Annieglass Leaves Palm Frond Large Platter

Nothing says elegance like a well crafted platter, and this platter from Annieglass will set the mood for every dinner. It is a special piece in a unique shade of green, and it will bring life to a party when it is set out in the middle of the table. It is made to look like leaves, and all of the texture and detailing in this platter make it into the statement piece that will have everyone jealous. The edges are not even, but there are grooves and indents to make it all the more unique. The curves and fluted palm leaves make this the perfect piece to set fruit in and leave on the table for days on end.

Annieglass has been in love with the art of making glass for over thirty years, since she first saw glass being blown by another artist. She graduated from California University with a degree that would help to make her into the successful glass artist that she is today. She practiced and did what she could to come up with some good ideas for the glass she wanted to create, and then in the 1980s she was able to take her dreams and form them into the brand that now makes all kinds of platters, plates, and bowls all with unique and beautiful designs.


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