A Platter of gift ideas

Want a unique gift idea for your man? How about give him a tableware? Yes, you can and he’ll be impressed by both the item and your ingenuity. The Beatriz Ball Collection has a complete line of gift ideas just for men. Take the Ocean Triton Fish Platter and Ocean Crab Plate. Both are handcrafted and uniquely created, they can pass for an art piece that he may even display in his study. He can use these items for finger foods or beer snacks when he invites his friends over. Better yet, the Beatriz Ball Collection pieces are a sure magnet for conversation, given their novel design and craftsmanship. Watch his eyes get excited telling his friends the story behind the platter. Yes, your man will be talking proudly about the platter, your platter gift.
Beatriz Ball Collection is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.


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