude exceptional quality, with painstaking attention to the smallest detail. Yes, there is no small detail to consider. Precision Set uses only the most precious metals and gemstones, each is crafted exquisite design. From the most simple classic wedding to the most daring contemporary fashion ring and all are created and hand-finished right here at Precision Set’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
Precision Set jewelry come in array of collections. Each collection has a distinctive design and of paramount quality. Only the finest materials and state of the art technology are used in every Precision Set piece in every collection. The breathtaking FlushFit and Petite FlushFit collections are the top on the list when it comes to diamond rings. Whether a solitaire or a three-stone ring, these meticulous designs are the very definition of comfort to wear and all designed to fit any center stone from 1.00ct or larger.
Precision Set complements this careful craftsmanship and commits its distinctive designs with exemplary service, defining us as the industry standard for a quarter century. 
Last year marked the 25th anniversary for Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works. Since its founding in 1987, Precision Set is one of the few remaining companies to design, manufacture, distribute and support all of their products from under one roof, in the United States. For more than 25 years,
Precision Set has been recognized for their innovative designs and exceptional quality.
Now more than ever, Precision Set takes pride in every piece of jewelry produced. From concept to completion, each design is touched by every member of the Precision Set team. Every Precision Set employee contributes to the overall quality of its products and service; it maybe by skill, insight or experience, rest assured that each piece is given priceless value not only by its materiality but also by the passion and love that comes with it. All Precision Set products are made using the highest quality materials, metals and diamonds in a variety of finishes and details. What Precision Set was founded on a quarter century ago is the quality and commitment of making every moment perfect.
Make every moment perfect by visiting Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. For your Precision Set collections, Schiffman’s is the perfect place to be. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Precision Set.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Luxury Can Be Wild

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Humans have always been fascinated of the bizarre nature of the creatures of the wild. Fierce instincts and keen intuitions are the very soul of their own survival. We often watch NatGeo Wild to see wild cats in motion capturing their prey. Human as we are, we are in awe with the fantastic traits of the creatures of Kingdom Animalia that even Hollywood movies are animal-inspired. Even our fashion trends have the animal sense displayed in shoes and apparel, we find animal prints fashionable. Since it is fashion, jewelry has to be updated and Roberto Coin is going wild.
The designer began in 1977 by creating and manufacturing for other Italian lines.  Building a reputation for his craftsmanship, Coin launched his own brand in 1996 in Venice, Italy. In 2000, the line was ranked number 7 among top jewelry lines in the US. By 2002, the line was ranked 3rd in the world’s top brands, and 1st in Italy.  Today the luxury jewelry sells in high-end departments like Schiffman’s.
Known for his signature ruby in his jewelry, Roberto was inspired by the historical fact that Pharos gave rubies to their wives. It was believed that when the stone touched the skin it would bring good luck, health, happiness, and even fertility. Roberto thought it was a beautiful story, so he began adding them to the Appasionata collection, and eventually to every piece. Then every woman who owns a Roberto Coin piece will have good fortune.
“I want to do the opposite of every other brand. It’s like upside down branding. Instead of buying my jewelry and all women who have it look the same, I try to give them the possibility of looking uniquely different from each other.” he says. Wanting to do the opposite of every brand, Roberto believes in “upside down branding” thus creating six hundred to seven hundred new models of jewelry every year.  It’s a tremendous investment for Roberto Coin but the innovative designs of its jewelry give women the opportunity to be up to date with fashion and be completely unique at the same time.
But what makes Roberto Coin are the simple things in the world; life, art, food, and wine. He and his family lives in Venice and as the designer considers himself as an intellectual man, he considers living in Venice as living in a museum. The painstaking work for other designers is no work at all for Roberto Coin, making each piece not an end product of work but a result of passion and love for creativity and design.
Roberto Coin, with numerous fabulous collections throughout the years, has come up with something different that no other jewelry line has done before, his very own Animalier Collection. The Italian jeweler draws his unique inspiration from the kingdom of beasts in the exquisite Animalier Collection, injecting the spirit of the wild in his unique alluring masterpieces.
Horses, bald eagles, geckos and fish feature outstandingly in this collection, made largely of diamond-encrusted and enamel-accented silver and gold. Coin also showcases the textures and patterns in the animal kingdom in his work, with pieces reflecting cobra scales, elephant hide, turtle shells, and the spots on giraffes and leopards. Animalier is a feast of unique and exotic designs found in the wild. 
The scorpion is designed for Roberto’s wife, who is a Scorpio while the octopus is designed with Paul the octopus from Germany. Paul correctly predicted all of the winners of the German World Cup soccer games in 2010 that when he died, they found the octopus had two hearts and two brains, so on the inside of the jewelry he has inlaid the symbols of two hearts and two brains.
But aside from Animalier, Roberto Coin also hopes that all women should have something from his Cento diamond collection. He considers the Cento collection as his exclusive invention and masterpiece because unlike most diamonds which only have 57 facets, the Cento collection has 100. Every woman deserves a diamond, every woman deserves a Cento. 
The King of Morocco, the Sheik of Dubai and Oprah Winfrey are some of the significant people and famous celebrities who are fond of Roberto Coin jewelry. Roberto wished to design and create jewelry pieces for three women in history: Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Maria Callas—three different women who displayed power and affection, the representations of the Roberto Coin spirit.
 “I understand women. I spent years undressing them, now I make money dressing them up. I have a keen eye for what a woman wants. What piece of jewelry will be the perfect fit for her.”
Roberto Coin is truly a genius in his own craft, and like a wild animal, he uses his instinct to comprehend what is out of sight and what cannot be heard but felt by the heart. 
For more of Roberto Coin’s Animalier pieces, visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Go and get wild at Schiffman’s. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Roberto Coin.

Moody porcelain

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Your china can go beyond being delicate and sturdy, as usual with generic porcelain sets. It can go Salisbury. Beautiful delicate patterns adorn a wide range of Salisbury china items. A rose with speckled petals around the plate. An almond plant in bloom that seems to sprout from the saucer and moves onto enveloping the tea cup. An explosion of an arcadia plant in a china plate. Red and yellow blossoms lending a spring feel in your porcelain. A colorful mix of daisies to tease you. The selection of patterns seems endless with each one exuding its own flair. A Salisbury set is not just a porcelain collection; it is a reflection of different moods.
Salisbury is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Sisters’ Choice

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Moms know what we don’t tell, but sisters know what we do. Our sisters are the best friends in the world. You might have had few squabbles when you were younger, but the most embarrassing moments, most confidential secrets, the saddest heartbreaks and the happiest times are what we have shared with nobody else but our sisters. Heath and Landon Slane of Slane Jewelry can attest to that.
Originally from High Point, North Carolina, sisters Heath and Landon Slane began designing jewelry when they could not find fine, high-end, sterling silver jewelry. They felt that beautiful silver, in felt-lined cases, was being passed down from generation to generation, but, at that time, silver jewelry was mostly an afterthought. Today, Slane & Slane is creating the heirlooms of tomorrow by adding a modern twist on classic and elegant themes.
Landon’s influences for love of travel greatly affect the designs in Slane jewelry. Having a background in film and television, she is always in quest for aesthetic beauty. The clean lines in every Slane piece is noted to be inspired by the classic architectures and designs Landon have seen in her travel. She emphasizes that the simpler the jewelry, the more beautiful it becomes.
While Landon has a background in film and television, Heath Slane is an expert in fashion photography, no wonder why there is an emblem of fine balance and measured proportions in every Slane piece. It all started in her 16th birthday when she was given the opportunity to design her own ring as a birthday gift which made her to think about jewelry in a new way. 
With artistic backgrounds, Landon and Heath’s insights and influences work well in fine sterling jewelry. So well that their designs have given birth to fifteen collections and numerous line expansions for ten years of constant design and flourished into a great deal of customers and loyal patrons.
Among these exquisite collections, the Slane & Slane Bee collection is the most adored of the collections. The Bee is inspired by the Napoleonic symbol of wisdom, strength and nobility. 
The Voltaire collection is also an outstanding Slane choice of jewelry. This sterling silver and citrine ring is from Slane's Voltaire Collection. The ring features a 14mm square citrine surrounded by classic Column beading and secured by classic Column ribbed prongs. The ring is a size 7. Behold the elegance and alluring appeal of its beaded edges that bring out the unique design of this ring that will make you trend in any red carpet event.
Every woman's jewelry box must have a stunning pair of stud earrings. Slane's Voltaire Collection features these vibrant genuine blue topaz stud earrings in sterling silver and Slane's exclusive ravishing 8mm Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Earrings. These earrings feature sterling silver beaded edges and lever backs. Slane makes their jewelry in recycled sterling silver so it is not only fashionable and elegant but also eco-friendly.
Some of Slane’s finest collections are the Seapod, the Column Bellus, the superb Signature Collection, and their fabulous pearl collections. The Slane sisters have created a look that gorgeously blend with the outfits of every woman wherever she goes, day or night.
“Jewelry has always played an important role in my life. My mother and grandmother wear beautiful pieces, and Heath and I were both given the opportunity at 16 years old to select a stone and design a piece of jewelry for ourselves. Jewelry is how we celebrate the milestones of life,” says Landon when asked about the inspiration behind Slane. 
“Heath lives in Los Angeles, and I am in New York, so we don’t work together on a day-to-day basis, but it’s bizarre how much we think alike. We have design summits six or eight times a year, and once I had an idea for a new piece and before I could tell Heath about it, she began talking about the same idea!” she adds.
Heath and Landon Slane design jewelry for the modern and intellectual women with a great appreciation for style. This desire to own sterling silver jewelry that mirrored the same quality as the quality of women, led sisters Heath and Landon Slane to create what they could not find in the world of designer jewelry. Slane begins with a vision, a vision to create exceptional jewelry that would make a statement and please even the toughest critics. Because it is often given for special occasions and celebrations, jewelry is usually an emotional purchase, the Slane sister's believe that jewelry is the most precious gift you can give to others and yourself. With this in mind, each Slane piece is perfectly crafted to soothe the soul and to uplift the spirit.
For more of Slane’s Voltaire collection pieces and jewelry, come visit Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Slane.

A Beam of sunlight into your dining room

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There is a playful charm in Richard Ginori’s Antico Doccia porcelain set. Italian fruits are rendered delicately on Doccia plates, cups, saucers, tea pots, bowls, and, yes, fruit stands. The Richard Ginori Doccia collection is as entertaining as elegant to collect, a topical magnet for guests. The subtle shades and transitions of fruit colors add depth to the design, and the foreground green palette is carefully strewn underneath the accents. The result is a happy mix of sun-ripe fruits that add tease to your dinner experience. Collecting all of the Doccia Italian fruit items is like allowing a beam of sunlight to push through the roof and lighten up the dreary corner of your dining room.
Richard Ginori  is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Suna Bros Wins a Heart

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The quest for beauty and luxury is finally over. The sun is setting and darkness is coming to take over. All companies for fine jewelry should start raising the white flag because the skies are ready for the night to unfold because Suna Bros. diamonds will dazzle the universe with their blinding lights with its unique beauty of fine jewelry.
The story of Suna jewelry was started with brothers Kenneth and Joel Suna, second generation jewelers of the Suna family. As experts in working with metallic medium, such as platinum, evaluating and selecting fine gemstones are very effortless after their painstaking training as diamond setters and gemologists. While most diamond jewelry companies focused their attention on the usual white diamonds, Suna has this pleasure of working with pink diamonds.
Pink Diamonds are what make Suna distinct from other jewelry brands. These famous identity emblems of Suna came from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the remote East Kimberly region of Australia. Pink Diamonds are also in array of shades such as apricot hues, true pinks, purplish pinks and rarely red. In 2000, the Argyle Diamond Mine produced around 40 million carats of diamonds a year but only 10,000 carats were pink. 
A Suna made piece is truly a magnificent possession. Suna values your security, that’s why every Suna creation has serial number and stamped with Suna trademark which serves as a permanent record of the time and place it was made. Craftsmanship and quality are a sure thing with every Suna diamond. You are guaranteed that every surface, every edge and every detail is thoroughly polished and re-polished. Once it receives a final inspection, the dazzling jewelry is at its finest form and kind. At Suna, you are rest assured that once you buy it, you just bought a possession your money is worth for. 
For over seventy years of handcrafting the most exquisite jewelry in the world, Suna is unfaltering with how it manufactures its products. Combining state of the art methods and technologies with skilled craftsmen and artisans, Suna jewelry is in to win it. 
With wedding bands in line, Suna pieces are the finest. Considered as testaments of love, rings should be carefully crafted and fashioned to capture a heart. The best way to a woman’s heart is not through her stomach, it’s through the diamond ring on her finger. And Suna always selects the best construction method for each style of ring. Employing die-striking, expert casting, or a combination of methods, Suna ensures that each ring is durable and free of porosity, the small holes and pits that can mar the surface of some jewelry. Because of SUNA’s uncompromising commitment to quality, many steps in the construction process are done by hand to make sure that the woman you love says “YES!”.
Every stone is hand selected for each individual mounting and is carefully matched. There is no room for mistakes at Suna house in making your mementos of love. Precise, exact and equal mounting is needed to ensure the perfection of every ring. The smallest error, even a fraction of a millimeter can result in the stones not fitting. Its channel bands are set so that stones are as close together as possible.  Furthermore, each ring size requires stones to be selected just for it to achieve balance and proportion.
And because Suna knows what your woman wants, Suna provides an extensive selection of impressive wedding bands. Rings are made with round brilliants, square cuts or carrés, princess cuts, and baguettes, as well as combinations of these cuts. Some are semi-precious and precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires while others are diamond. 
Your woman deserves a diamond ring and you deserve her heart. And to win it, give her a Suna.
For your own Suna wedding bands, come and visit us at Schiffman’s! Be victorious by buying her a piece from Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Suna.

The Right mix

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The 925 is all what sterling silver is about not only in name but at its core. It is durable. It is long-lasting and its shine endures tarnishing over time. It is flexible enough to create intricate designs for rings, pendants, and necklaces, among others. Now a little background about the number… in jewelry parlance, the number 925 in sterling silver means that the silver jewelry is mixed with another metal. The ratio is 92.5% or .925 silver and 7.5% other metal, usually copper. The other metal makes the silver more durable, stronger and last longer than pure silver. But the silver component should be precisely at 92.5% to achieve the best sterling silver. With a brand like The 925, you know your sterling silver has the right mix.
The 925 is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Go Swiss

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Watches are such captivating and delightful pieces of jewelry that they make a lot of people, regardless of age and sexuality, to become watch collectors over time. But when and how exactly does one start? We want to go Swiss, of course – it is one of the best way to enter the fascinating world of mechanical watches. And you can start with the Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces, and you will never go wrong. 
At the entry level, Victorinox offers a three hands version simply called Infantry, with a date window and Ronda 715 quartz movement. It has a small additional detail on its dial: military hours discreetly printed above the classic numerals. It has a scratch-resistant, triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal, is water-resistant up to 100m, has luminescent hands and numerals, and has a stainless steel mesh bracelet. It’s a perfect welcome to the newly enthralled beginner of watch collecting. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Simple is best

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Simplicity is often the hallmark of great art. The ability to reduce complex moods, varied styles and a range of techniques in a basic item reflects an artist’s true skill. A Simon Pearce pottery dinnerware falls in this category. The earthy white space that dominates its ceramic plates provides the backdrop to the calculated curves and shapes rendered by the artist. There is a rustic, hand-made feel to the sculpted edges, a reminder that a Simon Pearce ceramic is individually made. The tenderness of the artist’s hand in crafting a Simon Pearce is more evident when shadows are cast on the item. The subtle nooks and depths of a Simon Pearce plate, bowl, or charger are brought to life.
Simon Pearce is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Why the seahorse wins!

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Crystal lovers from glassware to art décor know well that the Waterford Crystal seahorse icon represents one of the world’s coveted glass brands. A glass collection is never complete without a Waterford Crystal among the collectibles. Yet perhaps not many know the story behind the seahorse. In 1947, Waterford Crystal needed an icon to represent its distinct glass label. The sea creature in the Waterford City’s coat of arms (Ireland) easily inspired the label. But the sea creature in the coat of arms was hardly identifiable. Some believed it’s a dolphin; others a seahorse. So why did the seahorse win? Because the male gets pregnant, the chief designer said. It is a unique and rare characteristic in the world, something a Waterford Crystal glassware also exudes.
Waterford Crystal is available at Schiffman's in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

The Wellendorff Teamwork

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Teamwork is work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole. A single brain can’t bounce different ideas off of each other. Each team member has a responsibility to contribute equally and offer their unique perspective on a problem to arrive at the best possible solution. Teamwork can lead to better decisions, products, or services. The quality of teamwork may be measured by analyzing the following six components of collaboration among team members: communication, coordination, balance of member contributions, mutual support, effort, and cohesion. We know for a fact, from ancient history to basketball and football leagues, teamwork is the keyword to every championship win. But the best team is not found in any team on NBA, they are found in the jewelry industry.
Wellendorff is a family brand jewelry famous for its classic jewelry pieces. The company is most celebrated for its honest and genuine commitment to family tradition and values. The Wellendorff brand has become identical for precious and timeless jewelry in 18 carat gold. Behind the name of Germany’s successful manufacture of jewelry is a family business backed by more than 118 years of tradition and experience. Its reputation has been carefully established on its silky-smooth and agile gold necklaces, colorful rings incorporating an inner spinning ring and other jewelry stamped with the diamond trademark W. The Pforzheim-based jewelry company is currently under the management of the fourth generation of Wellendorff’s. 
Ernst Alexander Wellendorff founded his jewelry-making business in Pforzheim in 1893. With a vision to create exceptional and astounding pieces, he established his own brand when he started creating jewelry for European royalty and became famous for perfectly-crafted pieces of fine jewelry.  More than a century later, the 3rd and 4th generation of the Wellendorff family is still successfully being truthful to his vision.  
Unlike other jewelry companies, the Wellendorff family does not follow trends; it propagates genuine family values through jewelry making. For the Wellendorff’s family means teamwork. With passion and strength of purpose, the family works together on all their collections. Constant communication, coordination and mutual support are the key foundation and are laid in every Wellendorff piece. Criticize for being conservative, the Wellendorff family takes it as constructive criticism. It reflects what kind of jewelry they produce, calm and quiet as the ocean and gleam as bright as the sun; it shines and glows instead of just sparkles. Lifestyle is not the Wellendorff thing, stylish life is.
The most popular piece of jewelry of the brand name is the Wellendorff rope necklace made of gold and surprisingly feels silky-smooth to the skin. The secret of this smoothness is perfect craftsmanship: each necklace is woven by hand from a waver-thin 18 carat strand of gold. Further classics include the Wellendorff rings, which, with their color Wellendorff intricate patterns, enamel designs, diamonds and adornments, have proven to be head-turners.
And as further evidence of impressive craftsmanship of Wellendorff goldsmiths, the inner rings of these pieces of jewelry can be lightheartedly spun around, showcasing the versatility of its chic design. The collections are available at the Wellendorff Boutiques and at leading jewelers worldwide like Schiffman’s, a trusted dealer of Wellendorff.
Each individual jewel is signed with the company’s logo, a diamond-crowned “W”. the ultimate emblem that embodies that the spirit of the jewelry-making and the astonishing ingenuity that lies behind each piece of Wellendorff jewelry.
Strict quality checks are made before each piece of jewelry passes through of which receives the crowning glory of a Wellendorff piece, the coveted seal capital W crowned with a diamond. The company’s logo, W, symbolizes goldsmith skills of the highest order. It is not only the appearance of the jewelry that is taken into consideration; the feeling is also a Wellendorff fundamental. Every Wellendorff piece should make its wearer feel the love and care of a family. 
Wellendorff family runs the business and relies on the company’s tradition in every new design. Its long history of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and the modern style the family has built which made it possible for them to spread the “genuine values” all over the world.
For jewelry pieces that promote genuine values, come at Schiffman’s and see what we have for you! Wellendorff pieces are always available at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Wellendorff.

60 Years of Elegance and Counting

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Waterford presents its Colleen 60th Anniversary Collection. Yes, you are right. Waterford Crystal, renowned glass and stemware manufacturer from Ireland, has been around longer than that. But this year, its legendary cut pattern reaches its 60th year in production and popular circulation. It was 60 years ago when Mirolslav Havel carved out the beautiful Colleen patterns that captured the romance, charm and magic of Georgian Time Emerald Isle. This pattern may have already adorned glasses that held the choice drinks long before (some of) our parents started kindergarten; such a long time indeed, when you think of it that way.  The commemorative crystal pieces include limited edition creations from no less than the designers of Waterford’s House of Crystal.  The designs honor the time-tested pattern that continues to win the hearts of many even as the ages roll by.
Check out Colleen and other entrancing glass collection from Waterford Crystal at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro – authorized dealer for Waterford Crystal.

Sail with Tissot Sailing Touch

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Life on the ocean wave has always been the life for most of us. And nothing really allows us to do that than sailing. There’s just something intrinsically calming about life on the water and if you like the thought of watching the sunset or seeing the first stars pinprick the night’s sky, then you’re probably going to enjoy your time afloat. While you’re at it, you are closer to nature than ever with dolphin pods playing alongside your yacht, colorful coral teeming with tropical fish and white sand islands literally packed full of birdlife ensure that you’re never far away from close encounters of the animal kind. 
But of course, you can only truly relax if you are at ease with things to come. So don’t forget your Tissot Sailing-Touch with you. The maritime theme navigates its way through the watch's entire design, from metal elements taking the lines of yachts to cleat-shaped pushers. A practical bi-material bracelet has a safety clip and even an extension so that it can be worn over wet-weather gear. There can’t be any finer ways to relax than sitting on the edge of a yacht with the sun on your back and the Tissot Sailing-Touch on your wrist.
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

That is What’s in the Name

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The 925 brand name is derived from 92.5 which is the standard symbol for sterling silver. An alloy with 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals is called sterling silver, which is the ideal composition of durable, malleable and elegant-looking silver perfect for jewelry and gift items.  Jack Rabinovich, 3rd generation silversmith and founder of The 925 silver and pewter, named the brand as such because that is everything that the brand stands for – sterling quality in every piece. The 925 specializes in tarnish-free silver frames that are guaranteed to uphold memories from one generation to the next, in designs that stay elegant and intimate through the passing of years. The most popular among those timeless styles have been drawn up by Mr. Rabinovich, himself.
Check out The 925’s sterling offerings when you drop by Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem – an authorized dealer for The 925 silver frames. 

Trappings That Elegance Does Not Need

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Elegance is not all about grandiose trimmings. Sometimes, less is really more and none is much. World-renowned porcelain maker, Richard Ginori, is a seasoned name when it comes to elaborate classic sculptures and dinnerware pieces. The brand’s expert artists and artisans in its Italian workshop carefully fashion its pieces by hand, whether that be a dainty tea cup or a rococo patterned collection. In the Vela White dinner service set, Ginori leaves its fine bone china pieces just as they are. The collection is like a woman with no make-up on, beautiful still with all her naturally attractive features even more noticeable. The concept makes the geometric shapes more manifest as the forms interplay harmoniously with each other. The collection is fresh, modern and chic, and a beautiful choice for contemporary settings.
Check out Richard Ginori at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro – authorized dealer for Richard Ginori.

Sailing Through the Dining Hall

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Salisbury is a well-known silver and pewter wares factory along the Eastern Coast of Maryland. It is no wonder then why its Home Collection, composed of beautifully-crafted dinnerware sets, are all tinged by the ocean and sea travel. Home is literally a close concept to seascapes and voyages. For those who have lived their lives by the allures of the sea, the hands of a compass and the tug of mastheads are all as familiar as the worn seats around their home’s cosy dinner table. For those who hadn’t, Salisbury’s Voyages and Navigators pieces are exciting backdrops to delectable home-cooked meal. It stirs up that joy that comes with exploring new places without having to leave the comforts of home-cooked meals served within the familiar walls of the family’s own dining room.  In a way, these Salisbury collections bring the sea lover the best of both worlds.
Check out Salisbury at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro – authorized retailer for Salisbury Silver and Pewter.

They Know What She Wants

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Let the men admit the hard truth out and get it done and over with: Men are lousy gift givers – more often than not. Oh sure, men try hard to find that one gift just perfect for that special moment. But sometimes, the idea well runs dry and there is a strong temptation to just throw-in a boring and expensive picture frame into a gift bag for Christmas day.  You do not really need to get that desperate. Simon Pearce can always help you out. Win her heart again and again – and boost your gift-giving proficiency rating in the process - by giving her Simon Pearce’s proven favorite glass pieces. The Highgate Heart Vases will bring elegant simplicity to any occasion, a glass piece she will always treasure in her home. The Chelsea Optic Posy Vase – perfect for the spring blooms, and the Pure Middlebury Flute Gift Set even come in custom gift box, ready for delivery to her heart’s doorsteps.
Check out Simon Pearce’s gift suggestions for her at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. 

Saturday, June 01, 2013

187 Years of Celebrating Life and Family

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“Now and Forever...”
“You did it. Congratulations!”
“Oh.. but she looks just like you!”
A wedding, graduations, new family member – life always calls for a celebration. Reed and Barton is there to commemorate each occasion. The Reed and Barton Silversmiths have been around since 1824, taking part in countless families’ golden moments and heirloom traditions. The brand manufactures heirloom quality silver and crystal, baby gift items, beautiful frames, and elegant serveware items for the newly-weds.  This reputable brand is an unofficial member of every household, one who adds effortless grace and taste to family life. Whether you are going for stylish entertainment, precious gifts, or simply a more beautiful everyday life in your abode, you will always have Reed and Barton. Check out their valuable pieces at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem – authorized retailer for Reed and Barton Silversmiths.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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OrreforsSee Me Sculpture is the embodiment of elegance and minimalistic art with a clever trick up its sleeve. Like many other glass creations by Orrefors’ minimalist sculptor, Martti Rytkonen, the See Me sculpture tells us two things: first a narrative, and second an interesting characteristic of glass. The contemporary piece, standing 270 mm high, plays with the complexity of human perception. From front view, the central object is flanked by sleek glass borders, and the face furtively looks straight back at you. When you move the object around and approach it from the sides, the colors and shapes come into play, forming two fading lines in place of the face contours. That is the magic of glass, the form of the object depending on your point of view. That is also the charm of life; you either see something beautiful or you don’t. It all depends on how you look at things.
Check out this amazing piece of art from Rytkonen and Orrefors, available at selected authorized dealers such as Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

A New Take to Country Style

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Philippe Deshoulieres is the leading porcelain maker in France, but its designs are not exclusively French or Parisian. Sometimes, it likes to go country style, too.  The Louisiane Blanc Collection is Deshoulieres’ take on quaint country living. The whole collection is fabulous not because it has the intricate color patterns and designs that Deshoulieres is famous for, but because it does not. The pure white or gray of the Limoges porcelain highlights the wicker design on the surface. The wicker design, in turn, plays with light and shade. As a whole, the collection suggests the clean lines of a down-to-earth farmer’s mansion, which is what inspired its creation in the first place.  
Check out the Louisiane Blanc collection and other Philippe Deshoulieres creations at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro – authorized dealer for Philippe Deshoulieres. 

The Prized Collection

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Pickard collect value American government hand paintedWhen you take a look at a cabinet filled with Pickard’s collectibles, you may be surprised at the wide spectrum of valuable artworks sitting next to each other. Pickard is the acclaimed American dinner service manufactory hailing from Wisconsin. In its early years around the turn of the 20th century, Pickard specialized in hand-painted tea sets and art pieces. As the years rolled by after the war, Pickard turned to creating custom service sets for important establishments and government offices. Even when it has shifted focus from manufacturing art pieces, the company’s artsy streak never really got washed out of its corporate veins. Pickard’s collector’s plates flaunt amazing reproductions of the world’s timeless masters, such as Alba Madonna by Raphael, Children of Renoir, Mother’s Love and Let’s Pretend by Irene Spencer. The President’s Bowl, which was introduced in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. presidency, also shares the limelight among Pickard’s valuable trophies.
Check them all out at Schiffman’s In Downtown Greensboro - authorized dealer for Pickard.


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