An Answer for Every Room

Every home deserves to be beautiful. And this is something that the fine metal artisans behind the popular Salisbury brand knows all too well as they have continued to provide homes with dazzling pieces that helps in making every simple moment simply wonderful. Salisbury’s pieces range from coasters, bowls, trays & platters, frames, jewelry & accessories, gifts to desk accessories and barware. There is no room where Salisbury has no answer for and every room will be better off – looking just a little more dazzling – with a little Salisbury touch. This is done through a rigorous and careful craftsmanship and the hands of experts making beautiful design concepts appear in real life. Salisbury upholds perfection and quality craftsmanship to make sure that these pieces will stay beautiful and functional for a long, long time.
Schiffman's at Downtown, Greensboro is an authorized dealer of Salisbury.


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