A virtue that lasts


"Patience is virtue" is the classic maxim implored by Salisbury Inc. in producing a one-of-a-kind works of art. Since 1979, Salisbury Inc. has been producing fine, hand-crafted silver and pewter. Throughout the American history, the spinning technique used by Salisbury is a time-honored artistry which remains as one of the oldest crafts. Believe it or not, it can take ten years or more for a Salisbury spinner to acquire the priced skill. Enormous amount of patience is required for an apprentice to be a journeyman then to a master spinner. The spinner's patience and skill are the key factors in producing heirloom quality pewter. The pieces would be handed down through generations which builds not only the family's legacy but also provides traces of the spinner's virtues. Salisbury Inc.'s creations are products of patience, a virtue that lasts more than the spinner's lifetime.
Partake in the celebration of timeless virtues by having Salisbury's pieces. Visit Schiffman’s, authorized retailers of Salisbury Inc. products located in Friendly Center.


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