Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Good life ahead

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Raymond Weil takes writing style to a new level, that is, with elegant writing implements and accessories. Inspired by the brand’s emblematic carbon fiber nebucco chrono model, the Raymond Weil writing instruments is ideal for the confident young corporate achiever, who needs to impress on his superiors that he now belongs to the top club. The signature elegance of this instrument is unmistakable, accented by the iconic Raymond Weil gold-plated monogram at the cap. The pen is finished in satin with carbon fiber inserts in its top barrel for a strong and steady grip. The writing instrument goes well with another Raymond Weil accessory, titanium-covered cufflinks. Stylish and sophisticated, the pen and cufflinks are but an extension of the young achiever’s taste for the good life ahead of him. 
Raymond Weil is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The French of Chinaware

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Gien is a prehistoric town in France, the center of trade between farmers and blacksmith during the Middle Ages. The company famous for its fine chinaware porcelain traces its roots to Gien, France. This French influence boasts of its Gien dinnerware with awesome beautiful patterns and warm collections of colors. The elegant features of these dinnerwares are as intriguing as their name! The traditional scalloped shapes are the fundamental hallmarks of a Gien Chinaware. It provides the perfect ambiance for a relaxing, soothing dinner. one to enjoy a lavish, sumptuous dinner, a set of Gien Dinnerware is just so perfect for an occasion. The intricate and lively designs in patterns so exquisitely crafted for a fine dining experience! These contemporary patterns are continuously improved to suit the modern taste of people whose attitude towards elegance is a constant change! 
Gien Chinaware Collections are available in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Personal Touch

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Precision Set Company advocates jewelry for personal touch. The company that knows your ultimate desires and personal intuitions meant to convey emotions for sharing.  The eccentric designs exude exceptional quality and exuberance in character as each creation is indeed made personally for each. The degree of craftsmanship and the painstaking attention even to the smallest detail speaks of the advocacy of the creator. Precision Set utilizes only the best and finest metals and gemstones handcrafted and polished for perfection. Aside from the excellent design and distinctive features of the jewelry, the company is renown for its exemplary service coupled with personal touch. Jewelry creations are crafted according to the setting of an event or an occurrence too memorable to exemplify. Precision Set Jewelry Creations do possessed astounding qualities only for people who possessed attributes that are personally conveyed.
Precision Set Jewelry Creations are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Sculpting of Nature

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Growing amidst nature's abundance of flora and fauna, the young Grainger McKoy shaped his artistic inclination during his childhood years in the forest. His constant contact with nature blossomed into an artistic gift in a form of sculpting. Starting in wood as his integral part in the evolution as a fine craftsman to a prominent sculpture. Carving his niche in the society populated by self-adulated artist, competition has been tough. He comes out naturally and established itself as one of the most prominent artist of his time. Specializing in birds, each creation is crafted meticulously with well-defined features and articulated chippings that can sometimes be mistaken as a real one. Using basic materials of wood, bronze and silver, it innovates itself to suit the demand of the market. These exquisite fine carvings of wood, bronze, glass or silver are created using the lost-wax process, which produces excellent pieces acceptable only for people of exquisite taste in art sculptures.
Grainger McKoy Creations are exclusively displayed at Schiffman's  in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Watch for your Health

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The inordinateness of a Philip Stein watch can be perfectly expressed in simplicity and candor in its intentions beyond prestige. The unequivocal performance of the watch can be attributed on the company's real intent. The innovative, creative invention only found in Philip Stein watches improved the health outlook of people whose health concern is always a priority. The integration of the wellbeing technology in every Philip Stein watch encompasses their incidental purpose of accuracy and quality by rendering enormous health benefits manifested by numerous clients who gave testimonials on the effects on their sleeping behavior. A Philip Stein is an icon of prestige and health! An unlikely pair that brought a chaos of excitement and intrigue on the watch's beneficial attributes. 
Philip Stein watches are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The American Porcelain

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An enterprising and talented businessman from America started his porcelain business in France by specializing in Limoges porcelain -- the Haviland porcelains. The company offers a special type of porcelain made only from Limoges, France of which the techniques employed are highly classified yet the pieces offered are articulately magnificent in design and quality. It is one of the pioneering companies to employ eccentric designs on porcelain, which has gradually gained notoriety among the elite class. A "notoriety" affixed only to Haviland porcelain creations for their superb, cunning designs. Upon time, they have evolved according to the dictates of the market and the demand of modernity thus it remains constantly appealing to the changing taste of the modern elite. One of the prominent pieces is even on display at the White House made during the presidential reign of the great political genius, Abraham Lincoln. 
Haviland Porcelain pieces are exclusively displayed at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Charm in a Bracelet

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Women with fancy taste in bracelet do possessed peculiar choice in their jewelry selection particularly in a Pandora Jewelry collection whose attributes are iconoclastic in character. These foreboding designs offer an eccentricity that projects the image of charm in a wearer. Pandora Bracelets possessed creative designs and elegant features that provide elegance beyond its name and stature. The brand itself is an icon for quality, durability and beauty. Each jewelry creation is envisioned to captivate the charm of every person and project a personality oozing with confidence and vibrant of life. This particular feature attracts the market as to conceive a notion that in every Pandora Jewelry creation, a charm is invoked!  
Pandora Jewelry Collections, your perfect Christmas gifts, are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A True Depiction of Nature

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Herend products are mostly porcelain chinawares with depictions of the natural flora and fauna. The obvious oriental designs with peculiar attributes of cunning creations are the hallmarks of a Herend porcelain collection. Its classical presentation of art and nature are qualified depictions of an original chinaware collection. A perfect tableware partner for a sumptuous dinner! The iconic castings of the design are carefully placed and arranged as to depict a palatable attitude for the passion of elegant dining. It is indeed rare to find porcelain designs that are amicably adaptable to the changes in the society. Herend porcelain pieces also create figurines for ornamental purposes. Its creations are meant to accessorize amiable atmosphere for a more cozy and appealing environment.
Herend Porcelain Collections are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Accuracy in Prestige

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Since the advent of timepieces as part of man's usual accessory, Omega watches stand out as prominent brands associated with accuracy and prestige. In the market where competition is adverse and tough, Omega watches had been used extensively in sports events due to its icon of accuracy. This reputation had been in parlay synonymous with durability and elegance. An Omega watch akin to James Bond! The grandeur and royalty associated with it and the oozing confidence in the watch portrays an icon of watches distinct and significant from other prominent watches. Since time exist, Omega watches already captured the market of people known for its passion in adventure and calculated risk. Truly an Omega watch is designed not for imitation nor copied, for its characteristic is already a benchmark of accuracy in watch making business.  
Omega Watches are available in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

European Elegance

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Founded in 2001, Juliska tableware creations had been introduced to the market as classical heritage pieces. The elegance of the tableware is expressed in historical depictions which emphasis on significant events. It embodies the fresh take on classical design, a timeless European elegance with creative and imaginative interpretations for a common daily functionality. It represents an entertaining, lively attitude yet romantic with effortless chic creatively created to stimulate the vintage feeling of the tableware. The collections in demand comes in glass, ceramic, metal based creations. One of the most prominent authentic reproductions is the antique Bohemian Glass pieces with artisans in the hills outside of Prague. These exquisite historical themes brought the nationalistic spirit in each tableware creation. A Juliska Tableware collections are heritage pieces for people with European taste. A perfect accessory for an elegant dinner!
Juliska Tableware Collections are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Purity in Sensitivity

Posted by Schiffman's at 2:00:00 AM in Mikimoto (45)

A Mikimoto pearl is perhaps the most sought after pearl among the prestigious jewelry offerings out there, because of its dainty appearance and sheer whiteness. Its contrasting difference among other pearl jewelry distinctly stands out as the attraction point of the jewelry itself. Cultured in a controlled environment, screened for texture and color purity are among the fundamental elements as the basis of the jewelry's formidable quality in presentation and arrangement. The solid, durable setting of the pearl provides an eccentric position meant to capture the intriguing eyes of jewelry lovers. A Mikimoto is a perfect gift for a lovely lady with exotic taste, especially with oriental inclinations in arts and beauty. A gift that will be truly memorable to appreciate that depicts the truest intentions of the giver. 
Mikimoto Pearl Collections are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Friday, December 20, 2013

More than Just a Glass

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There is an air of elegance and sensuality in every glasswork, especially if made by people who spent their whole lives creating and improving glassworks not as source of living but as expression of passion and of love of art. Creating a fine glasswork is not easy; it needs a lot of patience, hard work and perseverance. In choosing our glass pieces at home, price is not the gauge. More than anything, we have to go for the quality and beauty—which is exactly Kosta Boda. Since 1742, Kosta Boda has been Sweden’s best maker of glassworks, world-known for its artistic and exquisite art glass. Established and strengthened by its world-class glass pieces, more than just a glass, Kosta Boda has been a part and will always be a part of a heritage that will never die throughout the ages.
Be part of the heritage, buy your own Kosta Boda piece today at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Youth Expression

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Young, wild and free—this is how we describe the youth of today. If they want it, they’ll do it. That’s very well manifested on how the youth of this generation expresses themselves; bolder and braver. I don’t mean Miley Cyrus’ VMA 2013 twerking performance but how the youth show who they are based on their choice in clothing and accessorizing. Metalsmiths Sterling caters the needs of both sexes of the human species in jewelry. Entirely founded and crafted with sterling silver, they don’t need to worry about the shining and shimmering statement it could make that would make the piece look cheap and unauthentic. Whether it is incorporated with the finest stones found on earth or just a simple sterling silver piece, Metalsmiths  Sterling is certainly to be the next phenomenal sterling silver jewelry in the industry. 
For more of Metalsmiths Sterling, visit us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Metalsmiths Sterling.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Beauty of Home

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Our home is the perfect place to explore and to experiment. Innovation and creativity are the top secrets of the most beautiful houses in the world, so one should be meticulous and imaginative for a unique and inspiring home décor. A home’s beauty is better seen inside—that’s why Lladro has provided all the beautiful things to make our homes as beautiful as possible. Lladro is a city of artistic and creative home porcelains and decors. Best known for its playful and new concepts evident in their figurines, each capturing a scenario, place, feeling or event, Lladro displays a wide choice of ornamentations that suit your needs and tastes making it the perfect choice for a beautiful home.
Beautify your home today. Visit us at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Lladro.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best Diamonds for Best People

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We always want to be the best for our loved ones. As kids, we do our best in school to get high grades while as a man, we do our best at work to provide their needs better in order to make them proud. Our efforts count because every little thing we do for them is a display of our care and affection. Being the best is giving them the best. For the best people, we give you Mémoire. Mémoire is the home of the best diamonds. Known for having the highest quality of diamond settings and the most competitive sales in the global market, Mémoire is the undisputed most perfectly cut diamonds in the world. Thus, no effort can show your love better than giving your loved ones a Mémoire—the best diamonds for the best people.
Mémoire is available at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized and the best dealer for Mémoire.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Perfectly Personal

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A Michael Aram creation is extremely unique that all creations are assured to be all original and personal. A gift for some special person is indeed perfect by giving a Michael Aram creation. Once immersed in India as an artist trying to understand the craftsmanship and the traditional techniques attributed to his every creation, Michael Aram has its every creation imbued with soulful quality and energy which embodies the delicate character of the artist as simply astounding and extraordinary. Michael Aram has steadfastly managed to create itself as a diversified company that sells and handles collections on a variance. The broad diversity embodies the versatility as an artist who can work comfortably on gallery shows that can cater large audiences. A Michael Aram creation is exclusively for one whose taste varies through age and glamor!
Michael Caram creations are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Touch of Diplomacy

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:20:00 AM in Mottahedeh (32)

One of the famous companies that produce awesome tableware porcelain that even the US state Department and the Diplomatic Corps patronize is the Mottahedeh -- famous for their porcelain creations. A Mottahedeh porcelain creation was once created exclusively for the President of the United States. The company, which blossomed for 85 years in US soil, is famous for its antique reproductions and adaptations in luxury ceramics primarily hard porcelain creations. The company specializes in China export porcelain and early European porcelain. The distinct hallmarks of Mottahedeh porcelains are large selection of complex shapes produced in small quantities with clarity of body both in bright white and historic gray body with striking delicate, bold and complex colors. Mottahedeh products were once exclusively created for kings and persons of great nobility. 
Mottahedeh Porcelain Collections are conveniently available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Paradise of Pearl

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:00:00 AM in Marco Bicego (46)

Real beauty comes not in grandeur and splendor; it emanates on the things that beyond anyone’s eyes can see and glows within not because these things make one beautiful, but because one makes these things beautiful. Beauty is a simple thing if understood the simple way. Simplicity is beauty—like the Paradise Collection of the master of Italian bulino craft, Marco Bicego. Possessing the delicate chains of the Paradise Collection, Marco Bicego Paradise Pearl & Mixed Gemstone Dangle Earrings are magnificent pieces of a pearl paradise dream. These earrings are made of 18 karat yellow gold and have dangling chains set with a pink tourmaline briolette, a green tourmaline briolette, engraved yellow gold beads, and ended with a freshwater pearl.
This paradise can be yours. Visit us at Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Art of Christmas

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:15:00 AM in Ne'Qwa (32)

Celebrating the Yuletide Season is one of the most important and busiest occasions of the year. We still have more than one hundred days to go before Christmas, yet you can already see people busying the streets and crowding the stores to buy presents and necessities for the coming Christmas Day. At this early, you can sense the excitement and the high spirits not only of the people you encounter on trains and buses, but also of those people who are dear to you at your own home. To set a good and joyous mood every day while waiting for the Season, a Ne’Qwa Art is a perfect choice for a light and warm mood set up. Ne’Qwa Art is distinctive hand-painted glass for the home, painted with our favorite Christmas symbols and characters such as angels, Santa Claus, the Nativity and many more.
For more of your favorite Ne’Qwa Art pieces, visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Ne’Qwa Art.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Blessed than the Gods

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:00:00 AM in Konstantino (44)

Aside from unreachable pride and immeasurable conceit, gods and goddesses possess power beyond any man’s grasp. According to myth, it is believed that man derives graces from the gods which bestow them everything good in the world while calamities are results of the gods’ wrath because of human foolishness. Everything that man has, he owes to the gods and the same does not belong to him. Despite of all the pains and sadness man had suffered, still, man is more blessed than gods. Konstantino treasures—a treasure own by man that no god will ever possess; a chest of endless love and undying beauty. Konstantino is home of the most exquisite and authentic Greek jewelry inspired and influenced by the culture and architecture of Greece—the city of gods; the home of the sages; the cradle of the bravest.
Get your own Konstantino pieces today. Come and see us at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Orange Christmas

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:00:00 AM in Orange Howell (32)

Have you heard the bells ringing? Have you seen the bright lights in the evening? Have you heard the Ho-Ho-Ho? Yes! Christmas is in the air! And we are all excited of the happiness and festivity of the season. But before anything else, let us not forget that Christmas spirit is more overwhelming if aside from feeling it, you can also see it. This time is big time for Orange Howell. Orange Howell is a universe of gifts and mementos, most popularly known for its amusing silver snowflakes. This Christmas time, let our homes be filled with love, joy and warmth by hanging and displaying our favorite Orange Howell products—a true brand of American craftsmanship to celebrate homes, holidays, weddings and love!
Buy your own Orange Howell products from Schiffman’s in Downtown Greensboro. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Orange Howell.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Yellow Heart of Judith

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:00:30 AM in Judith Ripka Essentials (33)

Red, white and pink roses are, if not all, most of the time the most common shade of rose whenever anniversary, engagement, wedding are held—even so on Valentine’s Day. Despite this fact, the people we love gladly accept what we give them because we are special to them. We don’t want them feel ordinary. But the more common something is, the more ordinary and the less special it becomes. So we have to think of something new; something different; something special. Judith Ripka Essentials is a home of the most unique, the most special and the most exquisite jewelry collections. Today, Judith Ripka offers a unique and special gift for the woman we love—the Judith Ripka Canary Crystal and Sterling Silver Heart Ring with Diamonds. Not red, not white and not pink. Just yellow and gold!
See for yourself. Visit us at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center—authorized dealer for Judith Ripka Essentials.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Scandinavian Elegance

Posted by Schiffman's at 9:00:45 AM in Orrefors (33)

A glass company of Scandinavian tradition started creating glassware pieces with genuine and innovative craftsmanship. Advocating the tradition of discipline and creative talent common among Scandinavian origins, it has established itself as one of the iconic glassware innovators. The glassware creations produced iconic designs in utility glasswares and art glass as accessories for home decor. The exquisite taste in borderline alternative art in glass art are most sought after for their eccentricity and modernity impressions. The company managed to create a niche in the market among the prestigious clients in Europe and America. It has revealed itself that they are capable of adapting to the changes of modern art and graphics. Indeed, Orrefors' Swedish artists are much capable to adjust the ante of excellence in the progress and development of non-contemporary art and designs in glassware.
Orrefors Glassware Collections are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

Sunday, December 08, 2013

A creation with a Heart

Posted by Schiffman's at 8:00:00 AM in John Hardy (3)

The philanthropic spirit within the company that creates Bali-inspired themes are well known for its seamless portrayal of oriental arts and craft that are meant to captivate the attraction of people with an eye on jewelry. The vivid and intricate arrangement offers a mystical ambiance for the wearer that conveyed eccentricity in fashion. In every John Hardy Collection, a portion of it is allocated to philanthropic programs especially to the promotion of a greener and pollution free world. That's why, a John Hardy collection is a creation with a heart of concern to the future generation that will propagate the world with goodness and good health. It's a perpetual sacrifice for the company to improve life conditions by promoting a more greener earth! Purchase a John Hardy creation and be a part of a global endeavor in the promotion of a healthier, pollution-free earth!
John Hardy Collections are available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Iconic Display of Luxury

Posted by Schiffman's at 8:00:00 AM in Philippe Deshoulieres (32)

Porcelain used in dinnerware are standard accessories for the noble and royal people however, Philippe Deshoulieres Limoges china made a distinction among the prestigious makers of porcelain and benchmarked the degree of integrity in a chinaware creation. The cool and mild hues in the porcelain activate a sense of serenity and an ambiance of relaxation suited for a sumptuous dinner only for people of noble graces. The company's philosophical virtue encompasses design with elite standards and offers the audacity to accompany one's precious moments. The subtlety of the moment of sacredness and relevance completes the moment of perfection! It virtually captures those scenic, amorous mementos with the silent accompaniment of Philippe Deshoulieres Limoges chinawares.
Philippe Deshoulieres Limoges porcelain collections are conveniently available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Enigmatic Brilliance

Posted by Schiffman's at 8:00:00 AM in Hearts on Fire (32)

Diamonds are rare but are commonly used in jewelry that conveyed an enigmatic innateness of brilliance in royalty and one of the jewelry creations most sought are the Hearts on Fire diamond collections. The intricateness and the eccentricity within the diamond make it more enticing to the intriguing eyes of people with a discriminating taste in jewelry. One of the distinct hallmarks in Hearts on Fire diamonds collection is the arrow and arrow patter embedded at the base of the diamond. This exquisite reminder provides the authenticity signature, which makes this particular creation a different breed in its own class of elegance. This enigmatic brilliance within the creation projects an ambiance of elegance contaminating the person. 
Hearts on Fire Diamond collections are intricately displayed at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Chinaware for Exclusivity

Posted by Schiffman's at 8:00:00 AM in Pickard (32)

Customization of border designs in chinawares requires articulate and delicate etching techniques to augment the attractiveness of a chinaware creation. Only a Pickard Chinaware Company has the ability to customize its porcelain with assurance of eccentricity and exclusivity. It also offers a complete set of dinnerwares  with assortment of cream soup and demitasse cups for clients whose choices depends on the demand of the occasion. A Pickard Chinaware is an exclusive manifestation of personal taste with an inclination in luxury and elegance. A perfect gift for a perfect expression! Pickard Chinawares do not only possess exclusive creativity but are exceptionally durable and dependable for occasions that require critical satisfaction for people of exceptional taste.
Pickard Chinaware Collections are conveniently displayed at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The True Royal Cut

Posted by Schiffman's at 8:00:00 AM in FireMark Diamonds (35)

Diamonds on a jewelry creation with exceptional brilliance are quite rare and sought after by people of discriminating appetite in jewelry collections. FireMark Diamonds remains as one of the formidable companies that had maintained its credibility and prestige in producing diamond jewelry creations for people whose passion in prestigious jewelry is unwavering. The employment of variant techniques in creating a princess cut diamond is one of the prominent, innovative approaches in exaggerating the beauty and grandeur of a diamond. A FireMark Diamond assures the wearer and the beholder alike in capturing the heart and soul of a lady whose real intent is to unbridle the passion of emotions within - its truest intentions unraveled and expressed in a diamond jewelry creation!
FireMark Diamonds are displayed at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Sterling American Heritage

Posted by Schiffman's at 8:00:00 AM in Reed & Barton Silversmiths (32)

A part of American heritage is found on a Reed & Barton Silversmiths collection! Renowned and acknowledged as one of the remnants which advocates classical designs in sterling creations since the American civil war, Reed & Barton Silversmiths is a must for every home. The elegance and creative infusion of classical art are reminiscent of the convergent contributions made by various owners of the company. The opulence of American heritage in its creations are the hallmarks of a Reed and Barton Silversmiths collections. The impeccable craftsmanship and modern applicability of the creations played a significant role in the integration of the demand for a more attractive collection. Reed and Barton Silversmiths once famous collections are showcased in the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. These pieces are considered as fragments of American heritage at its pinnacle! 
Reed and Barton Silversmiths are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.

Monday, December 02, 2013

The Evolving Impression

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:00:55 AM in David Yurman (42)

The meteoric rise of David Yurman among the prestigious artists specializing in bracelet creations out of simple materials is indeed a story to tell. The meticulous and articulate arrangement of the designs makes the creations spectacular in form and attraction. The bohemian themed bracelet captured a market for people of evolving taste. The adaptability of the artist according to present demand makes the bracelet so special and unique. The famous, iconic "cable bracelet of David Yurman remains as one of the formidable pieces in demand today. Twist of fate molded the creations in a way so intriguing to the artist. From thence, its creations became products of demand among the bohemian lovers.
David Yurman Creations are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Classical Beauty

Posted by Schiffman's at 11:00:00 AM in Richard Ginori (32)

A Richard Ginori porcelain creation is a manifestation of conventional and conservative art in pottery. Utilizing doccia porcelain, a durable type of pottery since the mid century, it allows one to create porcelain pieces according to specific discretions. However, aside from its durability, what make it more contrasting are the expressive designs on the porcelain itself. The convergence of modern art and ancient technology extracts interest among the elite that usually patronize products that are exclusive created for people of discriminating taste. The intricate etchings on the porcelain are architectural marvels that are modified according to demand and discretion. Owning an original doccia porcelain from Richard Ginori  is just experiencing a poignant play of historical poise and elegance.
Richard Ginori Doccia Porcelain collections are available at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.


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