A Bowl to last a marriage


A bowl is all it takes to impress the newlywed. Never mind if the couple will use it or not, much less need it, a Beatriz Ball metalware bowl will impress them. Handmade by the same team of highly skilled artisans that made Beatriz Ball a renowned brand, its metalware bowl exhibits a delicate yet sturdy expression that will confuse the couple if  your gift is an art piece or a functional item. You can choose from a wide array of these bowls, such as Antik, Catena, Croc, and Forest. You can also compliment the bowl with other Beatriz Ball items, from trays to wine coasters and napkin boxes. Years for now it is expected that your Beatriz Ball bowl gift  is still displayed in the couple’s kitchen cabinet, perhaps their most precious item in there. That is, if they're still married.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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