All the Gifts You Need


Gift-giving is a universal way of showing that you care. At Salisbury Silver and Pewter, this generous gesture has evolved into an art. They produce all the sterling silver and pewter gifts you could possibly need . They have the widest selection of baby cups, spoon and fork, rattles, hair brushes and handled porringer. They even have dainty baby tooth brushes and monogrammed tooth and curl box in which to store baby's first tooth and locks. Salisbury also has sterling silver bridal and groomsmen gifts that include ornate scalloped trays, jiggers and goblets, and candy trays. For those looking for more fashionable options, Salisbury's sterling silver accessories provide inexhaustible options, while those wanting more unconventional items will love to browse through the interesting collection of queer candle snuffers and silver spoons with decorated handles. Those who prefer their own designs will also find something to love Salisbury, because the brand's silversmiths craft the finest U.S.A.-made custom silver pieces.
Get hold of life's finest silver and pewter from Salisbury, available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro. 


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